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Reyna's POV:

Once again Octavian was trying to take over in the Senate meeting, "Why should we trust these Greeks?" Octavian was saying.

He was pacing the floor and trying to win over the senators, putting them in the worse light he could. Percy had just told us he was Greek and about Lady Juno's plan for the Prophecy of the Seven. Many of the senators shifted nervously in their seats; I watched my sister Hylla and the other guests filling up the Senate House. Octavian continued his argument, "But why do more? Why tempt fate?"

This time Percy stepped in, "I'm glad you asked."

Octavian wasn't expecting that, " I wasn't-"

Again Percy cut in, "-part of the quest. Yes, I know. And your wise to let me explain, since I was."

Percy one, Octavian zero. I zoned out for a little bit, I know what your going to say, Reyna, the super responsible praetor of New Rome, zoning out? Well I have ADHD too. Gwen spoke which brought me back to the Senate meeting, "- say he is not a true hero of Rome?"

I stood and Percy watched me anxiously. "You claim that this is a combined quest," I spoke to him carefully, "You claim Juno intends for us to work with this- this other group, Camp Half-Blood. Yet the Greeks have been our enemies for eons. They are known for their deceptions."

Percy said something and Hylla laughed, but I was too distracted. I had a feeling that this meeting with the Greeks wouldn't be as expected.

Percy was trying so hard to convince us, " -while you were defending Mount Othrys, we were defending Mount Olympus in Manhattan. I fought Kronos myself."

I backed up and almost tripped over my toga. I was feeling dizzy, "You... what?

I waited till I felt less dizzy and Percy once again dropped surprising news on me, "The other four are on their way from Camp Half-Blood right now. One of them is Jason Grace, your old praetor."

My heart fluttered in my chest. I am going to see Jason again! Woah, I'm thinking like a venus girl now. I need to keep my duty first then my feelings. Octavian yelled discontentedly, " Oh, come on! He's making stuff up now."

I frowned. I trusted Percy, but it was kinda hard to believe. Finally I spoke, "It is a lot to believe. Jason is coming back with a bunch of Greek demigods? You say they're going to appear in the sky in a heavily armed warship, and we shouldn't be worried."

Yes. Just let them land. Hear them out. Jason will back up everything I'm telling you," then Percy said something really stupid, "I swear on my life."

Romans take that very seriously. Octavian didn't let that go as he pointed it out to Senate. Just then a messenger came in, out of breath as he spoke. "Praetors! I'm sorry to interrupt, but our scouts report-"

He was interrupted by Percy's half brother, a cyclops, "Ship!" He pointed at the hole in the ceiling, "Yay!" Suddenly I was surrounded by a bright blue light, not able to give any orders.