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They stared at each other, the other not daring to make a move while they stared. Charizard and Typhlosion growled, snarling at each other.

"I'm not going to lose. Not now Red. I'm not going to lose to you. You're going to need Arceus to beat me." Gold spoke, voice serious and the kidding tone he had previously vanished from his voice.

Red smiled, as if he had heard something amusing, "Arceus is on my side."

Charizard roared, taking flight immediately, Typhlosion snarling in anger at the flying creature, which took flight, circling around Typhlosion which roared, its back fire burning brighter.

"So be it. Typhlosion, Eruption."

Charizard spun, the insane power of Eruption blowing past as Charizard released a powerful wave of fire, hitting the Eruption and creating an explosion of fire. Typhlosion snarled, lunging up in the air, smashing into the large lizard with a large ear splitting crack, sending them both tumbling to the ground.

"I can't believe it! Both Pokémon are battling it out with insane power and skills! Not a single command is being given from the challenger, trainer Red!"

Red smiled slightly, his Charizard using Dragon Claw to slash Typhlosion to the ground, where it lunged back with Double-Edge. Charizard reacted, using Shadow Claw to redirect the attack through non-effectiveness and following up with a Fire Fang, smashing down on Typhlosions back.

The Typhlosion groaned, rolling and using a sharp Quick Attack on the underbelly of Charizard, which snapped angrily at the attack. Typhlosion scampered away just in time to avoid a strong Shadow Claw.

"I can't believe it! Each trainer is matching blow for blow! This is remarkable! I've never seen a battle like this in my life! Let's just hope that this trainer Red can keep up with the rest of Gold's team!"

Red's eyes narrowed in annoyance, Charizard issuing a strong roar, black smoke billowing out while the Announcer managed to look sheepish, obviously realizing that Red heard.

"This is incredible!" May gasped, looking at Max who was leaning forward in his seat, the rest of the audience looking spellbound by the attacks.

"Red's testing him. Letting Charizard do whatever it wants to, so Red can get a feel of Gold's fighting style. Gold's not giving any commands though; he's not giving Red anything and just letting Typhlosion deck it out." Blue added, causing Paul to frown and watch intently, he had tried the same tactic with Ash a while ago, losing to his Infernape because he hadn't tested out all of his Pokémon.

"It looks like the two Pokémon are just attacking! There doesn't seem to be any strategy yet, has Red given up?"

Red growled, eyes burning with slight anger as he took a step forward, his Charizard flaring its wings and flapping back, hovering in the air above Red and snarled, angrily.

"Typlosion, come back." Gold nodded, the Pokémon returning and watching carefully, rearing for a higher vantage point.

They stared, and finally, Gold spoke first.


Red snapped, and Charizard released a similar fire plume, the two beams colliding massively, long tongues of heat rising and branching out from the attacking point. It wavered a moment, before very noticeably, the fire started to shift towards Typhlosion, Charizard overpowering it.

"Inferno." Gold nodded, and Typhlosions fire turned to a brilliant blue, shifting and rising against the fire, forcing the flamethrower back towards Charizard.

Red looked at his Charizard before giving a nod, Charizard releasing a similar plume of fire, Charizard's plume was slightly lighter in color, burning hotter than Typhlosions as the two attacks collided, causing Gold to grit his teeth.

"Fire Blast!"

The two attacks collided, Charizard mirroring it as the two attacks clashed, mixing and once again, shifting towards Typhlosion.

"I can't believe this! Red's Charizard is actually overpowering the Champion's Typhlosion! Gold better have a plan or that Fire Blast may just be too much!"

"Break off and get your breath. Cover the ground with Lava Plume." Gold nodded, and the two Pokémon split attacks, Charizard snarled, flapping high as its claws showed a ghostly purple.

Red snapped his fingers before shaking his head, flicking his wrist while Charizard grunted. It seemed to hesitate before its glowing claws faded- obeying Red's commands.

"What's going on?" Misty asked, frowning in confusion and concern as the attack faded.

"It's Red's training style, he doesn't want his Pokémon to become too dependent on him so he teaches them to fight for themselves. Charizard was about to attack but now Red's directing it." Blue explained, and sure enough Charizard prepared for an entirely different attack.

The flying creature's neck trembling as it released a powerful purple and green acidic putrid breath, letting the gas fly towards Typhlosion. Typhlosion slammed into the ground with a roar, lava rising and spreading across the field.

"Typhlosion! Defense Curl!" Gold shouted out, realizing the plan as the Dragonbreath hit the lava, creating a huge explosion, launching Typlosion into the air with a pain filled roar, Charizard rising before swooping, glowing purple and blue, a silent glowing shell of a sharp mouthed creature, glowing with the unmistakable power of Dragon Rage.

"Typhlosion, curl and use Eruption around, deflect Charizard!" Gold shouted, Typhlosion obeying and curling into a small ball, exploding outwards as the flame forced Charizard down, where Typhlosion landed heavily on the back of the creature, who grunted under the weight.

"It looks like Charizard's impressive Dragon Rage has turned! Now Typhlosion is weighing down the mighty fire type!"

Gold smiled slightly, before it slipped from his face, seeing that the Charizard was able to support the 175 Lb Pokémon and not collapse under its weight.

Gold glanced across the field, noticing how Red was smiling slightly, and he lifted a hand in the air, giving a firm snap, Charizard spinning and actually wrapping its wings around Typhlosion, rising then diving with incredible speed as a large blue flame exploded over the creature, searing against Typhlosion as the Flare Blitz was getting closer to impacting the ground.

"Typhlosion! Rollout!" Gold shouted, but it was too late, the Flare Blitz had done its damage, slamming Typhlosion deep into the ground. The fire rose with a searing blast of power, leaving Charizard recoiling, flapping up in the air and wincing slightly, its wings trembling from the nonstop attacks.

Typhlosion groaned, clawing itself from the hole and looking positively tired, its body glowing with a powerful red tint, snarling almost feral as it roared, fire on its back arching into an incredible bonfire.

"It seems that Typhlosion has activated Blaze! It looks like Typhlosion is nearing the end of its power!"

It looked up, watching as Charizard landed at its feet, looking down at the creature as Charizard's body glowed with a power, although not blaze.

"Typhlosion! Eruption!"

Red snapped, Charizard releasing a powerful Overheat at pointblank range, Typhlosion trying to counter with an Eruption, the power meeting halfway and rapidly moving towards Typhlosion as it struggled to hold the fire back.

Red's eyes narrowed as he lifted his gaze, looking at Gold pointedly while gently patting his thigh twice.

Gold swallowed, suddenly feeling very very afraid.

'Typhlosion! No!'

Charizard's body glowed, its eyes illuminating with a powerful glow as suddenly, the Overheat burned hotter and larger, the flames now a crimson and golden yellow, curling with unbelievable power. It was the strongest attack that Gold had ever seen, rolling, enveloping his Typhlosion and finally Charizard closed its maw, wincing and trembling as it dropped to four legs, roaring victoriously as Typhlosion obviously fainted.

Gold lurched, hands curling into fists around his starter's Pokeball, ready to reclaim his mighty friend as soon as there was an opening, not wanting his Pokémon to suffer as he looked up, meeting the cold crimson eyes of Red.

The two stared at each other. The last attack wasn't necessary. The crowd never would have seen it, nor would they understand what Gold saw, but the Blast Burn wasn't needed, Typhlosion was doomed anyways.

'He's proving a point, he's not going to take it easy. This is for revenge.' Gold realized, recalling his Pokémon and closing his eyes, gently cradling the Pokeball. "I'm sorry Ty. I won't let you down." He smiled, setting the Pokeball back on the front of his right hip, his starter and his preferred Pokémon.

He pulled out the next Pokeball, tossing it out and revealing a slightly dragonoid looking creature, giving a mighty roar and hunching over, its long tail thrashing around angrily.

