This chapter has Bobby in it, some trying to find Florence, and learning more about this Anarazel guy that's involved through learning about the past. It also has a really important sad moment that you should all pay attention to, and a really cute Lily/Sam scene!

WARNINGS: Language, Blood, Sex, Violence, Dark Themes



"I haven't seen Florence or Fecor in about a month now," Bobby admitted as he applied some of the salve to Lana's arm and took a deep breath, using Anarazel's other name. "Though if he attacked you, he was doing it for a reason…"

Lana sighed loudly and nodded. "Yeah, I know it was for a reason and I know what that reason is, but if I admit it, then Dean's going to get all high and mighty on my ass."

"Well, when the woman you love is stubborn as all Hell, sometimes you have to get a little high and mighty on her ass," Bobby told her, giving her a pointed look.

"Please, Dean just doesn't want this to be his fault,"

"You don't believe that," Bobby responded shaking his head. "You know he loves you more than anything and you know why you care—because you love him more than anything too."

Lana squirmed in her seat. "I don't know what you're talking about…"

Bobby just nodded, bandaging her up because they were on their own and if she wouldn't even admit it to him, then she was burying everything too deep right now. She had looked like she almost wanted to spill her guts, but she was trying to stay strong and Bobby understood that—Lana was so much like her mother. Stroking her hair and kissing her forehead like a father does to a daughter, Bobby went to leave the room and after a couple of moments, Sam came in and took a deep breath.

"You need to tell us more about what's going on and if Dean was allowed to come in, he'd start yelling, so…you've got me." Sam told her with a smile. "We used to be best friends, Lan…talk to me…"

Lana took a deep breath and pat the end of the bed next to her, Sam taking a seat while she ran her hands up and down her legs. She obviously wanted to tell him something and she was struggling with it, not because she didn't want to tell him, but because she wanted to tell Dean first…she owed him that much. At the same time, Dean wasn't in the room and maybe she could be vague and explain it later. Why she wanted to wait and tell Dean, she didn't know—she wasn't supposed to care.

"My mother is more connected to the doors to Hell than you might think," Lana began slowly, looking at Sam to look him in the eye. "You see, she's been in and out of a lot of doors and Fecor or Anarazel or whatever he wants to be called, is trying to get in good with a demon that wants her dead—I don't know his name. All I know is that the last six months have been fight after fight about something I don't even really know about. Our pasts are sordid and you know that…she only gave us the few stories about your parents."

Sam nodded slowly, trying to take it all in. "You're more powerful than you thought too…aren't you, Lan?"

"Yeah," she admitted sadly, shaking her head. "I never asked for any of this. Azazel saw the opportunity to strike and he did, catching my mother off guard and forcing her to have me."

"She wasn't forced though," Bobby said as he re-entered the room, Lana looking up at him. "She always told you that she wanted you, but she never explained that you were just as much her idea as you were Azazel's. Mary and I had a falling out with her over you…did she ever tell you that?" Bobby nodded as Lana shook her head, Dean and Lily entering the room too. "I think we should all sit down and really sort this out, yeah?"

Florence rested her hand on her stomach as Bobby shook his head. "How could you though, Flor? You have no idea what is in store for you."

"It's just a baby, Bobby," Florence told him rolling her eyes. "This is my baby."

"It's a demon's baby," Mary responded as she rested her hand on her own more pregnant stomach. "You have no idea what's going to come out! You let him possess you and create whatever…whatever that is."

Florence made a face at them both. "You two are supposed to have my back. This is for the greater good, Michael told me himself."

"Yes, the archangel, but I'm sure this isn't what he had in mind," Mary responded shaking her head. "I told you I was done with hunting and if this child brings so much as one demon into my life…then she can't be in Sam and Dean's."

Mary wasn't trying to cut out her best friend, but she'd worked too hard to keep demons away and to keep John in the dark after that terrible day and this was wrong. This was the demon that had started it all and it made her want to scream and tear her hair out, but Florence had always wanted a child and Bobby had been too stubborn to give her what she wanted. He hadn't gotten over his dead wife and probably never would, but right now Florence was getting a chance to be a mother.

Besides, the demon seemed to keep his promises when he made them and two months into this pregnancy he had vacated because she wanted the baby. Florence Meckenzie wasn't a normal woman by any means and he knew she wouldn't abort the baby and even if she tried, he would then just possess her again. There was a mutual agreement there and he'd been giving her the comfort and the touch of a man that Florence had been missing all these years by possessing some other man Mary had seen about that John thought Florence was involved with to keep up appearances…Bobby hated that.

"A baby is an innocent and just because she's demonic, doesn't mean she'll be a bad person, Mary," Florence tried, smiling as she looked at her stomach again. "I promise you that I will never let anything happen to your family. I will protect them from near or from far, but this is my chance to make the difference that I was supposed to make."

Mary sighed and nodded, reaching out to grasp her hand. "Just remember what I said, Flor."

"This is the worst decision you ever made," Bobby said speaking up and shaking his head. "This goes sour and you're entirely on your own."

"Mary forgave her, but I didn't…not at first," Bobby admitted, reaching out to stroke Lana's hair as tears filled her eyes. "When I held you in that bundle of pink blankets though, I ate my words. You were the innocent that she was waiting for to tip the balance just like Michael asked her to do. She's sacrificed so much for the angels, Lana…so much more than you know."

Dean ran his hand down his face. "Wow, I just…wow…"

"Please don't look at me differently, Dean," Lana said suddenly, not meaning to blurt that out, but needing Dean to reassure her a moment.

