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Small trails of blood dripped from her calloused fingertips as she scaled the brick wall that ran upwards far above her, aiming for the west-facing window of the third storey. The night wind that howled all around her should have picked up and wildly whipped her hair, but she had purposely collected it into a tight bun at the back of her head and covered it with a dark cap to avoid that. Despite how cold it was, she actually didn't mind the gale blowing straight into her eyes -the only exposed part of her body- as loud winds are always advantageous when one is trying to sneak up on somebody as quietly as possible. Sure, it wasn't like she'd be heard anyway, silent as she was, but it never failed to have as much assistance as possible.

Reaching up as far as she could, she hooked her fingers in between the cracked mortar of the brickwork, using them to quickly pull herself up a little higher, the grip she had attached to the soles of her shoes allowing her to cling to the wall almost cohesively. Just a little further and her hand came into contact with the jutting edge of the windowsill she was climbing towards, providing her with the proper handhold she needed to hoist herself up and onto the narrow ledge, her breath that normally would have fogged the glass blocked by the bandanna that was tied around her face.

She carefully reached out and gave the window a gentle shove, but the frame refused to budge even a millimetre. Locked, it would seem. Hmmmmm...

Shifting just enough so that she could reach the small bag on her back without compromising her position, she grabbed the two small lock-picks always on her person and proceeded to slot them into the tiny keyhole keeping the window in place. The first was just a small tension wrench to turn the lock as the key would, though the second she carefully used to feel out the set of pins within the lock, slowly pushing each individual spring upwards just as Lucy had taught her.

With a small click, she carefully turned the wrench, smiling when the lock gave way and opened, the glass swinging inwards with a low creak. Slipping her picks away, she moved forward and slowly slid down onto the royal blue carpet below.

The room she found herself in was elegant beyond compare, though, she supposed that was to be expected of a rich businessman such as Bora. Swirled wallpaper lined every inch of the walls, stopping only where the intricately carved ceiling began and swept over her head, painted deities and angels staring down at her through unseeing eyes.

Only two noises could be heard in the room. The first came from the huge grandfather clock in the corner, the large pendulum in the mahogany frame releasing a strong tock-tock with every swing.

The second came from the clocks owner himself, who, curled up in the king-sized bed that dominated the room, chose at that moment to release a huge snore, drawing her attention from the splendour of the room and back to what she was actually meant to be doing in it...

"Bora. Bora of Prominence." Master Makarov lay a red request sheet down on the desk in front of him, allowing her to glimpse at the picture of the man plastered on the front. "He used to be a member of the Titan Nose guild before a side business he was overseeing suddenly took off, causing him to leave the guild to devote his full efforts to it. Turns out this "side business" is kidnapping young women to sell in Bosco as sex slaves." Makarov paused to turn a heated glare towards the wall of his office. "The Council has been trying to track him down for at least half a year now, but he has a large group of thugs under his command and employs a number of aliases, making him... difficult to find. It seems they're coming to us now, red request and all. I told them I'd get this sorted as soon as possible, and that's why I'm requesting that you take this job. Find and put an end to this bastard once and for all."

"Yes, Master."

Sticking to the shadows at the side of the room, she crept silently to the side of Bora's bed, fingers sweeping the hilt of the blade that was strapped tightly to her thigh. Back pressed tightly against the wall, she drew the knife from its sheath, twirling it quickly between her fingers and loving the familiar feel of the metal in her palm.

To take someone's life whilst they were sleeping was not her ideal job, but then again it was a red request, and jobs such as these were often given to her specifically because the Master knew she could do what needed to be done. As such, she tried not to picture the slumbering man in front of her as just that, a man. Instead, she looked at the monster; the beast who had stolen young girls from their families and forced them to travel far away, sold them to other horrific people who would do other things she didn't even want to try and picture. It was with this mindset and she kicked off from the wall, launching herself up into the air and over the bed.

Using the weight of her body she drove her knife straight down into Bora's chest, the man's eyes flying open as soon as the blade connected and woke him.

Surprisingly, he didn't scream, as many did. Rather, he grinned almost sickeningly at her, the expression all the more disturbing due to the blood that began to spill from his mouth, running over his teeth and chin.

"You... you bastard," he spat, chest heaving as blood began to pool out and around the handle of the blade. "Just... because... you got me... doesn't mean... anything. There are... far more... where I came... from."

Eyes shining from beneath her bandanna, she drew Bora's death warrant from the folds of her clothes and held it before him.

"Bora of Prominence. By the command of the Council I have been bequeathed the right to carry out your immediate execution. Through this-"

Bora interrupted her with a dry laugh. "The Council thinks... some man... can kill me... and it'll just... magically end... everything?" He sniggered as his head sank back onto his pillow, the once-white silk now running red with his blood.

She didn't know if it was the fact that such a disgusting man seemed so confident so close to death, or if it was because he had just assumed that the person perched on his chest was male, but something caused her to sit up and grab at the cloth concealing her face, removing it and tearing off her dark cap to allow her scarlet hair to pool down over him. As her tresses caressed his cheeks Bora's eyes widened slightly at the beauty glaring down at him like an angel from hell.

Yanking her knife viciously out of his chest and hearing him gasp in pain, she lowered herself over him and put her mouth to his ear.

"It's lucky for the Council then, that I am no man."

Bora gave a small chuckle once more, which slowly turned into a gurgle as his eyes began to roll upwards into his skull and his fingers twitched at his sides, trying to find purchase on the soft sheets. As she moved herself up and off of him, his chest finally stopped rising, an eerie silence settling into the room until the loud gonging of the grandfather clock finally made it's way back into her reality.

Ignoring the corpse saturating the bed, she moved to the desk on the other side of the room and pulled the fanciest quill she could find from its ink well. The bottom of the red sheet was always purposely left for her to fill out at times like these, and pausing for only a second to skim the blank sections, she lowered her pen to the paper.

Job status. Complete.

Date of completion. April 29th, X784.

Responsible guild. Fairy Tail.

Responsible person/s.

She paused for another second before re-dipping the pen into the ink pot and signing her name with a flourish.

The Scarlet Flash, Titania Erza.

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