Ana's POV:

I slowly open my eyes and stretch. I look around at the unfamiliar surroundings and bolt upwards into a sitting position. Though, I am more surprised about my lack of garments. I then remember last night, dinner, a little too much wine and falling asleep on the couch. Christian must have undressed me. I know he didn't try anything.

On the chair in the corner, I see some clothes. Jeans, a top, shoes and socks and change of underwear. Christian is still a control freak. I look at the clock, and it reads 8am. No need to rush home, Ted always does an all-nighter with his friends and won't be home for a while. Though, he is usually an early riser and doesn't need as much sleep. He is very much like Christian in those regards. I shower and change. I allow my hair to flow freely.

I hear Christian talking as I walk towards the kitchen area. I suspect that he is talking to Taylor or on his still ever active blackberry. However, I am surprised when I see Christian and Ted sitting together at the table drinking coffee and reading the paper. Whilst the sight is unexpected, it is precious. Father and son.

"Ted, what are you doing here? Aren't you supposed to be at Josh's house? You are never up this early after an all-nighter with your friends" I remark. Interestingly enough, Ted's demeanor stiffens up. Something he only does when he is stressed. Ted shoots his father a worried look. I glance at both Christian and Ted who are both avoiding eye contact with me.

"Ana take a seat" Control freak Christian is back. I hesitate. Christian narrows his eyes, in the way only he can. He looks rather foreboding. I throw my hands up in the air and sit down.

"I am glad you are awake. I was hoping to take you both out for breakfast. How does that sound? Ana? Ted?" Christian says, still mercurial as ever.

"I am in," Ted says a little too eager.

"WAIT! One of you answer my question. Ted how did you get here?" I ask impatiently. Ted is about to speak until Christian interrupts.

"I am sorry Ana; I know you are going to be upset." He states. He sighs and shakes his head. "Since you fell asleep last night and, I didn't know how long you would be asleep for, I organized Ted to be picked up and brought over here. I didn't want Ted to be alone in your apartment." Christian surmises. It is very Christian, the control freak that he is!

"You didn't need to do that. What time did you get picked up?" I ask Ted

"Early morning, but it wasn't an issue as I was awake, and I am glad to be here. My friends were not upset that I left. They uumm… understood" He tells me. I look at my son, knowing that he isn't telling me the whole truth. I slump back on my chair, sadness filling me. Yesterday he told me that he wanted to spend more time with us all together. I sigh. Ted probably felt intimidated to go along with his father's request or he probably jumped at the chance when Christian contacted him.

"Now that is over, should we go to breakfast?" Christian asks but actually instructs us. Ted gets up, grabbing his jacket and following Christian. I concede, knowing that I have no other choice and Ted did say he would like to spend some time together. This breakfast is the least I can do.

At a local restaurant, Christian and Ted order generous breakfasts of bacon, eggs, sausages, mushrooms and toast, whilst I order muesli and fruit. I fail to prevent my laughter at them both.

"Something funny Anastasia?" Christian asks.

"No," I say simply. "Actually, yes I never realized how similar your appetites are" I laugh out loud much to the annoyance of Christian and Ted.

"Mom, have you ever considered that maybe Dad and I have normal eating habits, and you just don't eat enough" Ted comments back. Christian gives Ted a knowing smile and raises his eyebrows at me. I roll my eyes and refocus on my breakfast.

"I was wondering what you both had planned for today?" Christian enquires. Ted shrugs so I know he hasn't anything planned.

"Besides us getting ready for work and school tomorrow, nothing. Do you have something in mind?"

"Yes. I would like to spend the day with my son and wife." Christian emphasizes our link to him. "I have a major meeting tomorrow that won't finish until mid-afternoon, so I will be tied up there. Then I need to leave for Seattle on Tuesday to finalize the deal and to make a few changes at GEH. I will be back on Friday."

"What changes?" I enquire.

"I am going to transfer the operation of key aspects of Grey Enterprise to New York until the end of June." Christian states casually, as if it happens every day.

"That is when I finish school. Are you going to be around that long? You would make crucial changes to your company so you can be closer to us" Ted asks astonished.

"Yes. I may need to do short trips interstate, but I won't be gone longer than a couple of days."

"So when I finish school, will you move back to Seattle?" Ted asks

"Yes, though I hope not alone," Christians says looking at me. I bite my lip, so hard that I probably have left tooth prints in it. "Ted, I have made your mother an offer. I would like her to take over the operations of Grey Publishing in Seattle. She is more than ready to run a publishing house, and I think she would find it most professionally gratifying."

"Wow mom that is a good offer" Ted comments. I narrow my eyes at Ted, feeling ganged up on.

