I never abused Blaine...Did I?

Warnings: Triggers. If you don't like the idea of Kurt being an abuser even unintentionally at time, then please don't read. This story includes emotional abuse and may include other types of abuse later on if it continues.

Brief Introduction:

Kurt is abusive towards Blaine not physically but mentally. He thinks it's humour and just his attitude. Kurt took Blaine back after the cheating, they are in New York. They appear to be happy. It starts with tiny things at first, like Kurt telling Blaine his such a flirt, to Kurt dictating Blaine's life, wanting to know were he is, whose his seeing, what time he'll be back. Soon Kurt controls every part of Blaine's life. During this time Sebastian is back on the scene in New York as a friend to Blaine. Only him, Tina and Sam see the control Kurt has over Blaine, and only Sebastian feels he can break that control.

Chapter 1:

Kurt was sitting in a police cell. He was waiting to be interviewed after several allegations of abuse were made against him by Blaine Anderson. To be honest Kurt hadn't realised what he was doing was abusive until he was sitting in the cell waiting. Looking back over the past year, he began to question everything he had said to Blaine. At first he thought he was offering mere suggestions, just wanting to make sure Blaine was safe and hanging out with good people. Blaine could be naïve at times. So when did this behaviour become abusive, controlling and manipulative? Was it wrong to want to know what time his boyfriend was getting home? Who he had been hanging out it? What had he been doing? Making sure he only had female friends. Why was he late without texting? Who was he texting or chatting too? Why was he meeting up with Sebastian so often for? When he wore hideous clothing that Kurt wouldn't want to be seen with him in? He offered his opinion when he thought Blaine was gaining too much weight or was eating to much fatty food that would age his skin? I mean you keep an eye on boyfriends who have cheated in the past? They need to earn your trust right? Kurt had taken him back after all. Then it dawned on Kurt. The tiny nagging voice at the back of his mind begging to get through and say 'You never fully forgave him, and you don't trust him anymore' and it hit Kurt like a freight train. He'd never completely got over what Blaine had done, he couldn't trust Blaine alone with another guy. It was that moment of clarity when Kurt realised one thing. He should have never taken Blaine back. He had potentially ruined any chance of a future relationship with his soul mate. Had sent it off into another man's arms because he'd taken Blaine back too soon.

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Author's Note:

So what do you guys? Is it worth continuing? Its a problem I can see in the future, unless Glee find way to resolve it with Klaine. My reason for writing this? I am not saying either character is abusive, but I am getting tired of so many comments and fic's claiming or saying Blaine is abusive. Blaine would do anything for Kurt. To be honest I don't think his canon character has that in him, he shows too much remorse for things. Kurt on the other hand with some of his comments and the fact he was bullied a fair bit, forced to stand up for himself using his sharp tongued attitude, comments and his actions. I think he has the capability to be 'unintentionally' emotionally abusive. I am just exploring a new idea.