"Baby," Dean told her, getting down on his knees and taking her hands in his. "Hey, I'm just surprised is all. All these years our mothers have been aware of hunting and angels and sacrificing so much and as much as I still resent your mother for getting my father into this, our mothers were best friends. Imagine how hurt she was when my mom…"

He trailed off because it was painful to say what had happened, Lily resting her hand on Dean's shoulder while she ran her fingers through Sam's hair. Sam leaned into the touch and nuzzled her arm, pulling Lily onto his lap as he digested it all as well, Bobby watching over his little ones and realizing just how much he'd missed never becoming a father. He had never thought he'd make a good father and thought it would sully Susan's memory, but no…he could be their pseudo dad and keep them safe and teach them what he knew.

"She just wanted someone to help her and she wanted to have more protection for you and then she fell in love with Annie's dad and you got a sister and eventually my dad found out and he was afraid and that's why…that's why he was worried about you and Sam," Dean said aloud like it was all finally coming together completely, fingers tangling in Lana's hair as he cupped the base of her neck like he was going to kiss her, thumb running along her jaw. "We're both still mad, but it changes nothing, alright? You're still Lana, the brilliant, beautiful, stubborn pain in the ass piece of work that whipped my ass into gear, alright? Right now, we need to figure out what Fecor's involvement is in all of this and that means calling Cas if this is an angel thing too…"

Lana nodded and while she and Dean both leaned in a little bit as he stroked her jaw with his thumb, and they even wet their lips in anticipation and looked at each other's, Dean pulled back so Lana did too. Neither of them wanted to cave and certainly not in front of Bobby, Sam and Lily, so instead Dean stood up and took his leave of the room to get his head on straight, Lana standing up and straightening out her tank top. She wanted to get down to the bottom of this and the sooner the better with all of this past coming out of the woodworks.

Besides, with Dean out of the room, she was more than likely about to be teased and she didn't want to be teased…especially not about this. She and Dean would talk when they talked and his gesture had definitely stirred feelings for him she was trying to keep suppressed, but right now it was about getting down to business, not dealing with her personal life. Lana opened her mouth as Lily did, interrupting her even though she felt bad cutting the young woman off way more than she felt bad cutting the boys off.

"I'm going to give my mother another try while Dean is trying to get Cas to come around," Lana explained as she reached up to touch her arm. "Bobby took care of the poison, so right now I need to take care of my part in all of this. How did you guys say you came across this again?"

Sam nodded at the obvious subject change. "We ran across a demon while we were doing what we thought was a normal grab and bag a witch deal."

"Okay, so witches are involved…did the witch say anything out of the ordinary?" Lana asked, trying to stay on topic even though she could still feel Dean's touch on her skin even without him being there.

"She was just being cryptic like they all were, but then the demon showed up and mentioned Florence by name," Lily explained with a wave of her hand. "So, we told Dean we needed you because you're better at finding your mother than we are."

Lana smiled at that and shrugged. "Maybe, but I think it's only because when I start looking for her, she decides to show. You haven't seen her for a whole month, Bobby?"

"Nope," Bobby admitted shaking his head. "Last that Flor was here, not much talking got done and then she just took off."

"You really need to start keeping better tabs on my mother if you're going to bang her," Lana sighed before she and Lily started laughing.

Sam even chuckled after telling Lana to knock it off, Bobby rolling his eyes at them and then telling Lana he'd try calling her mother as well before he left the room. Lana smiled and while she didn't entirely want to leave Lily and Sam alone, Sam was nuzzling Lily as she sat there on his lap, a comforting presence, and she took her leave. She was still in overdrive mother-mode, but Lana knew that Sam and Lily cared deeply for each other and she wanted to give them some space…not that she was going to stop mothering.

That was just what Lana did.

She was worried that Lily was going to sucked into this world deeper than she needed to be sucked in, and she was also worried that she might get hurt. When her mother was involved, really intense and terrible things happened and Lana knew that she was going to have to deal with it, but Lily didn't have to. Lily could be kept safe even though Lana was sure that Lily partially wanted to know more about Azazel just because he took everything from her, just like he'd taken everything from everyone else.

Sam stroked Lily's hair and kissed her, aware they were alone, Lily cupping his face as she kissed him back, lips crushing together gently. When Sam dipped his head to deepen the kiss between them, Lily opened up her mouth and moaned involuntarily, letting Sam taste her slow and sweet, smiling and making eye contact with him when he pulled away, stroking her cheek. There was so much love and tender care in his eyes and she nuzzled his nose with her own.

"There's hope for them yet," Lily said as she settled into Sam.

Sam nodded and chuckled. "They're stubborn, but they'll make it. That admission from Dean about who she was in front of all of us was a pretty big step."

"Almost as big or bigger than standing on the pool table that one time in the bar when she was so mad at him that she started hitting on the bartender and he announced that she was his and he was hers and anyone that came near her would literally get beaten with a stick?" Lily asked as she laughed, recalling the spectacle. "God, we got kicked out of the motel room a lot over the week that followed that."

"I remember," Sam said nodding and then kissed Lily gently again. "At some point, you and I need to kick everyone out of a motel room…"

Lily blushed but she smiled a nodded. "It has been a little while, hasn't it? It's a date."

"Oh, of course there is a date first," Sam teased, nipping at her bottom lip with his teeth. "At the moment though, we should go see if we can't get a lead on where Anarazel might be…"

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