[The Twelve Tailed Fox Chapter 4]


Naruto was going to continue his search for the half demon responsible for killing so many other demons, but he got a letter from the thunder demon clan. It seemed they finally decided on what they were going to do, so he needs to go to their mansion to talk with them.

After traveling for a couple of day, because they were walking instead of flying, they finally made it to thunder mountain, the home of the thunder demon tribe. As they were walking, a woman with jet black hair appeared in front of them.

"I take it your lord Naruto?" asked the woman.

"I am, and you are?" asked Naruto as he put on his most impassive, yet regal facial expression, and allowed some of his demonic energy to seep out. He was satisfied when the woman's eyes grew about ten sizes too large and she shrunk away from him.

"My name is Reya. I was ordered to await your arrival, and to show you in once you arrived. Please follow me." Spoke Reya as she flew towards a large house. Naruto would be lying if he said he was not checking out the pretty thunder demoness's ass as she flew away as he was very strong demon, and he had animal instincts, plus the fact that he was in his mating cycle didn't help. He was going to have a hard time not mating this year with all of the beautiful demoness around him.

Naruto nodded, and flew after her followed by Entei and Shiori. After a while they made it to the entrance. The entrance had a lightning bolt for with a cloud behind it. There was a quote an above it. 'Lightning in the left hand, and thunder in the right, these are what we use to show our might. This is the pride of the thunder demon tribe'.

'Hmmmmm, they really pride themselves on their powers.' thought Naruto, as he walked into the castle. Inside were many warrior demons. They all looked human except for one, and they all seemed to wield weapons similar to tridents, and had some kind of light ninja like armor on. As he was examining them a young demon came up to him.

"Hello lord Naruto. I am Hiten, leader of the thunder demon tribe". Spoke the young demon. He had long black hair that was held in a ponytail. He wore similar armor to the rest of the demons of his clan, and had a powerful demonic staff.

"It's a pleasure to meet you lord Hiten. I'm here because I received a letter saying that you all have decided whether or not to join my empire." Spoke Naruto in a kind voice. Out of the corner of his eye he saw a girl about the same age as Shiori with two buns where her hair was pulled back. She looked a lot like the Hiten. He wondered briefly if they were related.

"Ahhhh yes we have. In your request you spoke of an island that had many thunderstorms that frequented it. You also said it was a lovely island with plenty of space, and a nice sized mountain." Spoke Hiten in a friendly voice that pleased Naruto, but he had to keep up appearances after all so he kept his face impartial.

"That is what I said, and it was all true." Spoke Naruto as he walked through the castle with Hiten as his guide, and many of the other thunder demons following behind him.

"Ahhhhh great! We would love to join you. We would be a valuable tribe to have in your empire, and we don't hate humans just don't like them very much, so long as they leave our island alone. You told us that the island was currently unpopulated, and that we didn't have to allow anyone on our island if we don't want to." Spoke Hiten in a voice that told Naruto that this was a very important part of the deal.

Naruto knew that many demons were very territorial, and the thunder demon tribe was that plus they were full of pride which meant they would probably not mix with the humans or other demons very much, but so long as they didn't cause any problems Naruto really didn't care about that.

"It is yours to do with as you please, so long as you don't break any of my laws. There is one law you're not going to like though" spoke Naruto as he looked at the two brothers foreheads. He was very spiritually aware so he could sense the negative feelings inside of the Shikon shards, and he could see them as well, even when they were inside of someone's body.

Hiten raised an eyebrow before asking his question. "Oh and what law might that be?" he figured Naruto would want a political marriage between his tribe and himself, or someone that Naruto was sure was loyal to his empire, but he would never force one of the members of his clan to do something like that as they were all a close family.

"I have banned the Shikon jewel shards from my empire. They do give the wielder great power, but I have yet to hear of a single person who has used one who hasn't had a tragic death. Five of the shards fell on my empire when they first scattered, and a human who wanted to wield demonic power inserted them into his legs. Instantly he went crazy and tried to kill everyone in sight. After that no one even tried to use them, let alone keep them." Spoke Naruto in a voice that said that this subject was not debatable and that there were only two choices that Hiten could choose.

