"Mr. Malfoy..." Draco's thoughts were rudely interrupted by his secretary's soft voice. He was lovely woman, reminded him a lot of his own mother.
"Yes Vicky?"
"Your… mother is here… with… I believe it's Scorpius Sir."
Draco frowned wondering why would his mother be here in his office, in middle of day with his son, who was supposed to be at Hogwarts. "send them in"
Vicky nodded and disappeared opening the door again, to let in, Narcissa Malfoy followed by a 14 years old boy, who looked just like Draco, identical, even the same facial expression, Draco wore back at school –I hate this shit.
Draco frowned and got up "mother, what's the meaning of this? What they had done to Scorpius?"
the young boy glared at Draco "I'm no bloody Scorpius, my name is Regulus you git."
His mother frowned" Reg, we talked about your language" he turned to Draco "it's a long story... please sit down…"
Draco sat back gown glaring at the teenage version of himself, trying to get some idea of what was going on, but the only idea was that the boy was Draco's little brother which was kept as a secret or something.
Narcissa nodded Regulus to sit across from Draco "be nice" she said to both "I… I don't know how to start…" she started to walk around nervous. Draco had never seen his mother like this. But then again, after the war, his parents both had became very secretive, every once in a while disappearing for weeks. He was worried they might get back to dark arts, but nothing happened, they just traveled a lot.
"During the war, we held a lot of hostages at our house, if you remember it?" she asked looking at Draco, while Regulus was busy playing a game in his muggle Smartphone. Draco owned one too, but only for business meanings.
"We had a certain girl here kept for a bit longer than needed… and… the dark lord though it would be fun to punish your father" she swallowed "he put you under Imperius curse… we obliviated you after, so you don't remember it, but.. you… you were forced to do something unpleasant with that girl"
Draco frowned looking at his mother "I'm sorry I don't quiet get it mother?"
Regulus rolled his eyes, and ran his hand trough his messy long blond hair "You were under imperius curse, when you my mother up, no, wait… You raped her, yes, that was the word, you raped my mom" he was glaring over the table at his Draco. Draco looked at the boy shocked, Regulus was his son, son he didn't even knew that existed.
"what? No… it… why now? Who's your mother? Where is she?" Draco rambled on shocked frowning, and paling even more.
Narcissa sighed and handed her son a glass of firewhiskey "because you're Regulus legal guardian, now, as his mother is in coma"
Regulus was still glaring at him, making Draco feel uncomfortable.
"What? Who is she? And where have he been the whole time? He didn't go to Hogwarts, I'm sure of that"
"Her name is Hermione Granger"
"the glass in Draco's hand blew up in thousand little pieces "WHAT?"
"I'm sorry Draco… I wish I could have said sooner, but when your father and I found out… she made us
do the Unbreakable Vow. Promising that we shall never tell you anything nor let you know anyhow else about Regulus, unless she's at the edge of death, and there is no one else who can look after him."
Regulus glared at Draco.
"Will you stop glaring at me!" Draco blew out to the boy, getting annoyed.
Narcissa looked at Draco "son... Your hand is bleeding"
Draco groaned a little and with a quick spell fixed the mess on his hand.
"Regulus will be staying with us now, and I'm going to send him to Hogwarts"
Draco looked shocked" what? No... Why? I thought you said he has a home... a bloody mother of Granger"
Narcissa shook her head "you don't understand… Hermione is in coma, she might never wake up"
Draco frowned" what happened?"
"It's long and complicated story" Narcissa said and looked down at Regulus " Re, would you please wait outside, I and your father need to speak in private for a little"
the teenager groaned and got up, leaving Draco's office, with a loud slam of door.
"How will I tell Astoria…" Draco sighed and ran his hand over his face "if I only had known"
"if you had known you'd be in Azkaban son"
"Yes, she told us, if we hadn't obliviated you by now, then she'd have raised charges about it"

After a long pause of awkward silence.
"So he's really my son? My firstborn?"
Narcissa nodded and sat down "yes, his name is Regulus Sirius Malfoy, he's 14, just as complicated as you were, maybe even more, if we add the nasty temper Hermione has, and the both boys she named him after"
"what will Astoria say?"
"nothing, she knows her place"
"yes but…"
"Draco… you married her only because of the money and reputation, it was pure business deal, your father and I knew there would be love"
"but she loves me"
"sucks to be her" Narcissa giggled at herself. As Draco rose his brow "just picked that up from Regulus, he says that a lot"
"so… he's the reason why you travel so such?"

Narcissa stopped his questions "I should take him home, and then shopping for Hogwarts supplies, we'll talk more when you'll return home." She said and kissed, her son's cheek, leaving him alone with his thoughts.