[Twelve Tailed Fox Chapter 1]

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The Yodaime Hokage went through the many hand seals used to summon the Death God, before calling out the name of his technique. As soon as he did, he knew he had done something wrong. The Death God did remove the nine tails soul, but instead of sealing half of the Nine Tailed Fox's chakra into himself and the other half inside of his new born son Naruto, the death god ate the fox's soul. In doing so the Nine Tailed Fox wouldn't be able to come back to the human world for a good sixty years, but now the mass amounts of its chakra wouldn't have anything to control it.

The death god then moved and sealed the great demons chakra into Naruto, the Yodaime's son. As soon as the chakra made contact with Naruto he instantly changed. Now he had two golden fox ears, and twelve golden fox tails. As Minato died he heard the death god speak.

"Minato! You have summoned me, the death god, to do you a favor. Like all debts yours must be paid. I will be taking your soul as payment for all eternity, and sending your son to a world of demons and death, as punishment for trying to use and manipulate me for your own ends! This will teach you the rest of the mortals to never attempt to manipulate a god ever again!" Spoke the angry death god.

Minato went to speak, but the death god brought down his knife and removed his soul from his body. After eating his soul, the death god settled his undead eyes on Naruto's sleeping form. The child as an innocent, but now he was a demon, even still he had a pure soul, so the death god decided to take pity upon the boy.

'You will be a great demon. I wonder though. Will you be a savior, or a destroyer?' Wondered the death god as he waved his arm. The space/time around Naruto started to bend, and in a second he was no longer in his world. The ninja, including the third Hokage saw what had happened, because the death god had allowed them to, and they along with everyone who ever heard about this event would know to never fuck with the god of death.

Outside of Totosai's skull cave, the space/time started to bend. Eventually a large explosion rattled the cave sending Totosai into a panic. When he made it to the entrance of his cave he saw a baby demon fox, with twelve golden tails, claws, fangs, golden hair, golden fox ears, and gold eyes. The child just radiated pure power, and Totosai could not believe that a new born child had the power of a great demon already, however there was something off about the boy. He didn't give off any hate or malleus, in fact the boy's aurar was pure like that of an innocent.

"Hmmmm what is this?" asked Totosai as he started to inspect the baby fox demon. It had curled up into a ball using its tails as a type of blanket slash shield from the elements. Instantly Myoga, a flee demon who looked like a little old man with a mosquito mouth, jumped on Totosai's shoulder. The thing that Myoga was known the most for was his uncanny ability to sniff out trouble, and then run away without a second thought.

"It's a baby fox demon, but I have never heard of a fox demon being this powerful, nor have I ever heard of a fox demon having more than one tail. Maybe he is a mix breed, or maybe he is just very lucky, because the amount of power he is putting off is unreal. He's like fox version of Sesshomaru, but he doesn't have that angry look on his face that always seems to follow Sesshomaru around." Spoke Myoga as he started to look the boy over. He thought about getting a drink of the boy's blood, but thought better of it as he had tried to do that to baby Sesshomaru, and he nearly died in the process.

"Yes, but unlike Sesshomaru he isn't full of arrogance and hate. He seems like any other baby, pure and curious about the world. I don't think Sesshomaru was ever like that even when he was a baby" Spoke Saiya, a spirit that resided in a sword sheath. He had recently been ordered to seal off the Sō'unga's power, also known as the sword of hell. It was a sword that the great dog general had found in the tail of a demon that he had slain, but now that he was dead there was now one who could suppress its power, except Sesshomaru, but he was not there number one choice on people to give a sword of such power to, because he would undoubtedly go on a killing spree with such a weapon.

"Hmmmmm, I think I know what I'm going to do. I will raise the boy." Spoke Totosai. This shocked Myoga and Saiya as they did not see the old demon as the fatherly type, more of the crazy uncle or grandfather type sure, but fatherly not so much. They couldn't believe the crazy old Totosai was going to raise a child, as he didn't have any real knowledge on child rearing, so it was possible for the situation to go either way.

"Why do you wish to raise him?" asked Myoga as he jumped off of the baby fox demon's head as he avoided on of the tails that had tried to swat him off of him. He easily landed on Totosai's shoulder, but it was a close call as the baby fox demons tails was much faster, and a whole lot stronger than he had originally predicted it would be.

