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Touching him. Feeling him. Devouring him.

It all felt like I was playing in his little game of passion and animal lust. Izaya's hands were all over me, struggling to get my clothes off. I kissed him with fever. His taste thundered its way to my brain cells, making me feel as if we had feelings for each other. Deep down I knew - it was impossible. I still raged with anger, hating his guts. But why did it feel so good? Why was I so captivated?

He murmured my name into my mouth and I groaned. Just as Izaya's hand ended up in my boxers, I realized this thing between us was more than wrong. Izaya, the man with a number obsession, has fucked basically everyone in school and I was about to become another chess piece on his board.

I leaned back and slapped his hands away. Looked into his eyes. Wiped my lips.

He questioned my actions.

"Shouldn't we continue?" Izaya asked.

I shook my head.

He frowned. He looked unbelievably amazing in his almost-fucked hair and I had to somehow restrain myself from kissing him.

"You've fucked countless people," I said. "I don't fuck just for the sake of it."

Izaya touched my face and I flinched. "Shizu-chan," he said. "I've only been with 26 people."

I didn't believe him. "What about your lists? I've heard about you screwing with black haired guys, girls. There should be a hundred people who could confirm this."

"And you'd believe them?" he rested his hands on my hips. I was straddling his waist with my legs.

"What's not to believe?" I admitted. "You're the guy everyone wants to sleep with and everyone gets to."

Izaya smirked. "Is that what you think of me?"

"I already told you, I don't have the best opinion about you."

He exhaled. Got up and pecked me on the lips. I couldn't help pecking back. Just for a second, so I could feel his taste on my lips one again.

"Have sex with me," he asked.


"I asked you to be my sex partner," Izaya snapped. "You're the last one on my list. Do you know what the last one means?"

I brushed a hair strand out of his face.

"It means you're the last one I'll ever sleep with."

"What the fuck do you mean by that?" I asked, confused.

"I am sick and tired of hating you," he answered.

Whoah there. "Hating...me?"

He pushed me away and I landed on the other side of the couch. Izaya climbed on top, kissing my neck. I arched into his touch, my body flushed with heat.

"I hate you," Izaya murmured. "I hate you so much. I hate you. I HATE YOU."

He bit my collarbone and I let out a groan. It was more pleasurable than painful.

"I've hated you since the first day I met you," Izaya said, while kissing my jaw. "Always with your brother and a group of friends. Always happy. Strong. Sexy as hell. I was drowning in hate, you know?"

"Izaya -"

He slapped his hand on my mouth. "Do you know how much I hate you for giving in to me so fast? You were supposed to push me away, beat the shit out of me. You were supposed to end this 27 madness. You were supposed to kill me with your 'no'. And look at us now?"

He laughed out loud, throwing his head back. Then, looked into my eyes and lowered himself. He kissed me. Slowly. Painfully.

"But no," he said. "You drive me mad. You become my 1. The real 1."

He stopped kissing me, stared deep into my soul.

"You should be my savior, yet you're the one I hate most." He laid down on me, breathing into my neck.

"I hate you too," I said, wrapping my arms around him.

"Have sex with me," he whispered. "Like you meant it. Like you want it."

"I don't want it," I said. "Why would I?"

"Because you're already in love with me," Izaya chuckled. "But you don't know it yet."

"Are you in love with me?" I asked.

"No," he said.


I slowly dragged my hands up, taking his shirt with me. Izaya complied to my mischief, tangling his fingers in my hair.

We attacked each other again, this time with brutality. Izaya dug his nails into my skin, kissing every patch of naked skin he could find. We rolled off the couch, ending up on his soft rug.

Izaya quickly went down, unbuttoning my pants. I panted, waiting until he was done with undressing me. I was painfully hard and when Izaya went down in between my thighs, I knew I would regret this later.

He took me in his hands, stroking not so gently. I liked the way he added more pressure to jerking me off. But the way he took me into his mouth was mind-blowing. He was experienced, he knew how to do it in a way you'd see stars. He swirled his tongue around the head, fighting for dominance. I moaned louder than I expected, earning a low chuckle from Izaya.

He took me all in, deep-throating without a gag-reflex. At that point, I was giving in, completely his for just that moment. Izaya let me go with a soft pop, getting back to my lips. We kissed and I struggled with his zipper. Izaya hummed into my mouth, helping me get rid of his pants.

We were both gloriously naked and all over each other.

He started grinding our dicks together, desperate for that friction. We stopped kissing, both looking down, our foreheads touching. It was animal pleasure. We only shared something without any loving feelings, except for mutual hate.

I finally understood the significance of hate sex.

Izaya let out a throaty moan, making my skin goose-bump. I forgot about the world, our scars, therapy, school, mom, dad, Kasuka... The only thing that was on my mind was how Izaya felt against me. His skin next to mine, our sweat mingling, our kisses frantic. It has been so long until I felt the heat of another person.

It hit me as hard as a rock. I was having sex with a guy and I was loving it.

Izaya stopped grinding and I moaned, asking for more. He lifted a finger to wait, got off me and ran off. I thought he stood me up, when he came back with a small bottle and a condom. Izaya pushed the lube into my hand.

"I'm not sure how to -"

"Give me your hand," he ordered.

I did. He spilled some lube into my hand, coating it. Izaya held onto my fingers, so that I had three prepared.

"One at a time," he said, guiding the hand down his body.

I immediately knew what was about to happen. I needed to stretch him for myself.

When I added the first digit through his tight ring of muscle, Izaya couldn't contain myself. His whole body shivered. I started going in and out, lubrication making it easier to move.

Izaya suddenly urged me to add another finger. I scissored him open. Izaya writhed in pleasure, panting and whispering my name.

The third one went in no problem.

He couldn't wait any longer. Yanked my fingers out, grabbed the bottle of lube and carefully coated my dick. I groaned at the friction, waiting until I could enter him, feel him for real.

Izaya wrapped his fingers around my dick, once again guiding it to his hole. We looked at each other before the inevitable. Izaya breathed in and slowly lowered himself onto me.

The heat was unbearable. It was scorching, combusting me.

"So fucking...tight..." I murmured.

Izaya gaped at my size, getting used to it with every inch.

He started moving.

I lost it. I lost my head completely. Izaya's erection bobbed up and down, joining him in riding my dick. I added some of my own strength into it, feeling that Izaya was the rough type. I was not mistaken.

He rocked his hips, arching his head back, hissing at open air. I angled myself twice, trice and hit the jackpot.

Izaya gasped, hoping I would hit the same spot again. My hands ended up on his erection, stroking it in the beat of our movements. We were loud. We were brutal. We were one.

I felt the tension in my groin. I was begging for release. Izaya noticed the change in my mood and rocked his hips faster, harder. Our moans mingled, we weren't making any sense. I left red streaks of my nails in his skin, he left the same marks on mine. Our injuries didn't matter.

All that mattered now was how our bodies fit together.

And then I was seeing stars. I blew my load inside of Izaya, who rode it out for me.

He followed not long after, covering my stomach with sticky white mass.

We stayed like this - him on top of me, I underneath, staring at each other and controlling our breaths.

Then, just then, did I realize I hated him more than ever before.