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When I wake up, the first thing I notice is how fucking sore I am. After realizing this, it takes me a few more moments until I finally notice that I'm not alone in bed, and there's someone in my arms who's also using my chest as a pillow. I open my eyes slowly, only to be met by the sight of a peaceful, sleeping Naruto. I can't help but smile; he looks so serene. I eventually pry my eyes away from him and survey the room, soon finding that Itachi's nowhere to be found. Well, I'm not really surprised considering he usually gets up hours before me.

The snoozing blonde in my arms wiggles a little bit, just starting to wake up. After a few moments he opens his eyes, blinking sleepily a couple of times, then turns his drowsy gaze up towards me. He blinks at me, then leans up to kiss me quickly before snuggling back into my chest with a contented sigh.

I. Will. Not. Blush.

I tighten my arms around him a little bit, silently wishing I could spend all day in bed with him like this. I seriously consider doing so…then I remember what day it is.


Our parents are coming home.

Trying my hardest to not fully rouse Naruto, I gently extricate myself from his hold. After I successfully manage to do so and stand, he grumbles a few times and flops over on his stomach, causing me to shake my head with a small smile. He seems like less of a morning person than I am, and I didn't think that was possible.

I stop by Itachi's dresser and grab a pair of black pants and a dark blue shirt. I don't feel like walking all the way to my room and I need a shower now. My body feels sticky and disgusting from dried sweat and cum, all thanks to our fun last night. Lovely.

I make my way to his bathroom, throw his clothes on the counter, then hop in the shower. It only takes me about 5 minutes to rinse my hair and body, then I step out, grabbing a towel as I do so, and dry off. I throw on his clothes (which are at least two sizes too big) when I'm done with this and move on to brush my teeth. Is it bad that I keep an extra toothbrush in my Aniki's bathroom? I guess that just proves how often I sleep in here.

After I'm done with this, I make my way out of the bathroom and into the bedroom. Naruto's still fast asleep and I walk past him as quietly as I can. I'd hate to wake him.

I go downstairs, rolling up the sleeves of my shirt in an attempt to make it fit better as I walk. Soon I'm in the living room, and I'm not the least bit surprised to see my brother sitting on the couch. I notice our parents aren't here yet, though, and breathe a huge sigh of relief.

"When are they coming?" I ask as I join Itachi on the couch. He shrugs, never once dragging his eyes from the television.

"Their flight was delayed two hours. I'd give them until 3 or so." I nod and snuggle up to Itachi's side.

It's not that I don't love my parents, it's just that they're a little…overbearing. At least, my mom is. I don't think my dad really cares about what we do as long as we don't die, get raped, or get thrown in jail.

"What will they think of Naruto?" I ask.

"I don't know," Itachi sighs. "I'm sure they wouldn't be opposed to us keeping a pet, but since he isn't completely human…"

I nod in understanding. Well, hopefully they'll at least give him a shot. I feel a sharp pain in my chest at the thought of Naruto being taken away from me, though I try to ignore it. Pets are replaceable—why should I get upset over the loss of one?

…Because Naruto is more than a pet to me.

I groan and shift closer to Itachi until I'm practically in his lap. I groan again, burying my face in the front of his shirt and pushing all my weight onto him. He's like a giant, muscular, nice-smelling pillow.

"Get off me, Sasuke," Itachi mutters, his tone laced with amusement. I shake my head. He sighs and wraps his arms around me, obviously giving up hope of me moving anytime soon. "What's wrong?"

"You know what's wrong," I mumble. "You're the one who keeps teasing me about it!" Itachi's chest shakes slightly with laughter and I have to resist the urge to bite him for that. "Don't laugh at me," I hiss. He scoffs, obviously not the least bit intimidated.

"Why are you so upset about the possibility of loving this boy?"

"Because it's not allowed," I say, moving my face back so I can actually look at Itachi. "Besides, you're my mate. It would be pointless to fall in love with someone."

"I don't mind sharing, as long as you share Naruto with me as well," he says, his lips curling into a smirk. I furrow my eyebrows and nearly pout. Why is my brother acting so nonchalant about this whole situation?

"But he's half-human," I say. "Isn't that still against the rules?" Itachi shrugs.

"He can't get pregnant, so I'm sure it's not that big of a deal. The only real reason that rule exists is so half-breeds won't be born."

"What's so bad about half-breeds, anyway?" I ask. Neji's explanation left much to be desired. I'm terribly curious about why they're so hated, and my brother usually knows a lot about our kind. More than I know, anyway.

