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Warrior of the Flame

Chapter 1: Remembering

Fire that was the first thing I remembered when I came into this world was fire. How I was taken from I believe my mother as I saw her life fading. I remember how he the one who said he loved me tried to train me. He said my gift was something to be treasured but I soon found out he didn't want me to treasure it. He wanted me to use my gift to destroy and I remember not wanting too. I remember him saying he loved me and only wanted what was best for me. All I saw was him wanting a weapon and how I fought him. Saying I didn't want to destroy I just wanted to be normal. I remember him screaming at me and the sting of his paw against my face. Then I remember the guards and being locked up somewhere cold and dark. He said he would let me out when I learn to behave and do what he tells me to do. I was alone for a long time. My only comfort was my friends. They asked me what I wanted them to do. I told them to get me out of here and far away from him. My friends said okay and soon I was covered by the flames and I saw the bars melting as smoke covered the small room where I was kept. I was unharmed by the flames as I heard shouts and yelling. The guards came and so did he. He ordered them to grab me but my friends already carried me out the window. I was flying like a shooting star until my friends placed me far away into some woods. I had no idea where I was but I didn't care I was away from him. I remember running deeper into the woods as the rain soaked my fur. I crawled into a cave and slept still feeling scared and wondering what to do next. I remember eating berries and staying away from people. I was afraid if anyone saw me they would send me back to him and I would rather die. That all changed the day I met him. I was in the woods talking to my friends as I asked them to get some fruit down. I was too tired to climb and cold from sleeping in the cave. They did as I asked and then I saw him. Covered in a fur of black and white as, his jade orbs stared at me. I was scared and was about to run when he called out that it was okay he wouldn't hurt me. His voice sounded like honey so sweet that I turned back around. He knelt down and asked me how I did that trick with my friends. My mouth was shut for I was afraid he would send me back to the one I was running from. Yet, I looked into his jade orbs and something told me I could trust him. My tongue loosened and I told him everything from my gift to how I wound up here. Tears fell from his face as he placed his paws on my shoulders. He thanked me for trusting him and promised me that he would not let anyone harm me. I believed him as he promised that he would take care of me and keep me a secret until I told him I wanted to be seen. He said his name was Po and I gave him mine. I remember him hugging me and I hugged him back. Then I remembered something I never felt before. I felt safe.

Present Day

Po was at the Peach Tree enjoying the night air. Then he felt two furry paws on his shoulders as he felt them gently rubbing his back. "Feel good dumpling?" asked a voice as a pair of lips sent a trail of wet kisses down his neckline.

"Yes, that feels great thanks kitten," Po said smiling enjoying the attention his girlfriend, Tigress was giving him. Tigress can be pretty hardcore but she does have a very gentle side. He turned around as he placed her on his lap. Gazing into her golden eyes as a smile came to her lips. He softly kissed her lips as she let out a purr. "I love you kitten," Po said softly.

"I love you too Po," Tigress said placing a paw on his cheek. He held her like that for a while as the wind softly blew around them.

"Come on kitten it is time to go to bed," Po said carrying his girlfriend inside. He placed her on her bed and covered her up. Kissed her forehead and said", Sweet dreams and good night". He was about to leave when Tigress wrapped her arms around him and pulled him onto her bed.

"Nope you are sleeping with me tonight," Tigress said firmly holding him in a protective embrace.

"Kitten I would love too but I don't think Master Shifu would like this," Po said in an uneasy voice. Shifu was cool about this if Tigress or he had a nightmare and the other was comforting the other and just fell asleep. Still he didn't want to push his luck.

"Please Po, you know I can't sleep well unless I have my panda bear with me," Tigress said pouting slightly. A trick she used on Po a lot to get what she wanted. Letting out a sigh he smiled down at her and began to speak.

"Okay kitten you win, I will stay," he told her and rested his head on the pillow. Tigress gave him a victorious grin as she held him tight and they fell asleep. A few hours later Po felt something hot on his nose. He woke up to see Tigress fast asleep and saw a note on the windowsill. Carefully getting up he read the note and soon snuck out of the Jade Palace and headed towards the woods. Tigress sensing her panda was gone looked around and saw him heading towards the woods.

"Where are you going Po?" she asked out loud. Sensing something was wrong she silently followed him. He took her deeper into the woods until they came to a cave. Tigress hid behind a tree as she wondered who Po was meeting so late at night and who would be living in a cave. She saw Po looking around to as if to check to see if anyone was around. Tigress hid from his view wondering what was going on. Then she heard Po calling out a name.

"Aidan sweetie, come on out it is just me," Po said softly. Tigress's eyes widened as a bright red lioness came out with deep orange eyes as a smile was on her face. She wore a brown cloth over her chest and material around her waist going past her knees. The girl looked about 13 as she walked up to Po with a small grin. Yet, what came out of the girl's mouth really shocked Tigress all the way down to her heart.

"Daddy Po, I was hoping you would come," Aidan said happily as she hugged Po.

"Anything for you sweetie," Po said hugging her back. Tigress couldn't believe her ears was this girl really Po's daughter? If so why didn't she ever meet her and why was she living in a cave deep in the woods? Well, Tigress was about to find out.

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