Your name is the HOMESTUCK FANDOM and you can't find your moirail ANYWHERE

It's 2 am and he didn't arrive to his dorm room yet. You alredy called Supernatural, Doctor Who, Sherlock even Adventure time asking about Hetalia's whereabouts. None of them knew where the hell is he.

Oh my God if he is hurt

And if he is having a mental breakdown

Shit Homestuck snap out from it, Hetalia would never have such a thing, you know him, he is always happy, cheerful and emotionally stabil. Not like you at all.

Okay let's try and not to panic, you say to yourself as you get up after sending the 10th message to Hetalia. You start thinking back, maybe he mentioned anything about his plans for tonight

Hey Homestuck tomorrow night I'll be in the city, having some fun with Touhou and her friends, wanna come to?" Your one and only moirail asked as you were looking at the crops of the 12th day of the hiatus.

Aaa thanks dude but no i rather stay home now, at my current state of sanity heh.."

Oh okay I see, well no one is forcing you , y'know! Then tomorrow I'll arrive late okay? Don't wait for me~"

Alright, but if i call answer it please!"

Heheh that's just natural Homestuck!"

Oh shit

Not Touhou

But he even promised he will answer your calls, so something bad must've happened. You quickly got your jacket and rushed out from your room, with that speed you bumped into someone in the hallway.

„Hey dude watch it!" You hissed at them.

„S-sorry I'll jeez" Surprisingly Adventure time was it.

„Oh my sorry AT I didn't know it was you, sorry" A light green blush appeared on your face from embarassment.

„Heh is alright Homestuck, uhm may i ask where are you hurrying?"

„I have to find Hetalia, he won't answer my calls nor my messages and I'm just so worried what if-„

„Shhhh" She hushed at you trying to calm you „I'm sure he is alright, buti f you are really this worried, I think I'll help you find him, if it means anything to you"

„O-of course it does! Thank you so much!" You both smiled at the eachother, and walked out from the building, looking for your lost moirail.

After two hours of searching, you two got really exhausted.

„Homestuck…I think we should give up..He'll come home anyways when he feels like it" She sounded really sleepy, you could understand her, you were pretty sleepy and tired too, but you just shrugged it off, beacuse it was about Hetalia, the fandom who is always by your side, comforting you or making you pasta and watching films together.

„Please AT just for a little longer!"

You two were walking past a bar or better said..ahem strip club, as you heard a familiar voice singing quiet loudly

Why you comin home 5 in the mornnn

Somethins goin on, can I smell yo dick

Don't play me like a fool, cause that ain't cool

So wat u need to do is lemme smell yo dick~"


You are late

You and Adventure Time looked at eachother with horrified emotions on your faces, you took a deep breath and entered the club.

There stood Touhou only in a small skirt and bras, with another new fandom, You guess, called OFF, MLP and on the stage, your , basically wearing only underpants and jacket, drunk moirail Hetalia, fucking pole dancing. Looking at Adventure Time she was sure creeped out when the other fandoms int he club noticed you two.

„Homestuuuuuck, Adventure timeeeee! We didn know you ar comin' too!" A really really drink Touhou greeted you, with a grin on her face and a bottle of whiskey in her hand. „OFF these ar the guys i tol' u bout, the horny guy is Homesick and the bunny gurl is AT"

OFF was pretty busy with his make-out session with MLP. You never ever felt this disgusted before. This is a big thing beacuse most of the time other fandoms are digsuted from you. Before doing anything you reached for your phone and went outside with Adventure time, you just couldn't do this with her.

„Homestuck what are you doing?" She asked in a still scared voice.

„Calling, I don't know, maybe Gravity Falls"


„To get you home…I just can't expect you to do this, it would be just too hick from me" Right after you finished your sentence she took your phone and cancelled the call „Hey!"

„I said I'll help you, even if I have to stay here, it's really nothing.."

„…Thanks are the best" She smiled at you and both of you went back int he club, being greeted again, this time by Hetalia himself.

„D, dddd DUDEEEEEEEEEEE I CNT BELIEVE UR HEREEE" You've just been glomped by your drunk friend. He smelled like vodka, and God he wasn't himself at the slightest. You knew Hetalia is one of the last people you would let near alcohol. He is horrible when he is drunk, and let's not even mention when he has a hangover. You HAD to get him out as fast as it's possible.

„Hetalia get off of me"

„Oh did ya jst say off? Hav you met dat guy he is CRAAAAAAAAZYYYYYYYY AHAHAA!"

You are going to throw up

„Dude please cut it out. Come let's go hom-„

„NOOOOOOOOOO WAAAAAAAAAY, this is de best party EVER! C-come dance with meh!" He tried to pull you up, and get you to the poles, but hell that was the last thing you wanted to do. You grabbed his arm and pulled him back.

„Heta no! Come on don't be like this!"


Oh my fuck he is throwing a tantrum in the strip club. You don't have time for this. You waved to Adventure to open the door. As she opened, you picked up Hetalia and rushed out from the club as fast as you could. Damn he is heavy, and his wriggling and screaming didn't help you at all. You asked AT to cover his mouth with a cloth, not to wake up anyone int he Fandom Base, beacuse it was late, most of the fandoms were alredy sleeping, and there you are carrying your hissy moirail with your flush crush. Wait who said that, it wasn't you. After you successfully arrived to his dorm, you said good night to AT and thanks for all she did, then you carried Hetalia inside, and put him in bed.


„For Singlesses sake Heta stop it, you are drunk, go and sleep! I really don't want to deal with you when you are drunk"


„Told what.."

„THAT U HATE ME!" isn't that a kick in the face.

„W-what?! No i don't hate you!"

„You just said you don want to del with meh! DONT EVEN DENY IT!"

Well you must admit, it wasn't th ebest choice of words you've just used

„But..I didn't mean it like that you know it too, you are important for me!"


„THAT'S NOT TRUE YOU KNOW IT!" Are you just seriously screaming with your drunk moirail? Holy shit you are the worst fandom alive. Buti t seem he is really hurted, beacuse in some seconds he brakes down crying. Now you did it, you made Hetalia cry. As you try and sit down near him, he just scoots away from you, as a sign that he doesn't want you near him. Now that hurts, you are both hurted.

„…Hetalia look…i'm sorry…please…i..i can't imagine my life without you…don't hat eme.."

He sniffs and tries to answer you „ i don hate you Homestuk…i just feel igored..and it hurts" You can only just hear him crying, beacuse he turned away from you. You can't take this. Next thing you do, is hugging him as tightly as you can, trying to show him how much he means for you. Who are you kidding this won't help at all. Or maybe..You can feel him hugging you back, clinging to your shirt as he is sobbing. God he is really drunk. You free on of your hands and start patting his head, shushing him even humming to him his favourite song, something about circles. Seems like it worked, his sobbing quieted down into soft sniffs. He then looked up at you with tearful eyes.

„..H-homest *hic* uck"


„…Y-you like me right?"

„Of course i do.."

„Then why..why dont you" You quickly hushed him again before anything bad would happen. Then again, his crying got harder.

You will never let him drink again, ever.