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Arthur knows of Merlin's magic but doesn't know he is Emrys.
Magic is allowed and those of Good magic help to kept those of Evil at bay.

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Chapter 9

Arthur looked out the window that night and smiled tomorrow will be the last time he would have to fear losing his Merlin ever again.

Ygraine was over the moon to be able to plan the wedding, after all how many times would her baby be getting married, it saddled Arthur to know that he would out live the ones he loved but when he told Merlin so, Merlin just smiled and held him close telling them that they were all old souls and would continue to be reborn over and over again, Merlin even promised that they would always find them and make sure that they our and happy which cheered Arthur up.

"So can I ask why you both want the wedding so late in the day?" Leon asked.

"Just do" Arthur smirked as he looked up at the moon.

"Aw come on mate" Leon laughed.

"Me and Merlin just have something planned early in the morning is all" Arthur replied turning away from the window.

Leon smiled "I'm glad your happy mate, it's a blessing that you stopped yourself"

"Yep, Merlin would never have let me really kill him and I'm sure the goddess of Earth would destroy my soul if it really happened for good" Arthur said finishing off his beer.


Merlin smiled as he made sure everything was in his bag for tomorrow, before he turned and looked up at the moon and the stars, one in particular star out shined the other and it made Merlin's heart beat faster.

It was his star, the star of magic, of life and tomorrow it won't be shining on its own, tomorrow a new star will be born and will shine just as brightly next to magic for the rest of time.

"Okay let's see Book, Check" Merlin placed an old book carefully into his bag.

"Cup of the Gods, Check" Merlin then placed a sliver chalice into the bag.

"Dragger …umm" Merlin looked around the room and shook his head when he noticed it sitting next to a red ribbon.

Merlin walked over and grabbed both the ribbon and the dragger before placing them into his bag and closing it.

"That's everything"


Arthur smiled when he felt Merlin's soft lips on his the next morning.

"Come it's time" Merlin whispered against his lips.

Arthur opened his eyes and found Merlin's blue eyes looking down at him smiling.

"Let me get dressed and then we can go" Arthur replied getting out of the bed and flashing Merlin.

"Save it for tonight sexy" Merlin laughed slapping Arthur's naked butt.

A few moments later they were in the car heading to a very special place. It was the place they first met so long ago.


"So what do we have to do?" Arthur asked as he pulled the car to a stop outside the woods.

"Well we need to be in the place we first met then we need to both be standing in the same point we did all those years ago, I'll speak the words of the gods before I use my dragger and make a cut across the palm of my hand adding my blood to the chalice before handing you the dragger where you will repeat the words and the action adding your blood to the chalice, I will then place one end of the ribbon in your hand over the cut then wrap it round the chalice before taking the end of the ribbon then we will take a drink from the chalice" Merlin informed Arthur as they walked to the lake they met at so many years ago.

"That's it, we're bound together forever? Married?" Arthur asked as they came to a stop.

"Yes you will become a god and Immortal" Merlin smiled.

"What about our other wedding? Will what we do here get cancelled out?" Arthur worried.

Merlin smiled and shook his head.

"Good because I'm looking forward to forever with you" Arthur smiled and kissed Merlin on the lips softly.

"Remember when we first met all those years go, I knew you would be my destiny, my forever" Merlin smiled kissing Arthur back.

"Well I knew I would love you for the rest of my life and my others" Arthur smiled.

Merlin smiled and stepped away from Arthur and walked over to the same spot he stood in all those years ago, Arthur copied his moments and came to stand in front of Merlin. Merlin dropped his bag to the ground and emptied the contents.

Merlin picked up the chalice and the dragger before smiling at Arthur.

"I stand here today in the spot I found love to bind my soul to another, by the powers of the gods of old I unite my soul with thy" Merlin draw the dragger across his palm and placed it over the chalice before making a fist and letting the blood flow into the chalice before handing Arthur the dragger.

"I stand here today in the spot I found love to bind my soul to another, by the powers of the gods of old I unite my soul with thy" Arthur draw the dragger across his palm and copied Merlin's movements while Merlin bent down to pick out the ribbon.

Merlin took the dragger off Arthur and placed it on the ground before placing one end of the ribbon over the cut and wrapping the middle around the chalice and placing the other end over his own cut.

"I love thy always" Merlin smiled as he lifted the cup to his lips and drank their shared blood before handing the chalice to Arthur.

"I love thy always" Arthur smiled and finished off the rest of the blood in the chalice before kissing Merlin's blood stained lips.

Lights floated over their heads before bursting into red roses and falling to the ground.

Arthur smiled and pulled away from Merlin but before he could say anything his body felt hot and the wind picked him up in a swirl of lights before placing him back onto the ground.

"What was that?" Arthur asked.

"That was you becoming a god" Merlin smiled and wrapped his arms round Arthur's neck.

"And just what am I the god of?" Arthur smiled peeking Merlin on the lips.

"What you have always been, what's been waiting for you to claim, you Arthur Pendragon have always been the god of courage" Merlin smiled.

"We should head back now, we do have a wedding to get to" Arthur smiled and took Merlin's hand and led him back to the car.

"Merlin?" Arthur asked once they were seated in the car.

"Yes" Merlin turned away from the window to look at Arthur.

"The ribbon, did it have to be red? I just remember you were looking all over for it" Arthur replied.

"Of course it had to be red, Red is the colour of life, of love" Merlin smiled.

"So am I going to have superpowers or something now?" Arthur wondered.

"In a way yes, you'll be faster, stronger, you'll be able to scents how the battle will go. You'll be able to give or take away someone's courage. You're more powerful than you think" Merlin smiled and kissed the hand he was holding.

"But most of all we'll be together always" Merlin smiled.

It didn't take them long to get back to the castle where Ygraine and Morgana jumped on them about how it went and can Arthur do magic now, both men just laughed and went to the serrate rooms to get ready for their wedding.

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