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A/N – This Chapter is Craig's POV. I'm sure yet if I'm going to write him going back to the Village. But wanted to write a chapter about how he is finding the break-up with John-Paul. Hope you like this chapter. Would love to know what you think! So please leave a Review. Good or Bad!

Craig wakes up with a pounding headache. He knows now, he shouldn't have had that shot of sambuca. As his memory from last night comes back to him, he grabs his phone. He sighs with relief that John-Paul didn't answer his phone call. There's nothing worse than drunk dialling. He got far too drunk at his friends birthday party last night, the many couples kissing on the couch, reminded him of the way he and his ex use to be once they moved to Dublin. He missed the McQueen boy so much, but it was the right thing to do, wasn't it? He wasn't ready to be a dad and a gay one at that. He finally managed to accept who he was and that John-Paul was the one he wanted to be with. But after five years, he still wasn't ready to be with him with the whole world. If not now then when would he? He managed to phone his ex after Christmas to explain that he wasn't ready to be a dad and wanted to enjoy being young, while he still can. But hearing the voice of his ex boyfriend, stung his heart. He has never loved anyone like the way he loved John-Paul. The dark haired boy, finally managed to get out of bed and headed to the kitchen of his flat for a glass of water. Once he's showered and changed, the Dean boy gets a text from his mate, Marcus.

How's the hangover? Hope there's room for tonight. M

Craig moans at the thought of another night out on the lash, the hangover from last nights antics is still fresh. He puts his mobile in his Jean pocket and grabs his jacket. He finds himself on the Ha'penny Bridge, were he's surrounded by padlocks. He stares at one padlock, with the name 'JP LOVES CRAIG' on it. It seemed like a life-time ago, were the two where here. So happy and in love. It was about a month after Craig lost his sister in a fire back home. He was depressed and barely left the house, he couldn't bare to go to the funeral. John-Paul decided to take him a walk and took him here and told the dark haired boy how much he loved him. A tear now running down Craig's face. He lost the love of his life and his best mate. But it's been done now. It's over. Another text from Marcus showing on his mobile, saying that they are in a pub called 'the poodle' in town. Craig takes another look at the bridge and then walks away.

Craig is in the pub with his mates, sitting at a booth in the corner, pretending to listen to Marcus' jokes. John-Paul seems to be stuck in the Dean's mind.

"What's up with you tonight?" Marcus asks in his strong Irish accent.

"Nothing, still a bit hungover" he lied.

"Get this down ya" Marcus hands his mate a pint of beer.


After quite a few hours of drinking, the guys decided to move onto a club. Marcus was getting annoyed at the change of mood his mate as been in today. He's normally the life and soul of the party. After an hour in the club, Craig has found himself sitting by himself. His mates have pulled some girls at the bar. The DJ played a house-dance track and he automatically thinks of the McQueen boy. Why does he have to be so messed up? Why can't he just accept who he is, once and forall? And just leave his ex with all the responsibility of raising their child alone? The thought of baby Matthew makes him flinch. Why didn't he just say from the start that he didn't want children? He mostly agreed to it, to make John-Paul happy and freaked out when the due start was getting closer by the day. But it didn't mean he didn't love John-Paul, because he did, he still does. Marcus comes over to the table with two females, one is blonde and is barely wearing any clothes. The other is quite tall and has black hair, it's clearly dyed, since the girl has pale skin. The three of them sit down next to Craig, Marcus puts his arm around the blondes shoulders.

"This is Sarah" Marcus points to the dark haired girl.

Craig nearly bursts out laughing at the Irony of the girls name. "Nice to meet you" He shouts over the music. Sarah smiles and moves closer to Craig. Marcus doesn't know about the relationship he had with another man, in fact most of his mates don't know, only the ones that also knew John-Paul, but they are a different group of friends to these ones.

The group of four leave the club, Marcus and the blonde both walk in front, snogging every 5 minutes Sarah and Craig are walking behind them, the dark haired girl tries to get closer to him, but he just moves away.

"Bad break up?" Sarah asks in her Irish accent.

"How did you guess?" Craig says in a bitter tone.

"Well, since you have a face like a wet weekend" Sarah laughs. "What's her name?"

"Who's name?"

"The lass that dumped ya?"

Craig can't take it any more, the lies and the mess has he's caused for the past five years has got him and at this minute in time, all he wants, is John-Paul.

"John-Paul" Craig answers and walks away from Sarah, who is standing still, confused and feeling stupid with herself.

Craig enters his flat, alone. Ignoring the 8th phone call, Marcus has left. He didn't care any more. He kicks of his shoes and unbuttons his shirt and Jeans. Once he's in bed, he thinks if this was the right thing to do, or did he make the biggest mistake of his life?