Hiten was shocked. Why wouldn't someone want the power of the Shikon jewel shards? "Might I ask what you plan to do with the shards you already have?" Asked Hiten. He didn't want to hand over his shards if Naruto was just going to use them for his own gain. He didn't want to follow some power hungry leader who would take from his own people just to raise his own power.

Naruto saw the look in his eyes, and waved his hand. Instantly a vile with five shards of the Shikon jewel appeared hovering over his right hand. Everyone was surprised that he had so many. The not so human looking one had a look of greed on his face that Naruto didn't like, but didn't say anything because he had not made any problems for him, and if he made any problems within the thunder demon tribe that was for them to deal with.

"I know you have two of them here, because I can sense there evil power. I will not force you to hand them over, but I will not have these things causing people to kill one another for them. I'm going to send the jewel to hell, using the power of my sword. There the jewel won't be able to cause the same damage it is causing now." Spoke Naruto as he pulled out the Sō'unga and showed them that he could in fact send the jewel to the bowels of hell.

"Wow I must say that I was worried you were just trying to gather more shards for yourself, but getting rid of such a thing is probably for the best." Spoke Hiten, as he removed the jewel shard fragment from his forehead. The not so human looking demon did the same. They both handed him the jewel, and he placed them inside the vile. Once they were there the vile disappeared.

"I must ask you something though. If you plan to send the jewel to hell anyways, why not send the fragments now instead of waiting?" Asked Hiten as he watched Naruto place a seal on the jewels container to make sure no one tried to steal the shards from him.

"What you probably don't know is that there are one hundred demon souls trapped inside the jewel, but also one pure priestess soul. I won't condemn her soul to hell for all eternity just because it would be easier that way." Spoke Naruto as he made the jewel shards disappear. He wanted to meet the most powerful priestess of all time anyways so it was actually a bonus for him regardless.

"You are an honorable ruler lord Naruto. Well let's have a celebration to toast our alliance!" Shouted Hiten, as the alcohol began to flow. They partied all night. As they were partying Shiori was escorted to another room where the children had to stay, or those not old enough to drink, and since Naruto said she was to young she had to go as well. Entei was forced to wait outside. As she was walking through, she bumped into that girl that was eyeing her lord. She didn't like that.

"Hey you're the girl that rode in on that horse with lord Naruto." Spoke the thunder demon girl. The way she emphasized Naruto's name was something that Shiori noticed, and didn't like at all.

"Yes I am. I'm Shiori, a half bat demon, and lord Naruto's personal body guard." Spoke Shiori in a smug voice as she puffed up her chest to show off her generous mounds. She was angry when the other girl didn't seem to catch the obvious message that she was trying to send her way.

"Oh that's great! I'm Sōten, and one day you will be guarding me as well, since I will be lord Naruto's wife, when I ascend to the title of great demon." Spoke the grinning Sōten. She was very lovely in her own right Shiori had to admit. Her hips were a little wider and her butt was a little bigger than Shiori's, but she only had large B cup breasts which Shiori believed evened them out.

Shiori couldn't believe the nerve of this girl. There was no way she was going to sit back, and allow this hussy to steal her lord away. "I don't think so since lord Naruto would only accept a strong woman, neither of which you are little girl." Spoke Shiori as she got up in Sōten's face. Sōten did not take too kindly to Shiori questioning her power and charged up her hands full of electrical energy.

The argument continued to escalate, until everyone in the party room heard a big explosion. They all ran out, and saw Shiori and Sōten fighting. They were wondering why they were fighting until there attacks collided, causing a hug explosion. Sōten had taken the most damage as she couldn't create barriers like Shiori could, and Shiori was fine since she had been being trained to fight with Naruto for many years.

