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Well…that was unexpected, to say the least. Naruto holds my hand tighter as Neji looks him up and down again. It's almost as though he's trying to intimidate him, and I don't appreciate that at all. I grit my teeth and take a huge breath. I need to calm down.

"What are you talking about?" I ask, trying my very hardest to not sound like I'm planning Neji's murder. "Of course he is."

Neji just shakes his head with that damn smirk on his face.

"Both Hinata and I can sense that this boy is definitely not human…at least, not entirely."

I raise an eyebrow at this. What's he getting at?

"What do you mean?"

Neji shrugs and shifts in his seat.

"Well, I've only met one other of his kind before, but they feel exactly the same. This boy is half-incubus."

Well, even Itachi shows some surprise at this, and that's saying something considering he's usually the more stoic out of the two of us.

"I'm sure you're mistaken," Itachi says, though I can see the curiosity burning in his eyes. He looks at Naruto as though that will give him the explanation for Neji's allegations. "How on earth would one of his kind come about?"

"Well, mutts are rare but not unheard of."

I grit my teeth. A mutt, really? He couldn't have phrased that any differently? I shoot a glance at Naruto and his eyes are completely wide. I'm sure he's more than confused.

Neji turns to face Naruto completely, luckily only staring at his face this time, though he honestly seems disgusted by him if his condescending sneer is anything to go by.

Calm down, Sasuke.

"Tell me…Naruto," Neji says, the contempt in his voice palpable, "what is your last name?"

"U-Uzumaki," he mutters, looking from Neji to me and back again. His grip on my hand tightens to the point where it nearly hurts, but I don't say anything.

Neji leans back, his haughty smirk only growing in size.

"I should have figured you were one of them. Tell me, Sasuke-san, Itachi-san…have either of you heard of the Uzumaki-Namikaze scandal?

I scrunch my eyebrows, trying to remember, but I draw a blank. Itachi, on the other hand, nods his head.

"I've heard of it," he says, "but I didn't know there was a child involved."

"Most don't. I heard there was but I didn't know they let it live."

It? I grit my teeth harder and clench my free fist. Neji needs to fucking watch his mouth. I'm known for having a bad temper and it won't take much more for me to snap.

Itachi seems less than happy about Neji's choice of pronouns, but doesn't comment on it. He looks at Naruto, undoubtedly pitying the poor kid. Neji truly has no manners.

"Tell me, Naruto," Neji says, ignoring the pointed glare I'm shooting his way. "What do you know about your parents?"

Naruto shrugs and looks towards me as if I could offer some support, but I'm honestly just as baffled as he is. What the hell is going on? He gulps and shifts a little in his seat.

"Th-They were murdered," he whispers, his eyes downcast on the glass of the table in front of us. "That's all I know."

I look at Naruto with as much sympathy as I can muster. I know he told us he's an orphan, but I had no idea of the circumstances. I feel really bad for him, for him losing his parents so…tragically. He shifts his eyes towards me then flashes a small smile and shrugs, obviously trying to just brush it off.

"Well, at least you know that much," Neji says, smiling sardonically, "but I'm sure you don't have any idea of why they were murdered."

Naruto shakes his head, and I guess Neji took this as an offer to continue. I bite the inside of my cheek in an attempt to calm myself down more. I won't punch him, I won't punch him…

"The Uzumakis were once a very prestigious clan of incubi and succubi. However, your mother, Uzumaki Kushina, fell in 'love' with a human."

Naruto tilts his head.


Well, I guess he doesn't understand the repercussions of such an action.

"It's not allowed," I mutter. I'm sure I must be imagining the slight look of disappointment on his face right now. Those bright azure eyes almost seem…sad. My heart clenches in my chest at this, but I shake my head, trying to will these feelings and worries away.

"Why?" He asks, turning his gaze back to Neji. The brunet holds his hand in front of his mouth and laughs a short, sarcastic laugh.