"And Champion Gold has summoned his Feraligatr! Will Trainer Red withdraw his Pokémon, or will he keep fighting with his impressive Charizard?"

Charizard looked over its shoulder at Red, and Red shrugged slightly, Charizard snorting and shaking his head. He hadn't backed down from the Feraligatr on the mountain. He wasn't going to now.

"Feraligatr. Hydro Pump." Gold spoke, voice void of emotion and now icily cool.

"They've realized it." Blue muttered, causing the group to look at him in slight confusion.

"Blue….this…this doesn't feel like a…a battle." Misty spoke, unnerved by the acts of power and dominant and aggressive snarls.

"That's because it isn't." Professor Oak cut in, frowning and watching the battle, noticing how Feraligatr loaded and charged the Hydro Pump.

"Red doesn't care about giving a show, that last move, Blast Burn, it was completely unnecessary. He used it to show that he wasn't going to be holding back- this is a revenge battle." Blue spoke, and the group looked at him in surprise, mostly the others that didn't know.

"Revenge? Over what?" Brock asked, looking at Max who shrugged.

"Red only lost one battle since he started his journey. One. And that was a mistake, and now he's proving that it was only that." Blue nodded while his mother said nothing, watching carefully as Charizard braced itself, ready to dodge.

"Are you sure?" Max asked, doubting Blue's idea.

"Watch, Charizard isn't going to hold back." Paul spoke, eyes drifting on the Feraligatr and looking somewhat…approving?

Charizard took off, quickly flapping although its speed was greatly reduced due to exhaustion. Charizard spun, using a Dragon Claw to actually slice through the water with a skill that was only pulled off from practice.

"That Blastoise." Gold muttered under his breath, nodding to his Feraligatr to continue using moves, although weaker ones that still could do their job.

Gold frowned, watching as Charizard kept flying, dodging carefully and slicing the occasional nearby blasts.

Red waited, watching as Feraligatr gave a slight gasp, panting from the moves and Red snapped, at once Charizard spun, slamming down into the ground with a Dragon Rage, knocking Feraligatr off and onto the ground, Charizard swooping up and flipping, swooping back down with a Wing Attack, knocking the creature down once more.

"See?" Paul asked, looking at Max who was frozen in shock at the brutal attack, noticing how every time Feraligatr tried to stand, it was knocked down with a loud crunching of scales on scales- a flinching crash and a painful hit for each.

"Time it!" Gold shouted, and Feraligatr grunted, wincing from the hits as it ducked, slamming its tail up and Charizard roared, tumbling head over heels as the Aqua Tail slammed into its face, causing it to crash and bounce, slamming into the ground with loud snaps, its wings flapping and folding awkwardly as it flopped once more like it had broke a landing. It grunted, letting out a low groan as it settled, grunting and trying to rise, turning slowly as if it originally belonged on four legs, slowly pulling its wings close as the awkwardly shaped joints shifted slowly to the scaly back.

"Now! Hydro Pump!"

Charizard opened its mouth, revealing a glowing ball of energy, which exploded outwards in waves, the Heat Wave keeping the Hydro Pump at bay, letting it evaporate in waves of steam, although the water was gaining.

Charizard recoiled, before showing an utterly terrifying look, causing Feraligatr to gasp, trembling slightly as the Hydro Pump hit, knocking Charizard back, a loud painful snap as it landed on its wings, grunting and twitching, before falling still.

"And Charizard is down! This is incredible, in all my years I have never seen such a powerful Charizard! After this battle, professionals may just have to categorize it, as it may be the strongest Charizard in recorded history!"

Red nodded, recalling his friend, gently running a finger down the side of the ball before clipping it to his hip.

"Red lost Charizard." Ash muttered, looking upset at the battle.

"True. However Typhlosion was Gold's first Pokémon, debatably his strongest. " Blue noted, causing the group to look forward anxiously.

"I hope Charizard is alright." May spoke, looking at the battle worriedly while Dawn''s Piplup chirped in agreement.

"It's fine." Ash smiled, before blinking- how did he know that?

Red released his next Pokémon, a large powerful creature fit with a dark shell, sharp claws and a stubby tail, aiming its cannons purposefully with a glare.

"And Challenger Red has summoned a Blastoise! Amazing, it's looking more and more like a battle between starters of Kanto and Johto!"

"Blastoise has a powerful defense, and the way Red's trained his Blastoise, the attack is killer. The last time I battled Gold, his Feraligatr was mostly a hand-to-hand Pokémon, but I think he knows just how dangerous Red is up close." Gold added, Daisy and Delia looked on with worry as the two Pokémon roared, circling, while Feraligatr was moving noticeably slower from Charizard's Scary Face.

They circled, both Pokémon on four legs as the moved, Blastoise moving similar to a Torterra, while Feraligatr was using long sweeping motions with its webbed claws, moving like a Skuntank would walk.

Red carefully pulled out his Pokedex, scanning the Feraligatr as Gold carelessly didn't with his own. Golds own Pokedex perhaps not on him, or he wasn't expecting the intense rate of increase of level in the years they had been gone. If Gold was surprised by the scanning of his Pokémon, he didn't show it. The audience murmured to each other, looking at the Pokedex oddly, after all, only those who had connections with Professor's gained Pokedex's.


Level: 78

Ability: Torrent

Hidden Ability: Sheer Force

Red blinked slowly- Sheer Force. No secondary effects could be made, but power was increased. No flinching, freezing, or paralysis.

He was about to put his Pokedex away before he quickly scanned his own Blastoise, having not done it recently.


Level: 86

Ability: Torrent

Hidden Ability: Rain Dish

Red's eyes narrowed slightly, his Blastoise having grown two levels in their quest, a great improvement when thinking about how high a level it was to begin with. He snapped his fingers, pointing up at the open roof where Blastoise shot a blast of water, activating Rain Dance while the two continued to circle, allowing Rain Dish to come into effect.

"What? Why did he just do that? Doesn't he know that Rain Dance makes water type moves stronger? Feraligatr is a water type too!" Max argued while Delia laughed slightly.

"Oh, if there is one thing I know, Red always has a plan."

"True, his Blastoise has an ability called Rain Dish. It absorbs energy through rain." Blue smiled, watching as the two Pokémon continued.

Gold said nothing, the two challengers wearing hats to keep the drops from their eyes as their Pokémon circled, snarling angrily.

Feraligatr was already slightly injured due to Charizard's perfectly executed attacks, not to mention that it had never trained to fight a Pokémon with such a defense as Blastoise.

Red snapped, and Blastoise released a powerful blast of water.

"Duck it, and then use Crunch." Gold nodded, Feraligatr ducking low and charging, using all four legs with impressive speed as it moved like a Treeco, twisting under the water before lunging upwards with its mighty teeth, Blastoise turning and Feraligatr yelped as its teeth slammed into the near metal strength of Blastoise's shell, knocking it to the side with two loose pointed incisors.


Blastoise growled, waiting before suddenly its cannons aimed, releasing a powerful torrent of light blue water, sky blue and oddly colored compared to the original color.

"Did Blastoise just use Water Spout? What a remarkable move! Normally native only to Wailord and other Pokémon! What a rare and powerful move, mostly due to the full health of Blastoise!" The announcer stated, rather surprised by the move.

"Water Spout? What the- You know what, I'm done with his impossible moves." Blue sighed while Max and Professor Oak spluttered over the impossible move.

Red didn't react, as he too was rather surprised at the attack. As far as he understood, Water Spout was the near equivalent to a water Eruption, and only learned by Wailord. 'Maybe our travels with the Wailord actually were useful.' Red thought, watching as Feraligatr slowly lifted itself from the hole in the wall the powerful attack created.