'Good thing she isn't using the naginata I made for her.' thought Naruto, as he went to check on the two girls. After a lecture, some apologies, and a good night's rest, Naruto was traveling down the road with two new companions. Sōten, and her baby dragon familiar Kōryū, were now accompanying him on his travels.

About a week after they had left the thunder demon strong hold they entered a clearing in the woods. It was dark and the trees concealed everything, but Naruto was not fooled and stopped when he got to the center of the clearing.

"Why are we stopping lord Naruto" asked Shiori as she and Entei stood behind him. Sōten and her dragon familiar looked like they were wondering the same thing, and it made Naruto wonder what was up with their enhanced senses. Shiori should have been able to hear what was in the woods, and Sōten and the rest of the pure blooded demons should have been able to smell them. Naruto did notice the smell of cherry blossoms in the air and then realized that illusionary magic was being used to conceal their opponents and hinder them. Naruto thought it sad that whatever demon who did this thought that this type of thing would work on him.

"It is nothing, just some trash demons planning on attacking us. Come out you worthless demons so that I may slaughter you like the vermin that you are" spoke Naruto as he looked into the forest. With his keen eyes he could see into the dark and not be hindered at all.

"Hahaha, so you did find us out. I should have expected no less from the lord of the crescent moon empire, but tonight you will die" shouted a man with eight giant legs growing out of his back. Then fifteen more of them popped out of the forest around them completely surrounding them before they made their attack.

"Trash" was all Naruto said before his index and middle finger claws started to glow gold and a long gold whip materialized. Naruto quickly spun like a top causing the whip to spin with him. The spider demons stood no chance and were turned into scraps in an instant.

"Wow lord Naruto you are amazing" spoke Sōten as she stared at him with wide eyes. She had been trying to seduce him for a while as she knew he was in his mating cycle because she was a full blooded demon, but he held strong and was able to resist her advances. She had to admit her lord really had a strong will.

"They were just a warm up. Come out panther demon I know you are there. You can't hide from me using this low level illusionry magic" spoke Naruto as he looked to his left and waited for the demon to come outside.

It didn't take long for a female panther demoness to reveal herself. Like Naruto said she was a Panther Demon with waist-length red hair and green eyes. Like the other Panther Devas, she had cat-like eyes and has pointed ears. She wears a short-skirted green and pink kimono tied with a pink sash tied in a bow, with green sock and a pair of sandals. She wears two flowers in her hair.

"I must say lord Naruto I am surprised you were able to find me mixed in with all of those spider demon's scents" spoke the panther demon, but the obvious disgust in her voice for the spider demons was obvious.

"You know my name, but I don't know yours. How about you introduce yourself" spoke Naruto as he rested his hand on Tōkijin's handle.

"Of course I am Shunran, one of the four panther deva's, and the daughter of the late lord of the panther demons" spoke Shunran as she took a mocking bow. It was obvious be the way she spoke and moved she was over confident in her abilities, so Naruto decided to lower her self-confidence a little bit.

Moving at speeds not even a panther deva could react to Naruto moved behind Shunran and placed the blade of Tōkijin at the side of Shunran's throat. She instantly shut up, and Naruto could see the way she went rigid. He could already tell she was regretting talking to him that way.

"Now you little kitten I will say this only once, so I suggest you listen closely. When you are speaking to me I suggest you use nothing but respect in your voice so if you were smart I would cut out that mocking tone of yours. The next thing I suggest is for you to give me a reason not to kill you for attacking me and my companions when we have done nothing to you" spoke Naruto as he eyed Shunran's backside. He was just getting into his mating cycle, and he could already feel his need to mate, and being this close to the back side of a beautiful female demoness such as Shunran was not helping matters.

"I thought you were on your way to stop the ceremony so I used my illusionry powers on those spider demons to stop or at least slow you down before you could interrupt it, because you are the son of Totosai, a follower of that damn dog demon" spoke Shunran.

She could smell, and actually feel how much Naruto wanted to mate her. She would be lying if she said the feeling wasn't mutual, but she didn't know if he would stay and help her raise the child if she got pregnant, or leave like some species did, so she figured it would be best if she waited it out.

