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She screamed as the cool metal of his blade whipped through her side, slicing her open. She had seen him move; she had seen the direction his weapon was heading, but it was like her brain was filled with a thick sludge that stopped her from processing the information fast enough and moving her body in response. Sure, she had thrown her own blade up in defence, but he was already long into his attack by that stage.

Her knees buckled and she thought she was going fall before two hands came around her waist, keeping her upright. For a split second she thought Siegrain had caught her, only for a white braid to fall over her shoulder as the man leant his cheek against her head. She couldn't help but jerk away, though this only caused his grip on her to tighten, his twisted features drawing a whine of fear from her lips.

"Oh shush, shush, shush." His breath danced on her cheek as he moved a hand up to stroke her hair. "I'm not going to kill you just yet, my dear. I'm having too much fun, you see."

She turned to try and elbow him in the gut, but of course he was faster, grabbing both of her shoulders and pushing her backwards to the ground.

Her once practiced and reliable fingers lost their grip on her blade, sending it bouncing away down the hall, so she quickly scrambled for the others strapped to her legs, fumbling for the first time against the bands that held them in place.

He watched her with some amusement before a look of realisation crossed his features.

"How rude of me… I never introduced myself, did I?" He waited for her response, but continued anyway when she refused to reply. "I am Midnight of the Oracion Seis."

The words washed over her with no meaning as she ignored him and kept trying to find a weapon. The continuous movement of the walls, the floor -anything she drew her eyes to- was beginning to make her feel sick, and she feared for a moment that she'd faint from the chaos swirling through her brain.

Midnight sighed at her lack of reaction. "You're persistent, aren't you?" She heard rather than saw him approach her again as she struggled, and lifted her head to look at him just as his hand came down, slapping her harshly across her left cheek. She fell to the side, face almost hitting the floor before her hands caught her just in time. Reacting on instinct, she kicked her legs out to the side to try and windmill him, though he merely stepped back to avoid her before leaning forward to grab the front of her shirt, lifting her up and slamming her backwards against the closest wall.

"Yes. Yes, that's it. Keep persisting. Keep trying to defy me."

He stared at her as her heavy pants filled the silence. She didn't respond though: refused to play his twisted games. He waited and stared into her eyes until anger filled his own.

"I SAID DEFY ME!" Quick as lightning his right hand slammed into her injured hip, forcing a broken scream from her throat as her vision clouded from the pain. She saw him move his hand back again, though just before he could hurt her once more a different cry echoed out.

"STOP! Just stop! Leave her alone!"

She moved her scared eyes to the right, catching Siegrain's as he glanced her way from his place on the ground down the hallway. She had almost forgotten he was there, and so too, it seemed, had the Oracion Seis member.

"Oh, that's right. You're still here aren't you? Care to join in, or are your legs still bothering you?"

Siegrain glowered, but ultimately ignored the comment. "I said... Leave her alone. If you have something to settle with me, so be it, but keep her out of it." Despite the blood soaking his legs and the dirt and sweat mixed over his shirt and face, she had never seen him carry such an angered or determined expression before.

For a moment Midnight just stared, seemingly shocked at what he was hearing before he burst into a long reel of laughter that echoed off the walls.

"What's this? I do admire your devotion to your friends-"

"I am NOT affiliated with her!"

"-though your worry is pointless. It's either you or her first, and personally," he paused to turn back to her and run the back of his hand down the side of her face, "she has so much more to give."

She tensed her body in preparation for what would come next, but Siegrain spoke once more. If asked what he had said, she'd have no idea, for the sentence that came from his mouth was not in a language she could ever remember hearing, though she admired the sound of it as it bounced off the walls towards them.


The grip of the Oracion Seis member's hand on the front of her shirt tightened in the span of a few seconds, knuckles white and shaking as he turned enraged eyes towards Siegrain.

"YOU!" Before she could register his movement her lower back hit the floor as she was dropped, Midnight stalking away from her towards Siegrain. She watched helplessly as Midnight threw his fist angrily at the bluenette's face: Siegrain caught it at the last second, but Midnight quickly hurled his knee up in its place, smashing Siegrain's jaw to the side and spraying the wall with his blood.

