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I've seen and done things I want to forget;
I've seen a corporal whose nerves were shot
Climbing behind the fierce, gone sun,
I've seen flies swarming everyone,
Soldiers fell like lumps of meat.
These are the words, the words are these.

What if I take my problem to the United Nations?
What if I take my what if I take my problem to the United Nations?

PJ Harvey-

Cheap hotels and Jake, it was a love-hate thing. They made him feel anonymous, safe and out of sight. But in the long run they made him feel just as empty and impersonal as the rooms. He didn't have to hide or run, Sherry had told him over and over, that his file was classified. But Jake knew it was only a matter of time before the next crazy fucker in line somehow 'found' his file, so he thought it better to lay low. Besides if he had to be honest with himself then the whole 'save the world' gig was just not his thing, he wasn't a hero, he was just Jake.

The shower head spluttered and luke warm water oozed out, Jake closed his eyes and stepped into the slow steady flow of water. He heard a little click of his front door opening, and he instantly tensed. Could it be housecleaning? No, not this late. Jake stepped out of the spray of water, and wrapped a towel around his waist. Cursing to himself that he had let his guard down so much so he had left his weapons in the bedroom. He looked around, careful not to slip on the slick wet floor where he stood, but not even a decent makeshift weapon was to be had. Jake took a deep breath and silently made for the door to the bedroom, it was already ajar and he pushed it open more just slightly, praying that it wouldn't screech on its hinges. Surprisingly it didn't, and he could see a figure standing by the window looking out over the street. Was that military attire? Why would the military be here? And more importantly, 'what' military? He eyed the guns on the bed, and calculated his chances to make a wild dash for them, and get a shot off before the mysterious intruder made a move.

"Mr. Muller." The man with his back to Jake said.

Jake frowned, he knew that voice. "Wrong room, mister." He said in perfect Slavic.

Chris finally turned around and looked at Jake with a little smile, "Finally got the jump on you, huh?"

"You." Jake sighed, clutching his towel to stay on his bony hips. "What do you want?"

"Just talk." Chris said.

Jake narrowed his eyes, not believing it one bit. "We have nothing to talk about." He nodded to the door out to the hotel corridor, "You can leave the way you came in."

Chris shrugged, he had expected this. "You still for hire?"

"For you? No." Jake said, "Now fuck off." He waved at the door with an arrogant dismissive gesture.

"Name your price." Chris said, crossing his arms over his chest.

"Which part of fuck off was it you didn't hear?" Jake growled, angry at himself for being caught in a vulnerable situation like this. He would have felt much more on top of the situation if he had just been wearing pants.

"Alright." Chris nodded, "I'll tell Sherry I tried." He turned his back to Jake and started to walk towards the door. And when Jake took a step and said "Wait." Chris' smile widened.

"Wait, Sherry set you up to this?" Jake said his voice soft and oddly betrayed. "Redfield, answer me."

"She told me you were back home." Chris said turning around to look directly at Jake again. "I wasn't crazy about coming here either."

"So she told you I was back in Edonia, well that doesn't exactly answer my question." Jake said leaning up against the door frame with as much dignity as he could without losing his towel.

"She did." Chris said, "And honestly a mysterious benefactor known only as 'M', well... you weren't too hard to track down, American dollars go far in this country." He smirked at Jake's annoyed expression. "So name your price Muller."

Jake eyed Chris, entertaining the idea of naming a price. "Depends on the job." He said stiffly, he was getting sort of curious now, there had to be more to it if Sherry had set the ever-fantastic Chris Redfield on his trail.

"Your time." Chris said, "As long as it takes for me to tell you what Sherry told me to tell you. And then I will be gone from your life. Pretty sweet deal, right?"

"Maybe." Jake said and chewed his lip thinking. "Alright, a thousand American dollars an hour. Can you afford that boy scout?"

"If it were up to me I wouldn't even be here." Chris admitted, but nodded, "Deal."

"First hour is up front, and I want lunch too." Jake said pushing off the door frame and walked over to his clothes.

"Alright." Christ just said again, Turning around as Jake stared at him with pants in his hand. "You know anywhere where the food isn't green slop?"

