~WHY?! THIS IS THE WORST DAY EVER! First I found out my Orders for Jhonen's new book and 4 CDs I orderd from Animenation arent coming
becase of some problem with stuff at the bankm and this is the 3'RD TIME I'VE ORDERD THEM. And now...Kimahri Says has been deleated. I don't know why, becouse the
E-mail didn't say, but all of my reveiws are gone. And I just feel horrible inside. No book, no CD's and now a whole years worth of Reviews: Gone. I feel like shit.
I was playing Final Fantasy X, and it was at a part when Kimahri was yammering on about Ronso stuff, when my brother (Who was watching) suddenly said, "Kimahri say,
Kimahri's friends don't play with matches." It was so totally random that I choked on my soda with glee. So now, thanks to the insanity of the Silver Neko's little
brother, codename: "Mr. Pink", we bring you: A LIST OF THINGS KIMAHRI SAYS!~ The Silver Neko, having to repost all of Kimahri Says. She feels like shit too.

"Kimahri say, a person jumping off a bridge is worth two people laughing at it."

"Kimahri say, wash pants often, never watch Opera."

"Kimahri say, a pickle in a jar does not make a good friend."

"Kimahri say, the funest thing about having a gold fish is getting to flush it when it dies."

"Kimahri say, turkey is not only for thanksgiving."

"Kimahri say, never rub Buddha's tummy with greasy fingers."

"Kimahri say, kill little blond boy from 1000 years ago first chance you get. Otherwise he become annoying pest who's whining will plague you even in your sleep."

"Kimahri say, the urge to kill can be subsided by watching Blue's clues."

"Kimahri say, when basting the turkey, make sure that your baby sister doesn't crawl inside and you cook her. sister...."

"Kimahri say, blowing up is just as fun as blowing somebody else up."

"Kimahri say, your Playstation 2 is your friend. Don't take out your anger by throwing it off your roof."

"Kimahri say, obey Sony."

"Kimahri say, never travel by plane, always by boat, always, all the time."

"Kimahri say, if your friends want you to smoke, do it, being an outsider sucks."

"Kimahri say, you shouldn't feel guilty shooting somebody after their dead, when you shot and killed them in the first place."

"Kimahri say, never go to the zoo if your covered in fur, blue, have tail and have a horn, even if its broken."

"Kimahri say, always buy bendy straws with your drink."

"Kimahri say, a mouse in a tube can be especially fun if dropped under water."

"Kimahri say, never stick Lance in toaster."

"Kimahri say, never try to stab old man in red while he's sleeping. He wears armor, all the time."

"Kimahri say, don't plan on eating little girl you are taking to temple, you get attached to them."

"Kimahri say, man with funky hair's Blitz ball make good chew toy for when teeth hurt."

"Kimahri say, lady with big boobs scare Kimahri. Keep her away."

"Kimahri say, scene from Titanic cannot be performed on jet ski. Nope, it can't. Kimahri learned this the hard way."

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~FUN KIMAHRI FACT!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Kimahri Says" was originated in Belgium, by Mr. Pink. ^-^


"Kimahri say, Al Bhed girl always carry tasty treats. Just do a little dance."

"Kimahri say, Max Payne is hard game. Kimahri send nasty letter to makers of game."

"Kimahri say, Biran is a jerkwad. His tail smells of feces."

"Kimahri say, Yenke is a rotten little yesman with a stupid voice. His head is very small. This disturbs Kimahri."

"Kimahri say, fried green tomatoes, the movie, make Kimahri cry like little rain cloud. Kimahri hides his head in shame."

"Kimahri say, catching all those little butterflies is hard. Kimahri SMASH little red butterflies! They anger Kimahri!"

"Kimahri say, never wear dress when you think nobody's around. They most likely are."

"Kimahri say, refrigerator box make good fort."

"Kimahri say, painting releases all urges of death."

"Kimahri say, Luca Goers dress in the manner of male prostitutes."

"Kimahri say, Zev Ronso rocks. Put him on your team. He needs money for his Broadway musical. Why can't Kimahri be the Phantom of the Opera? Why?"

"Kimahri say, nap time is good only when nobody asks Kimahri "Kimahri Say" questions. Kimahri must lick self now. Kimahri happy when sleeping, Kimahri feel likes he's dead."

~Wow, I finished that in an hour! I like doing this! Perhaps I shall have more "Kimahri Say" later, if Mr. Pink agrees to this, that Bastard with a stupid name. What kind of name is that any way?! Is it from Reservoir Dogs? No, its not! Its just a gay name, 'cus that's what he is, a foggot. Tee hee!~ Silver Neko and little Brother "Mr. Pink" who sucks at playing Max Payne

(Biran and Yenke are Kimahri's older brothers, by the way.)