She hadn't expected Siegrain to start chuckling, but that's what he did, coughing slightly before he turned gloating eyes back to Midnight's face.

"So you actually don't know? Funny, I thought a man such as you… with your… devotions, would know such things."

"I SAID SHUT UP!" Midnight practically screamed, delivering another kick to Siegrain's gut and flooring him as she watched on in shock. She needed to do something; needed to help him. In her haste to at least force herself to move she quickly reached forward and pulled her last knife free, unsure if she would ever be able to do anything with it, but not caring so long as-

She paused instantly when her brain clicked. Glancing down, she eyed the knife in her hands, suddenly realising that she was registering it properly, her mind seeming clearer and more in control with every thought she had. Eyes flying wide with realisation, her head whipped to the side to find Siegrain, who, despite his place on the ground at the mercy of Midnight, managed to see her. The look in his eyes before he quickly moved them back to Midnight said everything they needed to say.

He was buying her time.

She tested herself and slowly moved forward, marvelling at the feeling of calm that followed as the walls stayed mostly in place and the hard pulsing in her brain died a little. Her hold on her brain coming back bit by bit, she remembered Siegrain's words when he had found her what seemed like a lifetime ago.

"The man is fast, and he hit me with something. I don't know what it was, but my vision was gone as soon as-"

Yet when he had met her he was perfectly fine, which meant it mustn't be long-lasting: Siegrain had just brought them the one opportunity to win.

Placing a hand tightly on her hip and scrunching her face up, she stood from the ground, slinking backwards into the shadows. She had to be quick… silent… unseeable – all of the things she had learnt to be would now be tested in a once off shot at victory. Her life and Siegrain's depended on her actions right now. She wouldn't be the one to mess things up.

Seeing her move from the ground, Siegrain fell backwards from his place on his knees, sending a smirk upwards at Midnight, who tried and failed to kick him again.

"So your grand Lord didn't tell you how to read or speak his language? I guess that shows just how much he cares for you, doesn't it?"

With an enraged cry, Midnight surged forward and gripped Siegrain around the neck, hoisting him off of his feet and into the air. For the shortest of seconds she wondered what on Earth Land Siegrain was speaking about that was making the Oracion Seis member so angry, but she quashed it in favour of focussing. She would demand the answer from Siegrain later.

Siegrain's arms came up to scrape at Midnight's, trying desperately to ease the grip that was obviously starting to suffocate him, though Midnight remained firm. Determined that he was too focussed on choking Siegrain to death to notice her, she crept forward, and then, metres from him, she sprang.

Her blade was mere inches from Midnight's back when he moved, dropping Siegrain in an instant as he shot to the side and evaded the attack. She was about to throw her arm up to block whatever counter he would send her way, but Siegrain moved from the floor. It was an easy kick that Midnight should have been able to avoid, but the blow surprisingly struck him and he was knocked to the ground. Following Siegrain's lead, she flung herself down after him, though Midnight rolled at the last second, her blade that would have pierced his head smashing straight into the stone floor and breaking to pieces.


She whipped to her feet just as Midnight did the same, barely managing to use her fists to block a punch sent to her face. She saw another coming almost instantly and brought her fists up again, the two exchanging blows for a short time before Midnight slipped past her defences and hit her in the gut. Falling forward slightly, she couldn't stop his arms from grabbing her, flipping her over and pinning her back against his chest as he caught her in his grip once more.

She registered Siegrain calling her name again as she tried and struggled to release herself from Midnight's grasp, the man scowling furiously in her ear.

"You little bitch. You thought you'd be smart and mess with me, didn't you?" She jolted as he shook her ferociously. "Didn't you!?" There was a pause before Midnight's hand appeared in front of her face, a much larger dart of some kind dangling between his fingers. "I wasn't going to use this just yet, but now I think I shall. Hallucinations are definitely not the worst things I can create. No… I find intense and unrelenting pain to be much, much more frightening."

