Chapter 1: Very First Last Time

Must. Keep. Running.

Ahsoka Tano was running from clone troopers for the second time this month. She couldn't believe it. Two weeks ago she had left the Jedi Order. Her name had been cleared, but an overwhelming sadness was about her.

"Why are they attacking me? They should know that my name was cleared," Ahsoka thought. "Something isn't right." She did not know about the recent attack on the Jedi Temple, and the declaration by Palpatine that all Jedi and other force-users were to be eliminated.

Betrayers. Criminals. Back-stabbers. Those were words she never though she would apply to the Jedi, but it was certainly what they had become. A tear went down her cheek. Suddenly, she realized that the street she was on was a dead end, and that it was impossible to leap anywhere for safety.

The clones were right behind her. They were shooting at her to kill, who who knows why, and had so many men that Ahsoka was defenseless against them.

"What is there to live for? Nothing." Coming to this realization, Ahsoka Tano gave up. She had never given up before, but there was a first time for everything.

Shedding a few tears, Ahsoka sat down in meditative position. Sensing the clones surround her, she cleared her mind and focused on the force. Then she felt the muzzle of a blaster being pointed at her forehead.

"This is it," Ahsoka thought. Then she waited for the unavoidable shot that would end her life. Suddenly she heard a blaster fire, a distant scream, and she felt her world explode in a mixture of physical pain and heartbreak.

"Goodbye, Skyguy," she whispered. Then she drew her last breath.

Ahsoka chocked on her saliva and gasped for air, convulsing on the floor. "What happened? Why am I not dead, or am I dead?"

Ahsoka slowly stood on her feet, expecting pain, but realized she had none. Blinking her eyes, she looked around her. She was back in her room in the Jedi Temple. "This is odd," she said out loud to herself. Then she sighed. "Maybe a Jedi found me, patched me up, and put me here to get some rest."

Just then, the nightstand caught Ahsoka's eye. On it was her lightsaber. Just one, not two. She put her hands to her head, rubbing her montrals, and moaned. "No, this can't be happening," she said to herself. "I'm dead, I'm dead..."

Feeling her lekku turn chalk-white in fear, Ahsoka stepped outside of the room. She nearly fainted when she saw younger versions of Master Skywalker and Master Kenobi walk by.

She stuttered. "M-masters?" Ahsoka collapsed on the ground in shock, her knees buckling underneath her. Then she was unconscious.

Hearing the noise behind them, Obi-Wan and Anakin tuned and saw a young Togruta initiate, collapsed on the floor. Both of them briskly walked over to see what was the matter. She looked likt she was about eleven years old. Holding the small girl in his arms, Anakin saw that the girl had fainted. "Master, she's out cold," said Anakin.

Obi-Wan looked at the Torguta youngling more closely. "Padawan," he said, "Go and get the healers. I don't know much about her species, but this one looks like she is very ill." Anakin nodded, handed the girl over, and ran towards the healing chamber.

The girl's montrals looked and pale. Usually they were both blue and white, but now you could hardly tell the difference between the stripes. Obi-Wan carried her to her room, and layed her down on the bed. Then he saw that the girl whispering in her state of delirium, so he put his ear to her head and heard, "I'm dead, I'm dead, I'm dead."

He was surprised. Of all the things he would have expected to hear, Obi-Wan had not expected to hear that. "She must be having a severe mental breakdown," he thought.

Not much later, Anakin arrived with a fellow padawan, Barriss Offee. "The girl appears to have fainted," said Obi-wan. Then he furrowed his brows with worry. "She also keeps repeating in her sleep that she is dead. I'm not sure what is going on Padawan Offee, but I hope you can help her."

"Yes master," bowed Barriss. "I will make sure that she is well taken care of." Assured that she was in good hands, Obi-Wan and Anakin left and continued with their day, forgetting about the girl.

Sending soothing feelings throught the force to the togruta girl, Barriss did her best to carry her to the healing chamber, after she attached the Togruta's lightsaber to her Jedi robes. Barriss was only fifteen years old, and had became a padawan only a few weeks ago. As a Jedi healer, she spent most of her time at the Temple.

Singing partially to herself and to the Togruta, Barriss brought her to the Halls of Healing. Putting her in a bed, she began to examine the Togruta.

"There are no outward pysical injuries," Barriss thought. "It seems likely that it is mental." She then attempted to access the Togruta initiate's mind to assess whatever damage might be there, but was shocked to discover that there were extreamly powerful shields in place.

"Master Che! Do you have a moment? I need help with this girl," told a nearby Twi'lek Jedi. Master Che was the head of the MediCorps, which was the division of the Jedi Order that composed of the Jedi Healers.

"Yes, I will be right over," said Che. She was soon over and asked Barriss what the problem was. "This Togruta initiate was found unconscious by Master Kenobi. She was also muttering 'I'm dead' repeatedly in her sleep, so he told me to take her here. I have found no pysical injuries, so when I attempted to see what mental damage she had, I discovered she had some shielding in place and I haven't learned how get around it yet. Can you check her for me?"

Master Che nodded, and took a few minutes to check the Togruta out. Then she looked up her records. "Her name is Ahsoka Tano. She was brought to the Jedi Temple at age three, and is the top student of the Clawmouse Clan." Then she spoke about Ahsoka's condition. "I have found no signs of injury myself. Her sheilding was weak, although surprisingly strong for her age. it was something only an experienced padawan should be able to do."

Barriss made a mental note of everything. Then she asked, "Should I let her go?" Master Che frowned. "Normally I'd say yes, but not this time. She may have had a dream or something else that we need to talk to her about. Had nothing been the matter, she wouldn't have been saying 'I'm dead,' nor would she have fainted."

Barriss nodded. "Yes, Master Che. I'll stay with her and wait until she wakes up." Master Che smiled. "You're doing great Barriss. Thanks for your help." Barriss returned the smile, and setuo the room for Ahsoka to stay in.

Yes, I know, this is my third story that I'm starting that isn't complete yet. Don't worry though, "I can handle it." This is my frist time-travel AU story. My other stories that are AU don't modify things as greatly as this one will. This is gonna be intresting, and I can't wait to do the next chapter with Barriss/future Ahsoka.

P.S. If you haven't caught onto it yet, Ahsoka is five years in the past, but her body is her younger self. No, there are not two versions of her. Just want to clairify that. Enjoy!