"Because they'll make a mutt…like you," he says, his eyes twinkling with amusement. "Your kind are a disgrace. No one wants them around."

Naruto bristles and bares his teeth. Well, I guess he's beginning to dislike Neji almost as much as I do. The thought almost makes me smirk, though my anger is overwhelming every other emotion at the moment. I glare at Neji with as much hatred as I can muster. I really, truly, and honestly want nothing more than to punch him bloody right now.

"Why the hell are they a disgrace?" Naruto asks, his voice quickly rising in volume.

"They just are," Neji bites back. "They're disgusting, and your parents got what they deserved for making you." Hinata, who had been silent up to this point, finally decides to join in on our lovely conversation.

"Neji-nii-san," she begins. I notice her voice is a bit more forceful than usual. Is she actually angry? "It isn't polite to say things like that."

Neji laughs with a shrug. "I'm just calling him what he is—a freak." Naruto stands from his chair but I hold him back by pulling on his hand.

"Calm down," I whisper, though I myself have to keep my temper in check. He shoots me a pleading look, but I pull him down so he's sitting on my lap then wrap my arms around him. I kiss at his neck and face a bit, just trying to make him feel better. In a way, this is keeping me from beating the shit out of that arrogant Hyuuga brat.

"Neji-kun," Itachi begins. His voice is its normal calm, composed tone, but I can hear the anger hidden just beneath the surface. "I think it would be best for you to leave."

Neji shrugs nonchalantly and stands, Hinata following suit.

"I'm sorry if we've," Hinata shoots an annoyed glare at Neji, "said anything offensive. Thank you for having us over and I'm sorry we're unable to stay for dinner." With a polite bow, she drags Neji out of the room and to the front hallway. A couple moments later I hear the door close, officially leaving Naruto, Itachi, and me alone to deal with this new discovery.

A few silent moments pass, the only sound the rhythmic ticking of the clock hung on the wall. Naruto shakes in my arms with the force of his anger but I nuzzle his neck, trying to soothe him. It seems to work, at least a little, and soon his shaking stops.

"So…was he telling the truth?" Naruto asks once he's calmer. I shrug and wrap my arms around him tighter.

"I don't know," I mutter. "It makes sense…" Itachi nods in agreement. "But why was Naruto able to be seduced last night?" I wonder aloud. Incubi are immune to seduction techniques…

"It could be a human trait he picked up," Itachi muses, moving his hand so he can rest his cheek on it. "I've never met a half-breed before but I'm sure they have traits from both parents."

Naruto wiggles in my lap and shifts until he's facing me. His face is a mask of pure confusion.

"What am I?" He asks me, his voice a hushed whisper. I sigh and hold him tighter.

"I don't know," I say. "I don't think Neji would lie about something like that, but there's no telling with him."

Naruto's face falls. "But…I'm a freak?" Itachi's face darkens and I know mine has as well.

"No, you're not a freak," I growl. "Don't listen to what that asshole said." Itachi stands from his seat and walks closer to us. Once he stands next to us he tilts Naruto's chin to face him, a small, reassuring smile playing on his lips.

"As my Otouto said, don't listen to him," he says. He leans down and presses a chaste kiss against Naruto's lips, causing a small blush to break across his whiskered face. I watch with a smirk as their kiss quickly becomes needier, but I have to bite my lip as I feel both their sexual energies spike in unison. Itachi pulls away before the kiss progresses much further, though, earning a disappointed little whine from the blonde.

"You sure are horny," I mutter with a small smirk. Naruto pouts and turns his gaze towards me.

"I can't help it," he whispers, "just…both of you—ah!" Itachi sucks on the back of his neck harshly and bites down hard, causing Naruto to moan wantonly and wiggle his ass on my lap. I groan and shoot an annoyed glare at Itachi. He locks eyes with me, obviously enjoying this. He pulls away from the boy's neck with a mischievous smirk.

