Baby Fever 12

A/N: This will be the last chapter of Baby Fever and most likely the end of the FLK series. Thankyou to all readers who have stuck with me this far and thanks everyone for following, favouriting, and reviewing my stories. I love to hear from you guys and your comments have helped immensely. I have mixed feelings about this story since a few negative reviews early on kinda dampened my enthusiasm for it and then the inclusion of Neal began to annoy me because of what happened at the end of S2 in the show. I toyed with rewriting this chapter but in the end I've decided to leave it as I originally envisioned it. They say you should never ever write a sequel to a romance because it threatens the idea of the HEA but oh well, rules were meant to be ignored. It's been a while since I finished a multi-chapter story so I'm really looking forward to being able to check the Complete box.

tldr; Thanks, readers. Enjoy :).

Chapter 12 'Happily ever after'

Dear reader

We'd love for you to join us to celebrate the birth of:


at a garden party for his Naming Day

held at 108 Mifflin St Storybrooke

at 1pm on Saturday 6/4/2015

From Emma, Regina, and Henry

PS. There will be no more earthquakes!

The party was well underway when Neal came into the kitchen where Emma was fetching more soft drinks and Regina was unwrapping platters of mini sandwiches.

"How's my two favourite ladies?" he drawled in his characteristic hoarse voice.

Emma rolled her eyes. "Can you say that in everyone else's earshot please? If one more person asks me if I'm the man in the relationship I'm gonna do a runner. Or punch someone in the face. Preferably you."

"Emma dear, if there were a man in our relationship it'd be you," teased Regina to rile her up.

Emma gave an exaggerated pout. "Oh that's so not fair. Just because I don't wear prissy skirts doesn't make me an actual guy you know."

"Yes, I know. I am in fact aware that my wife is a woman," Regina made an obvious show of checking her out.

"Me too," quipped Neal and then chuckled at the filthy looks he got. "Although you are looking more brawny than scrawny these days, Em. Look at your guns!"

Neal poked her in the bicep and got a punch in the shoulder for his trouble.

"Go away and check the campfire," grumped Emma, shoving him out the door to attend to the grill where Henry and David also were.

Regina grinned seductively at her wife, waiting for her to look up but Emma refused to give her the satisfaction and studiously unwrapped more food platters.

"No. Don't even try that look it's not gonna work, Gi," said Emma, avoiding her eyes with effort.

"That's a shame, dear. You know, I do like your arms..."

Regina came up behind her and picked up a handful of blonde hair and let it fall. "...and these pretty blonde curls are quite girly."

Regina's voice dropped to a low whisper in her ear to list the other things she liked.

Emma groaned. "I know what you're up to and it's not going to work. If Mary Margaret catches us having sex in the middle of another party she'll end my existence."

"Cone of Silence?" Regina breathed, and slipped her hand inside the hem of Emma's tank to graze her skin.

"I'm trying to be good here," whined Emma.

"Meet me in the backyard."

Regina had Emma stand close to her in the middle of the backyard in full view of the party but far enough away from the crowd. She cast two spells around them quickly.

"Is that the Cone of Silence?" Emma asked, seeing the familiar blue bubble surrounding them inside another silvery one.

"Yes. And an invisibility spell," said Regina, admiring her handiwork.

They could neither hear nor be heard inside the silencing spell, but although they couldn't be seen within the invisibility spell they could see outside. But like the Cone of Silence, as soon as someone stepped out of the nested bubbles they would pop and the occupants would immediately be both visible and audible again.

"Are you serious? You mean no-one can hear or see us in here?" said Emma, impressed.

"That's right." Regina smiled evilly.

Emma yelped looking down at her suddenly naked body. "Regina!"

Her head whipped towards the party but no-one in the crowd even glanced in her direction despite the fact that she was now standing completely unclothed in the middle of the backyard.

Regina yelled out Mary Margaret and David's names loudly and waved but still no-one noticed or heard anything. In a normal voice she said to Emma, "See?"

Emma realised with a shocking thrill what her wife was up to and shrieked. "Oh my god, you want us to have sex HERE?! In the backyard. In the middle of the party. In front of half the town? My parents are right there!"

"I know, isn't it terrible of me?" said Regina, raking her eyes over Emma's nakedness.

"Yes! Yes it is!" Emma said breathing hard, and hovering close as though the people could see her unclothed. "It's the most depraved thing I ever heard! This is so incredibly wrong. You can't possibly -"

Emma stopped abruptly, distracted by Regina's clothes disappearing and all she wore now was a wicked smirk.

"Oh my god." Emma shielded her hand over her eyes from the party's direction. "I know they can't see us but it feels like they can."

"How does this feel," Regina ran her hands down her wife's naked curves.

Emma gasped. "What are you doing?"

"I'm speeding this up because you are obviously too shy for this to go on much longer."

"Where did you- oh please don't stop" she begged, quickly heading towards undone. "Oh god, no fair, you're using magic."

But Emma had no intention of leaving her wife behind and she pulled her close, pressing them together and touching her the same way and kissing her deeply. They were standing without the benefit of a wall or door or anything that could provide any leverage or friction and it made it that much more frustrating.

Instinctively Regina moaned loudly and drew back in shock forgetting momentarily that they couldn't be heard.

"Aha not so easy getting a taste of your own magic is it?" Emma managed to say.

"Stop and I'll kill you," groaned Regina burying her head in Emma's shoulder. Her teeth bit at the skin there to stop herself crying out.

"No biting! I was wearing a tanktop," gasped Emma hastily.