"Blizzard!" Gold shouted, Feraligatr releasing a flurry of snow and icy wind, Red arching an eyebrow as Blastoise didn't so much as flinch, well beyond used to the cold of the mountain. Blastoise blinked, spotting Feraligatr attempting to move around the icy sneakily.

"He obviously doesn't remember where Red lived." Max grinned, Misty looking forward with a smile as Blastoise kept looking into the ice, not moving one bit.


Blastoise recalled its head, leaving Feraligatr to smash its teeth on the shell, and then Blastoise jumped, spinning quickly and dizzying in a Rapid Spin.

"Hang On! Use Superpower!" Through the spinning blue blurs, they managed to see a twisting movement, a brightly glowing fist that collided with the shell, temporarily throwing the two back and into the ground, still spinning rapidly.

"It seems that Gold has changed the tides! Throwing Red for a loop with a direct Superpower, a powerful fighting type move! How will Red's Blastoise recover from this one?"

The dust cleared as well as the blizzard, the rain still pooling on the ground as Blastoise rose, standing high as a small section of shell was shattered, forcibly dented by the Superpower, although the turtle as a whole was unharmed.

"Amazing! The defense on this Pokémon rivals a Cloyster! The Superpower barely put a dent in it!"

Blastoise snarled, Feraligatr rising, looking at it in disbelief as Blastoise pulled its head back, and delivered a strong and powerful Skull Bash, knocking the Pokémon to the ground at its feet.

"It seems that Red had returned the attack with a Skull Bash, and a strong one at that!"


Again, Skull Bash slammed into Feraligatr, knocking it further and further into the cracking ground. Twice more and Feraligatr slumped forward, using its arms to attempt to hold it up while Blastoise snorted at the pathetic weakness of its physical defense.

"Feraligatr! Listen to me! Please! Dodge it!" Gold shouted, knowing full well that with Feraligatr's lack of defense against contact moves, it was running low on energy.

Feraligatr growled, its body glowing in a blue light as the ability of Torrent washed over it, showing it was low on health.

"This is it Feraligatr! Hydro Pump!" Gold shouted, and Feraligatr let loose an incredible wave of raw blue power, shooting towards Blastoise who dug its hind legs in the ground, before responding with a Hydro Pump of its own.

They battled it out, Torrent having a small gain over the natural strength of Blastoise, slowly edging its way towards Blastoise, but then Red tapped his thigh twice, and Blastoise moved, taking a step back and bracing itself, its cannons positioning firmly as the water turned a deeper blue, glowing with a sky blue center as it shot out, as if possessed by new energy.

The attack tore through the Hydro Pump, slamming into the exhausted Feraligatr and slamming it into the ground, where the water eventually drained and the creature did not rise again.

"And Feraligatr is down! Amazing, never have I seen such a power struggle between two trainers! If the pattern repeats, Red will not return his Blastoise either!"

Blastoise pulled back, and a new Pokémon greeted the field, a large green creature with a beautiful flower around its neck, rearing its head and looking at Blastoise, which snorted.

"Light Screen!" Gold shouted, his Pokémon summoning the light pink shield just as a strong Blizzard struck, splitting around Meganium as in return, it shook its neck, a strong Leaf Storm cutting through to where Blastoise withdrew in his shell, snarling and using another Blizzard.

"Keep up the Light Screen. Swap between Razor Leaf and Leaf Storm, keep your strength up and charge a Solar Beam." Gold ordered calmly, his Pokémon doing just that as Blastoise roared, being hammered on from all the attacks, unable to get anywhere close due to the frequent attacks.

Blastoise snarled out of annoyance, summoning a Protect while glancing at Red, who did an odd motion with a single hand, and Blastoise spun, shooting out a surprising Flash Cannon, slamming into Meganium and sending the Pokémon tumbling onto its back, forcing it to roll over to get up.

Blastoise charged in, ready for a painful Skull Bash when Meganium's petals glowed a beautiful white, releasing the charged Solar Beam in the face of Blastoise, forcing the Pokémon to crumple to the ground, smoke rising from the powerful solar energy.

"Is this it? Is that the end of Red's amazing Blastoise?"

"Why did his Blastoise charge in? That was reckless!" Paul seethed, watching with a scowl and Blue frowned also, not seeing the logic.

"I'm not sure. He could have just used Blizzard instead of running in like that." He muttered, frowning while Ash and his Pikachu watched in confusion.

"I think he's trying to keep the battles separated- the Rain Dance broke off once Meganium appeared on the field. I think he's trying to keep each battles different from before, so the arena doesn't affect the next matchup." Daisy spoke, and Blue noticed what she saw, giving a slight shrug.

"It would make sense." Brock muttered, watching as the dust moved, Blastoise in a small crater.

Red frowned, patting his leg twice while Blastoise trembled, trying to rise, pointing its cannons and releasing another one of the defying powerful water attacks, smashing into Meganium, who desperately used a Vine Whip to try and catch a hold on the ground, but the attack was too much, not to mention the glowing blue aura around Blastoise, Torrent being activated alongside the strongest Water Type move in existence.

The move finished, and Meganium stood on wobbly legs, gasping for breath and looking battered beyond belief. Gold swallowed, unnerved by the strength of the Blastoise.

Red snapped his fingers, and as Gold had quickly learned, that meant attack.

"Finish it, Magical Leaf!"

Blastoise shot off a Hydro Pump, grunting through the force while the Magical Leaf cut, slamming painfully into the creature and knocking it back, the Hydro pump causing Meganium to shriek.

Blastoise let out a low groan, dropping to the ground in a faint, having created a spectacular fight, nearly knocking out two Pokémon in one turn, not to mention two Pokémon of the champion.

"Blastoise is down! I can't help but guess which Pokémon will be revealed now!"

Venusaur stood proudly, its flower unfurling to absorb the sunlight, as the Rain Dance had worn off.

"A Venusaur?" Misty asked, looking at Brock who smiled, having seen the large Pokémon fight before.

"It's a real sight to watch! It's great, and so cute!" May grinned, and Max rolled his eyes.

"You're just saying that because you have one!" Max argued and Ash gave a laugh.

"Is it really that smart to have two grass type Pokémon pair up?" Red's Mother asked concerned while Professor Oak smiled.

"There's no problem at all! I'm sure Red has a plan!" He smiled, and Blue let out a low chuckle.

"He does. A while before when we were still on our journey, Red wanted my Nidoqueen to teach his Venusaur a move, and I'm pretty sure he's going to be using it." Blue spoke, causing Ash and Paul to look at him curiously.

"A Venusaur! The real question, is what Pokémon will be used after all three of the starters have been defeated!"

Red rolled his eyes, snapping and pointing to the ground, Venusaur stomping and thick roots growing from the ground, wrapping around its legs and ripping up the field, steadily restoring damage.

"It's Ingrain! I must say, Red has taught his Pokémon a rare selection of moves not found naturally."

"Meganium, use PoisonPowder!"

Two large clouds of purple powder erupted, one from Venusaur and one from Meganium, both hitting their mark as the Pokémon hissed, face paling in color from the obvious sickness.

"Both Pokémon have poisoned each other! How strange!"

A thin silvery pink dust filtered from Venusaur's petals, which flapped in the air, dispersing the Sweet Scent further out as Meganium stumbled, still obviously tired from the assault from Blastoise, legs trembling from the poisoning, while Ingrain restored Venusaur's health.

Gold frowned and the two Pokémon looked at each other, not exactly sure on what the other was going to do, but once Gold noticed how Venusaur wasn't able to move due to Ingrain, he smiled.

"Meganium, jump over Venusaur! Once on the back use Body Slam!"


"Gold's noticed that with Ingrain, your Pokémon is trapped on the battle field. It can't move." Blue explained to Misty, who looked startled at the attack.

Meganium charged, Venusaur using Vine Whip to try and knock the Pokémon aside, but Meganium leapt high into the air, directly above Venusaur's flower as it picked up speed for a Body Slam.

