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Naruto x Saya x Saeko x Rei x Shizuka.

Kohta x Asami

(Chapter 1)

The group all relaxed on the bus as they breathed a sigh of releif at being safe. And all thanks to their number one friend, Naruto Uzumaki. They wouldn't have lasted a second without him as he was the driving force to get all of them onto the bus. Not to mention the secret crush of several of the femals on the bus.

The nineteen year old teen was tall, standing at around 6'0" with silver hair that was spiked all over. He had on a simple black jacket with a hood, a white button up shirt under that, and under that was a black t-shirt with a skull on it. He had black jeans and black converse on. His eyes were a deep blue with bits of purple mixed in. He had a perpetual mild scowl on his face as he gazed out of the window, sitting by himself, several large green duffel bags beside him, containing everything he managed to get out of the school.

Laying on his lap was a crudely made tri-bladed scythe, made out of a broom handle and lunch trays that had been cut in half. The edges of the tray halves were surprisingly sharp, evidenced by all of the undead he had killed back at the school. All of the people on what Kohta hd dubbed 'Team Uzumaki' all glanced at him worridly, his silence speaking louder than any words ever could.

He had effected them all in different ways, having gotten close to all of them over the years. When he had first come to Fujima High, he had become fast friends with Rei, something that changed when she went out with the now deceased Hisashi. When he joined the Kendo Club, he and Saeko had become close. During the year, when class rankings had come out, Saya and the Uzumaki had made a friendly rivalry over grades and scores, and to this day it baffled her how such a very lazy and unattendant person could ever be better than her. Kohta was his best friend, the two having gotten together many times to speak of weapons and guns, as well as use the recently founded Welding Club to make weapon parts that could be made swiftly and without hassle. Shizuka was always the person he went to when he got into fights with the other students, and bandaged his hands after he broke them breaking jaws, faces, noses, and various other things of the human body.

But while others were worried about his silence, another was rather angry that he had survived the attack. Naruto Uzumaki was one of the few people that Shido Kochi could never get in his grip. Not only that, but whenever he tried to get the teen kicked out of school for not being there, he was sadly mistaken as the Principal just said. 'He completed the class syllubus, so there is no need for him to be there. The same with his other classes.'

The silence was defeaning until one of the students, Tsunodara, stood angrily. "Gah, why didn't we stay at the school?! We could have found a place to hide and fortify!"

Another student, Yamada, nodded as well. "Yeah, why?"

Saeko spoke up. "You saw us going for the bus, you didn't have to come."

Shizuk hit the brakes, sending everyone forward a she turned around, making her J-Cup breasts jiggle. "Stop it! I can't drive with all this noise!"

Tsunodara just growled. "It's just..." He pointed at Naruto. "...I can't stand him! I hate him!"

Naruto gave him a glare as he stood, his homemade scythe resting on his shoulder. "What the hell did I ever do to you, huh?"

"You know what you did!" Tsunodara charged, but was knocked down by Rei who stood in front of him. Clapping was heard as Shido walked forward, a sickeningly sweet smile on his face.

"Well done, but this proves my point. We need a leader. All of you are students while Miss Shizuka isn't fit to be leader, " He gestures to Shizuka and continues. "As such, I nominate myself to be the leader!"

"Hmmm," Naruto hummed. "And what, pray tell, did you do to help us? Did you grabe tools, weapons, or food? No. Do you have a safe and secure location that we can use to stay safe? No. All you have are honeyed words that will get you, your followers, and anyone else who listens to you killed."

Shido scowled as he took a threatening step forward, confident that his followers woul assist him. "Then who should be the leader?"

Kohta spoke up from beside Saya. "Naruto should be the leader. He was the one who got us this far, grabbed food, tools, and weapons, and knows of several places we can hide. He was also the one who carried all of that stuff, while also protecting us."

All of Team Uzumaki gave their agreement as Naruto stood bis ground, crossing his arms as he gave a smirk. "Well, I guess the people have spoken."

All Shido did was scowl and sit back down, plotting his next move as Tsunodara sat next to him. "Sensei, are you thinking the same thing as me?"

