Laughing Bat

I know I shouldn't be starting a new one but this is a one-shot I've have the oh-so-will-not-be-missed writer's block and the stress of the CST's is getting to me but I managed to pull this one off Don't throw any Pitchforks or torches I'm not in the mood.

I have this crazy idea what if Batman was found on the floor laughing to his hearts content after seeing something that wasn't your average sight, It's based on some oddly strange but good fan fictions about gay superheroes. This is only a spoiler wait for the real thing. Martian Man-Hunter is with his Wife down in China or wherever he is.

Disclaimer: I don't own any Characters except the small fanfics within and the play write of this one….ENJOY!

It was an ordinary Day…or night at the Watchtower; everything was at Peace and quiet. The heroes and heroines had left for different missions except the masked Vigilante who decided to watch out for trouble. He was bored out of his mind, everything was quiet in Gotham, he actually slept for about three hours without being Disturbed and managed to organize all files on the computer. But he enjoyed the peace and quiet.

"Oracle to batman I have some files you would have want to see but Dick beat you too it."

"So what was the reason of calling me?" He growled.

"Well 'Mr. Grumpy Pants' I decided that you must be bored, even you can get bored on monitor duty.'

"Point so what do you expect me to do?" He asked quirking an eyebrow underneath his cowl.

"Well I was looking at a link my friend gave me before I came back, I read it." She smiled innocently. "And well I want to know if Batman would laugh at something ridiculous as this."

"I don't have time for th-."

"May I remind you, you have nothing better to do?"

He stood silent then growled lowly.

"Fine I'll read it and if it makes me laugh or smile I promise to go to that wedding next week."

"And if you don't I promise not to bug you about anything unimportant for a week…Deal."

He mumbled deal.

"Link is sent see you later Bats."

He had no idea why ne made this into a bet, probably because he needed a challenge. He opened the link and Read the title. He tried not to smile, but the title was too damn funny even to the Dark night.

'Love Is within Heroes too (even if there the same gender)' was the title. He read the summary before reading the entire Story.

"Batman, We're back would you mind opening the door for us to land the Javelin." Superman's arrogant voice cut in through the Dark Night's Laughter.

He pushed the button then continued his laughing while managing to fall off the Chair.

"I wonder why Bats didn't make a Remark like last time." Shayera said holding her mace onto her shoulder.

"Maybe he's in a good mood." Green Lantern joked.

"Bats in a good mood…That doesn't seem right." Flash smiled.

"Sshh do you hear that." Superman and Diana hissed the others silent.

They could make out faint notes of…..Laughter? They all walked slowly to the Monitor womb as the Laughter became louder with each step. It sounded happy, and full of life.

"That can't be Batman; He's too…Scary for that." Flash said hiding behind Shayera's wings.

"Well maybe someone came early or Joker poisoned him." Diana said, her heart stopped for a brief second.

"Naw Bat's would have the Antidote, no doubt, but then Who's Laughing." They all shivered.

Whoever was laughing apparently tried to gasp for air, but failed miserably as he continued to laugh.

"For sure it's a man though right." Flash asked.

"You're an idiot flash." Superman said as they rolled their eyes at the Speedster.

"We're here." Superman whispered. They all approached the Monitor womb's entrance door. They all took a deep Breath and walked in casually only to get shocked. The Caped Crusader was on the floor laughing like a man who heard a funny joke. He turned to them slightly and laughed even harder.

"Batman, are you alright?" Diana asked.

"Fine…Princess." Batman choked out. "But…C-Cant'…s-stop."

"Batman needs Medical Help!" Flash squealed with horror.

Batman soon calmed down letting a few chuckles and giggles escape from his lips.

"Can't believe I Lost." Batman smiled.

"Batman what on earth happened did Joker Come in and poison you or did someone brings his laugh toxin and sprayed it everywhere?" Shayera asked.

"You would be laughing too if it wear the Toxin." Batman chuckled.

"So what happened?"

"I read something." He giggled a little.

Batman + reading= laughing, chuckling, giggling, and smiling. Something didn't seem to fit right.

"What exactly where you reading?" Clark asked then stopped. "Did you just giggle?"

"Unfortunately yes and I was reading some thing called Love is within…Within." He started to muffle his laughter. "Just read the screen I c-can't say it without laughing.

"Love Is within Heroes too (even if there the same gender)'" Diana read aloud leaving Batman to stifle more laughs.

"Bats are they referring to us?" Flash asked for once in his life acting more mature than the Bat…RARE.

"Yes I couldn't get pass the first three chapters." He smiled. "I just couldn't stop laughing, I fell off the chair five times, and I really doubt if all of you read it Flash and Superman would HATE it."

"Why us?" Superman asked curiously.

He smiled. "Read the title think about what I just said."

