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Author's Notes - This is the BIG one, faithful readers! I'd like to say a huge "thank you" to everyone who's stuck by me on this one, and has been reading from the beginning. You've watied long enough, and now it's time for the pay-off! What will become of Nexusmon? And what about the Digimon and the DigiWorld? And how will the DigiDestined cope with it all? Find out now, as we begin the final chapter of "Ascension!"

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Chapter Ten - "Endgame"

By Chris McFeely

- - -

Circuits fused.
Power flowed.
Programmes triggered.
With that final, forceful, push of the Enter key, Koushiro Izumi saved existence as we know it - electrical information hurtled through the computer mainframe at the speed of thought, following the pre-programmed path Izzy had lain out for it as Nexusmon immersed himself in the portal.
First, the Inhibitor programme was activated, a signal being broadcasted from the console, which would have been received by the Inhibitor itself, were it still there. But it was not - it lay in ruins around the room. Instead, the digital signal was broadcasted straight into the portal itself.
The commands continued to follow their path, activating the psionic dampening device Izzy had uncovered earlier, and linking it in to the Inhibitor programme.
Twenty miles away, in the middle of the desert, a silo opened, and a massive dish slid out into the open air, slowly rotating around, sending its signal out into the air. Constructed in haste by the military six years ago, this machine had tapped into the minds of all people on Earth, and extracted the information on Digimon and the DigiWorld that had become common knowledge after Myotismon's invasion of Earth. However, for whatever reason - most likely due to the unnatural bond they share with the digital world - the DigiDestined's minds remained intact, and the information secure.
But that wasn't what Izzy had planned now.
Wiring the dish into the Inhibitor was one thing, but Izzy had to work quickly to compute the programme that would alter their functions to fits the kids' needs. Instead of extracting energy of the mind, the dish would instead extract energy of the body from the designated target - and for Izzy, that target was Nexusmon. However, while he was in the portal, Nexusmon was existing between realities, rendering it an impossibility for the dish to lock on to him. So instead, Izzy linked the Inhibitor to the portal, and then the dish to Inhibitor, giving it a direct conduit to Nexusmon himself - and beginning the drainage sequence.

The whiteness that had engulfed the room began to recede, and Tai blinked. The little In-Training Digimon which littered the floor - along with Salamon - scuttled over to their respective human companions, and watched at what happened next.
Wh....what's... happening...?! Nexusmon cried out, his electronically-distorted voice fluctuating back and forth, from Reitman to Nexusmon, and vice versa. What... did... you... DO?!
Shifting in the portal, Nexusmon glared at Izzy, standing up the computer console, his arms folded. Joe and Mimi stood behind him, Joe with his arm around Mimi's waist, both of them looking on. Nearby, Takeru and Kari stood close, with Matt behind them, as Sora helped Tai get to his feet. The looks on their faces were enough to fill Nexusmon with doubt.
No... no! Nexusmon cried, as he felt the effects of the system on him. You... you cannot TAKE the POWER! His body contorted wildly, portions of it shrinking and morphing back into patches of flesh, and blue material. he begged. Don't take the power away! It... it was all I ever had...!
Around him, the green circle of the portal to the DigiWorld began to contract, as his energies were drained, making him unable to keep it open. Nexusmon began to flail his arms, in a motion that appeared almost like swimming, as though he were trying to free himself of the portal - trying to break his link to it, and save what power he had left. He moved not one inch.
This... isn't how it was supposed to BE! Nexusmon screeched, his entire head collapsing and morphing back into Reitman's as he spoke, then shifting back again. I... I was supposed to win! It was all... supposed to be... mine!
There was no response from any of the DigiDestined or their Digimon - and certainly, for all his screams, not one shred of pity for Nexusmon.
The portal was now only fifteen feet across, and, piece by hybrid piece, Nexusmon was reverting to Reitman as the power was drained from him by the dish, and dissipated into the ether. From his feet up, the finality of the transformation began - the shimmering metal gave way to polished black shoes, and navy blue trousers. As the transmutation passed up, over his waist, his arms began to morph too, the claws becoming flesh, and the arms becoming sleeves of his blue jacket, which flowed to meet the rest of the jacket, covering his torso, the medals adorning his chest glinting in the burning green light. The metal dome of his head was thrown back, and his visor opening, in imitation of a mouth, as an earth-shattered, inhuman scream was
unleashed, which seemed to rattle the very walls of the chamber itself. The transformation reached his neck, and flowed up, and over the dome, converting it back to the wrinkled yet powerful face of Reitman. His silver hair was still as neat as ever, as he writhed around in the green void.
It's... gone...! he wailed. The power... gone... all gone...!
The portal was only ten feet across.
Nexusmon was gone.
Five feet.
Reitman curled his body around him, in the void between dimensions, as the portal closed in.
With a final, sickening scream of pain and failure, General Alexander Reitman of the US military was crushed out of existence as the portal to the digital world slammed closed on either side of him, dooming his essence to an eternity of nothingness in the dimensional divide.

