~Yay, I got off me lazy ass to write about our crazy Ronso friend: Kimahri. PLAY KINGDOM HEARTS! PlAY EET NOW! WHY YOU NO PLAY?! NOW! Wheehoo~Silver Neko, can you not feel her joy?

"Kimahri say, angry rain cloud man with shooty sword have issues with how to luv stuff. He never going to score, just like Kimahri....sniff."

"Kimahri say, angle lady in blue is purdy. She like to pet Kimahri. Kimahri happy. Then angle lady in blue's dog bite Kimahri in knee. Hard. So much blood, Kimahri will never get it out of loincloth."

"Kimahri say, teacher lady in tight clothing is out to get Kimahri. She has whip. She trying to train Kimahri to use toilet. Kimahri spiret is one that no can be tamed! Toilet am bad! Tail always get wet! AAAAAH! The whip! It stings Kimahri like the sting of failure!"

"Kimahri say, teacher lady am ALSO blue mage like Kimahri. That not good. She always trying to....oh.....crap...*SNAP!* AAAARGH! Kimahri never need to read whipping boy book! Kimahri is living the Whipping boy book!"

"Kimahri say, blond kid with face tattoo eat hotdogs. Yep, it true. He LIVE for hotdogs. Once Kimahri at Garden school and was eating nummy hotdog. It last one. Blond kid come up and beg for hot dogs. Kimahri say no. Kimahri hungry. Blond kid then offer to "Sooth Kimahri's itch". Uh oh. Kimahri know that look! Kimahri run away with hotdog in hand."

"Kimahri say, chick who think she is Ninja turtle is whiny. She whines, yes. But no near the IMMENSE LEVEL of whining that blond boy from 1000 years ago can do. Yep."

"Kimahri say, cowboy guy is ASSASSIN! He kills the peoples who make the bad things happen. Shooty shoot shoot. He also like butterflies. How much? much. Never take Cowboy guy to Macalania woods. Ever."

"Kimahri say, Laguna man is god. You see, he take care and love ancient ancestors of Ronso: The Moomba. He was nice man. He give Moomba's milk and nummy's. He also become president of world. He go into space and have adopted daughter who have ability to warp time. Truly a great man."

"Kimahri say, man with sharp cutting hands is spooky. He frightens the children and eats the Coco puffs. He am embodiment of sharpness. That is all Kimahri has to say about that."

"Kimahri say, fat harpoon guy is a manly man. He is a whaler from the moon, he carries a harpoon. But their ain't no whales so he go after KIMAHRI! AAAAH! He want to make soap from Kimahri's fat and perfume from Kimahri's bodily juices. Kimahri must go disguise Kimahri as a Care Bear now."

"Kimahri say, Wizard chick is all powerful. She also runs a daycare. With Wizards chicks evil powers, she keeps the brats in line."

~Final Fantasy VIII, a great but rather dull game. Leon? Silly Squall, we know you can do better then THAT. But we forgives ya. Sorry this kinda sucked, but Mr. Pink went on a Skiing trip, so part of my magical funny powers are gone. When the Silver Neko and Mr. Pink are united, they form: The Funny kids who piss off their Grandparents with their vulgar humor! Yay and so on. Oh well, time for some Hentai. *Drool* I'm evil~Silver Neko, she's evil