"STOP!" Siegrain cried out as a silent "please" pushed its way from her mouth, but Midnight merely released a huff of laughter and jabbed the barb harshly into her skin. She moaned aloud as Midnight's grip retreat, but before she could react his foot made contact with her stomach, and she was on the ground once more.

"Let that have a minute to settle in. Now… where was I?" The white-haired man turned back to Siegrain. "Ah, that's right… I was getting ready to kill you."

She watched for what she feared would be her last minute of pure sanity as Midnight crossed the floor, drew a knife and grabbed Siegrain by the neck once more. Releasing an almost giddy breath, he pressed the knife to Siegrain's throat.

"You have two minutes to tell me how you learnt Zeref's language before I slit your throat."

Zeref's language?

Her breath caught. Zeref? The man was long dead… She didn't know he even had a language, so what would Siegrain be doing speaking it? Then again, if Midnight -a member of the guild who worshipped Zeref and killed in his name- couldn't speak such a tongue, it made sense that he was so angry. Even more so if Siegrain had been using the fact to insult him mere minutes ago.

Minutes. She wrapped her arms around her body experimentally. Was this supposed to be what happened? A long and almost maddening wait and then her body would spasm and contort from pure pain?

"If you're just going to kill me, then why tell you anything?" Siegrain ground out, struggling against the weight on his throat.

Midnight seemed to ignore him, only growing madder with every passing second. "Did you find a Book of Zeref? A teacher? HOW DID YOU DO IT!?"

Siegrain merely smiled.

There was a pause before Midnight removed the knife from Siegrain's throat, and she couldn't help but gasp in horror as he slashed it straight though the bluenette's side, the man crying out in pure agony.

"How?!" The knife was once again put to Siegrain's neck. "The next time you refuse to answer I'll slice you deeper."

Seeing Siegrain's face contorted with pain drew anger from deep within her. Hatred… So much hatred for the man in front of her flooded through her being.

And yet. Still… Still no pain.

She glanced at the dart on the ground, lying where she had tossed it aside after pulling it from her throat. She had definitely felt it pierce her neck - could still feel the dirty stickiness that glazed her skin at the place he had stuck her.

So then…

There was no way she was immune to this particular drug, was there?

The thought struck her deep, a myriad of potentials flashing before her eyes.

And then-

His hip stung like a bitch, throat barely getting enough air as Midnight clamped his fist around it. The man was an idiot if he thought he'd say anything, but then again, he was an idiot for ever letting words of Zeref slip from his mouth. He had thought it would buy Flash time to recover from her state of mind, and it had, but it had been a pointless hope they had lost.

He saw Midnight draw his knife back and tensed in preparation for it to slice through his flesh once more, but before it could, she began screaming.

He would have taken the blow he had received earlier a hundred times over just to stop her from ever making that noise again.

He could see her from over Midnight's shoulder and watched as she buckled and writhed on the stone floor, face clenched tight in pain. Midnight, having paused, turned to watch her as well.

A low chuckle escaped the man's mouth. "Heh, just on time. I would feel sorry for her, but I'm about to make you feel even worse, so what's the point?"

Jellal had never felt so angry before. He liked to think that he had a good hold on his temper most of the time, but the man in front of him pushed him to his limits. He wanted to cause Midnight unspeakable pain… Tear him apart and rip him to shreds so he would never walk the face of the earth again.

Flash screamed aloud once again, the sound slowly killing his insides as it hit his ears and forcing his eyes to her fallen form once more. Her own pain-filled orbs flew wide as she rolled over to face him; when she saw his gaze on her and Midnight's turned back a small smile flickered across her face, and she stopped to wink at him.


He almost let himself go and almost smiled in return. Almost. At the last second he remembered that Midnight's focus was on him and composed himself, his insides flooding with relief and hope.

She had to be immune to whatever Midnight had injected her with. She also had to have a plan.

Seeing him register her state, her voice broke out, filling the silence that had settled in the last few seconds.