"You know," he says, "I haven't had much of a chance to play with Naruto. I think it's time I had some fun. After all, now that we know there's a possibility he's half-incubus, there's no need to go easy on him." I roll my eyes. As I've said before, my brother really has terrible timing, but perhaps this could cheer Naruto up. Sex always cheers me up when I'm in a bad mood; maybe that'll apply to him.

I drag my hands down his back until I reach his ass, then I shove my hands underneath his pants, smirking smugly as I reaffirm the fact that he isn't wearing any underwear. My brother sucks at the nape of his neck again then rubs his hands over his back and slips them under his shirt, causing Naruto to whine.

Well, if this boy is a half-breed, he definitely inherited traits from his incubus side. His libido is definitely higher than a human's, not that I'm complaining. I could fuck him all day and never grow tired of it. He's just so alluring…

He gently rocks back and forth in my lap, trying to thrust himself against me. I allow him to do as he pleases, stifling a moan as his quickly hardening erection grinds against the taut muscle of my stomach.

"Sh-Should we go upstairs?" I choke. Both Itachi and Naruto's sexual energies are so strong I'm getting a little dizzy.

Itachi nods, his eyes slowly glazing over as he gives one last, harsh suck to Naruto's neck. After another squeeze, I remove my hands from Naruto's ass and lightly push him off of me. As soon as he stands he's brought in for another kiss by Itachi, this one even needier than before. Well, come to think of it, my brother hasn't actually had sex today… Naruto and I are definitely in for it.

Itachi breaks away from Naruto and grabs both of us by the hand, roughly tugging us along towards the stairwell. I nearly laugh at Itachi's uncharacteristic impatience. Does this blonde really turn him on that much?

Once we finally get to Itachi's room a few moments later, he shoves us towards the bed. He doesn't even pause to close the door before pushing Naruto down and climbing on top of him. He attacks his neck viciously, likely leaving more hickeys alongside mine.

"Th-The door, Itach-AH!" Itachi bites down roughly to silence him. He sucks for a moment before releasing his hold and licking over the freshly-bruised skin soothingly.

"I don't fucking care. I want you now," he growls. He shoots a glance at me, a lazy smirk playing on his lips. "Baby brother, come join us."

I nod. He doesn't need to tell me twice. I quickly lift my shirt up and over my head and throw it aside, then sink onto the bed and crawl towards them. As soon as I reach them my brother kisses me harshly, his lips pressing against mine with as much force as he can muster. Naruto whines a bit at the sight of us kissing and wiggles under Itachi, obviously hungry for attention. I break our lips apart and lean down to kiss Naruto instead. I knead my lips against his and swipe my tongue along his bottom lip, but I'm pulled away by my hair before I have a chance to do anything more.

"Asshole," I hiss at my brother. He smirks and brings his hand down from my hair to roughly squeeze my ass, causing me to yelp at the sharp pleasure. He's definitely not taking it easy on either of us tonight.

Itachi moves back just enough to allow Naruto to sit up.

"Strip," he commands, his tone leaving no room to argue. "Both of you."

I stand and quickly get to work on unbuttoning my pants. Naruto, however, looks at Itachi as though he's crazy.

"I'm not just gonna-"

In a movement so swift it surprises even me, Itachi grabs Naruto by the hair and jerks his head up to face him. I know he's not causing him any real pain, but it's still intimidating.

"I said, strip," he purrs. Naruto scowls, but I'm sure my brother felt that sharp spike. This slutty little blonde just loves being dominated, doesn't he? Itachi releases his grip on his hair, moves back, then stands, a superior smirk planted firmly on his face the entire time.

Itachi shoots a look my way and I quickly get to work on taking off my pants. Needless to say, Itachi likes being in control in the bedroom and his 'punishments' can be severe, though pleasurable. He's a total dom, not that I mind. Funny thing is, I don't think Naruto minds either.