Red smiled.

He snapped, and a large purple retched liquid burst from the flower, splashing up on Meganium and knocking it to the side, where it fell to the ground, trembling and twitching from the toxic waste of Venoshock, it's power doubled due to Meganium's poisoning.

Venusaur looked at Red, who nodded, Venusaur moved, a glowing ball of sunlight from Weatherball, and it exploded in a wave of fire, burning Meganium and knocking it out instantly.

"And Meganium is down! Now is Gold's first, non starter Pokémon!"

"What? Venusaur knows WeatherBall?" Ash asked in surprise while Blue smiled.

"You taught it Venoshock. Smart." Paul noted, causing Blue to nod.

"Yeah, although I'm not sure if it'll be much use if Gold sticks to what his lineup was up on the mountain-"

"Sci- zor!"

"Yup, same Pokémon." Blue sighed, as the large glowing red Pokémon exploded upwards from the Pokeball, gliding upwards, wings extended.

"Scizor. X-Scissor." Gold nodded, , the creature zipping down to attack instantly from its initial release.

Venusaur roared, feeling the pain from the attack as it released a Sleep Powder in the air, Scizor dodging it and continuing on with its attack from a distance.

"Reds going to win!" Misty confirmed, watching as a strong Leaf Storm knocked Scizor to the ground harshly.

"I'm not sure- I remember that Scizor, the last I checked, it had an ability called technician, it makes weaker attacks double the damage." Blue spoke, causing Brock to look at him in alarm.

"And with Scizor's bug attacks, Venusaur's in some major trouble." He spoke, the others looking on, now worried as Venusaur winced after a particularly strong X-Scissors, although it was able to knock away Scizor with a solid slam into the thin Pokémon, knocking it down and striking it with two thick vines.

The Ingrain continued, and Venusaur relaxed slightly, the health regaining slowly.

"Scizor, cut the roots with Metal Claw!"

Venusaur snarled, a large glowing ball of energy in its mouth as it released Weatherball, a spiraling ball of fire slamming into the Scizor and knocking it into the ground, it rising slowly before flinching, tongues of fire lapping at it before vanishing slightly.

"he burned it!" May gasped, quickly thinking of the advantage of the move.

"True, and fire does quadruple damage to a Scizor!" Professor Oak smiled while Scizor rose, looking obviously mad while Venusaur glared angrily, not letting it get closer.

"Scizor, are you alright?" Gold asked, slightly concerned- Scizor normally didn't go against such a Pokémon.

Scizor jumped to its feet, angry as it snapped its claws together with Hone claws, boosting its attacking strength as it paused, waiting.

"Great, Quick Attack!"

Scizor moved, and Venusaur growled, sending up vines to counter before it heard the soft sound of a hand on thigh, patting twice.

Instantly it changed its moves, slamming down with a stomp as through the ground thick vines sprouted, reaching upwards for Scizor who jumped to dodge.


The attack struck home as a powerful vine knocked the Pokémon into the air, Scizor flipping with a wince before aiming back at Venusaur.

"Hyper Beam!"

The vines desperately reached upwards, snagging Scizor as it released the powerful attack, slamming it with teeth shattering force into the ground as Venusuar roared, the Ingrain roots snapping from the force as the large tired beast was knocked backwards, laying still on its flower.

"Oh no! Venusaur!" Ash cried out, but Paul shook his head, pointing at Scizor, who winced while standing, obviously exhausted.

"And Venusaur is down! But not after inflicting some major damage to Scizor, which Pokémon will Red choose?"

Red threw a Pokeball, revealing a tall creature, frowning and yawning, showing two stubby fangs and a large muscled body.

"A Snorlax! I've never seen such a muscular Pokémon before!"

"Scizor, activate Technician." Gold spoke, and Scizor gave a slight nod, it's entire body flashing for a moment before it looked at Snorlax, ready for the new challenge.

Red snapped his fingers and Snorlax immediately used Defense Curl, and Gold frowned at the tactic.

"Scizor, get in close and use Brick Break!" Scizor charged, obviously faster and zoomed forward, claws glowing as it prepared to attack with devastating power.

Red snapped again, and Snorlax flopped forward, using Heavy Slam on Scizor which vanished beneath the fat and muscle.

"Come on Scizor! Rock Smash!"

Snorlax groaned, before it was hurled by a trembling Scizor, which raced after, once Snorlax landed heavily Scizor delivered a strong Brick Break without Mercy, knocking the Pokémon back further and further.

Red tensed, watching his Pokémon be pummeled as he signed something close to his mouth, a jolting movement and snapping loudly.

Snorlax was hit again, five Close Combats in quick succession and the large Pokémon was panting through the pain, managing to stand above Scizor as it blew, long tongues of flame blowing out in a flamethrower and singing the Steel Bug type Pokémon, causing it to drop back in a dead faint.

"What? His Snorlax knows Flamethrower?" Max gasped, looking at May who had her hand protectively over her Munchlax Pokeball.

"Oh, Snorlax is one of those Pokémon that can learn many moves. Flamethrower is just one of them, it also knows Thunder Punch, Blizzard, Shadow Ball, Brick Break, and possibly SolarBeam." Paul scowled, looking at the tired Pokémon.

"Is there any move it can't learn?" Ash gasped, looking at the large Pokémon in slight awe.

"Yeah, it doesn't know Rest." Paul stated dismissively, causing Blue to look at him in suspicion and surprise,

"Yeah… It never could fall asleep on command, something that Red let it forget up on his mountain, bet he's regretting it." Blue sighed as Gold recalled his Scizor, sending out another Pokémon.

The Togetic flapped twice, floating delicately in the air before them all, causing Misty to sigh and think of her own Togetic.

"Togetic, Secret Power." Gold ordered calmly, his Togetic spinning around, zipping around the tired Snorlax before it stiffened, Paralyzed and grunting from the attack.

"Secret Power depends on the stage. When inside, it inflicts paralysis." Brock explained for Dawn, who was watching with surprise.

"Wish." Gold added, his Pokémon twirling and cooing upwards, causing a slight glow as it spun around, looking more like a Mew then a Togetic.

"Magical Leaf." Gold then ordered, and at once a Flamethrower was released by Snorlax, who took a lumbering step, then stiffened.

"Why are they just standing there?" Ash asked with a frown, while Paul rolled his eyes.

"Please, most of Togetic's attacks are physical, as are Snorlax's. Snorlax has the advantage with moves like Heavy Slam, which power increases due to its weight, so Gold doesn't want to get his Pokémon damaged, mostly because he only has this and his Pichu, if he's sticking to what he promised before the battle." Paul sneered, watching intently as the two Pokémon stared.

"…Okay, Safeguard, then Metronome."

"What?" Blue asked in shock, leaning forward while his Togetic obeyed the command,

"That idiot- he's baiting Red into a Metronome match! One wrong move and Togetic could be done for!" Blue cursed, watching as Togetic happily waved its little hands around.

"What's so wrong with Metronome?" Max asked, and Brock spoke this time, "It could be any move in existence. For all Gold knows, he may be telling Togetic to use Explosion."

Red smiled slightly, nodding to his Snorlax which obeyed the command, waving its hands around as both Pokémon obeyed the attack.

A pause…

Togetic spun, firing off an array of sharp spikes, the projectiles slamming towards Snorlax, who in return let out a large blast of retched putrid green and purple gas, knocking Togetic to the side with a squeak, the gas causing it to cough.

"Spike Cannon and DragonBreath. Red's lucky he knows how to deal with DragonBreath." Blue cursed, and Red let out a Flamethrower, the gas catching fire and launching Togetic high into the air with a squeal, twitching in pain, but the Safeguard obviously saved it from a burn. Snorlax took one step before stiffening, Paralyzed.

