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Arthur knows of Merlin's magic but doesn't know he is Emrys.
Magic is allowed and those of Good magic help to kept those of Evil at bay.

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Chapter 10

Arthur couldn't believe it, once again he was marrying the love of his life, it was always the same, every life time Arthur would stand next to his father and Leon and think 'how did I get this lucky' but Arthur knew this time would be different and that no matter what he would forever be with Merlin side by side for the rest of time and that the next time they got married it would be to renew their vows made this day.

Even those the room was large in side Arthur and Merlin only had family and close friends bear witness to their married.

The music began and Arthur smiled when he saw Merlin and Balinor walking towards him.

"Nervous son?" Uther whispered.

"Not this time round no" Arthur smiled and held out his hand for Merlin.

Balinor placed Merlin's hand in Arthur's and smiled "I think it goes without say, take care of our son"

"Always sir, always and forever" Arthur smiled.

"Before I begin you both understand that marriage is not to be entered into lightly?" Geoffrey asked.

"I think we understood the first time round" Arthur smirked coursing merlin to hit him playfully on the chest.

Geoffrey wanted ask what that meant but Uther gave him the carry on signal.

"Love and Marriage go hand in hand through the age of old. Marriage is how we bind ourselves to our chosen mate, to our soul mate. Arthur and Merlin are one of the lucky few that have found true everlasting love, and before you all and the eyes of the gods they pledge their love to one another" Geoffrey told the room.

"Arthur and Merlin have prepared their own vow that they would like to share with us" Geoffrey said giving a nod to Arthur to start.

"I never thought we would end up here not in the first life time anyways" Arthur chuckled "But every life time after that I hoped that once again I would be standing in front of you saying my vows while watching your gorgeous eyes fill with tears. Long time ago you came stumbling into my life and babbling about saving me all the time, I'm glad nothing changed over the years because watching you walk back into my life after so many years apart is the highlight of every life time lived. Merlin, I had to watch you cry over my passing every time and now we're free to be, to start a family, to enjoy the new things that the world we made a lot time go has to office us. And I can't wait, I know I'm going to send the rest of my very long life with you and it makes me feel like child at Christmas. I'm can't wait for our new life to start because I know that no matter how hard, or how dark things may become down the line that one thing will never change. I love you Merlin, I loved you the moment I saw then and I've loved you every life time after now and forever till the end of time I will love you. My Merlin forever" Arthur raised his hand and wiped away the tears that had fallen from Merlin's eyes.

"Merlin?" Geoffrey asked.

"Arthur I knew the moment I saw you in that forest, that you were it for me that no matter what my soul could not live without you. It killed me every time I lost you, every time I had to watch you slip away from me once again and it broke my heart time and time again. But I looked forward to the moments where we would meet again, where we would fall in love, where I would once again be in your arms. I made sure every moment with you counted and that we were never apart and I would pray every night that this time round the gods didn't take you from me. But now, now I know they won't, now I know that no matter what happens I will forever be in your arms, forever be safe with you, forever loved by you. And that I would never know the pain of heartache again and I thank the gods every damn day that live for this gift, for you. Because Arthur I never knew living till I stumbled into your life and you showed me what I had missed, showed me love, true and pure and more powerful than I will ever be. You opened my eyes and showed me love. I love you Arthur have done since you welcomed me into your life and I have loved you ever since and will continue to love you till the end of time and even then I will continue to love you, because my love for you is endless, timeless and forever yours" Merlin smiled as his tears ran freely.

"Umm you may kiss" Geoffrey said wiping his eyes quickly, he wasn't only in that while the women sobbed openly and the love they have seen the men quickly hide it.

Arthur smiled and kissed Merlin's tears away before capturing his lips and pulling him into a deep passionate kiss.

50 years later

Arthur looked out the window of his mansion home and smiled down at the little angel in his arms, a lot had happened over the past 50 years for both Arthur and Merlin.

Merlin had gotten pregnant after the wedding night and 9 months later gave birth to a handsome baby boy called William, Arthur had sure he helped out, that he never missed a moment of his son's life.

When William was 5, Uther had fallen ill and Arthur had to take the throne while dealing with his 6 month pregnant husband.

The whole of Camelot mourned the passing of king Uther a year later, he had held on for as long as he could but soon he was too weak and there was nothing that could be done. Arthur comforted himself with the knowledge that he would see his father again in in some weird way his father would be born from his blood line.

Two years after Uther's death Ygraine passed away in her sleep happy to be reunited with her long lost husband.

Even those it pained Arthur and Merlin to watch those that they loved pass on; they knew that they would one day meet again.

When William was old enough to take the throne Arthur stepped down and enjoyed spending time with his children and his husband, Arthur and Merlin never had to worry about losing their children because they were born of gods and were immortal but that didn't stop them from worrying.

Arthur was pulled out of his thoughts by his husband moaning from their bed.

"Baby?" Merlin blinked.

"Morning love, Don't worry I feed Dawn and Alice and Kellan are downstairs watching CBBC, I still can't believe that even 100 years later Scooby-doo is still going strong" Arthur chuckled.

"It is a beloved show Arthur" Merlin smiled and got out of bed showing off his round Belly.

"Just a few more months and then we welcome this little one into the world" Merlin smiled placing his hands on his stomach.

"I can't wait" Arthur smiled kissing Merlin.

"You do know that if we continue to have more children, we're A: need a bigger house and B:have own on army" Merlin laughed.

"What can I say, I always wanted a big family and now that the children have grown up and moved out its far to quite I'm just glad that Alice and Kellan are still in the I'm cool faze and then this is this little angel, I can't wait for her first word" Arthur smiled and kissed Dawn's on the forehead.

"I know but after this one let's not have any more for a while, unless you want to carry them" Merlin smirked.

"I would if I could" Arthur smiled and kissed Merlin's lips.

"I love you Merlin, My Merlin, My Warlock, My soul mate" Arthur smiled.

"I love you too Arthur, My Arthur, My King, My Soul mate" Merlin smiled.


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