"I know, but I am not sure if it is what I want" I inform them. Both of them look displeased at my answer. "So what would you like to do?"

"Coincidentally I have been given the use of a business associates corporate box today for the New York Nicks." Ted looks as if he could jump out of his own skin with excitement. He loves basketball. I on the other hand am not so. Sports have never been my thing.

"Can we go Mom?" I seriously don't like basketball, but I couldn't deprive him of this.

"Sure" I confirm.

Regardless of my dislike of basketball, I rather enjoyed myself. Ted and Christian bonded over basketball. Actually they seem to be bonding over everything. The familiar feeling of remorse hits me again. What an incredible father and son relationship they would have had over the years if things had been different. Ted needs Christian as much as Christian needs him. It is time to say 'yes' to one of Christians requests.

"Dinner was sensational; I have missed your cooking. Thank you for inviting me" Christian compliments me as he passes me the dinner plates. After the basketball game and going to Central Park, I asked Christian to come and have dinner with us. I wanted him to spend more time with Ted and I needed to talk to him.

"Mom and Dad, I am off to have a shower and go to bed. I better get a decent night's sleep before I return to school tomorrow" Ted announces. He kisses me good night and then surprisingly hugs his father. I can't believe the transformation in their relationship.

"Would you like another glass of wine?" I offer Christian

"Please," he says softly. He keeps his eyes on me, and he takes a sip. "Your taste in wine has improved"

"You sound surprised" I point out.

"You always surprise me Ana"

"I have another surprise for you" I tell him. Christian runs his index finger along the bottom of his lip, sexual tension radiates off him. "It doesn't include you and me removing our clothes." Christian's lips form a hard line, his hopes of a sexual reunion dissipate. Christian moves close to me so I am standing against the wall and I can feel the heat off his body.

"You forget that I am exceptionally skilled at sex. I wouldn't need to remove your clothes. I can easily raise your skirt and push your panties to the side." I take a couple of deep breaths. Christian is smirking at me he knows he has me where he wants. "In fact Ana, I would bet that I could still make you come without going inside you" Christian kisses the side of my face and nibbles a little on my ear, before taking a few steps back. He just got me all hot and flustered, and now he is moving away. Of course, he is doing this deliberately. He did tell me that he was going to make me beg.

"If you have quite finished, I want to talk to you about something" I scold trying to take the upper hand.

"As you wish Anastasia. I am all yours." Christian follows me into the living room where we sit facing each other.

"I have been considering a few things, and I want to take you up on one of your offers" Christian at first looks astounded but then smiles widely.

"You have me on the edge of my seat. What is it you are taking me up on?"

"You say that you will be staying in New York after Friday right?" I ask to clarify.


"Good. Then I would like Ted and me to move in with you, though I want separate bedrooms. That is if the offer still stands" I state.

"Of course it does Ana. I told you when we got married in my vows that everything that is mine was now yours. Though I am curious as to why you have suddenly changed your mind" Christian cocks his head to one side.

"Because Ted genuinely needs a father. I have watched you both over the past couple of days and the growth in your relationship is miraculous. I feel that I owe it to you both to help your relationship to flourish."

"Thank you," Christian says and then looks troubled.

"What aren't you telling me Christian?" I ask.


"You look bothered" Christian smiles a little, but it doesn't reach his eyes.

"Well I am going to be rather bothered now, knowing that you will be sleeping in the same apartment as me, but you won't sleep with me." Christian says partially laughing and partially seriously.

"That has been something I have been wondering. How have you managed to keep yourself celibate for seventeen years?" I question. Before I left him we were having sex three to four times per day, and I know that he didn't have sex during the week when he had Sub-missives, but he then released his tension on the weekend. Christian for the first time almost looks embarrassed at my question.

"Now don't be coy Mr. Grey, tell me" I probe, using words he has often delivered to me.

"Let's just say that my left hand is a lot stronger than it used to be." I try hard to stifle my laugh, but I fail. I laugh bending over on the couch. It's not the fact that Christian has had to relieve himself that I find funny, rather it was his choice of words.

"Are you laughing at me Anastasia? It should be noted that it has been your absence that caused me to make matters into my own hands." Christians narrows his eyes, rather put out by my reaction.

"I am afraid that I am laughing at you." I close my eyes, and scrunch my face trying to stop myself. Suddenly I feel Christian's hands on my waist, and he is holstering me over him. Quickly I feel a sharp sting to my backside as Christians hand comes down.

"Ouch! Christian." Christian lets me lay there for a few seconds before placing me back on the couch next to him.