"Yes." Jake said as he zipped his pants, already feeling better. "There is a diner close to here where they serve decent food." He reached for his shirt and pulled it over his head in a swift move. "And when we're out, you call me Mr. Muller." Jake said, pulling his boots on.

"Alright." Chris nodded.

"Great," Jake sing-song as he holstered his guns, "Let's go." He brushed past Chris on his way out of the door, smiling amused as Chris shambled to follow.

Sitting at a table at the half empty diner, Jake warmed his fingers on the hot cup of coffee. "So talk," He said softly.

"Okay," Chris took a deep breath, and looked down at his own cup of coffee. Funny how it was much easier to speak your mind when it involved guns, adrenaline and hard words. Less personal, and still pregnant with power. "Wesker, he-"

"I read the file." Jake said with a bored expression, looking up at the clock over the diner counter.

"Okay that's good." Chris said, nodding. He had no idea how the hell what he should even say, he had been so convinced that Jake would not agree to this meeting, so he had never really made a plan. "I told you I killed him, and I did. But if you read the file you know that I did the world a favor."

Jake just nodded, just sitting in silence waiting for Chris to speak, but when he didn't Jake looked up at the clock again. "Are we done?" He asked casually.

"I suppose so." Chris said with a shrug.

"Well this was... pointless." Jake sneered, downing his coffee and moved to stand.

"Hey," Chris said, grabbing Jake's wrist. "What I meant to say is that I'm sorry he was your dad, but I'm not sorry I shot him."

"Alright." Jake said, his lips a fine line of anger while he stared intensely at his wrist that Chris had captured. And when he didn't let go, Jake looked directly at Chris. "What do you want from me? I never knew the asshole."

"Nothing." Chris said with a frown, "But Sherry worries."

"Oh she does, does she?" Jake laughed mirthlessly. "I'm sorry soldier boy, but I am not Sherry's goddamn charity case."

Chris studied Jake for a moment, and really he looked mostly like a furious cat caught in a string. Too proud to ask for help and too pissed off to not just struggle and get more tangled. Sherry was worried that Jake was lonely; apparently she saw something in this guy that no one else did. But then again she was right when she had pointed out that the only reason that Chris didn't trust or like him, was because of who his dad was. And Jake was not Wesker, that much was clear. As he said himself, he hadn't even known who his dad was until Ada had felt like telling him a year ago. And Chris could hardly just come out and tell him what Sherry had actually worried about. "This is not a charity call." Chris finally said. "I happened to be here, and decided to indulge Sherry and look you up."

"What are you doing in Edonia?" Jake asked narrowing his eyes, not sure if he should believe it nor not.

"B.S.A.A business." Chris just said, finally letting go of Jake's wrist.

"Go figure." Jake sighed, "Well your hour is up, and you can call Sherry and tell her I am fine."

"You could do that yourself." Chris stated, leaning back in his chair.

"I'm busy." Jake just stated.

"She cares about you, you know that right?" Chris said with a soft laugh, as if he didn't really understand or believe it himself. All he saw when he looked at Jake was those unnaturally steel blue eyes, Albert Wesker's eyes.

"I know." Jake sighed, his expression softening along with his voice. "She shouldn't."

"Sherry's a pretty headstrong girl." Chris shrugged, "I am not about to tell her what she should or shouldn't do."

"And still, here you are buying me coffee." Jake couldn't resist a little amused huff. "I am going to ask you one last time, what is this about?"

"Alright." Chris sighed, "You didn't pick up your phone, or answer any of her text messages or emails, so she worried. She called me when she found out that I was going back to Edonia, and asked me to look you up."

"And you said it wasn't a charity call." Jake smiled but was anything but amused.

"She was worried that you'd have to go underground again." Chris shrugged, "So are you gonna give me something to tell her?"

"I am busy, work stuff." Jake shrugged too, "And she shouldn't worry about me, I'm fine."

"Really?" Chris asked and leaned a little in over the table, "I know you didn't talk to the B.S.A.A department for mental health, like you were told to."

Jake frowned, "Your hour is up, soldier boy."

"I'll pay for one more." Chris gloated, "And another cup of coffee."