Naruto quickly stands and takes off his shirt and pants, leaving him completely naked. As he sits down he blushes a little under my brother's heated glare, but doesn't move to cover himself. In fact, his legs are spread, leaving him completely exposed. Well, at least he's getting over his initial shyness. He's honestly adapted quite well, but that may only be because of his newly-discovered nature. I remember the first time Itachi fucked me. I was eleven, and I couldn't imagine living without sex after that, which is normal for incubi. We can't live without it, after all. I can only wonder if the cravings and urges been the same for him.

But wait—he wasn't a virgin…was he?

A loud moan successfully draws my attention from my thoughts to the sight of Itachi looming over Naruto, his mouth latched on to one of the blonde's nipples. Smirking to myself, I sink back onto the bed next to Naruto and give the other one some attention.

He moans and writhes under our ministrations, his hands gripping the sheets. I feel his nipple quickly harden in my mouth and I twirl my tongue around it, earning a small shudder and slight spike in energy from the blonde. I tug at it with my teeth, causing him to buck his hips.


I detach my mouth with a slight 'pop' and turn to face my brother.


He locks eyes with me and slowly kisses down Naruto's chest. The blonde's eyes are screwed shut as Itachi does this, and it isn't long until Itachi's mouth hovers right above Naruto's cock. He blows lightly on the tip, causing Naruto to buck his hips and fist the sheets tighter, before sucking on the head. Naruto's sexual energy is going completely crazy.

"Ahh, I-Itachi…"

My brother smirks then sucks harder, his eyes telling me to join. With a smile, I move down as well and lick up Naruto's shaft until my tongue meets my brother's mouth. Naruto bites his lip with a needy whine as Itachi moves back to tongue at the head before sliding down halfway. I lick around everything my brother isn't sucking on then trail my tongue lower to his balls. I lick and suck one into my mouth, then move back to up to lick at his shaft.

As his sexual energy spikes higher and higher, he moves his hands from the sheets to our hair and threads his fingers through it. His grip isn't harsh at all, though I kind of wish it was. It's almost like he's scared of hurting us. Seriously, what the hell?

Itachi growls and speeds up the movement of his mouth, bobbing faster along Naruto's cock. The blonde bucks his hips as my brother sucks harder and I lick with renewed fervor. I move one hand up to grasp and twist his nipple and the other to lightly drag my fingernails along his inner thigh, and I feel his cock twitch underneath my tongue. He isn't going to last very long judging by the sporadic thrusting of his hips and his high-pitched, needy whines.

Then I see Itachi bring his hands down. He spreads Naruto ass, humming at the whine he receives, and uses one finger to trace his entrance. He slowly pushes his finger in and Naruto's ass easily accepts it. I just fucked him a little while ago, so he should still be at least a slightly stretched. Lucky him.

Itachi easily adds another finger and thrusts them shallowly, obviously aiming for his prostate. It doesn't take him long to find it. Soon he's curling his fingers and abusing that spot, nearly causing Naruto to scream. I bite on the inside of his thigh and trail my fingers upwards as well. I easily slide two in next to Itachi's to join his rhythm.

"Oh God!"

Naruto's sexual energy is about to burst. I'm sure Itachi can sense this, because he clamps his other hand around the base of Naruto's cock. The blonde's eyes widen and he gasps almost as though he's in pain. I feel his sexual energy go completely wild, spiking yet bottoming out, unable to be released. So Itachi's in one of those moods, is he?

"You can't cum until I'm inside you," Itachi purrs, his eyes heavy with desire for the writhing blonde. He removes his fingers and I follow suit, both of us chuckling quietly at the lewd, wet noise we're rewarded with.

After releasing his tight hold on Naruto's cock, my brother quickly moves up until his mouth is level with the blonde's, then kisses him violently, tugging on his hair as he does so. I see him bite at the blonde's bottom lip and suck it into his mouth, but all Naruto can do is moan and loop his arms around Itachi's neck. Naruto's obviously enjoying this. Even if I was unable to sense it, his actions betray his pleasure.