"Not laughing now, are you?" He says now decidedly smiling.

"I can't believe you did that" I tell him. I can feel the sting on my backside, and a small part of me wishes he had continued and relieved me of my own built up tension.

"I can't believe that I stopped after one." Christian and I interlock eyes, I wonder if he is thinking the same thing as me. I shift on the couch and get tense.

"I better go. I have a meeting to prepare for tomorrow. But I will be free tomorrow evening. Can I have dinner with you and Ted tomorrow? It may be my last chance to see you both before I fly out on Tuesday." Christian asks.

"Of course. Come over and I will cook for you" I tell him.

"I will count down the minutes." There is a strong seductive tone to his voice. Christian stands to leave and holds his hand out to help me up. I walk him to the door and open it.

"Good night Mrs. Grey" There is a strong sense of longing in Christian's voice. It hits me that this is the first time he has called me Mrs. Grey since Ted was born.

"Good night Mr. Grey" I reply. Christian stalls, and looks into my eyes. I feel like putty in his hands. Recompose yourself ANA! I feel his hand in my hair and he moves closer to me. He places his lips softly on mine and I open my mouth to allow him to possess me. Passionately he kisses me, and I respond. My tongue tentatively strokes his. I allow myself for this moment to forget everything that has happened. Slowly Christian removes his lips from mine, whilst maintaining his gaze upon me. I catch my breath as he smiles, proud of himself. He is moving slowly, putting me under his spell.

"I know what you are doing" I tell him. He gives me a large boyish smile as he walks down the corridor and gets into the elevator.

"Welcome back Ana. How was Seattle?" My assistant Kim asks, passing me my ritualistic morning cup of English Breakfast Tea.

"It was very eventful," I say a little too dramatically. Kim looks at me curiously. "It is a long and very dramatic story." I shrug my shoulder.

"Sounds like a novel" She suggests. I laugh at her candid comment. Wow and what a book that would make. The key thing is, how is it going to end?

Kim runs through my schedule. Being away for a week has meant that work has built up. "So you have three meetings with authors and an editor's meeting. Also, the boss wants to see you tomorrow morning. He called this morning"

"Boss? Brian wants to see me? Why?" I ask. I know I am the senior editor, but he rarely asks for spontaneous meetings.

"He wouldn't say. Sorry." She apologizes.

My three meetings with authors go smoothly as does the editor's meeting. It is 2:30pm the next time I look at the time and my stomach rumbles. I inform Kim that I am going to rush out and grab some lunch. I order a chicken salad sandwich from a local coffee shop and sit down to eat in peace. I will get side-tracked back at the office and forget to eat.

"Ana" I hear a voice in front of me and smile when I see Olivia, the mother of one of Ted's friends.

"Olivia. Hi. How are you? Would you like to join me?" I greet her.

"Sure." She says smiling. "So our boys definitely got into a pickle on Saturday night didn't they," She says unhappily and shaking her head.

"Excuse me?" I ask.

"The strip joint? Getting picked up by cops?" She says like I am ignorant. Deep down I get annoyed. This is why Ted was at Christian's apartment in the morning.

"Oh yes. Sorry I have had a very long day. I have been catching up on work." I reply.

As soon as I can leave the cafe, I get on my phone and call Christian's New York office and learn that he will be out of his meeting in 30 minutes. I then ring Ted, I ask him to tell me what happened and why I wasn't told. He fills me in, and I listen to every word he says. I sit at my desk and reflect on everything Ted has told me.

Tension and more emotion than I can handle overtakes me. "Damn it" I yell out so loudly that Kim rushes into my office.

"Are you alright, Ana?" Kim asks concerned.

"Do I have anything else scheduled for today?" I enquire.


"I have a family matter to deal with. Can you take my calls? I will be in tomorrow morning" I tell her rushing out. I run home to get the necessary items and head off to Christian's office.

I enter the Christian's office, unannounced. I waited till his assistant was out of the way. I do not want him to know that I am here. I want to take him completely by surprise.

"Ana. What are you doing here?" He asks.

"I wanted to talk to you about Saturday night, a strip joint, our son, a police station and a major secret kept from me." I tell him. Christian looks worrisome.

"Ana, let me explain…" I hold my hand up and do not let him talk.

"I have something for you." I tell him. I show him what I have in mind and for the first time that I have ever known him words fail him.

Authors Note:

Hi all, sorry that this chapter is short. The next chapter looks like it will have a real punch to it. I am looking forward to writing it. Thank you to everyone who keeps giving me feedback on this story. Especially to my Facebook fan fiction buddies and my beta Crystal9034. Thank you everyone!


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