"Yes." Shido whispered back. "Naruto Uzumaki must die."

Naruto looked ahead as his scowl softened when Saya sat beside him. e had no idea why, but for some reason, she and Saeko had always been able to calm him down. Hell, they were the ones who convinced him to use his families fortune to support several clubs and open the Welding Club.

"Are you okay?" Saya asked her secret crush softly. She had always had a soft spot for him after they had met, something about his charming smile, or smirk as it was, made her heart flutter.

"Not really. The whole world has gone to shit, and I have no idea where my brother is. He could be anywhere." Naruto said. Everyone knew that Naruto was close to his older brother, Hidan. The two of the were the last of the Uzumaki family. The others having been murdered some five years ago.

Saya nodded at that. She had met te eldest of the Uzumaki brothers, and besides the fact that he swore like a sailor, he was an okay guy. She looked at the duffel bags and asked in a curious tone. "Well...what's in the bags?"

Naruto paised, but grinned as he moved to the aisle of the minibus. Unzipping the first one, it revealed several pieces of metal, and three pieces of red metal shaped like curved triangles and a thick metal cord. Grabbing the pieces, the Uzumaki slowly and methodically put them together. He was so focused on his work that he didn't notice that everyone was looking at him as he worked.

When he was done, he had a tre-bladed scythe that had red blades, and a thick metal cord attached to the end in his right hands. In his left was what looked like a thick pen. With a flick of his wrist, it extended to form a long pike. Kohta grinned alongside Naruto as the silver haired teen spoke. "Due to the no weapons policy of the school, we coudn't make the actual weapons. So Kohta and I found a loopoll. We made the parts to the weapons. In the other bags are my tools, some food I grabbed, and even more of these pieced out weapons, ready to be put together. These were my own personal projects, why do you think I never went to class?"

That made everyon sweatdrop. Of course he would spend all of his time on making weapon parts. They looked at the scythe. It was beautifully crafted, made very well, and looked very natural in his hands. For a moment, they thought that they saw a man with slicked back silver hair, wearing a torn black cloak with red clouds on it, the same weapons in hand, a maniacle grin on his face.

Naruto looked at Shizuka and said. "Do you know anywhere we could stay for the night?"

The busty blonde perked up at that. "Yeah! I know where a friends house is!"

"Your boyfriends?" Saya asked.

"No no! Just a girl who I watch the house of sometimes." The image of Shizuka dancing in a maid outfit came to Naruto's mind as he got a small trickle of blood fall from his nose. Shizuka saw this and was happy that he understood that she didn't have a boyfriend. Hell, she was a 27 year old virgin.

Naruto gave a grin, his previous worry gone as he declared. "Alright! Let's hit it! It's after midnight, a hundred miles to Kyoto, we have a full tank of gas, half-a pack of cigerettes, its dark, and I'm wearing sunglasses." he paused as he pulled out a pair of aviator glasses, making him look even more baddass. "Hit it!"

All of Team Uzumaki laughed at the reference. Leave it to Naruto to make a joke at a time like this. They rode in silence, Rei looking at Naruto as he spoke with Saeko and Saya softly. Ever since she said she hated him on the roof, he hadn't spoken to her, ignoring any attemtp to get him to speak to her.

She had realized that what she did to him had been cruel, and what she said even more so, but at the time it had seemed like such a good plan! To get him jealous, she dated Hisashi, but Naruto just stopped talking to her altogether. It had never occured to her that he was angry or upset at what she had done. She had made a mistake, and now, she was going to do everything she could to make up for it.

Saeko looked at Naruto, a small smile on her face as he unloaded the things he had brought with him. He had made weapons for all of them, and she was given a beautiful katana, Kohta what Naruto called a 'gunblade', Saya didn't want anything as did Shizuka. When he handed Rei a long staff, she saw the sadness in his eyes as their hands met. He had told her all about his problems with Rei before. She had been upset, but after a while, she had come to the conclusion that Naruto and Rei had to work things through on their own. More impossible things have happened.

After all, Naruto Uzumaki specialized in the impossible.

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