When Itachi pulls back, he unbuckles his pants and pulls his throbbing cock out. He strokes himself a few times with a slight, throaty moan, then aligns his cock with Naruto's stretched hole. He parts his cheeks and pushes inside quickly, not really giving him time to adjust to such an intrusion, then pulls out. Naruto whimpers, once again wrapping his arms around Itachi's neck, as he pushes in hard then pulls out again, causing me to I squirm where I sit. I wrap a hand around my own cock and fist it quickly, but Itachi grabs my hand.

"You aren't allowed to touch yourself," he says, his lusty eyes flashing dangerously. With a scowl, I release my hold. If anyone else told me to do such a thing I would have laughed in their face, but this is Itachi. You obey Itachi unless you want hell to pay—at least in the bedroom.

My brother returns his attention to Naruto and thrusts quickly, gripping Naruto's thighs hard enough to undoubtedly bruise him. Itachi's merciless, his pace completely unforgiving, but Naruto's noises and his sexual energy only prove he's enjoying every second of it. Itachi fucks him without a single shred of restraint; a whole day without actually fucking someone seems to have destroyed any small bit of self-control he usually has during sex. It isn't long until Naruto's energy builds again. This time, it's building even higher, likely a result of being denied his earlier release. This is going to be something incredible.

I reach out my hand and pump Naruto's bobbing cock quickly. Itachi smirks at me and increases the power of his thrusts, obviously eager to bring him to release. He gyrates his hips, pausing his thrusts for a moment, then pulls out and thrusts back in with more power than before. He establishes a completely brutal rhythm, one that has Naruto drooling and moaning like a cheap whore. He's quite a sight to behold.

I stroke him faster and I feel his cock twitch sporadically under my palm. I rub him from base to tip and lean forward to lap at the head of his cock. I slowly inch more and more of him down my throat and swallow before sliding back up to the tip and flicking my tongue at it, happily drinking up the pre-cum flowing liberally. I do this for a moment before sliding back down until he's about halfway in my mouth, twisting my hand around the rest and bringing another hand up to fondle Naruto's balls. As I feel Itachi reach out his hand to squeeze my ass, I moan around Naruto's cock.

That was his undoing.

When Naruto cums, screaming what sounds like a combination of both of our names, his back arches completely off the bed and I nearly choke on his cock, though it's worth it. Itachi cums as well, stilling his hips and groaning into the crook of Naruto's neck as he climaxes. I shudder as I feel their releases, my cock twitching painfully and hardening even more. I feel pre-cum sliding down my shaft; I'm so hard it hurts at this point, but I know better than to touch myself without permission.

As I pull away, I happily hold Naruto's cum in my mouth and turn to face my brother. He looks at me, his eyes twinkling with amusement, and I motion for him to come closer. He reluctantly straightens himself up and pulls out of Naruto, causing the blonde to half-heartedly whine, then leans forward. I press my lips against his, parting them slightly, and he parts his in response. I push some of Naruto's cum into his mouth and he moans, threading his fingers through my hair to hold me closer. As we share Naruto's taste, our tongues twirling expertly, he reaches a hand down to stroke me quickly. My knees buckle and I nearly collapse at the unexpected pleasure, but he soon pulls his hand away. When he pries his lips from mine he gazes at me, his eyes shining with incredible lust.

Oh, this is far from over.

"Lay down," he growls, his voice gravelly. Feeling a little bit mischievous, I reach my hand down and stroke his quickly reawakening arousal a few times. His eyes flutter shut and he bites his lip, his grip tightening painfully in my hair, but then they open again and he glares at me. "Sasuke," he warns. With a smirk, I remove my hand and do as was asked of me.