"Saiya can't hold Sō'unga back forever. Eventually it will break free, and cause unimaginable amounts of damage. This boy is very powerful, like Sesshomaru, but he is still young and impressionable. If I play my cards right then I will be able to teach him how to be a kinder demon. If he becomes a more honorable demon than let's say Sesshomaru, and then we give him the Sō'unga blade, than he won't go on a killing spree once he suppresses the demon inside of Sō'unga's presence." Spoke Totosai. Myoga and Saiya saw his point. They would only be living on borrowed time, if Saiya tried to seal away Sō'unga's unimaginable power, but If Naruto didn't become like Sesshomaru then he would be the perfect person to wield Sō'unga. After a quick conversation Myoga left, and Saiya went to sleep so that he would be able to conserve energy to suppress Sō'unga for the next couple hundred years if need be.

XXX Twenty Years Later XXX

Over the years Totosai really came to like Naruto, as he had named him. He liked to learn new things, was very smart, powerful, and was kind. Naruto always seemed to go out of his way to rescue weak demons from evil demons. The one thing Totosai wished he would do was find some compassion for humans. Totosai noticed that Naruto didn't hate the humans, but he didn't seem to like them either. Totosai couldn't blame him really. Every time Naruto went out to collect materials he would come across a battle field full of dead humans. He figured Naruto saw them as senseless murders. That didn't bother Totosai to much, and to his immense joy, Naruto took up black smiting. He had been teaching Naruto for fifteen years and he could easily be considered a highly adept black smith, and with another fifteen to twenty years he way even rival himself (Totosai)

"Naruto" shouted Totosai as he looked up from his forge trying to find his illusive son. He had noticed recently that Naruto had been leaving the house more and more trying to discover more about the outside world. He couldn't blame the boy as they were always inside of his cave making weapons, but now he found out a good way to focus Naruto's attention. He had noticed that Naruto seemed to focus and pay more attention when there was something in it for him, like a prize, so Totosai decided to see if he could get Naruto to do something for him, if he gave him a prize at the end of his task.

"Yea pop, I am right here, what do you need" asked Naruto as he came back into the house. He had been learning how to breathe fire like his father, and was using the lava formations around their house to help him get a good feel for the element of fire. He figured by learning as much as he could about fire, he would be able to learn to use it much better.

"I have a task for you my son, and if you do a good job I will even let you have your own sword" spoke Totosai, and instantly he knew that he had Naruto's attention. The boy had been begging him to make him a sword, but he had refused saying that he could learn such a thing after he mastered blacksmithing, but the old demon did have an idea forming in the back of his mind.

"Do you really mean it? I what is the task so I can hurry up and do it. I can't wait for you to make me my own weapon. I bet I will be able to master its power in no time" spoke Naruto as he thought about all of the fun things he could do with his own weapon. He had heard that all great demons had their own personal weapon, and ever since Totosai had told him that he had the power of a great demon he had wanted on to, but the old man had been adamant about him first mastering how to be a black smith first.

"Yes I mean it or I would not of said anything about it. Now the first thing you have to do is go out and find some material for a blade, the material of your choosing, and then come back here so that it can be commissioned" spoke Totosai as he leaned against the wall of their cave home. He could feel the excitement in his adoptive son, and just knew that whatever the boy brought back would shock him.

"Deal" shouted Naruto as he ran out of the cave faster than Totosai could even see, and ran north as fast as he could. After running for a second he realized that he didn't actually know what he wanted his weapon to be made out of. He knew his father had told him all about forging, so he started thinking about all of the things that he had said.

His father had told him that making demonic weapons out of purely demonic material, or things used for evil would create the strongest weapons, but they would give off fowl energies, and they would also try to corrupt him. His father wasn't worried about that since he was already so powerful, but he did say that if he wanted a weapon that would truly be best for him, find or make a weapon that would willingly cooperate with him and not have to be forced to do so. His father had said that this was truly the best type of weapon for anyone. After thinking about it for a minute Naruto knew exactly what materials he would want to make his sword. He quickly ran towards the place that had been the end of his father's lord. After running at top speeds for several hours Naruto landed face to face with a large ravine that had a giant dragon with a mask on his head sealed to the opposing wall by either a claw or fang that had come from the great dog general.

