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This is definitely an AU of "Hunting Demons" as far as Lana and Dean are concerned, and I've already got five chapters written, so expect one a day until I run out of chapters to do one a day. I just really love this idea and wanted to run with it.
WARNINGS: Language, Blood, Sex, Violence, Dark Themes


"I'm done, Dean…"

The words echoed through his head more than he liked to admit and he knew he'd driven Lana Meckenzie there, but hearing the words come out of her mouth? She'd left without saying much more than that and when Sam mentioned needing her help, he was fairly certain he shouldn't be the one to make contact. He ran his hand down his face and then he took a deep breath and tried to focus as Lily Harte spoke up.

Sam and Lily met at Stanford. Sam was a Junior and Lily was a doe eyed Freshmen, both of them hitting it off right off the bat. They went through a lot of hardships, including Azazel killing her entire family, making her aware of this world and she'd become like the little sister Dean never wanted…and the girlfriend Sam didn't think he deserved. All Dean knew right now was there was a knot in his stomach that he wanted to get rid of.

"I think she needs to be here…she's the only person we know that's demonic that we can trust," Lily piped up before shrugging gently. "On top of that, I miss her."

It had been six months since their quad team had become a trio and Lily missed the extra estrogen, the motherly affection Lana gave her, the coffee chats about the boys…the chess games. Lana had been in the boys' lives since they were little, but circumstances pulled them apart and Florence and John kept them all apart because of what Florence was—what Lana was. She was Azazel's 'love child' with a witch that had an even bigger secret and when she and the Winchesters met up again, it was shortly before Lily joined them.

Or so Dean let them believe at first.

Lana and Dean had met up on a hunt the year before Dean went to get Sam from Stanford, and it was a whirlwind romance. They took to hunting and sleeping together and Dean fell fast…so did Lana. Unfortunately, Lana had always seen retiring and settling down in her future, and Dean didn't seem to outwardly show any interest in that at all. He was perfectly content travelling from town to town hunting things and Lana had had her final straw because three years and no commitment was too much for her.

"She's not going to want to help," Dean admitted shaking his head, having never told Sam and Lily the truth about why she left—they both assumed that Lana had abandoned him because the last hunt the four had been on was really close to home and Dean made a call Lana hadn't liked.

Sam took a deep breath. "Angry was she was with you, Dean, she'll help."

"If there's anything that Lana likes to do most, it's help out innocents," Lily agreed nodding. "Unless you can't work with her…"

"I can work with her just fine," Dean told them rolling his eyes. "Fine, let's go get her."

Lily beamed and hopped right up to put on her jacket, Sam hanging back as she headed out to the car and Dean ran his hand through his hair. He didn't really know quite what to do here, but he knew that Dean was having a hard time with this and didn't really want to see Lana again and he couldn't blame him. Everyone had been a little upset with Lana in the beginning for just bailing because Dean made a hunt call she wasn't behind, but then again…that wasn't very Lana at all.

"She left because you screwed up, didn't she?" Sam asked slowly. "Lily asked you that exact same thing and then you…you lied to us."

Dean looked at Sam. "Lily and Lana still talk, I'm sure, so she's known the whole time that I was lying."

"You let the best thing that ever happened to you just walk out the door and you never even looked back…" Sam told him slowly, shaking his head. "You know, that miscarriage was rough on all of us, so it was Hell on her."

"It was Hell on me too," Dean replied angrily. "Nothing was the same after that and she resented this job and so did I, but this is something that we have to do! The extra demons in the world, Lucifer rising…that was all on us! We couldn't just peace out!"

Sam sighed loudly. "Maybe not, but you could have told her how you felt."

"She knew," Dean said shaking his head.

"I don't think she did," came Lily's voice from the doorway. "Look, let's just get to Lana and then we'll deal with this later. She can't hold that much of a grudge, can she?"

Dean chuckled and swung his duffle over his shoulder. "You know for as long as you hung out with her, you don't know Lana at all."


Alana Meckenzie had thought that she was doing pretty well with her new life except that she was doing the same thing she had tried to run from: hunting. On top of that, Lana had felt like she was much bitterer since she and Dean had been apart…there was a hole inside of her that only Dean could fill and her heart broke every time she thought about him. She had always thought that he had loved her and appreciated her because he'd said it a time or two, but he'd just let her walk away.

Now he was back and she felt her stomach twist into knots and it was hard to breathe. She could sense him and she heard the Impala pull up and saw through the curtains she pulled across the window, Lily bounding out of the car and rushing toward the door. Lana and Lily had kept mostly in contact and while Lily was still upset that Lana had just thrown in the towel, she was glad that she could have Lana back.