"Metronome again!" Gold shouted, and Togetic thrashed, wriggling its fingers quickly as it tried to find a move as it changed its descent towards Snorlax.

It pressed its tiny hand against Snorlax, a Force Palm exploding outwards as Snorlax groaned, dropping back in a dead faint from pain, and exhaustion.

"That was just luck!" May gasped, thinking about the random order her Skitty used her team's attacks. Max gave a nod beside her and Brock crossed his arms with a frown.

Togetic flapped, panting and tired, as it's health was never the highest. It suddenly glowed, its Wish coming true and allowing it to regain full health.

"This is what they're used to. This is what will determine the real battle." Blue nodded, while the group looked at him oddly.

"You mean-"

"This entire match has been about the final two Pokémon, Pikachu and Pichu. Trust me, Pikachu wants a rematch." Blue spoke, eyes glued to the match.

Espeon jumped out, shifting into an elegant twist before landing regally, Togetic flipping around almost like a child, looking adorable as the two Pokémon looked at each other.

"An Espeon and a Togetic! Both very unique Pokémon, and rare to obtain, as both evolve when bonded with their trainer."

"Interesting, is that why they're a match up?" Misty asked, and Blue nodded.

"Rain Dance!" Togetic chirped, spinning in the air and Espeon hissed, flinching at the water.

"Smart, now Espeon is unable to use Morning Sun to regain energy." Professor Oak nodded, causing Red to frown.

"Ancient Power."

Espeon dodged, the rocks were covered by mental energy, and would be impossible to take control of.

Instead she focused on Togetic, who shrieked at the inability to fly, and instead was held in spot.

"Don't panic, and use Magical Leaf."

Espeon tucked, wincing as a lead cut into her flank, flipping she did an Iron Tail.

"Encore!" Togetic chirped, and Espeon hissed, repeating the move multiple times, striking a hit twice out of the five, knocking her opponent to the ground.

She charged with a Psybeam, Togetic slamming into her with a Double-Edge, knocking her to the ground where she scrambled for a hold, jumping up in a Quick Attack as Togetic retaliated with another Double-Edge.

"Metronome!" Gold shouted, and Blue groaned, watching as Togetic wiggled its fingers.

It was silent a moment before Togetic dove, glowing with power as it hummed, picking up speed and Espeon tried to dodge, shrieking with pain as she was struck with the Sky Attack, Togetic swooping around and using Double-Edge while she was down.

"Metronome, use it every chance you get!"

"He's an idiot." Blue deadpanned and Paul shook his head, "No, he's shortening the battle."

The group looked at Paul, who understood perfectly what Gold was trying.

Togetic darted forward with a Quick Attack, Espeon jumping and snarling with a Psybeam, letting it loose as the Quick Attack spontaneously turned into a Discharge, shrieking Espeon was hit, only to retaliate with a Iron Tail and slam Togetic to the ground.

"Gold's trying to find a move that will take down Espeon, or deal plenty of damage. Currently, his mind is on his last Pokémon, he cares not for the outcome of this battle, merely the lack of use of Espeon."

Espeon shrieked, dodging a Rock Smash and mentally throwing Togetic into one of the summoned rocks, the normal type groaning before charging, this time a Leaf Blade as it tried to slash, knocked back by a swift attack.

A Mist suddenly fell over the field, proving more of a hinder for the Togetic then Espeon, who shifted to her extra sense, using her brain to follow and watch Togetic, who flitted around anxiously.

She pounced, her fangs biting its side as it shrieked, flailing its little arms and kicking as it instantly used Metronome, not that Helping Hand actually did anything.

Espeon chomped down harder, and she twitched, yelping as at once she felt Wild Charge, the electricity numbing her tongue as she gagged, letting go and dropping with one last Iron Tail, before sneaking under the mist again.

"It looks like Espeon has the advantage now; Togetic seems completely at its mercy!"

"It's obvious that Espeon is the better Pokémon." Paul noted, looking critically at the Togetic, "Only if that idiot taught it better moves. It could know SolarBeam, Retaliate, even Giga Impact if he taught it." Paul sighed, noticing the sight of the startled Pokémon, "Pathetic."

The group blinked, slightly at awe as for how Paul knew what moves the Togetic could have known, but instead it used Metronome again.

Togetic let out a loud shriek, Hyper Voice, and Espeon howled in pain, lunging out of the mist in a slightly crazed state, trying to get the noise to stop, slamming into it with another Crunch, just as Togetic used Metronome again.

The Iron Tail clashed with the Crunch, causing Espeon to shriek in pain from the attack, using Psybeam to slam into Togetic, knocking the Pokémon to the ground where it scuttled, trying to get back into the air.

A flash, and quite literally, Espeon blinked at the bright light of Flash, twitching her eyes and shaking her head as Togetic used a low Growl, although ineffective.

Espeon fired off Psybeams, Togetic letting out a mournful and panicked noises it hurriedly used Swift, then a Razor Leaf. Both moves were harmless to the Psybeam, and it quickly used Metronome as Espeon pounced.

Togetic blinked, startled at the Teleport before swooping in, using Double-Edge readily while Espeon spun, Iron Tail on the back of the creature before chomping down on the exhausted flying creature.


An explosion shifting, tumbling high into the air with a black cloud, obviously a Pokémon move that only a few trainers ever dared use.

"…It seems that Metronome created the move Explosion, affecting both Togetic and Espeon."

The dust cleared slightly, and both Pokémon were knocked out, Espeon twitching slightly.

The two trainers returned their Pokeballs, hands resting on their last one as they looked at each other with cold eyes.

"This is it. This is what he's been waiting for." Delia smiled, folding her hands gently on her lap, "He always told me that Pikachu of his would determine the fate of his greatest battle- I always thought that he was just saying that- I guess Arceus spoke to him when he was a child." Delia smiled slightly while Blue gave a small smile.

"He's the Chosen One of this universe. I bet you Arceus has watched him since the first day he walked. I bet the Eternals themselves are watching this battle." Blue laughed, and the two trainers watched each other intently.

"…Trainers, please release your final Pokémon, then the battle may continue." The announcer spoke, after a while of brief hesitation.

The two looked at each other, before very slowly pulling out one Pokeball each, Blue taking extra care to make sure it wasn't an Ultra Ball or the dreaded Master Ball.

They held the two Pokeballs, not willing to throw them as they each held them.

A small hush steadily grew over the crowd, cameras shifting angles to look at the trainers and the scarred field, the Mist clearing and leaving the ground with no changes.

"He's going to win." Ash spoke, somehow knowing what was going to happen, just as the two Pokeballs opened with red light, two small creatures turning and running up their trainer's arms, across the shoulders and sitting on the opposite.

"I- I'm not sure what we were expecting, but it surely wasn't this….Ladies and Gentlemen! I present to you, a battle between the Champion's incredibly strong, and even more rare, Pichu! And Red's no doubted, powerful Pikachu!"

The two Pokémon blinked, before instantly their fur bristled angrily, sparks darting across their cheeks.

"They recognize each other." Ash muttered, and Blue tensed, jaw locking as he saw the sight.

"Trainers…please send your Pokémon into the ring to begin battling."

"Red." Gold spoke, the Mic. Amplifying his voice to a large echo throughout the stadium. Red looked up, his hat brim just above his black sweeping bangs and cold emotionless eyes.

"I'm going to say this, and I think I may regret it." Gold spoke, a small smile coming to his face as he shifted his weight, letting out a breathless shaking laugh.

"I've sometimes thought to myself that I was an idiot to try the climb up Mt. Silver, I think that I'm even more of an idiot to challenge you up there, the lost Champion." Gold gave a slightly breathless laugh before shaking his head, "Never have I regretted it. It's been an honor Red, but I'm not going to let you win."