"I'm not exactly sure," he mutters. Well, that's a surprise. Itachi usually knows everything. "But I wouldn't worry about it. He wasn't killed when he was an infant so I doubt he'd be in any danger now. Besides, we'll protect him."

I nod, a small smile tugging at my lips. Itachi's grown fond of Naruto as well, that much is obvious. How was he able to worm his way into our hearts so quickly?

"S'uke, 'Tachi?"

I jerk my head towards the source of the noise and smile at the sight I'm met with. Sleepy Naruto with messed-up hair dressed in one of Itachi's t-shirts has got to be the cutest thing in the entire world. Itachi sighs at the sight then turns his eyes to me, looking at my clothing as well.

"Nice to see my things are so freely borrowed," he mutters. I shrug and stick out my tongue at him.

"You love us," I say. With an exasperated sigh, he turns his sights back towards the TV.

"Uhm…how do I get to your room?" Naruto asks, looking at me.

Well, I guess he doesn't know his way around our house yet. I don't blame him…it is pretty big. I reluctantly get off my brother and stand, motioning for Naruto to follow me once I do. He catches up to me once I'm halfway down the hall and reaches his hand for mine. The corners of my lip twitch and the urge to smile like an idiot is nearly overwhelming, but I resist.

We make it to my room after a couple of minutes, and I shuffle through my drawer for some clothes that will fit him. We should probably go shopping for him or something, seeing as he only has the clothes I picked him up in and me and Itachi's clothes right now.

"Are these okay?" I ask, handing him a black t-shirt and a pair of black shorts.

"You wear a lot of black," he mutters as he takes the clothes from me.

"I know."

He rolls his eyes and heads towards my bathroom, and I'm almost tempted to join him in the shower, but I stop myself with the reminder that my parents are coming soon.

Fucking hell.

I turn on my heel and make my way to the door, a scowl stretched across my face as dread fully sets in. This could go two ways.

One, my parents freak out and kick Naruto back to wherever he came from.

Two, my parents welcome him with open arms and scare the literal shit out of him.

I can't tell which is worse.

I finally trudge back into the living room and collapse on top of Itachi.

"Cheer up, Sasuke," he says with a small, amused laugh. "It's not the end of the world."

I lift my head just enough so I'm able to speak to him without a face full of shirt.

"Are you saying you're honestly looking forward to our parent's return?" He shrugs at this and brings a hand to play with my hair. Almost immediately I feel some of my stress dissipate, all thanks to the comforting gesture. I lean into the touch with a heavy sigh.

"As I said before, it's not the end of the world," he says. I nod in agreement. I'm sure things will be fine…

I reluctantly detach myself from Itachi and flop onto the seat next to him, my arms sprawled carelessly across the back cushions. It isn't long until Naruto reappears, his hair still slightly damp and my shirt nearly falling off his shoulders.

"It's really hard to find my way around," he says as he sits down.

But no, he doesn't sit down next to me…he sits on top of me, straddling me. I arch an eyebrow, as does Itachi, but Naruto just buries his face in the crook of my neck.

"Someone's affectionate," I tease, though all I earn for my efforts is a harsh bite on my neck that, unfortunately, turns me on. "What the hell, Naruto?" I ask, barely repressing my shiver.

I can feel him grinning, but he shrugs. Then he starts moving in my lap.

Is he…grinding on me?

"What's gotten into you?" I ask as my hands grasp onto his hips to help him along. He shrugs again and continues his rocking movement. I turn my gaze to Itachi, and he just watches us, one eyebrow cocked in obvious amusement at the little blonde minx in my lap.

"It just…feels good," Naruto shrugs, increasing the movement of his hips. I respond by bringing him down a bit harder, and nearly smirk when I earn a breathy little moan. He's so sensitive, so responsive, almost as though…

"Did I take your virginity?"

Naruto stills.

"O-Of course not…"

I hear Itachi laugh quietly, and turn to see him shaking his head.

"There's no need to lie to us, Naruto," he practically purrs. I feel Naruto go even more rigid in my lap.

"I'm sixteen. Of course I wasn't a v-virgin-"

"How did you live without sex?" I ask.

He jerks back and glares daggers at me.

"I said I wasn't a virgin!"

"And I call bullshit."

His eyes narrow into slits and I nearly laugh.

"What makes you so certain I was a virgin?" he hisses. He reminds me of an angry little kitten when he's like this.

