Part 1

"I told you before I don't bend that way." Cordelia lets out a small giggle as Angel trys to get her into an ackward fighting stance, "Where did you come up with these things anyhow, the Kama Sutra? I'm telling you it's unnatural."

"The Kama Sutra is not unnatural, it's entertaining." Standing behind her Angel grins as he places her arm behind his head.

"Perv!" Cordelia swigs around and trys to playfully punch Angel in the arm, but he catches her hand and pulls her to him, pressing her body to his.

"Don't knock it till you try it.", he leans down and covers her mouth with his before she can say another word.

"Mmmhhh, Xander?!"

"Cordy, please tell me you're having a vision." He looks into her eyes to see that she's not looking at him, but over his shoulder.

"Oh God, Look Out Xander! Angel! Xander, he's being attacked, blasted by ...something! I think he might be hurt!"

"Did you see what did it?"

"No, I couldn't see was like.. I was looking through it's eyes. This is bad."

"Well, I guess we know where we're spending the weekend." Angel takes her by the hand as they head back up stairs, "You call ahead, let them know we're coming, I'll brief the team and start packing. Sunnydale here we come."


It's early evening when they gang shows up at the Summer's house. After everyone is situated in the living room, drinks in hand, the introductions start.

Xander looks over at the small Texan, "So I get how Gunn got into all this, rogue vampire hunter and all, but does a physist fit in?"

"Well, Angel and them saved me from a hell dimension I'd been trapped in for five years after reading a book outloud and accidently opening a portal to another dimension. It seemed only natural to repay them by helping anyway I could." Fred gives a meek smile, and is rewarded with a quick hug from Gunn.

"And they say reading is fundamental, I'm telling you there's a conspiracy and the Library Association is at the heart of it." Xander annouces before getting a smack from Willow."Ouch."

Spike wanders into the room from the kitchen, having come in the back door, "Ah, I see we have out of town guests. What, did you kill everything in LA and decided to start moving down the coast?"

"Hello Spike." Cordy looks up at him from her spot on the couch, and does a double take, "Well, well, well like grandsire, like grandson. When did this happen."

Angel, confused by the statement, looks over at his seer, "When did what happen, what do you mean like grandsire, like grandson?"

"Take a big whiff, Spike's been ensouled." Cordelia annouces pointing at Spike.

"Yeah, yeah it happened over the summer, wasn't exactly what I was going for. Got tricked by a demon." Spike drops into one of the chairs.

"Tricked by a demon, who woulda thought." Gunn smiles.

"Hey how did you know anyhow cheerleader!" Spike leans forward, looking at Cordy.

"Oh, yeah did I forget to mention, Higher Being at your service." she raises her hand.

"I guess all those years in high school as Queen C were just preparation for your true calling, huh. Ouch, hey." This time Angel is the one to smack Xander, "Watch it deadboy!"

"I told you not to call me that."


Floating in the unseen realm bewteen worlds, Karktos watches the group intently. "Yes, the witch will do nicely," he floats over toward where Willow sits silently not quite part of the group, "Her soul is tainted, it will be easy to manipulate her to my will."

"Oh, yeah did I forget to mention, Higher Being at your service."

Karktos glares at the young woman on the couch, "A higher being, her soul is so bright and pure, and her power is strong. She will be the one, yes corrupting her will be my greatest acheivement."


"So let me get this straight, sometime in the next 24 hours and demon is going to attack and I'm the target?!" Xander plops down on the floor unbelieving and a little nervous as Anya trys to console him.

"Must be Tuesday." Buffy chugs back a large glup of soda, "Oh wait it's Saturday isn't it. That's different."

"Well, I'm going to get another drink, anyone want anything while I'm up?" Cordy rises from the couch and heads towards the kitchen.

"I'm famished, do you have any snacks?" Fred looks hopefully at Buffy.

"Sure, go nuts."

"Hey Cordy wait up." Fred leaps up from the couch and hurrys after Cordelia only to see her grabbed in the hallway by a large blue demon with braided hair and green armor. "Cordy! Angel help!"

Angel runs into the hall in time to see Cordy and the demon disappear through a small portal in the wall, "NO!" He leaps towards the portal but is to late and the two are gone. "Damn it, Cordy, No!"