"What does me being the son of Totosai have to do with you attacking me" demanded Naruto raining in raging desires to just mount this fine young demoness and go to town on her. He wasn't sure he was ready to be a dad yet, so he figured he had better wait before trying anything.

"Totosai was one of the main supporters of the dog general during the east west wars, so naturally we figured you would show allegiance to the dog general and his children" spoke Shunran as she resisted the urge to grind against the of Naruto's body.

"I don't hold any allegiance to the dog general, so you and your clan don't need to worry about me. Now go back to your own clan and don't come back unless you want something that you don't want to happen to you to happen, because I am not sure I will be able to hold back next time" spoke Naruto as he put Tōkijin back in his sash and walked away very quickly.

Shiori, Sōten, Entei, and Sōten's familiar started to follow Naruto as fast as they could. Sōten and Shiori both thought Naruto was talking about killing that female demon, but Shunran knew exactly what he was talking about.

After walking for another five hours a massive burst of demonic energy started to appear not to far from them, and it was creating massive thunder clouds. Naruto could tell it was nowhere near as powerful as Ryūkotsusei, but it was still a great demon so Naruto decided to go check it out.

"I want you all to stay here and don't move. I trust that you all are strong enough to look after yourselves while I am gone. I won't be gone for long, but if you do run into a demon that you cannot defeat on your own try and signal for me and then run towards me as fast as you can" spoke Naruto as he ran off towards the place where the powerful demonic aura was coming from. The girls nodded their heads and started getting in a defensive position with their mounts.

Naruto ran as fast as he could for about five minutes before coming out of the forest and coming straight into a strange scene that he had not been expecting. Inuyasha and his gang were all there as was Sesshomaru. He noticed that Sesshomaru was not using the power of his sword to destroy the barrier around the panther kind demon.

'He must not have unlocked the power of his sword. He had the blade because he forced it to the surface, but the power has still avoided him because he has not matured enough to summon it' thought Naruto as he watched over the scene some more. What really made him mad were the three demons that were lying dead on the ground with claw markings on their backs. Naruto know instantly that the great king demon had used them as sacrifices to restore his power.

"Why haven't you three killed this bastard yet" asked Naruto making him-self know to the others as he came out of the woods. Inuyasha looked angry, Sesshomaru looked passive, and Inuyasha's gang looked hopeful.

"We can't get past the barrier you jerk" shouted Inuyasha as he looked ready to snap.

Naruto didn't waste his time retorting to Inuyasha's comment and pulled out Tōkijin. The blade turned red instantly and Naruto made a slashing movement that dispelled the barrier instantly. Everyone looked shocked at how easily Naruto cut down the barrier, but Naruto ignored them and ran over to the three dead panther deva's, and the one living one.

The living one was even prettier than the first of the panther deva he had met, but he suppressed his needs, and started to check the other three panther devas. He saw that they were dead so he pulled out Tōkijin, and instantly the blade started to glow blue. Ever since he had held Tenseiga he had stolen some of its demonic energy and added it to his Tōkijin so now his Tōkijin could bring the dead back to life. When he saw the messengers of the underworld he quickly killed them thus bringing all three of them back to life.

"Uhggg, what happened" asked the red headed woman who Naruto found just as attractive as he did her sisters. She was Karan, a Panther Demon with red hair and eyes. Like the other Panther Devas, she has cat-like eyes and has pointed ears. Karan, unlike many Panther Demons with more human appearances, also has a tail. She wears a yellow gi top, with a light brown pelt with matching leggings. She wears tight dark pants with matching armguards. She finishes the ensemble with a red scarf and sash.

"All I remember is dad killing us and then everything went dark" spoke the only male of the four panther devas.

Shūran is a Panther Demon with dark hair and eyes. Like the other Panther Devas, he has cat-like eyes and has pointed ears. He is the largest of the Panther Devas. His outfit consists of a green vest with metal shoulder plated with three bangles one each one. He wears dark pants and shoes with a pelt and fur leggings. He wears a pair of dark armbands. He wears a kind of gold panther head-shaped tiara.

