The sisters are once again at the mercy of mother nature and all its inhabitants as the Amazon did not serve its purpose of reconnecting them. They now must survive the Everglades, the swamp.

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Chapter 1

Survive or Die

the Everglades

Day one

"What the hell?" Piper asks as she looked around and was no longer in her living room relaxing with her morning coffee. She was now standing waist deep in stagnant water that had a green film on it. She looked up and could see the sun piercing through the thin treetops and when she looked back down, Paige was standing across from her as Prue and Phoebe also appeared with the same look on their faces.

"Oh no," Paige said as she remembered this situation a year earlier.

A Elder orbed in the center of them and was hovering just above the water and he got looks of exasperation and rolled eyes.

"You have to be kidding me," Prue said and when she tried to put her hands on her hips she stopped the moment she felt the water.

"Ok I'm starting to think you guys are sadistic," Phoebe said as she kept looking at the water for any movement other than her own.

"You have not connected, we gave you time in hopes you would but you did not," he said and Piper could not stand the fact that he was staying clean and tried to use her power to blast some of the murky water on him. When nothing happened she folded her arms knowing that her powers were removed.

"Is this how you get your jollies off, by taken us away from our lives and sending us to god knows where?" Piper asks.

"I assure you that if I had jollies this is not how I would get them off," he replied

Paige looked slightly puzzled as Leo was a Elder when he got Piper pregnant with Chris, but she was too pissed off to put much thought into it. "Take us home now!" Paige demanded.

"Prue was possessed for two days before anyone noticed, Phoebe was taken by a demon and was gone for 24 hours before you realized she was missing, Piper was put under a spell that almost caused her to bind Wyatt's powers and Paige you did not sense something was wrong, none of you did," he said.

"We figured it out eventually," Paige said but could not shake the feeling that he was right.

"I know that you have lives outside of each other and your charmed duties, but it is imperative that you know when one of you is hurt, possessed or under a spell. Your connection with each other is how you stay alive, its how you know when someone needs help."

"So let me guess another family outing," Piper said.

"Yes," he replied.

"We could just go shopping," Paige suggested.

"You are missing the point entirely and apparently you missed it the first time or you would not be here again," he said with a stern expression.

"Are we in the Everglades?" Prue asks while looking around at her surroundings.

"Yes, its challenges are different than the Amazon and because of that you will have access to one heal per person, I suggest you use it wisely. There are also other beacons, a blue one that is medical equipment, a green one for blankets and food and a red one," he replied.

"What's the red one for?" Phoebe asks.

"Its a get out of jail free card, but only one can take it leaving the others and of course the white beacon that will take you home, or you find civilization," he replied and machetes materialized on each one of them as well as a water bottle.

"So we can only see these beacons at night?" Piper asks while wanting desperately to use the machete on him.

"Yes, they will be high in the sky but that is just a marker. The actual beacon will be ground-level," he replied.

"When this is over I'm going to find a way to just dump you guys somewhere," Piper said but all she got was a small smile in return.

"I suggest you find dry-land and welcome to the swamp," he said and orbed away.

"Is it me or does this water smell?" Paige asks while wrinkling her nose.

"Nope it smells," Phoebe replied.

Prue began to look for any signs of dry-land but all she could see water in all directions and tall trees that had its branches high.

"So besides alligators and poisonous snakes, what else is there to avoid?" Piper asks.

"Everything," Paige replied.

"Paige can we be serious for a moment," Phoebe said and took a step. The ground beneath her was muddy and she could feel branches and all kinds of debris as she tried to move through the water.

"I am but on the bright side taking a survival course was not a bad idea after all," Paige said as she saw a dead twig moving past her slowly.

"Wait you took a survival course?" Piper asks.

"Yeah Phoebe and I did. It was just for a week and it was in a state park for the most part but we had to survive off the land and our guide was cute," Paige replied as Piper was still a little shocked that she did not know about their little adventure.

"Why didn't you ask me to go?"

"Would you have gone?" Phoebe asks pretty much knowing the answer.

"No but that's not the point," Piper replied and looked at Prue who was avoiding eye contact. "Did you know about this?'

"Yes," Prue replied while swatting mosquitoes.

"Did you go too?"

"Hell no, after my experience with the Amazon I'm not really fond of the environment," Prue replied," Ok we need to get moving because I am being eaten alive here."

"Wait I have a idea," Paige said and went over to a tree that had some small branches she could get too. She used her machete to cut one off that was about 4 feet long. She then plunged it into the murky water. It stuck up leaving about 2 feet exposed and she took her empty water bottle and tied it around the stick. "Ok this water is moving, it may be slow as molasses but it is moving."