She saw the stars explode behind her eyes and held Regina tightly since she had a habit of letting her knees buckle and Emma didn't want to her to fall. Even through the waves of sensations Emma panicked at the thought of them losing control and falling out of the magic bubbles becoming immediately visible. The terrible fear and thrill of being discovered though had heightened her senses through it all.

Once Emma recovered slightly she started laughing uncontrollably in heaving gulps, shiftily stealing looks at the unsuspecting crowd. "I can't believe you did this."

Regina's grinned saucily, baring her perfect teeth, and she waved her hand casually so that their clothes reappeared.

She pecked a quick kiss to Emma's cheekbone and then stepped out of the bubbles with an audible pop. Still no-one at the party noticed their sudden reappearance in the backyard and Regina sauntered back to the crowd resuming her role as the perfect hostess.

Emma had to go hide in the gazebo until she got her laughing under control.

Emma rejoined the party and made her way back through the crowd towards her mother who was holding DJ on her hip. She walked up just in time to hear Mary Margaret say to a guest:

"... and then Emma's clothes disappeared."

"Mom!" cried Emma horrified.

"What, Emma?" said Mary Margaret innocently. "I was just explaining what happened at the baby shower how Regina's magic started going haywire when she went into labour."

"Oh." Emma sighed in relief that her mother wasn't referring to her more recent naked romp and that she wouldn't need to kill her wife after all. "Wait, why are you telling people that story anyways. Stop embarrassing me!"

Emma took DJ from her and went to find Regina who was pouring herself some punch not far away and obviously heard the whole exchange.

"I hope you're satisfied," Emma said snippily, although she couldn't quite put any real annoyance into it.

"I am, yes." Regina deliberately misinterpreted the question.

"You are so evil today." Emma shook her head slowly in wonder. "What has gotten into you?"

"I think you know."

Emma hid a groan. "Seriously. Where the hell did you come up with that idea? The crazy ideas are usually mine."

"Perhaps you're rubbing off on me," Regina said with fake innocence and took a sip of punch.

Emma rolled her eyes in that 'I've created a monster' kind of way.

They both hushed up when Mr Gold came over to get some punch. Taking a sip he scanned the far side of the backyard and murmured so only they two could hear.

"Interesting use of an invisibility spell, Regina," said Gold casually.

Emma froze in horror and the self-satisfied smirk dropped of Regina's face.

"What," croaked Regina.

Gold smiled amiably. "I taught you to use magic, Regina. Sorry to burst your bubble but do you really think I can't recognise a spell of yours when I see one- or two?"

He leant on his cane and limped away towards Belle, leaving them gobsmacked and staring after him in horror.

"No. No no no." Emma spluttered. "Kill me. Please, just kill me."

Regina got over it much quicker than her wife and took DJ into her arms, planting kisses on his chubby little cheek. "Mommy's silly isn't she, DJ?"

"Yes she is," said Emma, narrowing her eyes.

"I meant you," said Regina, and kissed the baby's hand as he gurgled at her. "We're both Mommy, but DJ knows who the silly one is don't you sweetie?"

Everyone at the party crowded around the tables when cake was served and the baby got his first little taste of the sugary icing. The crowd included many familiar faces who had known the couple since before they'd even gotten together: Ruby, Granny, Kathryn and Frederick, Archie, Neal, Mr Gold and Belle, Tim Montague and his mother Ethel, Ashley and her family, Leroy and the other dwarves along with Astrid and the Mother Superior... They all quieted and waited expectantly for the speech.

Regina stood next to Emma, holding DJ and swaying him gently in her arms. Henry was next to her with Leoni at his feet.

"Thanks everyone for coming," started Emma nervously. "Mary Margaret asked me to give a speech - she guilted me into it by reminding me that she gave birth to me and didn't get to see my first steps or anything like that. Mothers! Who can say no to them, right? My poor kids have two.

"Um, I think everyone here knows the story - probably too well, actually - but uh, a few years ago when I first came to Storybrooke I didn't know a thing about family. My son Henry came to find me, he brought me back here, then I met Regina... and things went downhill from there. Fast."

The crowd chuckled.

"But the curse finally broke. Regina and I got together not long after that and before I knew it, we were getting married. After 28 years of having no family members I suddenly had more of them than I knew what to do with: a kid, parents, a wife. Some of you knew Regina in the past but I think everyone will agree with me when I say that happiness suits my beautiful wife much better. And Gi, I love you with all my squishy-soft heart."

Mary Margaret started to cry predictably and everyone was touched when Regina hid her smiling face by placing a kiss in the baby's hair.

Emma went on. "So we decided we needed a do-over to make up for what went wrong the first time with Henry -"

"Thanks Mom," Henry laughed.

"- anytime kid. So I had this brilliant idea that we should have another kid and Regina still hasn't forgiven me yet. Sorry for the earthquake stuff by the way. And that's why we're here today with all our family and friends to welcome our baby son, who we have named David James Mills."

Emma leaned over with a hand on her wife's shoulder to press a kiss to DJ's cheek.

"DJ, you've been a troublemaker from the start, just like your Mom - you know which one I'm talking about. So let me give you some great advice: when you're at your grandparents' house don't bother playing hide-n-seek cos they'll always find you, don't take any apples off your Mom's tree, and whatever you do... always remember how much we love you, my sweet little boy."

David held up Mary Margaret's phone and snapped a quick pic of his daughter and her wife gazing lovingly at their baby. Henry appeared in the background just in time to say:

"You're stuck with us now, little bro!"