He felt Midnight's grip on his neck ease instantly as the man turned to face Flash, a confused look crossing his features before he smothered it.

"What?" Spat. Spat with disgust at the woman in front of him.

"Two," Flash repeated, shaking and whimpering as she moved to stand. "You have two weaknesses."

"What are you talking about?"

"First…" He shot her a look and she must have seen it, for she allowed herself to flop sideways, and pretended to catch herself on the wall. "You- You have only been trained in one-on-one combat. You- You c-can't fight off multiple opponents. Only… only one."

He paused to consider and had to agree with her. Midnight was obviously skilled, but he had been troubled when both he and Flash had struck him at the same time.

"So what if I have?" Midnight screeched, turning his full attention to her.

"There's two of us here… I-isn't there?" Flash forced out, and he watched as her hand absentmindedly glided down her thigh, fingers resting on and then tapping her empty sheath. In an instant his mind registered the subtle hint. Glancing around, he spotted one of her fallen knives lying abandoned on the floor a few metres away from his body.

"So? I've just proven that I can take you both out you stupid woman," he heard Midnight spit as he pulled himself across the floor. Reaching out, his fingers grabbed the handle of Flash's knife, and he quickly weighed and balanced it in his grip. He'd have one shot with it. One shot to get it right.

"What's this second weakness then? I'm truly interested."

"Well," Flash began, and that's when he moved. A grunt of pain flying from his throat as his body screamed in protest, he surged upwards from the ground and flung the knife towards the back of Midnight's head with all of the force he could muster.

He had always been a good throw, and even with a foreign blade his aim was perfect, but Midnight was trained incredibly well. Hearing him and reacting instantly, the Oracion Seis member ducked to the left, spinning in a half circle to face him as the knife flew past, missing its mark by the narrowest of margins.

"I don't believe it! DID YOU ACTUALLY THINK THAT WOULD WORK?!" A chortle of mad laughter rang out. "I TOLD YOU-"

Jellal watched as Flash surged forward from her spot behind Midnight.

"-I CAN'T-"

She was beautiful. There was no other way to describe her movements in those desperate seconds… No other way to describe the fluidity and gracefulness of her body as she turned and grabbed his flying knife from the middle of the air-


-and used it to stab Midnight through his back.

It was like time had stopped. There was nothing. No sound, no movements. Just a dreary calm that seemed to wash over him as he gazed at the tip of the blade protruding from Midnight's chest.

Midnight too seemed to just pause and stare down in shock horror, but then his eyes flew wide as he screamed, the realisation of what Flash had done splayed across his face with the tears that ran down his cheeks.

To her credit, Flash didn't smile, as he knew he was doing. Instead, with a sombre expression, she leant forward and rested her tired head on Midnight's shoulder.

"Two - I'm immune."

He watched Midnight's chest spasm as blood poured from his wound and soaked his shirt, and though his attention was drawn to the silent scream plastered on the enemy's face, he didn't miss the man's hand slinking down into his pocket to draw out a round object.

"What are you-" he began, but Midnight had already pulled the item free, and was dropping it on the ground as his body fell limp, finally still.

"They ambushed us and tried to blow us up."


"Flash! GET DOWN!"

She heard Siegrain's cry before she spotted the object fall from Midnight's hand, but even though she registered it in an instant, it was too late to do anything but turn away.

Turn away just as a brilliant boom rang out, and a flurry of smoke filled the hallway.

What? She brought her arm up to cover her face as the smoke filled her nose and throat, causing her to gag and cough. It wasn't a bomb… but what was it?


"Yeah." A strange and implacable feeling of relief filled her as she heard his voice from somewhere in the mist. As it cleared slightly through the gaps in the walls and roof, she spotted him, still grounded where he had fallen after throwing her knife.

He looked about as great as she felt.

Finally realising her own exhaustion, she sunk to her knees, her knife -pulled from Midnight's back- clattering down beside her. She hadn't even felt in control when she had attacked him. She had just seen him duck to the left and in a few seconds her body was moving on its own, like it knew exactly what needed to be done and wasn't going to wait for a response.

