So Far from Your Weapon - The Dead Weather

Next morning Draco woke up with a weird feeling in his guts. Then he remembered why. He had a son. 14 years old. Draco still had problems with accepting it in his own mind, but he tried, and was trying to do his best to be a good father to the boy, which was so much like he himself.
Draco nearly fell out of his bed, as the house was shaken by loud noise. He frowned and pulled his robe on walking in the hallway, he quickly found the source of noise, it was coming from Regulus room. Draco first tried to knock on door, but of course Regulus couldn't hear the knocks, so Draco simply entered the room, frowning and looking displeased.
Regulus was laying on the messy bed, taping his foot along the rhythm of noise, while reading book.
"ouh.. morning… Father"
"what's with the noise?" Draco shouted over it.
Regulus turned it down "sorry... it's music"
Draco looked at Regulus, as if the boy had gone mental "that's music nowadays?"
"muggle music, mom likes it heavy"
Draco frowned and with a flick of wand turned it off "I don't bloody understand anything you're saying"
Regulus laughed a little "I meant, to say, that mom like's heavy music, and so do I, we like rock, you know... The rock music?"
Draco gave him a small nod "like sex pistols?"
Regulus nodded "yes, mom likes few of their songs"
Draco smiled a little "that's… umm… good" he paused "all packed for Hogwarts?"
Regulus groaned "do I really have to go? I can stay here and be home schooled by Grams' till mom get's better?"
Draco sighed a little "you know the truth Regulus, the chances of it happening are small, and besides at school, you'd make friends, meet your brother"
Regulus rolled his eyes "as if I'd wish to meet that spoiled little jerk" he said and threw a letter from Scorpius, to Draco "you sure have lovely son"
Draco frowned and picked the letter up, he knew Scorpius wasn't writing this on his own, Astoria was behind it, it hurt him, that both of his son's were cold, and loveless.

Few hours later Draco stood by the floo with Regulus, fro was arguing with Narcissa about school robes "I look like bloody girl"
"no you don't now shut up, it's your school uniform, your parents wore it too"
"yeah, but it was bloody centuries ago, this is 21th century Lady, not 16th century with Shakespeare"
Narcissa and Draco both shook their heads, as they took Regulus to Hogwarts.

Regulus was welcomed by a warm hug from old lady, which he'd met only one "Professor McGeee?" he always called her by her nickname. This time he got slap at the back of his head because of it. Regulus glared at Draco over his shoulder. Draco gave him a matching glare mumbling something about behaving.
Old professor chuckled lightly" wow Regulus, you sure have grown up, come… time to to see what house you'll be in"
"it better be anything else than Huflepuffy's"
all adults shook their heads. That boy was worse than Hermione and Draco put together.

"Slytherin" announced the hat, barley touching the boy's head.
Regulus looked at his so called family, who looked proud and happy.
Draco hugged him, for the first time, they hugged "be good okay? I don't want to hear any trouble about you"
Regulus shrugged a little and looked at Draco "may I have a private word with you?"

Both Narcissa and McGonagall, exchanged something like" they grows up so fast nowadays, and exited the office, leaving both Malfoy's alone.
"Will, will you please visit my mother? And then write me how's she's doing?"
Draco swallowed but nodded "I'll"
the young boy hugged him. For the first time.

Draco couldn't help but smile and hug the boy back. Regulus have found a special place in his hart.