When I lay back he immediately settles between my thighs and lifts my legs onto his shoulders. He spreads my ass and leans down, and it isn't long until I feel his warm, wet tongue tracing my entrance.

"A-Ahh, Itachi-nii," I cry, arching my back and pushing my ass closer to that wonderful tongue. I look over at Naruto and see him watching us with rapt interest and obvious lust. I bite my lip and try to resist the urge to let my eyes roll to the back of my head at a particularly hard lick. "N-Naruto…come here," I moan, my own voice nearly giving out on me. He does as asked and as soon as he's close enough, I grab him by the back of the neck and push his mouth towards mine. I kiss him feverishly, every lick and suck from Itachi causing pure electricity to course through my veins.

I have to break away from Naruto's lips as his slender, tan fingers wrap around my cock and somehow manage to have a sense of rhythm with the work of Itachi's tongue. He strokes from base to tip, pausing to rub at the head as Itachi's tongue thrusts into my entrance. I groan, feeling my climax approaching quickly.

"S-Stop!" I choke, though the way I'm pushing my ass towards Itachi's face tells a completely different story. I can feel both Naruto's quickly reawakening sexual energy—really, how much stamina does this guys have?—and Itachi's now completely awakened sexual energy and that, along with the physical stimulation is bringing me so, so close to completion.

But I don't want to be done just yet.

With some effort on my part, I push Itachi's face away and hold Naruto's hand, stilling its unforgiving pace over my cock.

"Fuck me, Nii-san," I whine, pulling on his hair slightly. Itachi groans and pushes my hand back. It flops beside my head and I watch him, just waiting for him to make the next move. He holds two fingers in front of my mouth but I shake my head. "I want you now," I say, my voice low and raspy with desire. I release my grip on Naruto's hand and he sits back, obviously ready for a show.

With a smug smirk and a quick nod Itachi positions himself, making sure to keep my legs on his shoulders, so his cock nudges at my saliva-slick hole. He rubs his head around the ring of muscle and I throw my head back with a helpless mewl. God, this is pure torture, just waiting for him to fuck me.

"Please," I gasp. Leave it to Itachi to reduce me to this needy, whiny mess. With a smirk I can feel rather than see due to my eyes being tightly shut, Itachi pushes through the first ring of muscle, tightly gripping my hips for leverage. I throw my head back with a choked gasp; he's big, there's no denying that.

He doesn't waste any more time before thrusting all the way in. I try my hardest to relax my body, though it hurts a good bit. I'm being stretched to my absolute limit. I should have let him properly prepare me, I know that, but since I usually take it up the ass at least twice a day and he fingered me this morning, I thought I'd be fine. Now I know how Naruto must have felt earlier. Fuck me.

He pulls out quickly—the bastard doesn't even give me a second to adjust—then slams back in with such force my entire body jolts. Well, the pain is gone… Oh fuck. I moan long and loud, my hands gripping the sheets, as he angles his thrusts perfectly, brushing against my prostate every time.

I feel so full, so wonderfully full, and just knowing Naruto is watching only turns me on more. A spark of arousal runs through my body as my eyes lock with his cloudy blue ones, causing my walls to tighten around Itachi's cock.

"Fuck, Sasuke," Itachi groans, tightening his grip on my hips. I would smirk if I could, but I can barely keep my eyes open. He continues to thrust hard and fast, my entire body trembling and back arching as I feel my release nearly within my grasp once again. Another Naruto-induced shudder racks my frame and I force my eyes open. He's touching himself, once again completely hard, and the sight makes me mewl.

Then, I get an idea.

"I-Itachi-nii," I gasp, biting at my lip to stifle another embarrassingly girly moan as his cock brushes my prostate in just the right way. "Stop!"

He doesn't stop, but he slows the pace of his hips and looks at me as though I'm crazy. I know his sexual energy is close to bursting again and stopping is the furthest thing from his lust-clouded mind, but I appreciate the effort he's putting forth to at least slow down.

