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(Chapter 4)

After the rather...eventful greetings exchanged by Naruto and Neji, the two groups all sat together and talked of their experiences with the freaks. Needless to say, the information was unpleasant.

Apparently, the infection had started in a city on the other side of the world, and had spread via air traffic and the worlds ability to send anyone anywhere. This had lead, through Saya's deductive abilities, to a quick spread of the virus to most of the worlds population.

They spent the night there, during which Alice had clung to Naruto with all of her might, afraid to let him go. It was cute, Saeko had said. But after a while, Naruto knew that something was wrong with the young girl as she followed him around the convenience store.

That night, they all took shifts on watch.

(With Hidan and Rika- That night as well)

Hidan sat against a wall, a cigarette in his hands as he took some time to relax. He had never really had time to relax, even before he had joined the Japanese Defense Force, codenamed 'AKATSUKI', and he took any chance he could to relax.

Ever since his family, besides Naruto, had died, he had been in charge, leading and making decision that a guy his age really shouldn't have been making. It was all so frustrating to him. He was in the prime of his life, full of energy, and he felt way older all ready.

As if it wasn't bad enough, he had a 'no-relationship relationship' with one of his comrades and her friend had shown interest in him. Sometimes, he felt horrible for just being another fuck for Rika, just another guy to help get her stress out, but if it made her happy, he would keep his resentment at being a fuck toy to himself.

Sighing as he looked at the moon from the roof, he thought about his brother. The two of them were always close. They had to be to survive when they had so many companies trying to take the Uzumaki Clan lands. He would be damned if any one of those useless fuckers even touched that land. It had been in their family for nearly three thousand years, during the Shinobi Era.

Then there was this business with the Uchiha and that...thing...that they had released into the city. Like he didn't have enough to worry him about, now he had genetically altered freaks to deal with.

Finishing his smoke, Hidan stood and made his way back inside. There was no use in complaining in things he couldn't change.

(With Team Uzumaki- the next morning)

Team Uzumaki bid farewell to Team Youth as they headed out, intent on finding their parents, friend in the case of Shizuka and brother in Naruto's, even if they found them dead. Naruto leaned back as he fingered his scythe and gun, eyes alert and focused as he did so.

He and Saeko were sitting in the back of the humvee, waiting to be informed of their arrival at Saya's home. Saeko and he had gotten to know each other last night. The swordswoman and the silver haired young man had an interesting conversation earlier.

(Flashback- That night)

Naruto, clad only in his boxers and a white shirt, sat at a table in the store and fingered a photo he always had with him. In it was his entire family: His father, Kakashi, his mother, Shizune, his little sister, Hanabi, him, and Hidan.

He put it down and pulled a cigarette out, lighting it he inhaled the tobacco into his lungs. A soft voice spoke up from behind him. "Those will kill you, you know."

The Uzumaki turned to look at Saeko, who wore a light purple nightgown, and smiled slightly at her concern. Not many people were concerned with his feelings, always worrying about themselves too much, or their problems too much, so it was nice to be worried about. "It's alright. I won't die anytime soon."

Saeko gave a small smile as she sat besides him, leaning her head against his shoulder, she looked at the picture. "Is this your family?"

"Yeah. That's my mom and dad, and my little sister, Hanabi. She was such a kind girl. Always knew just how to brighten my day." from the way he spoke about her, Saeko could tell that he cared about her alot. "When Hidan and I would go out to town, whether for school or somethings else, she was always at the gate back home, crying 'cuz she was worried we wouldn't come back."

"You sound like you guys were close." The dark haired beauty remarked.

Naruto looked up and gave a small smile. "Yeah. I guess we were."

(End Flashback)

They hadn't told anyone about their talk, but they did notice the closeness the two seemed to share with each other. This had lead to some minor feelings of jealousy in Rei, but Saya had just smiled and nodded at the two, a clear sign that she understood that nothing had happened yet.

Saeko leaned her head against Naruto's shoulder as they rode, content for the first time in the last few days. She had never felt such strong feelings for anyone like she did now with Naruto, having never really attempted to reach out to other students.

But, her previous conversation with a certain pink haired girl entered her mind, a blush making its way onto her face.

(Flashback- Apartment)

Saeko was pulled into a bedroom by a serious Saya, who sat on the queen sized bed, legs crossed. Sitting besides her, Saeko asked. "Is something wrong, Saya?"

"No. I'm just wondering how you and Naruto are so close? It frustrates me so much that you can get so close to him while I can't."

Saeko nodded in understanding. "Naruto is...wounded. His life for the past few years has been nothing short of traumatic, and he has never been able to truly talk about it. His family is all dead, leaving him and his brother, who is never really home. I think that, every time he enters his family estates, he is reminded of what his family is like. It lead him to close himself off to people, and the only reason I'm so close to him is because I found him on the roof of the school one day, crying over a picture."