"Your reaction to my question, for one," I smirk, rolling my hips just slightly. He moans a tiny, breathy little moan, before sealing his lips shut and blushing terribly. "You're also really sensitive," I finish. He groans in what I can only assume to be defeat.

"Fine," he mumbles. "I…was a virgin." I smile at his cuteness, but then I grow more curious.

"But how did you live without sex? " I ask. I'm honestly interested. I'd be dead right now if I wasn't sexually active, but obviously the same doesn't go for him. "Weren't you constantly horny?"

His blush darkens even further and his eyes widen, then dart from me to Itachi. He finally shrugs and opens his mouth to answer me, but I beat him to it.

"So you do masturbate a lot."

He nearly squeaks, but then he tries to punch me in the face. Though I didn't expect such an action from the cute blonde, I grab his fist before it has a chance to do any damage. I snicker at the angry, embarrassed look he's shooting at me as he raises his other hand.

"You must have been so sexually frustrated," I mutter, bringing a hand up to catch his other fist with ease. "You poor thing. That's why you're enjoying your time with me and Itachi-nii so much, isn't it?"

He struggles against me, and though he's pretty strong, I'm still stronger. He grits his teeth before finally settling down a bit. He stops struggling to free his fists, and I release them, watching with a triumphant smirk as he lowers them to his sides.

"But masturbation doesn't do much for our kind," Itachi says. I turn to face him. Funny how I almost forgot he was even in the same room as us.

"Is it a human trait he picked up?" I ask.

Itachi shrugs. "Perhaps," he muses.

Naruto resumes lightly grinding on my lap, and I turn my attention back to him.

"So that's why you were so willing… You must be releasing a build-up of sexual energy."

Naruto's face scrunches up and he rocks a little harder. I'm going to get hard in no time flat if he keeps this up.

"I still don't get this sexual energy stuff," he mutters.

I shrug. "You'll understand eventually."

He pouts as he continues rocking on me, roughly grinding his ass against my quickly hardening cock while biting his lip.

"Is this your way of asking to fuck?"

His eyes widen and he opens his mouth to obviously give a negative response, but I lean up and cover his lips with my own before he gets the chance. I thrust against his ass and he moans loudly into my mouth. I can practically feel Itachi's smirk, and both his and Naruto's sexual energy spike a little. I bring Naruto down harder on my lap and he bounces in response, obviously not the least bit shy about physically expressing his desire.

Then I hear the front door open.

Naruto tries to pull away from me, but I decide I like him right where he is. So I bring a hand from his hip to his head and hold his mouth firmer against mine. He struggles for a moment before just giving in and letting me kiss him how I please, his arms wrapping around my neck. I swipe my tongue along his bottom lip, requesting entry, and he happily opens up, allowing my tongue inside his mouth to play with his. He mewls quietly and his rocking on my lap takes on a less frantic nature and a slower, more sensual rhythm. I gyrate my hips against his ass and he groans, rolling his hips towards my stomach. I feel his erection poking me and can't help but smirk into the kiss. His sexual energy is just starting to spike higher…

"Well, hello to you too."

With a small sigh, I pull away from Naruto and turn to face my mother.

She stands with one hip jutting out and her arms folded across her chest. She eyes both me and Naruto with a smile that barely masks her complete amusement, one eyebrow cocked just slightly as she waits for my attention.

"Who's he?" she asks. I play with Naruto's hair a bit then shrug.

"Naruto. He's our new pet." Naruto nearly hisses at me, but I ignore him. My mother nods in understanding and smiles at the blonde.

"I hope my boys haven't been too rough on you."

Naruto's eyes bulge hugely and he blushes worse than he has all day. I can't help but laugh. Why is he so terribly cute?

My brother comes up behind my mother and hugs her quickly. I drag my eyes to the spot where he sat before, surprised that I didn't even hear him get up. I guess I was too caught up with Naruto.

"I had no idea you guys wanted a pet," she says. Itachi shrugs and pulls away, then joins me back on the couch.

"Neither did we," he says, shooting a smirk at Naruto. "But Sasuke brought him home for the night and we decided he was too cute not to keep."

My mother smiles again at Naruto, then scrunches up her eyebrows with a small huff.

"Why are his clothes too big on him?" she asks, obviously disappointed in her sons for not properly dressing their pet. She glares at both me and my brother, and I sigh and roll my eyes.

"It's not our fault he's so small," I mutter.

Naruto pouts at me but I kiss his nose. The action doesn't go unnoticed by my mother, and she smiles with amusement.

