- 3rd Person Pov -

It was a nice sunny day at Camp Half-Blood.

The Titan War had finaly ended and everyone was happy, relaxing and sunbathing in the sun or, in Annabeth's case, reading a book on their cabin's varanda.

Percy, on the other hand, was trying to get to the top of the climbing wall. Now, normaly getting to the top of a climbing wall was quite easy, but this one, with its walls crashing against eachover and with lava flowing down it if you didn't get to the top fast enough, was far from normal.

Percy had nearly reached the top when suddenly:

"Percy!" called a voice. He looked around to find Grover running up to him.

"Percy!" He called again. -Chiron wants to see you, he said something about a vacation and it being privet...

The Climbing Wall started to shake and pour lava. Percy cursed. He HAD to be distracted! Luckily he was on form, he jumped off the wall, slowing down the impact, tucked into a roll and landed on his feet. His clothes were smoking and they had a few burnt holes in them, but thanks to the Curse of Achilles, Percy wasn't hurt.

He walked up to Grover."Seriously man, next time wait untill I get the top!" he said, trying to keep his cool.

"Sorry Perce, it's just that Chiron called you and he said it had to do with a vacation or something and that it was a secret," Grover started to walk off but hesitated and turned around "I forgot, he also said to go get Annabeth while you're at it, he said as well that it was an emergency, sooo... I'd get there quick!"

On that happy note, he turned around and trotted off in direction of the forest to do whatever the Lord of the Wild does.

When he was out of sight, Percy turned around in the opposite direction and went running to the Athena Cabin to fetch Annabeth.

Hi guys! Sorry about the short Chapter it's my first story so I'm a bit ..you know... Please comment or anything else! It would mean sooo much to me! I'm sorry for the horrible writing and punctuation! I love you guys!