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Chapter 8


Phoebe leaned Piper against the fallen tree so she could check her vitals and clean her up. The first thing she did was look at her major injury of the missing finger. She unwrapped the dirty bandages and could see a black coating on the stump that needed to be cleaned. She took advantage of Piper being unconscious and used the medical supplies to clean and dressed the wound. She then put some water to Piper's cracked lips and slowly poured a small amount into her mouth. "Here you go, just a little," she said as Piper's mechanical reaction was to swallow. She used water that she boiled and let it cool before using it to clean off the dirt and grime on her face. "Your hair is a mess," Phoebe said as she stroked her hair. The yellowish glow of the fire gave some light and was also a beacon to her other sisters that were trying to make their way through the dark swamp.

"Come on Paige just a little longer," Prue said while holding onto her arm that was around her neck. Paige was like moving a concrete filled manikin as she walked towards the light in the distance. They have been walking for over five hours and it was slow going as they had to stop on occasion to drink and rest. The light from the flare has long since subsided but the glow of the fire seemed to be like glow-in-the-dark paint in a pitch black room. They were close now and she could almost smell the ash as she pulled Paige along.

Phoebe finished cleaning her older sister up and could hear noises in the darkness. She immediately thought the bear has returned for its meal and grabbed her machete along with the torch. She moved around the area trying to make out what lingered behind trees. She then saw two people emerge and her heart skipped a beat as it could only have been Prue and Paige.

"Prue!" she yelled and tossed the torch back onto the fire.

"Phoebe," Prue almost cried seeing her younger sister. They hugged each other and Phoebe helped sat Paige down next to Piper.

"Is she ok?" Phoebe asks noticing that Paige was in a daze for the most part.

"Don't know yet, she was stuck in mud up to her neck for almost 2 days, I think she went a little delirious," Prue replied.

"Or hilarious," Paige said and laughed awkwardly as she looked at Piper who was still unconscious. "She looks worse than me."

"Here I have water and food," Phoebe said and gathered some as Prue sat down next to her other sisters.

"Thank God you use the flare gun, we never would have found you," Prue said as Phoebe gave her some of the clean water.

"Piper must have saw it too because she just showed up right before you did," Phoebe said and gave Paige some water. "Paige are you hungry?"

"No I just want to sleep," Paige replied and leaned her head onto Piper's shoulder and closed her eyes.

"Let them rest we will try to get them fixed up in the morning," Prue said as she drank down her water and ate some of the food that Phoebe took out of the medical bag. "By the way good find," she said.

Phoebe put the other thermal blanket around Paige and then laid next to Prue for the night. They would take turns keeping an eye on the fire as well as the bear that may show up again. Paige was the first awake and she has never felt so disgusting in her life. The sun gave light to her predicament as she looked at her arms that were covered in bug bites. She immediately started itching as Piper awoke and saw her baby sister scratching away.

"Paige?" Piper asks not sure if she was dreaming.

"I feel like a pincushion," Paige replied and Piper could feel the pain of her finger kick in. she grunted silently and held her injured hand as she swallowed the extra saliva that was building.

"What happened to you?" Paige asks as she was looking through the bag for some kind of ointment.

"Oh just had to cut off my finger," Piper replied like she bruised a knee instead of having to remove the appendage.

"That sounds like fun," Paige said while continuing to rummage through the bag as she was still trying to come to grasp with reality. Piper was in too much pain to care about the comment as Phoebe woke up with Prue.

"Paige what are you doing?" Prue asks while Paige was scratching fiercely and almost in a panic.

"I can't stop itching," Paige replied and Prue put her hand to her sisters arm.

"Paige I will look for something ok, just try to relax," Prue said as she could see the fear or confusion in her sister's face. Phoebe took out some of the pain pills she used for her leg and went over to Piper.

"Here, these will help but you need to eat something first," Phoebe said and gave Piper some crackers.

"Phoebe I don't know if I can keep anything down," Piper said while her shaking hand took a few crackers from her sister.

"Just try ok, these pills will stop the pain," Phoebe said and got her some water to help wash down the salty treat. Piper nodded and took small bites and struggled to swallow. She wanted to pills badly and forced down a few crackers she had to eat. She drank the water as she took the pills and now it was a waiting game for them to kick in. Prue found some kind of ointment for poison ivy and put it on Paige's arms and face. The cooling effect was immediate and the excessive itching stopped. Paige leaned back against the tree enjoying the relief.

"What happened to her hand?" Prue asks while looking over at Piper.

"Her finger got infected and she had to cut it off," Phoebe replied.

"Wait why didn't she use her heal?"

"I don't know maybe something else happened," Phoebe replied as the drugs were working for Piper and wearing off for Phoebe. Prue could see her limp as she got up.

"And what happened to you?" Prue asks.

"Just a giant python, what is it with this place its like the dumping ground for every prehistoric or giant size creature," Phoebe replied.

"Are you ok?" Prue asks as she started to look at her leg.

"Fine, I took care of it but my stitching may need some work," Phoebe replied and slapped her sisters hand away." Don't touch it."

"Considering what Piper had to do because of infection, I think I should look at it," Prue said.

"You need to take care of your arms Prue, it looks like you had way too much fun with a razor," Phoebe said as she could see the many small cuts on her sisters arms.

"Yeah your right," Prue said and looked through the medical bag and found some antibiotics along with alcohol cleaning pads. She took the pills and began using the pads and feeling the sting of alcohol.

"When do you think they'll be ready?" Phoebe asks while checking her wound as the thought of having to cut off her leg was not something she wanted to deal with.

Prue looked over at her two sisters, one had a goofy smile on her face because of the pills and the other one was just staring into space. "Oh I think a few days," she replied and could not help but laugh a little at Piper's expression.

"She will get that back right?" Phoebe asks referring to Piper's finger.

"I would think so considering that's the one she uses when she yells at us," Prue replied as Piper liked to make her point with her hands just as much as her voice.

They tended to their wounds and they need to rest as the day went on. They were together again but two were out of commission for at least a day or two as they recovered. The plan was simple, get up enough strength and bring what they could and make it to the white beacon.

To be continued..