"Does my baby have a boyfriend?"

I nearly choke on my own saliva.

"Wh-What the hell, mom?!" I sputter, though I try hard to gain back my composure. She giggles, holding one dainty hand in front of her mouth, and takes a few steps closer to us.

"Well," she begins, seemingly sizing Naruto up, "I think it would be good for him to come shopping with me. I won't invite the two of you along since I know you'll just complain, but I'm afraid I'm going to have to steal…Naruto, was it?" I nod. "Well, I'm going to have to steal Naruto away with me for a couple of hours. Is that okay with you, honey?" she asks, facing the blonde.

He nods shyly as he stands from my lap. I feel my eyebrow twitch as he does this. I already miss his warmth.

Without even giving me a second glance, she takes his hand and soon they're gone. It isn't even a full minute later when I hear the front door open and close.

"That poor boy," Itachi mutters, shaking his head. I chuckle and shrug my shoulders.

"At least we don't have to deal with her for a while," I say. I remember that our father should be home today as well, and I look around for a moment before confusion sets in. "Where's dad?"

"He had to run down to the office," Itachi says. "He should be home by dinner." I'm relieved by this, but only barely.

"How do you think he'll respond to Naruto?"

"I have no idea."

"You're so helpful."

Itachi reaches over and ruffles my hair, earning a blood-thirsty glare from me. Why the fuck does he always feel the urge to do that?

"I wonder what kind of clothes our mother will have Naruto buy…" he muses, ignoring my glare.

Oh fuck.

"You don't think she'd…?"

A completely sadistic smirk curls the edges of my big brother's lips, and he shrugs.

"She probably will."


Naruto and my mother have been gone for a good four hours now, and my apprehension is growing worse with every passing minute. I swear to God, they better come home soon or I'll go completely crazy.

I lay face-first on the couch, completely bored out of my mind without a cute blonde to fuck. I'm tempted to ask Itachi to fuck me, but I'm still sore from last night. Not that I'd really care…

I feel like a lonely dog waiting for its owner to come home after a long day at work. This fucking sucks. I kick my legs a little, just trying to alleviate some of this overwhelmingly painful boredom.

Then I hear the front door open.

"We're home!"

I dart upright, just in time to see Naruto stroll in, ridiculously large shopping bag in hand. He's followed closely by my mother who's beaming from ear-to-ear.

"He's such a sweet boy!" she gushes, bringing Naruto in for a one-armed hug. I roll my eyes, but I can't help the small, relieved smile stretching across my face. At least she likes him, even if she doesn't know he isn't human yet.

"Hey, hey, Naruto-kun," she says, nudging him gently. "How about you go show Sasuke what we bought?"

Naruto grins cheekily and reaches out his free hand. I take it, not even bothering to hide my scowl, and he drags me to the stairwell. I guess he's finally starting to find his way around.

"What did she make you buy?" I ask. Naruto giggles—fucking giggles—and refuses to answer me. She definitely did, didn't she?

He eventually loses his bearings so I take the lead, dragging him along behind me. I sigh once we stand in front of my room, before pushing the door open.

"Stay here!" he says as he runs to my bathroom, still carrying that giant shopping bag. I groan and make my way towards my bed, collapsing onto my back and sprawling out once I reach it. I wait patiently for the cute blonde to return, absolutely bored out of my mind. I refuse to even entertain the thought that I'm excited for whatever it is he bought, considering I have a good idea of what it already is. My mother never gives up, does she?


I drag my eyes from the ceiling to Naruto and my breath catches in my throat.

She made him buy a skirt all right, but I can't say I'm angry…not when it's clinging to him in all the right places. Not to mention it's fucking pink and ruffled. It barely even covers his ass… And his white shirt isn't even buttoned.

I gulp audibly and shift, my pants suddenly feeling much too tight.

"You actually let her buy that for you?" I ask, my voice already growing raspy.

He shrugs and twirls a little, the skirt fanning out behind him and fuck he isn't wearing any underwear.

"I like it," he says, throwing a seductive smirk over his shoulder. "Do you like it, Sasuke?"

I nearly growl as I practically leap from the bed. I come up behind him, pressing my body flush against his back so he can feel how hard I already am.

"I didn't know you liked cross-dressing," I breathe, dragging my hands up the front of his smooth thighs. He shivers, one hand coming up to lace through my hair.