"It isn't fair to leave Naruto out of this," I pant, a small smile on my face. With a knowing smirk, Itachi pulls out so I can adjust my position. I get on my hands and knees, facing Naruto who's kneeling in front of me. I feel the bed shift as Itachi gets behind me and take a sharp breath in preparation. After grabbing my ass he thrusts in quickly, causing me to cry out and squeeze my eyes shut at his roughness and the feeling of being stretched again, but I force them open once more. I bring one open palm to my mouth and lick it, trying to offer some sort of lubrication since chaffing isn't exactly fun. I repeat this with the other one, and after they're wet enough my hands replace Naruto's and I stroke him quickly. His hands come down to lace through my hair and tug on it lightly, causing me to smirk up at him.

I wrap my lips around the head of his cock and suck as though my life depends on it, happily drinking every bit of pre-cum I earn. I know that release will be so much sweeter if the three of us reach it at the same time like this. Last night and this morning were amazing, and I can only wonder if this time might be even better. I'm touching him, unlike this morning, and he's consciously willing, unlike last night; plus, his release of sexual energy seems to only get larger every time he gets off. I wonder if that has something to do with-

I detach my mouth from Naruto's cock with a loud scream. I wasn't expecting Itachi's hand on my cock, jerking me expertly. That, coupled with his assault on my sweet-spot has me nearly seeing stars, and my eyes are open. He angles his hips, massaging my walls and brushing my prostate more times than not. It feels fucking amazing.

As I quickly and repeatedly flick my tongue over the head of Naruto's cock and stroke the rest of it, I feel his sexual energy coil, just getting ready for another powerful release. I feel Itachi's spiking as well and I know they're both close. A few more licks, a few more thrusts, a few more strokes and the three of us fall off the edge.

I'm pretty sure I just blacked out.

White fire, licking at my arms, my legs, every part of me, burning but not hurting me… My lungs feel frozen in my chest but I can't find it in myself to care. Every other climax with Naruto may have been intense, but this… Dear God. I'm pretty sure I just died for a moment, smoldered by pleasurable flames.

After it passes, I swallow Naruto's cum then gasp for air, falling onto my arms. Itachi falls on top of me, though I don't have the energy to complain about the dead weight. Naruto falls back onto his ass with a muffled 'thump.' Obviously, we're all tired as hell…and covered in cum. Great.

"H-Hey, Nii-san," I pant, my voice breathless. I hear him hum and take that as a cue to continue. "How come…it seems…better…every time?"

I guess Itachi understood my poorly-phrased question because I feel him shrug.

"There's a lot we don't know," he murmurs. Naruto looks at him curiously then furrows his eyebrows, obviously more than confused.

"Does it really feel that great…for you guys?" He asks. I nod.

"Your sexual energy is what makes it feel so good for us, though you're also just good in bed," I say. It looks like I finally managed to get my breathing back to normal, though it'd be even easier if my big brother would get the fuck off me.

Obviously choosing to ignore the last part of my statement, Naruto continues. "What exactly is this…'sexual energy' stuff?"

I purse my lips in thought. How should I explain this? Since I grew up around it, it makes sense to me…but to him? Luckily, Itachi beats me to it.

"Everyone has it, some stronger than others. An incubi's sexual energy is going to be stronger than a human's, but some humans—or half-breeds, such as yourself—have strong sexual energy as well. Yours honestly surpasses both mine and Sasuke's," he says. Naruto nods a little, but is clearly still baffled.

"How do you…'feel' it, then?

"It's hard to explain. We can just feel it like a human can see or hear something. It's sort of like an extra sense for us," I say. "If someone's turned on, we can feel their sexual energy depending on how, well, turned on they are. You can usually feel the full extent when someone cums, though just feeling that doesn't actually make us cum, normally, unless we're being touched as well." I pause for a moment. "But what's strange is that a person's sexual energy is normally set in stone. There's no changing how powerful it can get, but yours seems to get even stronger every time you get off."