The Swordswoman took Saya's hand gently, and continued. "If you truly care about him, then talk to him. He cares more than you would think. All you need to do is get the courage to speak to him."

Suddenly, Saya seemed very small as she sat there. "But..what if he rejects me?"

Saeko smiled, her eyes closing. "Trust me, he won't." She leaned forward until she was by the younger girls ear. "And besides... I don't mind sharing."
(End Flashback)

After that, any thoughts of emotions or relationships was put on hold in dealing with all the chaos surrounding them. But her thoughts drifted to the silver haired young man several times today, and she smiled as he instinctively wrapped an arm around her shoulders.

(With Hidan)

He leaned against a stone wall, continuing to look at the clouds in the sky. Dark thoughts plagued his mind as he did, thoughts of Rika, his brother, and the Uchiha family. He had so much to worry about, so much responsibility, and he had no idea what he was going to do.

His father would know, as the man was a very intelligent person. Kakashi Uzumaki, otherwise known as Copycat Kakashi for his uncanny ability to mimic any person, was a member of the AKATSUKI Division of the the Japanese Defense Force for years, having been a high ranking member for years.

Hidan just sighed as he closed his eyes. His partners voice broke him from his thoughts. "Penny for your thoughts?"

Hidan laughed lightly. "Just thinking."


"Everything. My brother, the Uchiha's role in this apocalypse, my father...our strange relationship."

Rika was only focused on the last part. "What's so strange about it? We're just fuck buddies."

Hidan laughed again, a hint of mocking in it. "Yeah, I guess we are. But, don't you ever wonder what it would be like? To have a family? Kids?"

"No. I've never wanted any of that. I don't need family tying me down. You know that. Our relationship is nothing more than us having a good fuck every now and then. Why do you want to ruin a good thing?"

"Because maybe... maybe I just want something to fight for. A reason to get up in the morning." Hidan answered. "because let's face it: The only person who cares about me is my brother. If I were to die, you would grieve for a bit, but then you would forget me the minute you got another 'fuck buddy' of a partner. Shit Rika, do you even care?"

Rika looked at his face, her's hardened. "What brought this on? You were fine with it before."

"No I wasn't. I just went along with it because you needed me. But, since it's out in the open, I guess you need to ask yourself, what is this?"

"Hidan, you know I can't get attached to people. They all die on me..."

"Grow the fuck up!" Hidan snarled, making Rika step back at his anger. "Life is hard. I get that. But, all of that is in the past. I can't keep just accepting that this is as far as we're ever going to go. I hate to say it, but Rika, I'm a 27 year old soldier who has a younger brother who can take care of himself. No one needs me. What am I supposed to do?"

Rika backed away, shaking her head as she did. "You know what, I'm not doing this. I told you all those years ago that this was all there ever would be. And you were fine with it. But if you can't just accept it, then leave."

Hidan looked at her for a long time. His pink eyes stared into her own, anger swelling in them at her blatant disrespect for his wishes. In a cold and emotionless voice, he said. "Then consider me gone."

He grabbed his rifle and slung it across his shoulder, grabbing his gear as he went, leaving Rika to stare at his back as he began to traverse the city, fully prepared to find Naruto.

Rika looked at his earlier position and saw a little black box. Picking it up, she opened it and saw the ring in it. With a gasping sob, she collapsed, the full realization of what she had done setting in.

(With Hidan)

The silver haired man quickly found a motorbike, and after checking over it, started the engine. Making his way carefully through the city, he kept his mind off of Rika, not ready to open that can of worms.

He zigzagged through the streets as he went, careful not to hit any of the freaks as he did. After an hour of travel, he came across a sad sight.

A thin man with black hair and a group of kids, all of them wearing Fujima High uniforms, was standing on top of a bus, an army of freaks surrounding it. Hidan smirked as he set his rifle to semi-automatic and took aim, the first shot killing the closest freak.

This went on for a while, Hidan taking careful shots as the freaks number started to dwindle. When all of them were gone, he looked at the man as he climbed from the bus. He instantly recognised him as Koichi Shido and had to hold back his hate filled gaze.

The man smiled at him. "Thank you so much for saving us! My name is Koichi Shido. May I know the name of the man who has saved us?"

The Silver haired soldier smirked. "My name is Hidan Uzumaki."

The looks of shock on their faces almost made the Eldest of the Uzumaki Brothers laugh. Almost. He knew exactly who this man was. He had heard his brother talk about how the guy was a total asshat, and from the way he saw the man prepared to sacrifice one of his students, he believed him. Hidan looked at the man as he got a small, sinister smile on his face. "Well Mr. Uzumaki, we don't know where your brother is, I'm afraid. However, if you come with us, I'm positive we can find him."