After a few moments their mouths hung wide, as Batman and the others started to laugh uncontrollably.

"Batman." Clark whined. "Why us why couldn't you look up some other Random couple?"

It dawned on them that Batman must have looked it up in order to find it making a few stop their ferocious laughter.

"I didn't Oracle sent me the link after presuming I was Bored out of my mind Clark." Batman smiled. "She sent me a link that her friend showed her, I took a bet and I lost."

They all gaped at him.

"LIAR!" Flash yelled.

As soon as he said that Oracle popped up on the screen.

"Oracle to Batman, so did you read it all or crumble into laughter?"

"Crumble into laughter." Batman giggled still trying to control his laughter. "Fell of the chair five times, couldn't make it passed three chapters."

"WOW I barely made it to the first and so did the others, Are they there?"

"The two ones based on the story thought I looked it up myself." Batman said after confirming her answer with a nod. "You win I'll go with you."

"Great." She squealed. "See you in two days."

"What was that all about." Green Lantern asked.

"Well John I bet that if I laughed I would take her to an important wedding." Batman smiled.

"I have a bad feeling in all of this." Superman said as Batman smiled devilishly.

"If you any of you say anything about me laughing I'll make sure everyone reads this." Batman smiled. "Apparently they got more than one couple there, and I'm not involved with anyone in any chapters, the author stated I wasn't going to be thrown in as Gay because I was 'Too cool, and Awesome for that'."

They all nodded quickly each stiffening, they're minds had figured out the couples.

"Clark and Wally, Diana and Shayera, and John and J'ohn." Batman muttered to them smiling before taking off to the cafeteria.

"I don't want to deal with a laughing Bat ever again." Flash squeaked.

Everyone nodded in agreement each feeling uncomfortable around the other. Clark sat down in the chair and started to read.

"I want to see what made him laugh so hard." Clark smiled as the others mumbled in agreement. "It was a normal day in the watchtower. Batman angrily walked through the halls, His Side burned like fuck, and Joker had managed to hit him with a crowbar as he fought off two strong goons-."

Story Time as if you're reading it.

'I can't believe I didn't see that coming' Batman thought angrily headed to the Cafeteria. He stopped in his tracks at hearing a moan from the training room.

"What's going on in here." Batman's harsh voice cut through the moan as he opened the door. He looked straight then averted his eyes immediately.

"We're here to Train not to enjoy…Personal things Superman, Flash." He said. "Do it on your own time we're supposed to be Heroes not." He made a quick gesture to them. "Not THAT."

He walked out quickly, leaving two blushing super heroes to stare in horror.

'That was unexpected.' Batman thought then cleared his head and focused on the coffee that waited for him. He entered the cafeteria only to avert his eyes again at the same time of Scenario except with Diana and Shayera, who were in a very, VERY naughty position. Each looked at him in shock steadying; themselves into a formal position but couldn't rid of the blush that had lurked onto their faces.

"Batman I thought you were in Gotham this week." Diana said.

"I came back to check on things Princess." He said not staring directly at the duo. "Apparently I've run into a few…Situations on the way."

"What's that suppose to mean." Hawk girl asked glaring at him and holding her Mace in her hands tightly.

"I've run into an embarrassing situation every here I go." He said in his stoic voice giving her a glare of his own. "Do whatever you were doing on your own time were suppose to be Heroes not…Sexual crazed adults."

He gave them the same lecture he gave the other two. H grabbed his Coffee and left without another word.

"We have to warn Lantern and J'ohn." Shayera gasped quickly. They ran to them but stopped near the teleporters.

There was a scream of annoyance and the sound of a cup breaking. Angry footsteps came towards them as they held each other in fear of the now disturbed and pissed Bat.

"I am not going to come for another month." Batman growled angrily as he stomped to the teleporters. "We're heroes not…Forget it I'm the only sane one in the fucking hell-hole."

"Batman we need you to be on this T-."

"Not now Shayera, you need to clean up all of your acts or the bat won't come back. Got it." His tone was harsh but she nodded immediately. He left with a beam of light and she let a small 'EEP' escape from her lips.

"I can't believe he found out." Diana said.

"I know he was only gone for about a week."

End Chapter

They all gaped at the story, some nearly laughing.

"I cannot believe they think we're GAY!" Lantern yelled angrily.

"I can't believe they think we're Lesbians, ooh if I EVER, find out who this author is I'm going to kill them slowly." Hawk girl growled.

"Let's talk to a certain Bat." Superman growled and all agreed in anger.

Well that's the end, and if anyone recognizes the title or the actual story part I'm sincerely sorry I won't know if this is you're piece of work or not I just thought of it I SWEAR well, I hoped you liked it because I'm still rusty. BYE BYE

-Masked Maiden OUT.