She let the thought wash over her for a moment before she moved, groaning when her hip sent a jolt of pain running up her side. From his place down the hall, she heard Siegrain shift, slowly and carefully making his way towards her.

"Are you okay?" The simple question, rather than making her consider the answer, drew her eyes to his blood-soaked hand, which rested on his own wound.

"What about you?" Registering the look of pain on his face, she glanced around, trying to find her pack. She must have dropped it when she fell through the roof earlier. Spotting it near a pile of rubble a little way down the hall, she moved and quickly snatched it from the ground, rummaging through it and pulling a wad of bandages free.

"Here." She held it out and he gratefully accepted it, unwinding a long strip and tearing it off with his teeth. As she took it back she slowly began unfurling some for herself, pausing as she heard him hiss when he put the fabric to his open hip. She knew it was wrong to associate blame to anyone but Midnight, but she couldn't help but feel that his injuries were her fault.

"Thank you," she muttered, fiddling with the threads at the end of the bandage in her hands. The look on his face as he registered her words conveyed that he understood that she was talking about his distracting of Midnight.

He paused momentarily to finishing knotting the bandage around his hip. "Not at all. It needed to be done."

"No…" She couldn't quite believe that. "If I had just left when you had said-"

"We'd both probably be dead." His eyes flicked angrily to the wall. "It scares me to think that the only reason we survived was because you just happened to be immune to that drug of his."

She couldn't help but nod in agreement. She had never been religious in any sense – murdering for a living did that to a person – but it was at times like these that she swore some higher being must be out there watching over her.

Higher being…

"What language was that you were speaking? Midnight said it was Zeref's… Is that true?"

She didn't miss the look that crossed his face before he sighed, probably realising there was no point in lying. "Yes…"

"And you can speak it? Read it?"

He nodded. "I was at the centre of the ruin when Midnight found me. There's a huge sphere there covered in Zeref's script and I think he realised I understood what it meant, because as soon as he attacked me he demanded I interpret it for him."

She paused to consider his words. If Midnight was so desperate to know what the thing said, perhaps that was what the Oracion Seis were after. More so, if none of them had the ability to read what was written, maybe that's why they were constantly moving in and out of the area – trying to find some way to learn… Or someone to read it for them…


A theory flickered through her mind in an instant: A desperate group of people looking for answers; a travelling guild near the ruin who could easily spot them; an ambush, planned to just illuminate them; a desperate plea from the four travellers, willing to do anything – say anything – to avoid death… A lie that was hastily formed.

She didn't know for sure, but she knew if she was defenceless and close to death, she'd say anything to survive… Even say she knew how to read Zeref's language.

Perhaps that's what Scorpio or Aries had done to avoid their own death and demand the safety of Gemi and Mini, and then, when they had been found out in their lie, they were kept and tortured for what they had done.

The thought caused another to cross her mind, and she turned her gaze to Siegrain one more.

"How do you know how to read Zeref's language?" She knew hardly anything about Zeref, but all that she did know was clouded with an air of evilness; an apparent plague that had washed the land in his presence.

Siegrain sighed. "It's a lon- Waaaah."

She too released a cry as the ground beneath them suddenly moved, sending her lurching into the wall to her left and clouding her vision as everything shook.

What on Earth Land?

The movement stopped almost as soon as it began, her ears ringing as she pulled herself upright once more. "What the hell was that?"

She looked towards Siegrain, but unlike herself, he seemed to know exactly what was happening. "It must have been another explosion. The same thing happened earlier when the Oracion Seis apparently tried to blow you up."

She paused as this sunk in, before, with a crash, her friends were flung back into her mind.

"I need to go find them!"

"Wait, what?" Siegrain called out, but she was already on her feet and making her way down the passage: she only got a few steps though before her hip screamed out and she was forced to stop.

"Hold on a second." She watched as Siegrain pulled himself up the wall to stand and hobbled towards her. "Take it slowly or you'll just start to bleed out again."