"N-Neither did I," he whispers, jerking slightly as I lightly drag my nails along his inner thighs. "But your m-mom said it was something you liked…"

I chuckle, shaking my head. I honestly never thought about fucking a guy wearing a skirt before— at least not frequently—but I don't think I'll be able to wait much longer before taking this adorable little blonde.

"Well, I'll have to thank her later," I say, smirking into his neck. I kiss his nape lightly and he shivers, sensually rolling his hips against the bulge in the front of my pants. I moan softly and suck harder on his sweetly addictive skin, causing him to jolt a little.

I can't resist, so I drag one hand from his thighs to his already hard and leaking cock. I wrap my fingers around it, stroking it a couple of times, then swipe my thumb over the pre-cum soaked head.

"You're already so wet for me," I whisper, lightly sucking his earlobe into my mouth. He whimpers and rolls his hips against me yet again.

I stroke him faster, gripping him a little harder, and his thighs shake. He whines, his hold in my hair increasing to the point where it nearly hurts, but all that's doing is adding to my arousal.

We've established a nice rhythm, his ass against my straining cock as I jerk him expertly, twisting my hand in all the right ways.

"S-Sasuke," he moans, bucking against me harder. With a smirk, I drag my other hand from his inner thigh to his balls, lightly rolling them in my hand.

"Ahh~ Sasuke…" he gasps, thrusting into my fisted hand. My cock twitches painfully at his every sultry reaction; I know I can't wait much longer.

"Let's move this to the bed," I rasp, slowly retracting my hands from his pulsing cock. He whimpers at the loss, but soon turns around and attacks my mouth almost viciously. He grips my hair, forcing my mouth against his as he steps forward. With a smirk, I press my knee between his open legs and he gasps. He grinds against my leg feverishly, moaning like a whore the entire time as I practically fuck his mouth with my tongue.

I soon pull away, out of breath, just taking in his beautifully disheveled appearance.

"What do you want?" I growl with a playful smirk. "Do you want me to fuck you?" I ask as I move my leg. He whimpers, grinding against it slowly as his arms shake.

"P-Please, Sasuke…" His eyes flit shut and he loses himself in the rocking movement of my leg against his rigid cock, his pretty, kiss-swollen lips parted just slightly. But I'm having none of that. I pull back and his arms fall from their place looped around me. He practically pouts, but all I can do is smirk wider.

I lift my shirt over my head and toss it aside, then move on to my pants. I'm basically in pain at this point and hiss in relief once I finally manage to pop the button on the front of these damn constrictive jeans. I waste no more time in shimmying out of them and kicking them aside, then motioning for Naruto to come closer.

He does so without a second's hesitation, and practically throws himself at me. We fall back onto the bed, kissing and grinding without any restraint, and I can tell he loves every minute of it. Even if I wasn't able to sense his frantic sexual energy, his wonderful noises betray his pleasure. He moans shamelessly, the skirt pulling up just enough so our leaking cocks grind together without any restrictive clothing, no matter how sexy it may be.

"Please…" he begs between kisses, "Sasuke, please!"

"Please what?" I ask, grinding harder. He practically whimpers and yanks on my hair, making a hiss of pained pleasure fall past my lips.

"Fuck me, goddamn it!" He kisses me again, our teeth clashing together, causing me to moan. I buck against him then drag my hands down his back to his perfect, tan ass, slipping them underneath the skirt then squeezing and kneading it harshly.

"Sasuke…" He rolls his hips, kissing me harder.

"No lube or anything?" I ask, a hint of disbelief in my tone. Not that we make a habit of using it, but I know I'm still a little sore from last night, and his ass took more than mine did.

"I don't fucking care!" he growls, rocking against me harder. I chuckle, though it's terribly strained.

I part his ass while rolling my hips in rhythm with his, then slowly sink my index finger into his pucker. He gasps against my lips but it soon turns into a throaty moan as he bucks against the finger, trying to draw me in deeper. He pulls away from me, his face scrunched up with pleasure as I rub against his prostate repeatedly.

"You like pain, don't you?" I chuckle as he rides my fingers with no thought of the soreness he must be feeling. The only response I earn is a breathy whine.

"More!" he demands, rocking his hips harder. Jesus Christ, his sexual energy is just…

"You're really fucking horny today," I say, unable to hide my complete amusement.

"Sh-Shut- ahh!" He's cut off by a second finger slipping inside. I thrust them quickly as he humps against me, desperate for any kind of friction. "Just fuck me!" he practically sobs, burying his head in my chest as he rides my fingers as hard as he can. With a growl, I slowly slip my fingers from his ass, then grab him by the hips and pull him so his entrance rubs against my painfully hard cock.

