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(Chapter 2)

They had arrived at Shizuka's friend's house around an hour ago, and Naruto was feeling very tired at this point. Kohta was using one of his tools to open a safe containing ammo and, what they hoped for, guns. Shido and his, for lack of a better word, cult had claimed the downstairs living room as their own, leaving the upper living room and the kitchen, bathroom, and bedrooms to them.

The girls were all in the bathroom, taking their time in washing up. Naruto, for lack of anything better to do, had unpacked the rest of the weapon parts that he had managed to get out, but only had the energy to build one. It was a gift for Kohta, a weapon so that he could always be prepared. It had a revolver as a handle, allowing it to be shot like a gun, but a blade came out on one side, letting him have the potential to attack in close range.

He had taken off his upper clothing, choosing to go shirtless for the time being. Setting aside his shoes after he took them off, he layed back on the bed, only to pick up an interesting conversation from the bathroom.

(With the Girls)

Saya shook her head as Rei viscously molested the Busty nurse. "How can they do that at a time like this?"

Saeko smiled as she turned the water to cold and sprayed Saya on the rear, the sensitive skin making her jump and moan. "With a moan like that, I bet all the guys like you."

Wanting revenge, Saya filled a basin with water and poured it on Saeko's back, eliciting a deep moan from the purple haired beauty. With a twitching eyebrow, Saya asked. "Saeko, what do you think of Naruto?"

Pausing to think, the swordswoman replied. "He's a very kind man. He was always looking out for the younger classmen, ensuring that they were never picked on and such."

"Yeah, I know that, but what about his family? Don't you think it's weird that he never speaks about them at all? Well, besides his brother that is." Saya said.

Rei spoke up, her molesting done for the moment. "From what my father has told me, all his family except him and his brother are dead. Every last one down to the last man, woman, and child."

Saeko looked away as she thought on whether to tell them that she knew what had happened to Naruto's family. Deciding, she spoke up. "I know what happened to them. It's very tragic and scarred Naruto for life..."


Naruto was on the roof of Fujima Academy, looking out at the city, Saeko by his side. He turned to her and spoke what was weighing on his mind. "Saeko, I need to get something off of my chest, and I know you won't judge me."

He took a deep breath and turned back to the city as he spoke. "The Uzumaki clan goes way back, way, way back. As such, we have a large tract of land in Japan. This land has massive forests and minerals on it, and many companies have propositioned my father to buy it from him, but he always refuses.

"Well, one day, someone took it too far, and attacked our home while my brother, Hidan, and I were gone fishing. When we returned, we found our father bleeding to death in the courtyard, and our mother, naked and covered in semen and blood, dead in the living room. We searched for our sister and found her, dieing, the same as our mother. There was nothing we could do and it tore us apart. I never told anyone because, I was too weak to stop it. But now, now I can stop things like that from happening to anyone else.

"My brother and I hunted them down, each and every one of them, and when we found them, well..." He had a malicious grin on his face as his eyes darkened. "Let's just say that they knew exactly just who they fucked with. But one of them, the one who hurt our baby sister, got away."

All throughout the story, Saeko was silent, eyes wide as she heard why Naruto was the way he was today. She felt for him, her heart aching at his obvious pain. But, there was nothing she could do, and so, she stood there, gazing at him with sad eyes as he continued to stare at the City.

(End Flashback)

"Well, what was it?" Saya asked in annoyance at being denied this information.

"His mother, father, and sister died and he couldn't stop it. That's all."

Satisfied, Says returned to glaring at Rei, who was now molesting Shizuka.

(Naruto-Two Hours Later)

Naruto sat up and stood, having awoken hungry and thirsty. Walking down the steps, he came to the kitchen, his eyes closed, and opened the fridge. He heard Saeko behind him. "Our late night snack will be ready, as will our lunch for tomorrow."

"That's great. Smells delicious." Pulling a beer from the fridge, he turned to her, eyes still closed and continued. "Man, I love girls apartments, everything is always so-"

He paused at seeing her attire, or lack thereof, which consisted only of an apron and a skimpy black thong that barely covered anything. Merely raising an eyebrow, he took a sip of his beer and continued. "-stacked. Almost like you. Care to enlighten me as to why you are tempting me with such an outfit?"

Saeko blinked and looked at the apron. "This old thing? None of the other clothes fit me, so I decided to wear this while my clothes finish washing. Does it bother you?"
"No, no. It's fine. If anything, it looks great on you, truly, it does."

Saeko gave a happy nod as she looked at his upper body, a light blush on her cheeks at his definition. Looking at his chest, she saw what looked like the kanji for love across his heart, as if carved there, if the scarring was anything to go by. "Why do you have that?"

Seeing her point to his chest, Naruto looked at the scar. "Just a reminder of the past."

He yawned, his jaw giving popping from being stretched that wide. Stepping back into the hall, Naruto turned to Saeko. "Listen, I know that things are crazy right now, but thanks for being a friend. It really meant alot to me."

Both of them didn't notice Rei sitting on the stairs, listening to their conversation and silently cursing Saeko for being able to so openly talk to the object of her affections. The relationship between the two was close, as if they had been friends for years, when in fact Naruto only came to school three years ago, after being held back a year for tardies.

The Miyamoto gave a silent vow to do whatever it took to make it up to Naruto as she slipped back into the upstairs.


A tall man with slicked back silver hair and pink eyes growled as he sighted more of the freaks that had plagued the city, all the while wondering what his baby brother was up to. No doubt trying to find his way back to the Uzumaki Compound, which could be the most secure place in all of the city at the moment.