Naruto did not feel like fighting such a powerful demon, and he knew his father would whip his ass for unsealing such a powerful demon, so he decided just get what he came for and leave. He quickly jumped on to the tooth that was used to seal the giant dragon and then onto the lip of the giant dragon. Once he was on the lip of the dragon he grabbed one of the dragon's fangs, and pulled with great force until the tooth came out. Now Naruto had a giant fang in his hands that was many times bigger than he was and he started to think that there would need to be a better way to carry around things that he needed.

'I can't just keep running around collecting things that I need with this giant monstrosity in my hands. I need a way to transport things around without actually carrying them.' Thought Naruto.

'Wait a minute father once mentioned a black pearl of some kind that had the ability to transport people to the land of the dead. What if I used a similar technique, but instead of sending things to the land of the dead, I just sent them to a sub space? It would be much easier, and it would also be very convenient.' Naruto smiled brightly at his new idea before a frown worked its way unto his features.

'The only problem I see is actually creating such a technique. I would have to move my demonic energy in such a way that it pulls whatever it is that I want into the sub space without damaging it' thought Naruto. He looked at the giant fang, but decided to try out this theory on something else, so for the next four hours Naruto continued to try to send rocks of various sizes to the sup space that he had envisioned.

It was very tedious work, and it cause him to destroy much of the ravine in his attempts, but eventually he got use to it enough that he was willing to try it out on the fang. He was happy that he was able to send the fang to his sub dimension without damaging it, and then used his same ability to remove all of the rocks from his alternate dimension as he didn't need it full of dirt.

"All right this new ability rocks. Now I need some wood for the handle, and the sheath, some metal for the guard, and I will be all set" spoke Naruto as he ran off towards the nearest temple. When he got there he walked in, surprising many of the monks there, and went straight for the center of the room in which they prayed. When he got there he was surrounded by monks who looked scared, but also ready for battle.

"What are you doing here demon" spat one of the monks as he looked at Naruto with much hate in his eyes. Naruto figured that something had happened to the man that involved a demon, and now he must have had some kind of personal vendetta against all demons. Being a fox demon, a natural prankster, Naruto decided to mess with him.

"I thought Buddha taught his disciples to show kindness and serenity to all. I guess you must be new as I have done nothing wrong, and yet you are speaking to me like I have done something that deserves damnation. Surely Buddha does not teach his disciples that just because some of one race has done wrong that all of them should be damned, because if that were so then ii highly doubt he would even let any humans into his temple with the way your kind lines up on the battle field and slaughters each other like it was a game" spoke Naruto with venom in his voice. It was meant to be a joke, but then he remembered all of the lost souls that he had seen on countless battlefields who had all died to satisfy the greed and lust of their petty lords.

"How dare you" but the monk was cut off from finishing his sentence by what Naruto believed was the head monk. He was old, that was for sure, with many wrinkles, long white hair, long thing boney fingers, and he wore robs that were slightly nicer than the ones that the other monks wore.

"What is the meaning of this? This demon has done nothing wrong and yet not only have you made him feel like an outcast, but you even try to insult him. This is not what Lord Buddha has taught us. He spoke that all beings are equal and all beings have the ability to enter the heavens so long as they follow the correct path. This demon has done nothing wrong and no one here has the right to through him out as this is not our home, but Lord Buddha's home. Only he may pass judgment, not any of use. Now you will all go to the waterfall of purification and prey to Buddha for forgiveness for first resorting to violence in his home" spoke the old monk. Naruto was surprised that the old human had taken his side at all, but he was even more shocked when the man had actually punished other humans for trying to attack him.

"I am sorry Mr.?" spoke the old monk as he looked over at Naruto. Even though Naruto was fifteen he still only had the body of a child of six or seven. He often cursed his body for taking so long to grow up, but then again he could live forever or for a very long time, but human lives began and ended in what many demons would consider the blink of an eye.

"Just Naruto, and please no formalities as I hate it when I have to dance around words over silly things like manners" joke Naruto as he smiled at the monk, and was slightly surprised when the monk had started back. No human had ever done anything but call him a monster, but this one human was different. He seemed more accepting of those around him that the other humans. Naruto briefly believed that if all humans were like this old man than he would not have minded if humans existed on the planet, but then again they were not, and they still disgusted him.