It's... over? Kari said, after a long silence.
Y... yes, Izzy said. He took a breath. It's over.
And it's our time to go too, I'm afraid, Motimon squeaked. The portal is shut... there's just enough residual energy left in here for us to say goodbye... but what that's gone, so are we.
Green vapour - the residual energy Motimon spoke of - curled along the ground, as each of the children picked their respective Digimon up in their arms.

Don't go changin', Joe, Bukamon said, with a wry grin. And be sure to send me an invite for the wedding! He jerked his head towards Mimi, and Joe went bright red. Mimi grinned sheepishly, as Tanemon nodded her approval.
Can I be a bridesmaid, Mimi? she asked.
I wanna be best man! Bukamon yelped.
Mimi and Joe sweatdropped.

We'll still be friends, Matt, Tsunomon said, as Matt looked down sadly at the orange fuzzball in his arms. Remember what we promised.
Matt said, wiping away a tear, quickly. Friends for life.

Guess this is it, huh, TK? Tokomon asked.
TK whispered. Thanks, Tokomon. Thanks for everything you've ever done for me.
You'd have done the same, TK, Tokomon said, before grabbing on to TK's shirt with his stubby arms, and never wanting to let go.

You know I don't like to get emotional, Salamon said to Kari. I'll miss you... you'll miss me... you know... but the little Digimon couldn't finish the sentence, as the lump rose in her throat. She sniffed, and Kari squeezed her tight.
I know, Kari said, quietly. I know.

We'll see each other again, Motimon said. Some day.
Izzy said, though he didn't mean it.

And, for that moment, between two beings of great intelligence and vocabulary, no words were spoken. And that silence said more than words ever could.

Always be yourself, Sora, Yokomon told the girl. There's no-one better.
I love you, Yokomon, Sora said, with tears in her eyes. And you'll always be with me, in my heart.

Tai looked on as Sora and Yokomon embraced, and scratched the back of his head. Koromon sat on the floor beside him, looking up at him. Tai turned, and picked him up.
he started.
Yeah, I know, Koromon said, with a smile. You don't wanna break down in front of everyone. You're gonna miss me, and all that jazz.
Tai sniffed, once, and fought the tears back. You know me too well, he told he little pink ball.
I have to, Koromon told him. No-one else could ever be bothered.
Laughing, Tai gave Koromon a noogie, and hugged him.
Time to go, Koromon whispered.
Goodbye, buddy, Tai said.
Goodbye, Tai.
Koromon felt lighter in Tai's arms, and, as he extended his limbs to hold the little Digimon out in front of him, he dissolved into pink dust, which swirled in the air, where it was joined by seven other streams of particles, all converging on the spot where the portal had been. The residual green digital energy rose from the floor, and joined with the dust, as, in a blink of light, both it and the dust was gone.

There was silence again.
How are we going to get home? Tai asked.
No problems, there, Izzy said. The elastic band' I mentioned earlier? (Author's note - that'd be back in Ch. 6) Well, it thrust us into the future - meaning it went beyond it's normal time and space - beyond it's normal state, so now, it's recoiling again. And unless I miss my guess, which I don't, we'll be leaving in approximately...

Izzy would have finished that sentence, if Odaiba central park hadn't appeared in front of his eyes and startled him enough to interrupt him when he was in mid-flow.
Joe offered.
Er... yes, Izzy said.
Matt, Tai and Joe looked at their watches. It was Tuesday... again.
So... we're back right after we left? Mimi asked. So, all that stuff hasn't actually happened yet?
Not yet, no, Izzy said. But it will. And our counterparts will stop it.
So... this is how it ends, huh? Takeru said. Yet again, we save the world, but no-one knows about it, cept the freakin' military.
You ever think we keep getting the short end of the global saviour stick? Kari asked.
No-one said anything.
I guess it's true what they say, Joe said.
Tai queried.
Y'know, that stuff about power and corruption.
Matt agreed.
If you want to talk about power, it makes you wonder, Sora said, what would have happened to us if we DID get all the recognition and glory that goes with saving the world three times over...
I don't think I want to think about that, Joe said, shivering.
Well, we don't have to, Tai said. It's over now. Or, y'know, it WILL be, in two days... or whatever. Let's just... go home.
Sora agreed. Let's go home.

- - -


"Prisoner of Destiny"

- - -

Time passed.
The prisoner didn't know how long.
Darkness... nothing but darkness.
Light... and confinement.
The prisoner had been here before.
A cell.
In the cell! Why?

A single glass jar was placed in one of the many cells by the muscular hands of Corporal Samuel McKenzie, and he quickly shut the reinforced Plexiglas door, locking it, and moving off down the corridor, back the way he came.
The jar was empty of anything and everything - a non-existent black void occupied it, with simple binary code moving in neat parallel lines up and down it, defying every law of reality known to man.
The experiments were far from over.
The binary code began to stretch and contort, as though something was pressing into it from behind. A three-dimensional relief image was created. An image of a face. The mouth opened.
General Alexander Reitman of the US military... screamed.


- - -


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