Part 5

"How you feeling Xander?" Buffy hands him a glass of water as he puts the finishing touches on the newly patched up wall.

"I'm okay, except for these really bad cramps I started getting last night." Xander lets out a small groan and wraps an arm around his stomach. It's early evening at the Summers house, as the group prepares for the evening outting. " I just hope this friend of Cordy's can tell us what the hell is wrong with me. I've put on like ten pounds in the last twenty-four hours. I couldn't even fit into my pants this morning and had to wear these old sweats."

Dawn comes down the stairs and looks at her sister. "So, what's the big bad mission for tonight sis."

"Actually we're heading for the Bronze, you wanna come?" Buffy smile at her sister, their relationship had really grown stronger over the past few months.

Dawn grimaces a little at the idea,"The Bronze? On Monday? Gee, I really love to but... you know school night and all. I should propably stay home, do my homework, you know." Dawn heads towards the kitchen.

"Same as ever." Buffy lets out a small giggle.

"I wish I could stay home. Do you think I really gotta sing?" Xander looks at Buffy, obviously not loving the idea.

"That's what Cordy said. I'm actually looking forward to this, even got a new roll of film and everything." Buffy pats him on the back and heads off to join the group in the living room.

Cordy puts down the phone as Buffy enters, "That was Lorne, he just got in and is ready to meet us down at the Bronze whenever we're ready."

"We should go soon, get there early before the crowds. I don't want to be there anylonger then needed." Willow says as she gets up from her spot on the couch.

Buffy turns to the group, "Xander is just finishing up the last touches on the wall, we can get going as soon as he's finished."

Just then the front door opens anhd Anya comes in with a shopping bag in hand. She walks over to Xander pulling out a pair of pants and pulling off the price tags, "Look honey I got you some new pants to wear. They look like jeans but they have an elastic waist band so you can wear them no matter how fat you get!"

"Uh, Thanks An." Xander sheepishly takes the pants and heads for the bathhroom to change, whille the rest of the group holds back a giggle.


An hour later the group, joined by Lorne, is convened at the Bronze, drinks in hand, watching Xander finish up his rendetion of California Dreamin' up on the stage, in his new pants. The performance is just about as bad as you can get. Both teams look shocked and horrified, with the exception of Lorne who seems to be finding the whole scene rather amusing and can barely keep from laughing out loud.

As Xander exits the stage, Lorne turns to Buffy,"So what kind of demon did you say did this?"

"We don't know, couldn't find him in any of the books."

Xander wanders back to the group, looking very embrassed. "So tell me, my green man, what the hell is wrong with me?"

"Well, let me just say you picked a very relavent song." Lorne sips his Seabreeze, "For the situation at hand."

"What California Dreamin'? What relavent about that?"

"Not the title, the artist, The Mommas and The Papas." The group looks at Lorne, a little confused, waiting for the explaination. "My quess is it's a Shermuck demon, not really well know, and there aren't many of them. Mainly because they don't reproduce like everyone else. Due to their gentic make up, they don't have the means to carry their own young, and instead find willing, or even unwilling serogates. Usually females they find to be strong enough to carry it for them. The birth usually kills the would be mom, so they have no problem retaking there young after they are born."

"Wait a minute are you saying..." Cordy can barely get out the words while the laughter is bubbling up inside her, "Xander is pregnant?!"

"He's got the bun, just not the oven. Which is probally why he's having the cramps."

"Of course," Willow nearly jumps out of her seat, "That's the only thing I didn't test for. I mean why would I being he's a man and all."

Xander looks almost disgusted by the news while the rest of the group apologizes through their own laughter.

Lorne looks over at Buffy, "He propablly figured that a Slayer would be the perfect mom for his child, unfortunitly for the lad here, he missed. I'm surprised he didn't come after you again."

"Okay so now we know what's wrong, how do we fix it, we can fix it can't we!?" Xander looks over at the green demon with fear in his eyes.

"Oh sure, little miss demony britches can do it with her glow thing no prob. No worry."

"Great, lets go! Now." Xander grabs his coat.

"But I wanna sing too..." Anya speaks up, only to be answered by Xander grabbing her by the arm and dragging her out to the door back to Buffy's house, followed by the still snickering rest of the group.


After a quick purging of the demon element the two teams bid their farewells. The AI team heads back out to Angel's car, loading up their luggage and weapons.

Xander, looking relieved gives Cordy a hug goodbye, "Thanks, but next time you come try to avoid getting grabed by demons looking to spawn, okay."

"I'm just glad it wasn't me this time." Cordy smile and goes on to hug Willow and the others.

Angel and Buffy hang to the back watching their friends and family's goodbyes, "She really is something isn't she." Buffy looks up at Angel who is gazing at Cordelia.

"Yeah she is."

"Don't screw it up this time, k."

"Thanks." Angel turns and gives a heartfelt hug to his former love before heading to the car and back to LA.

As the Scoobies watch them drive off Buffy turns to her friends, "Come on, we should get some sleep. Tommorrow's Tuesday, and who knows what's gonna happen then."