Red looked up, his Pikachu shifting on his back, he looked up, taking on step to stand upright.

He moved, apparently completely serious as he shifted, his coat fluttering open to reveal his pitch black undershirt as his gym badges caught the light slightly. Red looked towards his Pikachu, who in all seriousness, reached up with its little paws and picked the hat off of Red's head, revealing the color near the darkness of a Houndoom, but changing in the light like the iridescence of a Murkrow.

Pikachu took Red's hat off.

Now it was business.

Delia inhaled sharply, the group looking at Red stunned, who had never, in the eight months they had known him, ever taken off his hat.

"Oh." Delia breathed softly, looking out at her son who held a look that the woman knew all too well.

Red stood strong, looking nearly entirely different when lacking his hat, his neck seeming longer while his collarbone pronounced in a thin way. His hair shone in the light, and his skin seemed even more pale without a shadow to darken it- his red eyes practically glowing while he stared at Gold, who swallowed, instantly intimidated by the cool merciless eyes.

"Your victory was a miscalculation on my part. It will not happen again." Red spoke, voice chillingly cool and almost haunting with the lightness of it, the Mic. Straining to pick it up.

"So be it." Gold gave a small smile, holding his arm out just as Red did the same, the two Pokémon running across the appendage before jumping into the air. Pichu gave an adorable little twirl while Pikachu managed two tight flips before landing on four legs, ready for battle while Pichu stood on two.

"The battle between the Pokémon Pichu and Pika-"

"No commentating." Gold spoke, causing the stadium to gasp slightly, not expecting the sudden refusal of commentating- something unheard of.

"Also-" Gold spoke after a moment of thinking, eyes flashing as he looked at the Ref. "This stadium is able to replicate environmental status. A Blizzard, or hailing if you want." Gold spoke, the Ref looked baffled before Red nodded, showing just how scrawny he was as very slowly a blizzard grew on the stage.

"He's replicating his battle. He's remaking it up on the Mountain." Ash gasped, and Paul gave a slight nod, watching as the ice tore at the field, and each of the yellow Pokémon.

Red pulled out his Pokedex, flipping it open as he looked at the Pichu, this time making sure to scan it.


Level: 80

Ability: Volt Absorb

Hidden Ability: Lightningrod

Red noticed the Lightning rod- it would attract any electric attacks in any battle. No electric attacks wouldn't miss.

He saw Gold's hand inching towards his pocket, where no doubt he had his own Pokedex, and Red didn't want him knowing of Pikachu's level just yet.

He snapped, his Pikachu racing forward as Pichu sprang, landing on four legs and running while Pikachu chased it alongside.

"Pichu, Double Team."

Red swept his hand, Pikachu noticing the command and activating Agility, racing through the copies before Pichu jumped up of the way, leaving Pikachu to skid and turn quickly.

"Thundershock, test it."

Red snapped, fingers clicking. Pikachu was turning and using a Light Screen, the pink barrier appearing and blocking the electric attack, causing Pichu and Pikachu to circle again.


Pikachu jumped away in Agility, dodging any attack Pichu was aiming for.

"Why is he not attacking directly?" Brock asked with a frown while Max grinned, knowing the answer.

"Pichu is the lowest evolved form of a Raichu! That means it can't learn many of the stronger moves on its own!"

"In return it can learn moves from Wild Charge, to Protect." Paul spoke up, causing the group to look at him in surprise once more.

"Red isn't going to let his Pokémon do all the work. He knows what's on the line, he's not going to let his Pikachu fend for itself." Delia spoke softly, and the group looked at her in surprise,

"You mean?"

"Red's going to actually command his Pokémon. Wow, haven't seen that since we started out on our journey." Blue noted with surprise.

"Hidden Power!" Gold shouted, rather confident while his Pichu twisted, summoning glowing green orbs which shot quickly at Pikachu, hitting its flank as it raced away, causing it to yelp and hiss in pain.

"Just Red's luck the Hidden Power is ground." Professor Oak sighed, watching worriedly.

"Pichu, again!"

"Agility with Light Screen. Iron Tail." Red spoke, his Pikachu jumping into the air, using Light Screen as the screen seemed to form a bubble¸ as the Pokémon bounced off each rock, flipping above Pichu and crashing down with Iron Tail.

"Thunderbolt!" Gold shouted, the electricity bouncing off the Light Screen as the small Pokémon cried out in agony.

Pikachu jumped away, skidding with its one side before hesitating to charge, now shifting from being an independent creature into one that obeyed commands.

"Pichu, you all right?" Gold asked, his Pichu jumping up and scowling, blinking its large eyes quickly. "Pica Pichu!" It shouted, pointing angrily while Pikachu only flipped its ears.

"Stay back Pichu, let it come to you." Gold spoke, and Red frowned.

"…Quick Attack, Iron Tail."

Pikachu vanished a blur racing as it jumped up into the air, twisting in a spin to slam down its tail.

"Tackle its stomach!" Gold shouted, Pichu rocketing up and slamming Pikachu into the ground where its tail split the ground, the two Pokémon stumbling over each other before they jumped up, Pikachu pausing once more before Red nodded, letting his Pokémon dart forward in a Quick Attack, knocking it to the side.

"Pichu, Thunderbolt!" The electricity arched through the air, where Pikachu was hard strained to keep away from the fast moving yellow electricity.

"Why is it running away? Why isn't he using Thunderbolt back?" Max asked, standing up while May sighed, Dawn looking out fearfully as the Pikachu ran, the blizzard causing their sight to be greatly reduced.

"If Red uses any electric attacks, Pichu will probably absorb them and become stronger." Paul explained, eyes locking on the Pichu.

"Why doesn't Red just use them to get rid of the Thunderbolt?" Ash asked, thinking that the strategy may one day benefit his own Pikachu.

"The Pichu holds an ability, it will attract all attacks towards it if they're electric. Red can't use anything electric." Paul spoke once more, this time causing Professor Oak to look at him in surprise.

"I must say, Paul, you're knowledge of Pokémon is very impressive. As for how you know that Pichu has the Lightning rod ability, you must tell me." Professor Oak smiled while Paul just shifted slightly, giving a one shoulder shrug.

"I just know, that's it." He curtly responded, causing Delia to look at him with fondness, looking at Blue who smiled, assuring her that it was not only her that saw the resemblance to the red eyed trainer that was battling.

Pikachu jumped out of the way, propelling itself off of a rock and rocketing forward, knocking down Pichu who squeaked, rolling to its feet as it cried out, stiffening and twitching in surprise.

"Static." Brock smiled with a smug feeling, watching the slowly tiring Pichu and Pikachu move once more.

"Pichu, Double Team Thunderbolt." Gold snapped his fingers, his Pichu quickly obeying while Pikachu cried out, wincing as the electricity raced across its fur, the small creature's legs trembling as it tried to stand.


Pikachu lunged, knocking the Pichu to the ground with a powerful hit, Pichu cried out, thrashing and doubling its force with a Thunderbolt, sending Pikachu flying where it collided with an icy pillar, stumbling and falling to the ground hard.

"He's getting too tired." Dawn noted, seeing the heaving breaths of the two Pokémon.

"I don't get it, that Pikachu is practically invincible!" Misty argued, having seen the strength of it during the many battles at the Silver Conference.

"The Pichu. It's powerful, perhaps the strongest there is. It's wearing him down, no doubt one of those Thunderbolts could knock out any of your Pokémon." Paul stated coolly, causing Misty to scowl from the information.

"True, here, I'll find out the level." Blue nodded, pulling out his Pokedex and scanning the smaller of the two Pokémon.

He blinked, frowning slightly as he reached up and scanned Pikachu, his frown becoming firmer on his face, "That can't be right…"

"What?" Dawn asked, interested as she tried to take a peek.

