Chapter 7: Savior Over Destroyer

Ever since Aidan came clean with Tigress everything began to fall into place. The next morning she told the rest of the Five and Shifu of her tale. Shifu thought there was something unique about her but never said anything out of respect. He had heard of the Warriors of the Flame but thought it was just a legend till he saw Aidan make a fireball form out of her paw. To the citizens of the Valley of Peace there were mixed reactions to Aidan. Some thought she was a hero and respected. Others unfortunately feared her for her powers and stayed away from her. But one day all fears were gone when Aidan saved a group of children cornered by a wall over a roaring flame. The fire got started because one of the kids wanted to play with matches and got scared by the flame and it trapped them where if they moved they would be burned alive. Villagers screamed in horror at their trapped children and the Five plus Po grabbed buckets of water to put out the fire. But it was out of control and Aidan stepped forward. "Daddy let me through I can save the children," Aidan said with a serious tone.

"Alright Aidan be careful," Po said giving her a serious face but worried eyes. Aidan began to walk towards the flames as the villagers watched wondering what this red furred lioness could do.

We are hungry so very hungry, the flames said as they lapped up the grass eagerly. The children were squished into the rocky wall behind them as they stared at Aidan with terrified eyes.

"Please help us," a young fox child said shedding tears.

"Do not worry little ones you will be safe," Aidan assured in a calm voice.

What do you wish of us Mistress? We live to serve you, the flames said to Aidan as she got closer to them. Normally is she were a normal person she would have gotten third degree burns by now or most of her fur would have been gone. Instead she was unharmed as she made the flames sleep. The fire was out like that and the children ran to their mothers and fathers. The crowd cheered and anyone who feared Aidan now no longer saw her as something to fear but as a savior. Aidan got bear hugged by Po as him and the Five took Aidan to Mr. Ping's Noodle shop to celebrate. Off in the shadows a lone figure watched Aidan. He was a lion with golden fur and even a golden mane. His eyes were a deep blue and he was surrounded by a few wolf guards.

"Master we see the girl. Do you want us to go get her?" asked a wolf. The male lion had seen what Aidan had done and saw how the panda rewarded her. A strange feeling overcame him as he began to speak.

"No, I no longer have a use for her," the lion said masking his pain.

"But sir?" the wolf began.

"Are you deaf or just plain stupid I said I no longer have a use for her now let's go!" the lion roared.

"Yes, Master whatever you say," the wolf said as he bowed before the lion and trembled with fear. They turned to leave as the lion watched Aidan for the last time.

"Goodbye Aidan I am so sorry," he said as a small tear fell from his face. Later that night Po was meditating while Tigress was teaching Aidan some new punches. When he heard a rustling sound and opened his eyes. To his utter amazement a male lion stood before him. He was about the same height as Po but with a much more muscular build. Deep blue eyes and was wearing a red tunic with slivers of gold around it. "Do not fear panda I come in peace and to deliver a message. You know who I am and I know who you are," the lion said calmly.

"You are Aidan's father," Po said keeping his anger in check. He knew what this man tried to do to Aidan and wanted to punch him so hard he would wake up in Gongmen City jail.

"I am not worthy of that title but you are. I am here to deliver a message," the lion said.

"Then deliver it," Po snapped growing annoyed.

"I want you to tell Aidan I will no longer be a threat to her. She is free of me and I will go away and never return," Aidan's father said.

"Why the sudden change of heart you been after her for years?" Po asked not buying a word of it.

"All my life I thought the gift of flame was to be used to destroy. But I saw Aidan using her gift to protect people and I saw how happy she was when you hugged her. I never thought the gift could be used that way and because of my blindness I lost my daughter. If I was more like you then Aidan would have been happier. I tried to turn her into a weapon and you let her be a hero. So, now I am doing the right thing by letting you be Aidan's father and letting her be happy. Maybe one day she will forgive me for my cruelty. But please panda promise me one thing before I leave," Aidan's father said with a pleading look.

"What is that?" Po asked with interest.

"Be a better father to her than I was and keep her safe. Don't let my darkness corrupt her and please don't let her end up like me," he said as he shed tears. He bowed to Po and left without another word. Po went back to the palace and saw Tigress tucking in Aidan and kissing her goodnight. Aidan was soon fast asleep and Po went in. He pulled the covers closer to her and kissed her cheek.

"I will always protect you Aidan you have my word," Po whispered. Then went out into the hall and was greeted by Tigress. "I love you Kitten," Po said happily.

"Love you too Dumpling, now let's get to bed," Tigress said and pulled him into her room.


Aidan grew into a fine warrior and used her gifts to protect people. The first warrior of the flame to use her powers to save instead of destroy. Po married Tigress and they legally adopted Aidan and still live at the Jade Palace happily.

The end

Author's Note: Sorry but I thought this might be a good ending. I might do a sequel revealing more of Aidan's life or I may just leave it here. If anyone has any ideas for a sequel let me know. Hope you enjoyed the story and please review. Till next time.