He pulled the trigger of the sniper rifle and watched with a grim satisfaction as the head of the zombie exploded, showering the surrounding area in gore. While he prefered to get in close and slice his enemies to ribbons using his scythe and pike, it was almost as satisfying to watch their heads explode.

His CO always did say he was fucked up in the head.

Sitting up, Hidan said. "Fuck, I need to take a piss! Rika, can you take over for a minute? Just until I leak my lizard?"

The woman in question, Rika, just sighed at the Uzumaki and nodded. "Sure. Just don't take too long. I hate laying on the ground. It makes my breasts hurt."

Hidan looked at his partner and smirked. "If you want, I could massage them for you? After all, what is a good boyfriend for?"

Rika smirked as she got close to Hidan, pressing her breasts against his chest. "As much as I would like that, don't you need to take a piss?"

Swearing could be heard for miles around, attracting more of the freaks, and making the voice curse even more.

(Rika's Apartment)

Naruto sighed as he let the water of the shower flow over him. There was nothing that beat a hot shower after a long and stressful day, and he was so stressed right now. So many things needed to be done, not to mention all the looks that Shido and his group were giving him and Team Uzumaki.

Turning the shower off, Naruto stepped out, unaware that several curious pairs of eyes were watching his nude form, and more than a few had massive nose bleeds from his, ahem, sword size.

Saeko, Saya, Shizuka, and Rei all had blood dribbling down their noses from seeing him nude, all with very perverted thoughts in their heads. They were thankful now that they had found several holes in the wall so that they could easily see into the bathroom.

The Uzumaki looked around for clothes and cursed as he left his clothes in the bedroom he knew that his older brother shared with Rika, having known of their sexual escapades at either her apartment or the compound.

Deciding to steal some of his brothers stuff, Naruto opened the door in only a towel, and came face to face with one of the girls in Shido's group, Yuki Miku. The orange haired girl gaped at him as he looked at her visage in boredom, walking away to the bedroom.

Entering, he opened the trunk that contained his brothers clothes and pulled several items out. First, he put a black shirt on that had several curse words written in kanji on it, then a pair of black boxers that barely fit him. Pulling up a pair of black jeans, he tucked the shirt in and pulled the black belt through the loops, securing the garment from falling from his rather tall frame. He grabbed a pair of combat boots and did them up halfway, giving a used look before putting them on his feet. Grabbing a black, high collared jacket that had a red inside, he slipped it on. For the final touches, he got a pair of black fingerless gloves and slipped them on.

Looking at his scythe, he grabbed the thick cord that was connected to it, took the jacket off while cursing himself for being stupid, attached it to his bicep, and fixed his clothing so he could look like the badass he was. Putting the tri-bladed scythe on his back, he walked downstairs to see an...interesting sight.

There was Shido's group, all of them busy, or in one case, trying to get busy, with one of the girls that had so willingly followed the pathetic man. One of them, a dark haired girl with blue eyes, was trying to crawl away from who he believed to be Yamada, he blouse ripped and her skirt nowhere to be seen, her pink panties out there for all the see. Having enough, Naruto whistled loudly, getting their attention.

Seeing that he had their attention, he began. "As the appointed leader of 'Team Uzumaki' I would like to extend a hand of invitation to anyone willing to leave the Asshat Shido behind and join my group. If you don't wanna, that's fine. But don't come crying to me when the snake-bitch sacrifices you to a freak."

Only one walked over to him, the dark haired girl from before, who introduced herself as Taniuchi. Shido scowled at seeing one of his 'breeding stock' leave before smiling. "Well, since we're trading, how about you give us Miss Marikawa?"

Raising a silver eyebrow, Naruto asked in a sardonic tone. "Who said we were trading?"

Tsunoda growled and took a threatening step forward, only to meet a red blade at his throat. Naruto had a cold look in his eyes, the calculative look of a predator stalking his prey. The eyes of a man capable, and willing, to kill anyone who crossed him. These were the eyes that everyone saw when they came down to see what all the commotion was about. Shido, seeing them, tried to talk to him. "Now now, Mister Uzumaki, you're in no position to be attacking anyone. Just calm down, and we'll talk trade."

Naruto growled as he brought his scythe to his shoulder. "Trade? Do you honestly think that I would TRADE PEOPLE as if they were animals or objects?! How much of a sick fuck are you, to talk about human beings like that!? I have half a mind to kick you out and leave you to whatever fate you get!"

"Then why don't you? Hmm, Mister Uzumaki?"

"Because I'm not a monster. I believe in fair and square. So listen up! I'm gonna give you one weapon, not a gun, but a weapon, then I'm gonna kick your skinny ass outta here, and get some sleep."

And that is what he did. Giving them a heavy lead pipe, he literally kicked Shido out the gate of his sister-in-laws apartment.

(Later that night)

Naruto and Kohta watched as a man was stabbed in front of a little pink haired girl, his daughter, and the Uzumaki growled when they locked her out with the freaks. Saeko watched as well, her earlier words forgotten as Naruto jumped over the banister into the street.

He saw that the freaks hadn't totally clogged the street yet, and walked carefully to the house two blocks away. When he arrived, he jumped over the gate and knelt next to the scared and sobbing little girl. She looked up at him and he gave a sad smile at her, one she returned as she buried her head in his chest, him soothing her with his words. covering the mans face with a white shirt, Naruto picked the girl up like a father to a child and looked for a way out.

The front gate was out of question, and so was the other way. That only left walking along a wall, right next to the sea of the undead freaks. Adjusting her in his arms, Naruto prepared to go when a small white dog caught his attention. Sighing, he picked the dog up and handed it to the girl, Alice, and stepped onto the wall.

He was halfway there when Alice dropped the bomb. "Uhmm, Mister, I gotta pee-pee."

Naruto almost cried with how bad her timing was.

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