"I feel the same way. Every time a lord comes through those doors I sigh on the inside as I know he will want to have tea, as well as talk which will lead to many hours of boredom. It is frustrating, but it does help keep the temple open so I deal with it, but I doubt this conversation is what you came here for, so tell me what did you come here seeking" asked the old man with a look of much wisdom in his eyes.

"True as much fun as this conversation is it is not the reason for my visit. I came here searching for holy metal. I am a demon black smith in training, and I am looking to for a weapon, but I do not want it to constantly leak out demonic energy and corrupt everything that touches it, so I decided to use holy metal for the guard to basically even out the energies within the blade" spoke Naruto as he looked around the room.

"You are quite the powerful demon to be just a blacksmith in training. I have never even heard of a demon as powerful as you who became a blacksmith" spoke the old monk as he led Naruto to a chest. Inside of the chest were prayer beads, but the beads were made out of a gold metal. He handed Naruto the beads with a smile on his face. "But I am glad to see you chose a profession that creates instead of destroys" spoke the monk.

"Well my adoptive father is the greatest blacksmith in the world, so it just kind of happened" spoke Naruto as he looked at the beads. He was happy they were not harming him, so he figured he was not an evil demon as some would call him.

"Well that is nice to here. Please come back if you wish to further you understanding of the way of Buddha" spoke the old monk as Naruto left. Naruto smiled and waved to the old man before taking off at high speeds towards a place he knew a sage lived. It took him only a few hours before he found himself at the top of a mountain with a giant tree on one side, and a nice house on the other. Naruto quickly started to beat on the door hoping that the man would hurry up and come outside.

When the man did finally come out he was exactly like Naruto had been expecting. He had lots of milky white hair, tan skin, thin from fasting, wore worn out clothing, and he had a staff with leaves on it for whatever it was that sages did. Naruto smiled up at the man who remained completely passive the whole time.

"May I help you" asked the monk as he looked at the young fox child. He had felt an extremely powerful demonic presence coming his way, but being a monk he did not fear this being so he waited. He would be lying if he said he was not a little bit surprised to see a small fox child at his door.

"Yes I know you are a monk, but I am in need of your services. You see I am a demon black smith, and I am looking for materials to make a sword. I want your permission to take some of the bark off of that tree so that I may create a handle for my sword" spoke Naruto in the nicest voice he could create with such excitement brimming through him.

"You are a very powerful demon why don't you just take the bark if you want it so badly" asked the man as he kept up his neutral looking facial expression.

"My father taught me to show kindness to those that had not crossed me, so that is what I am doing" spoke Naruto in an increasingly annoyed voice. The old sage was going to really get it if he kept gazing at him with that dead to the world stare, as it was really creeping him out.

"Yes you can take what you need, so long as it does not harm the tree" spoke the old sage as he watched Naruto walk over to the tree that he meditated against every day, and take what he needed. After he got what he needed Naruto took off at high speeds towards his home. It didn't take long before Naruto was yelling for his dad to come outside. When Totosai finally did come outside he was surprised at what he saw. Naruto had truly surprised him when he saw the materials that his son had gathered, and it almost pained him to do what he was about to do.

"So is this enough for you to make me a sword" asked Naruto as he was basically radiating pure excitement.

"Who said anything about me making you a sword? I said you could have a sword, not that I would make you one" spoke Totosai as he gave his patented senile look of confusion.

"Then why did you have me gather all of this material" demanded Naruto as his anger started to radiate off of him in waves. Black storms started to form overhead, Naruto's eyes started to glow red, his features became more feral, and a red aura started to encompass him. Totosai knew his son was mad, but just because he threw a little temper tantrum doesn't mean he was going to back down so easily.

"So that you can make your own sword" spoke Totosai as he looked at his son with those big bug eyes. He saw the look of confusion in Naruto's eyes and watched as his anger dissipated until the giant demonic source was gone.

"How am I going to make my own demonic weapon when my training is not complete? I can't make a demonic weapon of this magnitude with the skills I have. I will ruin the sword" demanded Naruto as he looked at Totosai with confusion and irritation.