She didn't want to hold on a second – she wanted to find her friends and make sure they were aliv- safe… Make sure they were safe.

"I need to find them. Please, understand that."

"I do," he muttered. "Though you running off all haywire into the ruin isn't going to find them. It's merely going to find us another of those six members. And quite frankly," he took a moment to catch his breath, "that's actually going to kill us." She gave him a look as he suddenly appeared perplexed and cocked his head to the side. "Do you hear something?"

She froze, tuning her ears from his voice to the hallway around them and hearing a sound that made her want to cry. With a screech that caused Siegrain to start, she flung open her bag and grabbed her walkie talkie.


"Erza! Hey!" It was Natsu. How he could sound so calm and collected she had no idea. It was like he was completely clueless to everything going on. "Where are you guys? I haven't seen anyone in ages."

"I don't know where the others are. We- I was just found by one of the six. He's dead, but I have no idea how the others are. Hibiki and Lucy were found by Angel and Gray and Lyon ran into Racer."

"What?" The contrast as Natsu's voice deepened to a low monotone was dramatic. "What happened to Lucy? Where is she?"

"I just said, I don't kn-"

"Talking about me, are you?" a voice suddenly cut in, causing both herself and Natsu to cry out in joy.

"Lucy! See Erza, I knew she'd be alright."

Lucy's following laughter cut in and out with a crackle. "Alright is pushing it. Hibiki's quite badly hurt, but we've incapacitated Angel and found the hostages."

The news, despite being more than she could ever hope for did strike her by surprise. "How on Earth Land did you ever-"

"I'll explain later," Lucy interrupted. "I need to get them all out of the ruin though before something worse happens though. I don't know about you, but we have the hostages we came for. I think we need to leave."

She nodded slowly in agreement before something hit her. "Wait. I know what the Oracion Seis are here for."

There was a flurry of shocked noises from both Lucy and Natsu. "What are you talking about?"

"At the centre of the ruin there's some sort of object they're after." She sorted through her thoughts as she spoke, coming to the conclusion she had been pondering the entire time. "I'm going to go blow it up."

"Flash…" Siegrain muttered from behind her, though she ignored him.

"I understand Erza, but what about the others? What about you? If you blow that thing up, won't the ruin just collapse?"

She had thought that through momentarily before speaking. "I know. I can set the fuse to be long so I can have some time to get out, but we'd need to find the others before that and make sure they're all out too."


"How do we find them though Erza? We haven't heard from Ichiya or Jura yet."

There was some static as Natsu seemed to move. "The horse man? He's fine. He's been calling out to me ever since we got blown up."

"What was that Natsu!?" Lucy screeched.

"I think he's stuck somewhere…" Natsu pondered, and Erza could just imagine him scratching the back of his head in confusion.

Whatever Ichiya was doing was irrelevant though. "Do you think you can find him Natsu?"

A conformational grunt. "Sure… I guess. So long as I don't run into that stupid, squinty-eyed, pointy-teethed son of a-"

She wasn't even going to ask who he was talking about at this point. They had Gray, Lyon and Jura left to worry about.

"Perhaps we can look for the others as we head out?" Lucy suggested, albeit sounding completely unconvinced of her own plan.

"No need, I'm right here," a gruff voice cut in, sending her heart soaring.

"Gray! Thank God!" she sighed, as Lucy began to make some sort of happy sobbing noise. She then recalled what had happened last time she had heard him. "Racer? You dealt with him, right?"

There was a pause that was long enough for her to think that Gray had suddenly disconnected, but eventually his voice cut back in. "Yeah… Sure…"

She had known Gray for long enough that, even through the long-distance communicator, she could hear a strain in his voice that he was trying to hide. "Gray… Is everything okay?"

"I contacted Jura," Gray quickly replied, forcing her thoughts from whatever was troubling the glass-wielder and back to the main topic at hand. "He's very badly hurt, and it almost sounded like someone else was with him, but he's well enough to make it somewhere if we want to regroup."

She smiled at the news. "No. Gray, can you get in touch with him again and tell him to get out of the ruin as soon as he can."

