A Mistake Undone

A/N: this story is set in 2012.

Arthur knows of Merlin's magic but doesn't know he is Emrys.
Magic is allowed and those of Good magic help to kept those of Evil at bay.

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Chapter 1

"I love you Merlin" Arthur whispered tears falling from his eyes as he plunged the sword into Merlin's chest.

"Arthur" Blood trickling down the side of Merlin's mouth as his eyes rolled back in his head as his body felt forward.


Earlier that day

King Uther sat in the throne room staring at the three sorcerers standing before him, their feet covering off the ground and their faces covered but their cloaks.

For the past year Uther and his family have been trying to gain enough allies against those of dark magic, and they seem to be winning in the great fight against evil.

Arthur stood next to his father, wanting this meeting to be over soon because he had a date with a hot young Doctor, every time Arthur thought of his Merlin he smiled. He was planning on asking Merlin to marry him soon seeing at they have been together since college.

"Will you help us fight?" Uther asked

"We see no point when Camelot is doomed" Three voices echoed.

"What do you mean doomed?" Uther questioned.

"We see all and Know all Uther Pendragon, there is one far greater than us that is Camelot's end" One voice replied.

"Who?" Arthur asked.

"Emrys" Three voices echoed.

"You must find and destroy this sorcerer before it is too late for Camelot" Another voice echoed.

"How can I find him?" Arthur questioned.

"We see all and know all, but he is far greater than us. He is hidden from our sight" Three voices echoed.

"Then I will find him and destroy him." Arthur promised.

"Once this threat is dealt with then will you help us?" Uther asked.

"We give you are word we will help in the battle" Three voices echoed before they disappeared.

"Alright well I have an hour before meeting Merlin so I can start reading up on this Emrys guy" Arthur said as him and Uther walked out of the throne room.

"How are things with you and Merlin?" Uther asked/

"There Great, I'm planning on asking him to marry me" Arthur replied.

"Wonderful son, I'm happy you're happy" Uther smiled.

"You're not worried about me not having an heir?" Arthur asked.

"Son Merlin is very powerful, Gaius has informed me that it will be possible for you two to have an heir when you chose to" Uther replied.

"Thank you father" Arthur smiled and walked off towards the library.

When Arthur entered the library he found his friends where already sitting waiting for news.

"So did the 3 agree?" Morgana asked.

"Not yet but they gave their word that once the threat to Camelot no longer stands they will" Arthur informed his friends.

"Threat?" Lancelot asked.

"Yeah some guy named Emrys who is more powerful than them and evil wishes to destroy Camelot" Arthur said as he grabbed a book.

"Emrys? Arthur, are you sure?" Morgana asked.

"Yes why?" Arthur asked sitting down.

"Because Emrys is the God of magic" Morgana replied.

"Just means he will be harder to kill, not impossible" Arthur said.

"Maybe you should bring Merlin with you just in case, having someone with magic might help" Leon said.

"I'll think about it, hey what's the time?" Arthur asked.

"It's just gone 12" Gwen smiled.

"Got to go, meeting Merlin for lunch" Arthur smiled.


"We will finally have are freedom"

"Emrys will live no more"

"He will die by lovers hand"

"And the world will be doomed"

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