"Yea, and… Oh my god why are you here" asked Shunran as she looked at Naruto.

Her heart started to tighten in her chest as she looked up and saw the worried look that he had in his eyes. She didn't think that she would have meant that much to him even though they had only known each other for a short amount of time. Karan was thinking around the same lines, but it was more directed towards how handsome and powerful he was. She already wished that that look he was giving Shunran was for her and deep down she wanted him already.

"Shunran, Karan, Shūran, oh thank the gods you're ok" spoke the blue haired female panther deva.

She was Tōran, the eldest and the leader of the panther devas. She wore a dark blue battle kimono that had a sword strapped to her hip, and a shoulder guard that protected her left shoulder with a strap that went from her left shoulder to her right hip. She was the most human looking, but did still have the cat like eyes and the pointed ears. She has long blue hair that frames her face and ends at her lower back.

She was happy to see that her siblings were alive, but her animalistic instincts were going crazy for the powerful demon that had saved her siblings lives. She wanted to stake her claim on him since she saw the way her two sisters were reacting to him, but thought better of it since she had just gotten them back.

After that Inuyasha and Sesshomaru were able to kill the panther king demon, and send him back to hell. Some kind of bugs swooped in and stole all of the jewel shards that were in the now dead panther demons head and fly away. Instantly Inuyasha and his gang went and chased after them. Sesshomaru left with the poise and dignity that he was born with which was a lot, and Naruto went and retrieved his little group, and they all followed the panther demons back to their base.

There they partied, and had a good time. Shunran introduced Naruto to her family, and it seemed that her two sisters really took a liking to him. They all made it their duty to follow him around and make sure that he was comfortable. He was placed in many situations where they could have turned very hot, but using his strong will power he was able to continue on without smashing all three of the female deva pantheresses.

After a week-long session hanging out with the panther demon tribe Naruto was able to convince them to join his growing empire and then Shūran was named the leader of the panther demon tribe. Naruto was surprised by this, but Tōran said that there was something that she wanted more, and being the leader of the panther demon tribe would have kept her from that.

Naruto found it odd that she kept glancing at him when she said this and that all of the girls got angry when she would glance at him. After that you could see Naruto leaving the panther demon tribe with Shiori, Sōten, Entei, and Sōten's familiar.

He also removed one of the fangs from their father before sealing him. He planned on making a weapon for Sōten. When he was leaving the panther demons gave the privilege of leading the panther demons to their brother, and quickly ran after Naruto. When they caught up, he asked them why they followed him. Their response was not something he was expecting.

"My lord Naruto we, all three of us, wish the privilege of your hand in marriage." Spoke Tōran. She was blushing wildly and so were her sisters. Naruto was beyond shocked, but he was a great demon so he had to be in control of his emotions and facial features at all times which meant he could not react to nothing, but this was a little much for him.

"What!?" asked a shocked Naruto.

Shiori and Sōten were not happy about the female panther deva sister's statement and started to get ready to destroy the sisters, but then they remembered Naruto was a great demon so having multiple mates was actually expected of him. If they had to guess how many mates he would have they would guess it would be the same number of tails that he has, twelve.

"We have fallen for you my lord, and wish to follow you always." Spoke Shunran as she placed her hand on her small, but perky breast that was right over her heart like she was pledging herself to him.

"Yea we have fallen for you, so you had better take responsibility." Spoke Karan as she grinned like a chasten cat. She had wanted to tell him how she felt all week, but was too nervous to do so, but now she knew that it was do or die, so she had mustered up her courage and done it. She was praying that Naruto did not reject her.

Naruto was so confused he did the only thing he could think of. He turned around and started walking away. The panther demonesses thought he was rejecting them until they herd. "Do as you like."

from Naruto. They smiled instantly, and quickly followed him, and knew they would be with him for the rest of their lives.