"Why on Earth Land would we-"

"I'm going to blow this place up."


"HUH?" Gray cried out, though with a hurried re-explanation of the device at the centre of the ruin he quickly realised her intentions. "I see. How long do we have?"

She paused. "How about I give you all half an hour. You should be far enough away by then, right?"

There was a moment of pondering. "Yes. That sounds okay. Natsu and the others will be out too?"

"Of course!" Natsu cut in. "I'll beat you back to the others Stripper Queen."

"Okay. I suggest you guys leave as soon as you can. I'm going to rig this place to blow-"


"-and then we'll only have a little while to-"


"WHAT!?" she screeched, flipping around to find Siegrain staring at her ferociously before something hit her like a brick.

Did he just call me by my name?

"Is someone there with you?" she heard Natsu and Lucy question, though she quickly shoved her walkie talkie into her pack to smother their voices and mute her own.

"Listen to me, just for five seconds," Siegrain moaned. "You can't – can't – blow up the ruin."

"What do you mean?" she replied, though as soon as the words were from her mouth she realised something. "You read what was on that object, didn't you? You know what it is!"

He slid his eyes to the right, avoiding her gaze.

"Tell me Siegrain. Tell me! What the hell is that thing?"

There was a rumbling that started in Siegrain's chest as he angrily tried to avoid answering, though her stern glare caught his eyes soon after.

"It… Fuck… It's a bomb okay! I don't know exactly, but whatever that thing is, it's designed to explode. You go racing in there with this plan to blow it sky high and not just it… no… everything within the Worth Woodsea will go up in flames too…"

She felt the previous energy she had received from hearing her friend's voices again drain from her in a flash.

"Then what do we do?" she whispered. "If that's what that thing is, I'm not leaving it here for someone else to find."

Neither of them said anything, and the passing seconds only angered her further.

"Siegrain… What do we do?"

And for the first time since she had met the man, he was completely silent.

Part 3 is ooooover! The final part may be a few weeks away due to my imminent, death-bringing exams, but I promise to have it up before the end of the month. Promise...

Just some notes from this chapter:

-Erza being immune to the drug was a reference to her fake eye from the real series. If she didn't have that fake eye, she wouldn't have been able to see through Midnight's Magic and defeat him, so I wanted to hint at that here.

-Midnight not being able to fight multiple opponents was a hint at his inability to use his Magic in more than one location in the main series, so I hope you picked that up ;D

-"I think he's stuck somewhere". Hopefully you all remember Ichiya disappearing in the first half of the Oracion Seis arc when he gets captured and stuck on Nirvana before freeing himself. Just another reference ;D

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So, my question: Are you guys okay with non-con sex scenes?

I need to know because this fic I'm planning will likely have quite a bit. The fic is from Erza's point of view, and though Jellal is a major character he isn't the one performing the non-con sex with her. That's what the story's antagonist will do - I think he's going to be Laxus to be honest... I don't know why. So yeah, if I did write it there would be some rather graphic scenes between Laxus and Erza, and I want to know if you're okay reading stuff like that, because if you aren't won't bother brain-scrawling any more and will flick the fic onto my pile of rejected ideas. If you need more on the plot to decide, here's a very brief overview of what I have:

Jellal is the Prince of some nation, being the youngest of two sons (Laxus(?) is his older brother) of the King. In celebration of his 21st birthday, his father "gifts" him Erza, a woman he has brought to the palace to serve as Jellal's slave - sexual or otherwise. Jellal, having completely different ideologies to his father and older brother, doesn't want anything to do with Erza, and she hates him in return. However, as time passes the two find they inevitably need each other - Jellal has never had a true friend to open himself up to and Erza would be dead on her first day in the palace if Jellal didn't have her back. In the meantime, Laxus takes a liking to Erza, and she gets caught up in his games. The fic would evolve around Jellal and Erza trying to keep each other out of danger as they discover a conspiracy hidden from Jellal by his father and brother - one that put Jellal's life at risk.

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