"It says that the Pichu is level 80, impressive. But it says that Pikachu Is level 91. I don't think that's actually right- hey Gramps, is this broken?" Blue asked, tossing his Pokedex towards the old man.

"91? Really?" Daisy asked, looking in slight horror at the panting mouse below.

"What's the big deal with 91? That's really powerful, right?" Brock asked, causing Professor Oak's flabbergasted face to look at him.

"I- He-" The professor tried to say while Blue patted his shoulder knowingly, "I know, right? I think I've just accepted the fact that Red is too unfair- it shouldn't surprise me. After all, one mighty Thunder took down Kyogre-"

"He beat an Eternal?" Delia gasped and Blue gave a nod, watching the fight progress.



The two attacks collided, Pichu crying out as its Swift was nothing compared to the flurry of power that Pikachu summoned, "Quick Attack."


Pikachu growled, jumping out of the way of the powerful bubble of power, landing and looking just as Pichu sprinted into it, its body a mass of training blue electricity as it collided, Pikachu crying out in pain as it was shot back, slamming through an icy pillar and into Red, who stumbled, holding his twitching Pokémon gently as Pikachu looked up mournfully.

"Pichu! Wait for it to enter the battle once more, then Thunderbolt!"

Red scowled, looking at the panting and obviously tired Pichu before letting out a low sigh.

"I'm so sorry Pikachu." He whispered, the smaller Pokémon shaking its head, knowing full well that his trainer would do anything for him.

"Pika! Pikachu chu Pi Pikachu!" Pikachu shouted, landing on the field panting, while its lower evolution did the same.

"I don't want to watch." May whimpered, the group noticing the dark look in each other's eyes- they were out for blood.

"Pi! Pichu!" Pichu growled back at Pikachu, who spat, hissing angrily.

"Pichu- Thunderbo-"

"Pikachu. Thunder."

"What?" Blue practically screamed, Paul jolting forward in surprise while Ash's jaw dropped and his own companion gained a look of confusion.

None were more confused than Pikachu.

"Pi? Pikachu Pi Pika Pi Pi Chu chu!" Pikachu argued, waving its tail angrily while Gold arched one eyebrow.

"Uh, Red. You do remember what happened last time, right? You aren't just giving up, are you?" Gold asked, and Red's eyes narrowed, looking at his Pokémon with an apologetic look.

"Stay strong. Pikachu, Thunder."

Pikachu hesitated, not moving from its spot as it looked at the equally confused Pichu.

"Why is it just standing there?" Max asked in confusion, while Paul watched intently.

"It's deciding whether or not to trust his trainer." Paul spoke, voice low as nobody moved.

Then, very slowly Pikachu's fur bristled with electricity, the clouds above darkening as it stood, a thick strong strand of electricity jolting down, hitting Pikachu before it deflected, slamming into Pichu with a powerful impact.

"Pichu! Absorb it and fire it right back! Finish this like last time!"

Pichu flinched under the power, before its entire body seemed to glow with the power, Pikachu cutting off with its usual power, not wanting to change it into the near impossible amounts of energy, watching as Pichu practically glowed.


The energy struck Pikachu, causing the Pokémon to scream, thrashing, body trembling on the ground as the power was forced through it, knocking it down onto four legs, then onto its stomach, kicking involuntary as it cried out, in pain and slight betrayal.

"Pi- Pikachu! Pi- Pika Chu chu!" It screamed, thrashing again.

Delia blinked, brushing away a tear as she looked at everyone else's faces, noticing their sorrow filled eyes and Dawn and May, who were refusing to even watch.

"Stop." Gold spoke, not feeling like letting his Pichu command with the attack, his Pichu letting go of the insane amount of power- the combined energy of Pikachu and Pichu's original force.

Red said nothing, his eyes were closed as the dust cleared and Pikachu laid there, not moving.

"…Pikachu is un-"

"Wait." Red cut off the man, looking intently at his Pokémon, who very slowly stirred.

"Come on Pikachu, I don't know why he did that, but please." Blue whispered, and the others also whispered similar things, looking at each other.

Red said nothing, lowering himself until he was sitting on his platform, legs dangling as he drew closer to his fainted friend.

"Pikachu." He muttered, voice soft and faint although he knew his friend could hear it, "I'm so sorry, but I need you. This one time, trust me. I've trusted you all my life, it's time for you to trust me."

Pikachu didn't move.

"Pi?" Pichu asked, concerned as it bounded over, looking at the Pokémon in concern while Gold swallowed, shouting to Red, "Just call it! It's in pain!"

"Not yet." Red spoke, voice louder as the Mic. Caught it.

'Pikachu. Please. You're my best friend, and I know you can do this.'

Very very slowly, Pikachu stirred. Rising with strain as its body shook, trying to keep itself upright.

"Chu?" Pichu asked, getting a little closer, although still wary of attack.

"Pi-ka." Pikachu panted, looking up at Red, slightly surprised by his new obviously precarious position, trying to get as close to the battle as possible.

"So what, he just called his Pokémon, it can't win in this state." Daisy spoke, looking at the Pikachu in concern.

"Pikachu, Counter."

Gold's eyes widened to near amusing sizes. "Pichu! Get aw-"


Dust and ash rose, a loud pain filled shriek before it cut off quickly, leaving the audience to guess who it was that was injured.

"What- what just happened?" Daisy whispered, while Blue stared at the field in shock, Paul mirroring it.

"That ignorant, self absorbed, foolish jerk of a genius." Blue gasped, Paul smiling and mirroring it, watching the dust cloud while everyone looked at them in confusion.

"Uh, Blue, didn't Pikachu just get knocked out?" Brock asked, confused.

"But he used Counter- oh, that smart boy." Professor Oak chuckled.

"What's counter?" Dawn asked, and Paul gave a low chuckle.

"A risky move. It doubles any damage received and returns it in a single hit."

The dust cleared, and standing victoriously was a panting Pikachu. Pichu slammed into the ground, the ground cracking around the indent, puckered by the amount of raw power forced through the hit.

"Now, you may call it." Red spoke, looking to the Ref, who nodded and very shakily declared Red winner.

The moment he did so both trainers jumped down, running to their Pokémon, Gold gingerly picking up Pichu, who did not stir from the movement.

"Pikachu." Red whispered, his companion swaying and dropping, Red snatching his friend before he could collapse, gently lifting the Pokémon and holding it close.

"I- I cannot believe this….Champion Gold has been…defeated, by Red. Trainer Red has become Champion Red, but due to the lack of proper identification and Elite Four winnings, Red is not the Champi-"

"Hold it!" A new voice shouted, causing the group to look up as a man with spiked hair was lowered, riding on the back of a large intimidating Dragonite, the Pokémon dropping to the ground and letting the man dismount.

"Lance!" Gold stated, looking at the man in surprise.

"I heard about the challenge, I couldn't help but watch. Imagine my surprise when you return. It's been a long time, Red. Four years if I remember correctly." Lance nodded, Red returning it, drawing silent.

"It's your call. I can offer identification, however I won't let the league remove you from your post since the challenge was a surprise." Lance spoke, looking at Gold who held his Pichu, looking at the cold emotionless Red.

"He's not going to let him keep it." Blue whispered, the others noting that and drawing uneasy.

Gold reached for his Mic, drawing it to his face and declaring loudly.

"I have been defeated. Champion Red has reclaimed his title, and I will say this willingly, Champion Red is the strongest Trainer I have ever met. Possibly the strongest in the world."

He paused, looking at Red and giving a small smile, "I regret nothing."

The crowd was silent, before Blue stood up and loudly started clapping.

"Blue!" Daisy hissed, but Blue didn't stop, instead Paul and Ash both stood at the same moment, clapping also.

Slowly the clapping spread, until at the very end Red was being called upon, a steady chant rose and those very faintly remembering his legendary battle years ago.