Hidan looked thoughtful before he smirked cruelly. "How about I don't fucking murder you?"

(With Team Uzumaki)

Naruto sat in the backseat of the humvee, them stopping for the moment to rest. Alice sat besides him, smiling happily as she did. The girl had become very clingy to him, and he was beginning to worry about her mental health.

Deciding to address it, Naruto asked her. "Alice-Chan, are you okay?"

She smiled brightly. "Of course! I have you to protect me!"

"Aren't you sad that your dad died?"

Alice got a pensive look as she stared at her feet. "He wasn't my Daddy."

Naruto blinked and asked her to elaborate. "He was this mean man who hurt Mommy and Daddy and took me. He used me to get food and stuff. He was really mean."

She had started to cry then, and Naruto hugged her like he did to Hanabi years ago when she cried. After a few minutes, Alice had stopped crying and fell asleep in his arms, and that was thje sight that Saeko came to.

She looked from Alice's face to the Uzumaki's and nearly laughed at his snoring visage, him having fallen asleep too. His soft snoring made her laugh as she gently closed the door of the humvee, content to let them sleep.

(The Next Day)

Naruto looked ahead as he and Rei sat on the humvee. He saw a glint on the road and focused his eyes on it. What he saw was a wall of wire.

He narrowed his eyes as he prepared his scythe. Standing, he launched his scythe at the wire, cutting it and making a hole big enough for the armored car to get through. He damaged it enough that they would be able to fix it when they got to the other side.

When they did, he fixed it and they made their way farther down the street. They saw another car coming and they stopped. When the cars doors opened, a woman in a stunning dress stepped out. She had a gentle face, but Naruto remained on guard, but he became wide eyed as Saya said. "Mother."

His mind shut down momentarily as he rebooted his information center. Shaking his head, he stood in a slight defensive stance, ready to attack if they weren't friendly. Saya and her mother talked and they were taken to a large manor with many people running around doing things.

Naruto looked on in slight amusement. This place, for all its grandeur, had nothing on the Uzumaki Compound. And while it wasn't as expensive as this place, it was a home made for a family. Saya's mother, Yuriko Takagi, turned to him. "My daughter tells me that you were the leader of this group, dubbed 'Team Uzumaki'. Is that correct?"

"Yeah. I guess so."

She nodded at his rather informal answer and continued leading them around. She showed them to some rooms and Naruto immediately collapsed onto the bed, fast asleep.

(Naruto's Dream)

A beautiful blonde woman stood across from a scowling silver haired man wielding a triple bladed scythe. She crossed her arms and huffed. "Are we really going to do this?"

The man scowled more before he smiled and gave a shake of his head. "No. But you should know, Leader-Sama will find out."

The woman smiled softly as she embraced him. "Let him."

(End of Dream)

Naruto sat up as Alice rapidly shook his shoulder. "Alice-Chan, what is it?"

"Kohta-Nii is in trouble!"

Seeing the seriousness of the situation, Naruto stood, his clothes still on from whenever he had fallen asleep. Picking Alice up, he followed her instructions and came to the scene of Kohta holding the guns as several men tried to take them. He growled when he realised that they were treating Kohta like a child and he barked out. "That's enough!" They all turned to him, and Kohta gave a small smile at his Leader. Naruto stalked forward, standing between Kohta and the men, his scythe resting on his shoulder while Alice and Zeke checked on Kohta. "I have no idea what the fuck is wrong with you people. I have no idea why the hell you think you can order him around. He is not your subordinate. He is not a part of your group. He is the Long-Range expert of Team Uzumaki. What he does with his weapons is up to him, and him alone. If any of you have a problem with that, step forward, because in his honor I will fight you."

The men looked at each other before an older, more authoritative voice spoke up. "Well said. A true leader must put himself in harms way to defend his men."

A man with orange eyes walked through the crowd, all of the men saluting him as he looked Naruto in the eye, both of them unflinching. They stared at each other, predator vs. predator, in a showdown for who is superior.

All of Team Uzumaki started to come out of the woodwork as they stood beside Naruto. Alice came up to Saeko, who wore a beautiful kimono, as Saya stood beside Naruto. Said Uzumaki spoke. "I have no idea who you are, but if you're the leader, then listen up. My name is Naruto Uzumaki, youngest son of Kakashi Uzumaki. Kohta is my 'subordinate' and as such falls under my command. If your men think that they have the right to order him around, then think again. Kohta!" At his sharp voice, Kohta stood straighter, a serious look on his face. When he looked at his leader, Naruto gave him a smile. "You did a good job. But for now, relax. I'll solve this."

Turning to the man, Naruto asked. "Now, who are you?"

The man looked at him before smirking. "My name is Souichiro Takagi, the Don of this estate."

Naruto looked at the man and the comment bubbled up immediately. "Well shit. Aren't you a bit Old to be a Don?"

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