"That is your own fault. You have been slacking these past few years in your training trying to run around learning other things without finishing your blacksmith training. Now you will make your own sword out of these materials, and you may not make another sword so long as you are living with me. This will teach you to take your training more seriously, and you will use that sword as your only weapon besides the abilities that you can naturally use" spoke Totosai in a 'this is final' voice. Naruto pouted for a second, but then nodded his head and started to get to work.

It took Naruto a whole week for him to make his sword, and when he was done he was not exactly proud of what he had accomplished. The sword was finished, but it was unstable. He knew that one really powerful attack or another unstable demonic entity was all it would take to destroy his sword. Looking at his sword made is pride as a blacksmith shrank by a considerable margin, and he knew that his dad was not very proud of his work. The sword took the form of a large katana with blue dragon scales on the backside of the blade, a gold oval shaped guard that dipped in the middle on both sides, and a blue handle with some kind of cloth like material forming around it. When he looked up at Totosai, he saw that he was giving him a hard look.

"Will you be taking your training more seriously now" asked Totosai as he looked deep into Naruto's eyes. Naruto lowered his head in shame before answering.

"Yes sir" spoke Naruto is a sad voice. He was surprised when he felt Totosai wrap him up in a hug.

"I am not mad at you Naruto, I just think you should pay more attention to your training before your try to run off learning something new" spoke Totosai. He would be lying if he said that he didn't want to see his son leave, but he knew deep down that one day Naruto would leave.

After 100 years of learning under Totosa, in which Naruto learned under many other demons as well, some of which not even Totosai knew about, Naruto was ready to set out on his own, and experience the world for himself. As he was walking out of the door, Totosai called him back. Naruto turned around and saw his dad carrying a box that he had never seen before, and was curious as to what was inside of it.

"Naruto my boy there is something I would like to give to you before you leave." Spoke Totosai, as he rummaged through the ancient box Naruto hand never seen. Naruto knew his father would miss him, and he knew that he would miss his father, but he also knew that this good bye was not forever and that he would come back to see his father eventually.

"Ohhhhh, and what might that be old man?" asked Naruto, in a playful voice. It was fun teasing his father as the man acted completely senile on moment, and then he was back to his master blacksmith attitude the next. It was sometimes hard shifting between his father's personality changes.

"This!" Spoke Totosai, as he pulled Sō'unga from the chest. He gently handed him the sword by the sheath. As soon as Naruto touched the swords handle he could feel it trying to possess him. Naruto wasn't going having any of that, and quickly forced whatever evil spirit that resided within the sword out, with just his overwhelming demonic energy.

Totosai and Saiya were shocked. Not even the great dog general was able to do something like that. They watched as the sword changed in appearance. It now looked like a sword that cried, "Dangerous!" It had a long, thin, milky white blade, with a dull gold guard. It had a handle that appeared to be made out of bone, which was kind of creepy to Naruto. The bottom of the blade had a large round pink jewel at the end that was held onto the sword by a piece of the bone handle that stretched around the pink jewel.

"Hey old man what gives? Why did you give me such a messed up sword?" asked Naruto as he examined his sword. It looked really cool, and he could tell it was far superior to the sword he carried around that he had made thirty years ago. It was very nice, so he slipped it into the sash that he wore around his waist, and was happy to see the long strait blade sat well on his hip.

It was beautiful in his opinion, and looked good on him. His hair was past his butt, but was kept it in a high pony tail. He was wearing a silver and gold version of Sesshomaru's outfit, but the armor was on the other side. He strapped his new sword to his left hip, and looked at Totosai. He had three markings on his face, like Sesshomaru's, but his were a shiny gold color. He also had the curved lines on his forehead that looked much like a triangle (Kimimaro's curse mark/Curse Mark of Earth). He had a very sophisticated face, and was about the same height as Sesshomaru. He often kept one of his tails wrapped around his waist like a belt, but the other eleven were hidden away. He did the same with his fox ears most of the time which left him with sharp pointes elf like ears.

"Well my boy that sword's name is Sō'unga. It is the most evil sword in the world, or it was until you removed that evil spirit from it. It has many powerful abilities, but I think it will be more fun to watch and see how you discover them." Spoke Totosai, as he watched Naruto walk away. He was sad he was leaving, but glad he was following his own path.