Jake looked down at his hands on the table, and then up at Chris and his obnoxious grin, and then over at the waitress at the diner and held up two fingers to order a refill of their cups. "Alright." Jake nodded, "I am not B.S.A.A so I don't have to do anything. Unlike you."

"It was a service provided to you extraordinarily." Chris said, watching as the waitress poured their coffee. Jake said something to the waitress that Chris didn't understand apart from the word America. The waitress smiled while answering and looked over at Chris, leaving the coffee pot on the table. "What did you just tell her?"

Jake smiled secretive, and took a sip of his coffee with a haughty expression. "Told her that we had a lot to talk about. So she could leave the coffee."

"That's all?" Chris asked suspiciously.

"Yup." Jake said nodding at the coffee pot to urge Chris to fill his cup. He looked up at the clock again, and then back at Chris, "Excuse me." Jake said and got up, "Don't look at me like that, wanna come along and hold it?"

"No, no..." Chris shook his head, and blinked slowly.

Jake left for the bathroom, leaving Chris in the diner. He opened the window to the back alley, and pulled a cigarette from his pocket before unzipping his pants and going about his business. He wondered if he was being too hard on Chris the soldier boy, all he did was to act on Sherry's behalf. But he didn't want to talk to Chris; he also didn't really Wanna talk to Sherry. He just wanted them all to leave him alone so he could get back to what he was before. He had been quite content before Sherry had turned his life upside down. And he was quite sure she'd do it again if he let her, or her lapdog. He zipped his pants again and ashed in the urinal before hitting the flush button. A slight rap on the door to the bathroom, and the waitress opening her eyes on the floor, "He's out cold." She said.

"Excellent." Jake said, "I'll be right there." He washed his hands and walked out into the diner again, and right enough Chris was fast asleep across the table. "You are a gem Jelena," He smiled at the waitress. "Let's get him to the sofa in the back, don't want him to get robbed while he is getting his beauty sleep." He chuckled, and pulled the unconscious Chris unto his hip with a labored huff. Chris' head nestled on his shoulder and his breath fanned out softly on Jake's neck, it gave him some not too unpleasant goose bumps. Eyes on the price Muller, he told himself and hoisted Chris off into the back room and laid him down and gently placed a rough weaved blanket over him. "How long will he be out?" He asked Jelena who stood in the door.

"A couple of hours the least. He looked like a big guy, so I gave him double dose." She smiled sweetly.

"You did good." Jake said and looked down at the sleeping Chris one last time, and then walked over to Jelena and put an arm around her shoulders. "When are you off?"

"Half an hour." She said.

"Good," He pulled out fifty American dollars and gave them to Jelena. "Thank you."

"Any time, Mr. Muller."

Jake caressed her cheek and walked out of the diner, he had to be fast, relocate from the hotel to somewhere Chris couldn't find him. He would be absolutely fucking livid when he woke.

It took him an hour to bribe the hotel manager and pack his bike. Ample time, to be gone before Chris Redfield rejoined the living.

He had made it out of town, and two villages over when his phone buzzed in his pocket, he knew it was Sherry before he looked at the display. Against his better judgment he flipped the phone up, and mumbled, "Yeah."

"Jake oh my god, are you okay?" Sherry asked in the other end.

"I'm fine, supergirl." Jake smiled slightly, looking out over the sun setting; the clouds looked like rain and he really need to find shelter soon. Also there was a bigger chance of running into monsters when it was dark. "Look it's gonna rain, and I'm gonna talk to you later." He said softly, not really admitting that he had missed Sherry's voice.

"Look before you go, I hope you won't be mad, but you weren't answering my calls or texts, so I asked Chris to look in on you, he is in Edonia on a mission – and-"

"I met him." Jake snickered, "I'm sure you'll hear from him soon. And oh Sherry? You owe me a thousand American dollars." He started to laugh as he could hear her confusion through the phone. "Nah just kidding about the money." He could hardly believe he'd said that.

"Growing soft?" Sherry laughed.

"When it comes to you, always." Jake said with a smile. "Look I really have to go." They said their goodbyes and Jake pocketed his phone again, his smile wouldn't go away, he could hardly wait to hear what Chris would tell Sherry about their meeting.