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Note: All Pokemon Red has are the pokemon he normally has, minus the Lapras (If you've played SS or HG) and instead Espeon, as in the original.

Yes, he has captured the legandary pokemon that are available in Pokemon Red (Mewtwo, and the three birds)

This is Red AFTER Gold version, so he has met and sadly, lost to Gold.


The cold icy wind blew harshly from the tall mountain peak. It was a chill that was too be expected, although the day was blindingly bright from the lack of shade on the mountain top.

A trainer stood at the summit, finding no issue with the thin air, nor the chill he had long since grown used to. He had stayed upon the mountain for years, not even leaving now as just slightly into the cave passageway below was there a sustainable supply of fresh spring water and countless mountain berries that could sustain him for many more years.

His Pokémon had no issue with the cold and painful hail. They once did at the beginning of his stay, constantly begging to return to the lower altitude, but they did not distrust him after he refused to lower below the summit. They stayed, and eventually, they saw why they benefited from it.

He had set away his pokeballs a while ago, tucked into a corner of the cave he used as his home, a sleeping bag and a few bottles of the water from below. It wasn't anything large or extraordinary, only the things that would keep him alive and that only. His Charizard would gladly share its always burning fire, and his Snorlax would share the warmth with all of his hardened Pokémon.

He had trained for years now, Venusaur breaking the ice shards that constantly were deposited on the glacial faces using only vine whip. Snorlax would then use the ice boulders to increase strength to throw them. Espeon would force herself everyday to expand her psychic energy to stop the ever roaring arctic flurries, Charizard flying through the speedy gusts and Blastoise destroying the hurled chunks of ice that Snorlax didn't manage to throw far enough out.

It was a long tedious project, but improvement was easy to see. They had increased far from his previous encounter with the young child, Gold, and could defeat him again with little to no effort. He hadn't heard from Blue (In which he was slightly thankful for) since he had up taken the position of Gym Leader of Viridian Gym.

He hadn't heard from Professor Oak or his mother in the years long since gone. Now the only family he had was his Pokémon, the only family he had that didn't judge him.

He had issues in the path with people commenting on his training styles, how he wouldn't speak and instead a slight jerk of his wrist or clumsy pointing had showed the target and how to attack. He was laughed at, mocked for it, until he proved them all wrong.

Then, he was forgotten.

It didn't bother him as much as it would others, more specifically, Blue. He preferred the silence, the underestimating of his talents that brought crushing defeats. He had no problems with speaking to be honest. The world was easier when they assumed he was mute, they judged him less and fumbled on the small things that normally they wouldn't bother with. They assumed that his 'disability' also reduced his intelligence.

He felt a small twitch of a smile on his face as he saw Charizard roar loudly above, flapping his wings smoothly and calmly while the large muscles barely strained with effort after the years of building the muscle. It turned its dragon muzzle to Red, and gave a slight nod with a puff of black smoke, looking to the swirling storm clouds and with a few powerful flaps of his wings, managed to part the storm.

Espeon growled low in her throat as she concentrated on the cloud, dispersing them evenly across the sky and away from his mountain peak, his group taking a small break as they looked at the view that they were gifted with.

"Pika." Pikachu piped up happily from his shoulder, the electric mouse containing no fat but lean muscle and a thin face lacking the chubby cheeks.

He smiled slightly, scratched behind one of his ears and gently traced one of the thin scars and notched tips of his right ear, the mouse giving him a slightly concerned look over the action while Red shook his head, signaling that he wasn't upset.

The bright sun casted the snow with sparkled, each Pokémon calmly sitting in it, having grown immune to the icy touch and instead found beauty. The only one that held any issue and still did with the snow was his Charizard, who still had to hold his flaming tail high out of the snow when he settled on his haunches.

They seemed to be doing that a lot now a day. Occasionally he was being challenged by a trainer who had hurried off to fight the supposed 'legendary trainer' on the peak of Mt. Silver. He destroyed them, every time, but the battles were short and long between. There was always more to learn, but after years of teaching and practicing enough so his Pokémon knew what move to do depending on how many times he blinked-

To be honest, Red was bored.

He sighed, looking over at his Pokémon and frowning when Espeon's ears starts twitching, looking over at the sky above the drop confused while Pikachu followed same, letting out this time a loud "Pikachu?"

He tensed, hand stilled and ready for the command to attack as his Pokémon lowered themselves, various attacks turned to where the air seemed to…bend.

It could be Blue and his Alakazam; however he had never said that his Alakazam was able to teleport the entire height of the mountain. No to mention, Blue wouldn't dare intrude on him again, the last time he had hiked his was up the mountain, his Arcanine had fainted from one jolt of Charizard's Heat Wave, causing it to instantly faint from the scalding fiery inferno that shook the mountain with the large roar that followed.

Red's eyes narrowed as the shimmering of the air condensed further, now swirling until something akin to a portal seemed to manifest itself with little difficulty in the air in front of his mountain. Definitely not Blue then.