"You're going to ride me," I growl, our lips so close we share the same breath. He nods and rubs against my cock, gyrating his hips, fucking teasing me, before sitting up and grabbing it with his hand. He slowly, slowly impales himself and I hold my breath, clutching at the sheets, my eyebrows drawing together and a small moan escaping as his tight heat swallows me inch by inch. For some reason, the fact that all of our lewd actions are hidden by the skirt is only making me hotter. I smile as I notice the tent in the front of it and the small wet spot quickly forming as it's soaked with pre-cum.

Then he drops down all the way and I nearly lose it right then. I grit my teeth, barely able to take the feeling of being fully inside so quickly. He takes a moment to adjust to the action, his nails digging into my chest, before he finally starts bouncing. He's slow at first, just rocking his hips back and forth, but then he rides me harder and throws his head back with a nearly ear-splitting moan.

Not wanting him to be the one doing all the work, I move my hands from their place gripping the sheets for dear life to his hips, slamming him down harder as I jerk my hips up to reach him deeper.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck," he moans, his sounds only increasing in pitch as we fuck harder and faster. His eyes squeeze tight and his lips fall open in a silent scream as I rub against his prostate just right. The skirt bounces every time he does, and I can't help the lusty grin I sport as I watch the action. His sexual energy is higher than I've ever felt it, so I guess cross-dressing's a turn-on for him. I can live with this.

"Mmm, Sasuke, harder!" he gasps, draping himself over me so we can kiss. Our lips meet feverishly and our tongues battle for dominance as my stomach coils and he tugs at my hair. I can't help but do as he asked, humping up harder as I near my release. I slam him down as hard as I can and he responds by bouncing faster and faster.

His sexual energy is near its breaking point, and I feel his pre-cum soaked cock grind against my taut stomach through the sheer fabric of the skirt. So close, so close…

He breaks his lips away from mine and sinks his teeth into my shoulder as he cums. That, along with his burst of sexual energy and the fact that this is possibly the hottest sex I've ever had before in my life, triggers my climax as well.

"Naruto…" I moan, rolling my hips as my entire body is wracked with hot tremor after tremor. I moan again as another wave of heat washes over me, wiping my mind of everything but this cute little blonde still riding my cock as his ass tightens impossibly around me.

After it passes, he collapses on top of me completely. My heart thumps like mad, and my chest rises and falls slowly as I breathe deeply, just trying to catch my breath again. How does it keep feeling better and better every time? Itachi wasn't even with us…

"Mm…" Naruto moans softly, playing with my raven hair that he just nearly yanked out. "That felt good…"

I chuckle and drag my hands up to rub his back underneath the flimsy white shirt. He sighs happily, just leaning against me and enjoying the afterglow of such wonderful sex.

I've never really liked cuddling after sex with anyone, not even Itachi, but with Naruto it's something I can almost see myself looking forward to. Not as much as the sex, of course, but it's nice nevertheless.

"Mother wanted me to come get you two since you seem to be done," Itachi says from the doorway. I nearly groan; the thought of Naruto moving off of me anytime soon almost makes me sad. I can't stop the smirk playing on my lips when Naruto doesn't budge an inch, not even to try and find a more decent position. I think we've killed all his shame.

"Do we have to?" he mumbles, still running my hair through his fingers. I hear Itachi chuckle and shift a little.

"She says she wants to talk to you about Naruto."

She must have felt his sexual energy burst. With a sigh, I gently push Naruto off me. He begrudgingly sits up, wincing just slightly as he pulls himself off my dick. I'm still half-hard, I note with a sense of surprise, but there's nothing I can do about it now. I sit up, popping my back slightly, before leaning over and grabbing Naruto by the chin. His pretty blue eyes widen as I lean in to kiss him quickly, and I watch them flutter shut as he leans in to the kiss. I pull back then stand, stretching my arms above my head, then bend down to fetch my clothes.

Naruto stands as well, hissing a little in pain and probably disgust as my cum runs down his thighs.

"Dammit!" he whines. "This skirt is probably all stained now…"

Both my brother and I chuckle quietly. How cute...

"I'm sure we can wash it," I mumble. I definitely wouldn't mind seeing him wear that again. He shrugs and smirks at me, a secretive gleam in his eye.

"I bought more," he says, motioning towards the bag sitting on the counter in my bathroom.

Did I mention how happy I am we decided to keep him?

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