"How is that going to help us?" Prue asks.

"Well from what I remember water always moves south, so at least we can pick a direction. West or East and hopefully keep us from walking in circles," Paige replied as the bottles seem to be motionless but then started to move extremely slowly.

"How do you know that?" Piper asks.

"We learned it at the survival camp," Phoebe replied.

"It looks like south is that way," Piper said as she pointed in the direction the bottle was moving towards.

"We need to give it 45 minutes to know for sure," Paige said.

"Why is it going to get cramps?" Piper asks.

"I guess we just found out who the smart-ass of the swamp is," Paige replied while raising an eyebrow.

"So we just stand here for 45 minutes?" Prue asks.

"No we need to find a long stick, something we can use to give us some defense against an alligator," Phoebe replied.

"Look for bubbles," Piper said and everyone looked at her. "What I know a few things here and there, thank you very much," she continued and began to look for something to use. Walking through the water was difficult as occasionally her feet would get stuck on roots that were entangled on the bottom.

"Why do we have to worry about bubbles?" Prue asks.

"It means there's an alligator beneath the surface or just swamp gas," Paige replied as she too began to look for another stick to use.

"This place already..."

"Phoebe!" Prue yelled as her sister disappeared under the surface of the water. Piper turned around to see Prue rushing to where Phoebe was standing.

"Oh god, oh god," Piper said with panicked breaths as she thought the worst has just happened. She knows more than anyone what it feels like to be attacked by something in the water. She could see disturbance just beneath the waterline and Prue plunged her arms into the water up to her shoulders and could feel flesh. "Prue what's happening?"

"I think she fell into a hole!" Prue replied and began to pull up as Phoebe's fingernails were beginning to dig in into Prue's arms.

"Pull her up!" Paige yelled while struggling to get there as well. She was tripping over the debris and trying not to break an ankle.

"Dammit come on Phoebe!" Prue yelled as she pulled harder and finally felt some release as her younger sister emerged.

"Thank god," Piper said as she helped Prue pull her away from where she was.

Phoebe was taking in deep breaths as her body shook from the shock. There was no dry ground so they had to hold her up so she would not fall back into the water.

"Phoebe can you hear me?" Piper asks while putting her hands to her sisters face and forcing her eyes to look at her. She could see the terror in them as her chest moved in and out quickly. "Phoebe answer me."

"Sucks," she replied between the taking in of oxygen and finished her earlier sentence. Piper laughed weakly as her nerves were beginning to calm.

"Are you ok?" Paige asks while helping Prue hold her up.

"I think so, it just scare the crap out of me," Phoebe replied as she planted her feet firmly on the muddy bottom.

"Ok new rule, we need to watch where we step," Prue said as she too was beginning to calm herself down.

"It was like a tangled web down there, once I fell everything in the world wraped itself around me and I could not even tell which way was up or get free," Phoebe as she moved the hair out of her face.

"Are you sure you're not hurt?" Piper asks while checking over the parts that she could see.

"Yeah I'm ok," Phoebe said and then slapped Piper's hands, "Stop it, it feels like you're trying to frisk me."

Piper stopped her excessive checking and slapped Phoebe on the arm," Yeah you know what that feels like," Piper said and smiled wide while reminding Phoebe of her shoplifting days.

"I think something just swam between my legs and not in a good way," Paige said as she tried to stay perfectly still.

"We can't stand here for 45 minutes," Piper said as she was getting restless.

"Fine then I think we need to pick a direction opposite of the water bottle," Paige said and grabbed the stick while untying the string that held it.

"West, I think we should go west," Prue said.

"To the Beacon," Paige said and took the lead while using her stick to check for holes.

"We can't see it right now," Piper said as she began to walk behind her.

"I know but I am trying to keep a positive outlook," Paige said.

"What is it with whitelighter's?" Prue said and began to walk with Phoebe next to her.

The tall trees towered over them as the roots were either trying to escape the desolate water or take it over. Each step was like wading through concrete as their feet would get entangled in the foliage beneath and almost causing them to go face first into the murkiness. They were in the unknown and a hostile environment once again. Although this time they have some experience the Everglades is a world of its own with creatures that seem prehistoric and they were now intruders upon ancient lands. They were without their powers, without their potions or spells. But they were the Halliwell's and if the creatures of the swamp think they are an easy meal, they will be wrong.

To be continued.