"Pika…" Pikachu warned, Snorlax roaring loudly his own threat at the portal as Espeon's eyes narrowed and a growing shadow ball was charged in her mouth, all eyes locked on the portal.

Red's eyes widened ever so slightly as he took a startled step back as the Pokémon emerged from the large portal. At once his Pokémon stumbled back, edging away from the mountain edge as the portal pulsed in light as the Pokémon left its domain with little resistance, gently lowering itself until it's pointed legs pressed firmly against the snow and sunk it, towering above and blocking the sun.

Red let a low gasp, looking up from under the rim of his hat as he spotted the creature, the thin almost alien body and the delicate yet powerful limbs, stretching higher to the head of the creature with green iris', casted in a red eye that was just as his own.

"Pikachu." Pikachu whispered in awe, the other Pokémon stunned in shock at the legendary before them. Charizard was first, snorting a puff of smoke and lowering its head slowly, eyes still threatening as it mock bowed.

Venusaur rumbled low in his throat and bowed too, Espeon gave one look to Red before slumping forward while Blastoise and Snorlax followed after.

"Pika Chu chu." Pikachu spoke, giving a low nod while Red did not to anything. The wind had stirred up again and it blew on his hair, causing it to blow gently as his red eyes locked with the ancient creature's.

"Human." It spoke, voice unexpected although not unwelcome as it bowed its head to meet Red's own easier.

Red gave a slight nod of his own, acknowledging Arceus as it took a step forward, the yellow marking upon its long spindly legs sinking into the ice as it locked eyes once more.

"There is a disturbance in the balance of all the universes." Arceus spoke, looking upon Red as his Pokémon looked towards him, awaiting a response.

"You of all the humans have eliminated chaos and destruction of this world. There are many worlds, which reek of evil intentions and have none to dare stop them." Arceus continued, looking at each of Red's Pokémon, each giving a slight nod as if to confirm Arceus' thoughts.

"I know you will not deny me. I can see it in your heart, human. You give not what you show to others. You will not deny my request, although you have the power to."

Red's eyes widened in surprise as he observed the legendary Pokémon, of whom his height didn't even reach the stomach of.

"I am here to create balance in all of my worlds. There is one not far from here, who desperately seeks your power and wisdom. There is a human there, told to me by a friend, as his name is Giovanni."

Red's eyes widened before narrowing at the previous Viridian Gym leader who dared try and steal Pokémon, even going to measures to attempt to kill Red himself.

"For that, I must insist on your help. There are others who threaten the balance. Those of Aqua and those of Magma. Those of space itself- those of Galactic. Is there another, human, in which would accompany you to this new world? I have the strength to transport many, but I would prefer less."

Red tensed his jaw, looking to his Pokémon who looked at him completely trusting as finally, Espeon turned and looked at Pikachu, who turned at him.

"Pika pichu." Pikachu spoke, looking at Red knowingly as he himself knew already with a growing unease in his stomach as for who he would take with him.

He held up one finger, in which Arceus gave a nod, the psychic rings on its body glowing as Red watched in fascination.

"Of course. Do not fret over the human Blue, as I will make sure he will travel with the utmost caution."

Red's eyes widened, how had Arceus known his choice if he had not spoken?

"I know many things, Champion Red. You will appear in the same location in the other world. At any point, I will have the power to return you to your home, but refrain unless dire. Your companion is in a town, southeast of us on the sea. He will arrive as you do, but among humans I have learnt to trust. No danger shall pass to him." Arceus calmly reported, eyes glowing as suddenly all of Red's pokeballs floated gently from the cave, hovering in the air.

He carefully and silently picked them, withdrawing his prize Pokémon family before expertly clipping them onto his belt, eying Arceus who made no comment on the Pikachu who rested firmly on his left shoulder, and looked upon the portal which was slowly flickering, only glowing more brightly as Arceus summoned something akin to glowing golden plates which circled around it like the face of a clock.

"Pika." Pikachu whispered in awe while Red savored the moment of seeing the creator of all Pokémon at his work. The portal blurred, shifting to a deep pulsating blue before it exploded outwards, the psychic energy strong enough for Red to lift his arms and shield his face, stumbling backwards on the well trampled snow as a loud roar caused his ears to ring.

The snow behind him suddenly shifted, becoming unbroken as it crunched under his weight. He threw his arms back, looking at the rocks and icy clumps that had been broken long before by Snorlax and Venusaur. He turned back, Arceus standing in the original spot as the light dimmed and vanished from its eyes.

"You are on Mt. Silver of the new world. I trust you not to become lost. You must travel Southeast to where your companion will wait. There, you must find a human that I trust."

This time, Red actually looked up, lips moving as he spoke quietly and raspy, voice long since vanishing in the screaming wind, but yet the legendary still somehow heard.

"What is the human's name?"

Arceus' eyes flashed before the plates appeared again. "Ash. Ash Ketchum."

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