"Is it really that strong?" He asks, tilting his head. I don't fail to notice his cute, obviously embarrassed blush, but at least he's getting better about openly talking about sex. I have to admit he's made a good bit of progress in such a short time.

"Yes," Itachi says. "I've never felt anything like it in my life, and neither has Sasuke. That's saying a lot considering how many people we've fucked."

Naruto's eyes widen and he opens his mouth, but I can already sense his question.

"We're clean," I mutter, rolling my eyes. "Incubi aren't stupid." Naruto visibly relaxes, but then scrunches up his eyebrows again; he clearly has more questions.

"But…why is mine so strong?"

I shrug, though it's fucking difficult because my Nii-san is still on top of me.

"We don't know. It probably has something to do with being a half-breed, if that's what you are," I say, "but I wouldn't doubt it. There's no way your sexual energy belongs to a normal human."

Itachi hums in agreement and I take this opportunity to try and sit up. Itachi falls backwards, pulling out of me, and I smirk in victory, my lungs silently rejoicing at the sudden intake of air. My smirk falls to a grimace once I feel his cum sliding out of my ass and down my thighs as I shift, and Itachi chuckles, but I choose to ignore it. Smug bastard.

"Hm," I say, eyeing Naruto curiously. I have my own questions for this cute little half-breed. "What does it feel like for you when we all cum at once like that? Can you feel the merge?"

He averts his eyes with a blush. I find this ridiculous considering he and I are naked and covered in cum and have been talking about sex for a good few minutes now, but I don't say anything. Let him be cute.

"What do you mean by 'the merge?'" He asks, still not looking me in the eye.

"When the three of us cum it's kind of like…I don't know, like I'm on fire, but more intensely than when it's just me and 'Tachi-nii-san or you and me. It's because, for an incubus, feeling someone else's orgasm at the same time will increase the power of yours, and two other people…well, you get the idea."

He nods, finally shifting his eyes to meet mine.

"It definitely feels…better when it's the three of us, like this morning and just now. N-Not saying it didn't feel good other times!"Naruto holds his hands up, waving them frantically with a huge blush on his adorably whiskered cheeks. What, is he worried about offending me or something? I resist the urge to laugh. He's too cute for his own good.

"But you can't sense sexual energy at any other time, right?" I ask with a small smile. I'm getting the urge to cuddle him again and I'm not sure how I feel about this. He shakes his head.

"As I said before," Itachi says, wrapping his arms around my shoulders, "he may have inherited traits from both parents."

Well, it seems we got ourselves an interesting little pet. I really can't wait to find out more about him, but for now I'm rather tired. How many times did I cum today? Four or something? Is it bad that I honestly can't remember how many times I did? I shake my head, exhaustion slowly seeping in and poisoning my mind. I'm used to a lot of sex, but such powerful orgasms wear me out quickly. I'm definitely not used to them…yet.

"Nii-san," I whine, "I'm too tired to go back to my room. Can we sleep in here tonight?" He groans and unwinds his arms from around me.

"Really, Otouto? It's not even that late," he sighs. I turn and pout as cutely as I can, knowing he's unable to truly resist me. I am his little brother, after all, and I'll use any trick necessary—no matter how childish—to get my way. I'm just awesome like that.


With a barely contained growl, he nods his assent. I smirk victoriously and lean in to kiss him quickly, then pull back his comforter and dive underneath. I motion for Naruto to join me and he soon does, cuddling as close as he can. I wrap an arm around him and happily accept his warmth. I see Itachi stand and slip out of his clothes; he likes to sleep naked, something he's done ever since we were kids. Once he tosses his clothes aside, he gets in on the other side of Naruto and wraps an arm around him, pressing his body close to him as well. Naruto sighs happily, obviously not the least bit bothered by our naked closeness.

I'm so glad I decided to keep him.


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