"LILY!" Lana exclaimed as she tore the door open before the young brunette could knock on the beautiful wooden door, both of them embracing each other tightly.

Lily pulled back a little and smiled. "You look fantastic."

"So do you!" Lana exclaimed as she looked her over. "You have grown right on up since last we popped a ghost together."

"Lana," Sam said with a nod.

Even though she wasn't exactly happy with Sam either, Lana knew her reasons weren't really something she could be mad about, and so she hugged him before glancing at Dean and then refusing to acknowledge him past the look. She immediately looked at Lily and smiled and started to make small talk even though she had to admit at least to herself that her heart had beat faster just at the sight of him in that leather jacket with his hair combed and that button-up shirt…

"So what brings you all here? A hunt?" Lana asked, eying Dean venomously when she asked the second question. "As much as I'd like to—"

"—before you say 'no'," Lily jumped in, taking a deep breath, "it's an old hunt of your mothers and it involves things a bit above our pay grade."

Lana paused and looked Lily in the eye. "They're taking you on something dangerous like that?"

"Lana, I'm a big girl," Lily said with a smile, reaching out to hold her hand and give it a reassuring squeeze. "I can handle a little hunt. Besides, Sam has my back."

"That's always how it starts out," Lana told her bitterly and then forced a smile because she hadn't meant to say it like that even though it was bothering her.

Honestly, Lana had thought that Sam of all people would want to get Lily out of this so they could someday have a semblance of a real life, but he was a Winchester. Normally, she wouldn't think there was anything wrong with that, but hunting had cost her so much and she just felt like there was now nothing that she could do because this involved her and it involved saving people from darkness. How Sam and Dean could let Lily still risk her life though, was beyond Lana and her motherly instincts kicked in.

"I'll help," Lana said as she rose. "Just let me pack a duffle and I'll be right there."

Lily clapped her hands excitedly and then went into the kitchen when Lana told her to make herself at home, Sam chuckling and following after her. He knew that his girlfriend was after some coffee and he knew Lana had the good stuff, plus he wanted to let Dean have a moment to himself. Instead of keeping to himself, however, Dean went upstairs to talk to Lana even though his brain was screaming at him not to—his heart had something else in mind.

Seeing Lana again had him overwhelmed with feelings just as she had been when she had laid eyes on him after these last six months and she looked up when he came in the room. She was honestly not very happy to see him and sighed loudly, shaking her head at him and hoping her wouldn't speak to her but knowing he would. There was a lot of past between them and she knew he wanted to speak his piece, but the words that came out came out angry and that wasn't how Dean had intended them, but that was how they were delivered.

"You're honestly going to just ignore me?" Dean asked her.

Lana scoffed and nodded. "I'm going to try my hardest, though getting Lily out of this in one piece means we'll have to work together."

"So we'll just be civil until you run again?" Dean asked angrily, wishing he could just stop talking, but he kept going. "In all the times I pushed you away, I never actually took off."

"But you pushed me away!" Lana responded loudly, snapping at him. "You pushed me as far as you could because you were scared and I left! I deserve to have a chance at a family and a normal life!"

"You're not normal! Demons will always be after you! That's not a life!"

"You don't give a shit about that! You're afraid to be a father!"

Dean glared at her. "I wanted to be a father just as much as you wanted to be a mother."

"But you were pleased to be able to dodge the bullet nevertheless," Lana responded quietly.

The venom in her words was still there and it made Dean feel sick to his stomach because she was partially right: he had been terrified of parenthood. Still, he'd wanted the baby and he'd wanted her, but he was able to hide behind hunting and she was still hunting, he knew that now. She wasn't settling like she had wanted him to do with her and maybe he could make this up to her. Maybe she could find it in her heart to let him in again.

"Our relationship from here on out is a business relationship and nothing more," Lana told him even though it hurt her to say it—part of her just wanted to give in and melt in his arms, but she was stronger than that. "I'll help you, I'll use my powers if I need to and I will travel with you, but I'm doing it because Lily wants me to."

Dean nodded and ran his hand down his face. "Yeah, fine."

"Alright…you can leave our—my room now," Lana responded even though she caught on to her slip up.

Nodding, Dean left…but he'd caught on to the slip-up too.

Note: So there's the introduction/chapter 1! I hope that you guys will like this story as much as I do and let me start off by saying that Lana and Dean are both equally in the wrong here, so don't hate on one too much more than the other. There will be some cute flashbacks in the next chapter, as well as some cute Lily/Sam. Feedback is always appreciated!