"Look!" Max gasped, pointing as above three birds were circling, each a bright color and crying out loudly, drawing attention upwards.

"Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres, what are the Eternals doing here?" Gold asked quietly, causing Red to look at them and frown, hand moving to his belt, where three Pokeballs sat, empty and the birds'.

'Arceus.' He thought with a fond thought, trying not to smile as he brushed his fingers on one.

He pulled them out with one hand, shifting Pikachu to a better position before throwing one at a time high into the air.

First Articuno dove, catching its Ultra Ball in its claws and returning skyward, departing steadily, the other two slowly followed, Moltres actually landing on the ground and looking at the three trainers, eyes locked on Red.

'May your call be heard by all you have helped. We shall meet again, let the sun shine warm against your back, and your inner fire burn brightly.'

Red gave a nod, Moltres flapping and departing into the sky, the entire arena seeming to cool already.

"I- what?" Gold gasped, seeing the three birds vanish.

"…It seems you've been busy. You managed to please the three birds?" Lance asked, lifting an eyebrow while Red gained a small smirk.

"Well, I've seen Raiku! I saved him when Rocket tried to rise again!" Gold argued.

"…Caught." Red added, looking up while Gold's jaw dropped, and Lance seemed to understand.

"Wait, you caught the three birds? You caught Eternals?" Lance asked, before shaking his head in disbelief.

Red walked, Blue summoning his Pidgeot while Ash jumped upon it also, Paul not hesitating before releasing a Pokémon of his own, a large and healthy Skarmory.

Red arched one brow at the Pokémon, Paul giving a slight shrug.

The last time that Red had seen a Skarmory, it was during Paul's match with Barry. Did Paul want a Skarmory after his battle with Barry? Or was it more recent?

"After Arceus." Paul muttered, and Red's eyes narrowed slightly in understanding. Paul's gift…of Understanding, perhaps it had affected his viewpoints on several Pokémon he thought useless before.

"Your friends?" Lance asked, only seeing the descending Pokémon.

"Lance! Long time no see, how have you been?" Blue grinned, the older man offering a small smile, shaking his head with a chuckle, "Always the same, Blue."

"This is Ash, and that's Paul." Blue introduced, Ash smiling and his Pikachu chirping a greeting, while Paul just gave a slight nod of his head.

Lance and Gold blinked, looking from the younger two to Red and Blue, noticing the similarities immediately, "Weird, huh?" Blue asked casually causing Lance to blink out of it.

"So, you've beat me, rather spectacularly too." Gold sighed, and Red gave a nod, finally setting his hat back on, casting his eyes in shadow as the two looked at him.

"Welcome back, Champion."


Two Years Later

Red looked up, watching as the large doors towards his personal chambers opened.

Each Elite Four room stadium was built with a separate area where each Leader or Champion lived, attached to the side of the building, allowing quick access to any battle.

Each champion was able to change the surroundings to best suit them, Lance had arranged his own stadium with the latest of technology, large glittering walls that looked similar to scales decorating the walls, a dark red tile walking towards the arena, where a large golden scaled Pokeball indent was built into the centre of the flooring.

It was fitting, the large and beautiful shaped scaled walls were similar to Dragonite scales, Lance's signature Pokémon.

The gyms were built in similar ways. Each were built in the style of whichever the gym leader would like, each would send in a request and a design plan for their gym, then the league would grant them the money required to build the gym, and a yearly amount given to repair damage after a nasty battle.

Blue had used such money to create an elaborate trap of his gym, built of shifting tiles that the two had originally found in the Team Rocket base long ago. It was modern, flashing lights and dark colors with large neon accents, Blue always did like the city, his gym reflected as much. It showed his comfort at the large electronic devices, enjoying the way the bright lights reflected on his Jolteon, who enjoyed the electricity too.

Red's room was much more…different.

Once moving past Lance's stadium the challenger would walk up the electronic platform, moving towards where Red's stadium was. Through the halls, it was black with large white lights along the base, the walls and floor steadily growing colder and colder, until your breath was easily steaming in the air.

Red's own stadium was cold, silver rock and white accents, the roofing an unbearably bright white that replicated a sunny sky easily. Snow and ice were built along the side, icicles slowly forming on the higher ledges; the slow rock ramp upwards towards the challenger platform was fit with cool railings, granting access high above in a way which replicated Mt. Silver accurately.

His own chambers were similar, cold and icy, snow building up in the main hallways while the AC was incredibly cold, dimly lit and looking more like a cave then a real home. His room was larger, smoother and slightly warmer. Most of the room was built to house his Pokémon- he never kept them inside the Pokeballs but instead let them walk wherever they so desired.

The Elite Four, it first took them a while to remember him, but the moment they saw him walk up to them, hat drawn low and Pikachu staring intently at them from the shoulder- they remembered.

They couldn't forget.

They didn't approach him often, when they did it was only for small questions, or wondering how he had been in the four years he had been gone.

He was Twenty one now, the youngest of all Champions; the youngest of anyone to actually beat the Elite Four, not to mention reclaim their title as Champion for longer than a week, not to mention two years.

In the Two Years, a plethora of trainers had tried to challenge the Elite Four, trying to find themselves worthy of a battle.

Out of the possible hundred, he had to face only two.

The one was a girl, wearing a hat and brown hair. She was excitable, having a Venusaur as a starter while she had other Pokémon, a balanced team but overall weak.

The second had been a rather quiet but smug trainer, crimson hair and a strong guttural Feraligatr. The rest of his team was rather challenging, A Sneasel (Not a Weavile, but still strong) Magneton, Gengar, Crobat, Alakazam, and that challenging Feraligatr.

That trainer- Silver Red recalled, was challenging, although he seemed more of a…match for Gold.

Silver had taken out three of his Pokémon, while damaging his Espeon impressively.

A year after that, Red was still unchallenged, which was why Red was currently looking intently at Lance, who was standing in the doorway to his private quarters.

"Pika?" Pikachu asked, looking at Lance with curiosity, flicking its ears while the Dragon Trainer shook his head with a smile, having grown fond of the small Pokémon.

"No, Blue called actually."

Red perked upwards, arching one eyebrow. He didn't get calls from Blue all that often, the other man having stated that he was on 'vacation', leaving his second in command as the temporary gym leader.

"He said that there was a…I think he said, a 'portal.' Or something along those lines." Lance shrugged, a small smile pulling on his lips, "I think his quote was 'You better get over here Red, there's a portal and I don't want to do that again.' Or something like that." Lance shrugged, turning and walking from the room, rubbing one hand against his cold arm as he walked out.

He paused in the doorway, looking back before with a smile, stated rather boldly, "You're taking a vacation, aren't you?"

Red gave a slight nod, and the trainer walked out.

Red took one look at Pikachu, letting the trusty Pokémon jump up on his shoulder eagerly while Red smiled, moving towards his private chambers were he pulled open one of the wardrobes and retrieved an old bag, patched and gently worn with care. He pulled it out, moving towards a few cabinets and pulling out various items, medicines, and other things.

"Pika!" Pikachu squealed, Red looking over his shoulder as Espeon and Blastoise wondered in, looking at the bag and instantly looking as if it understood what was going to happen.

Red smiled, his Espeon mentally calling all of his other Pokémon, who quickly appeared, even Snorlax who squeezed awkwardly inside the room as Red finished sticking in a few Max Revives.

"Pikachu Chu chu Pika." Pikachu explained, and Red pulled on a hidden compartment, drawing out a beautifully sculpted flute, holding it carefully in his hands as he looked at his team.

His team moving and causing the thick curtains that separated the colder areas to part before them, letting a breeze snap into the room.

'Get ready, team. We're going on an adventure.'

The cold icy air blew harshly from the separated room. The chill was expected from all, although it was a surprise under the bright lights above that resembled Mt. Silver.

Somehow- it was eerily familiar.

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