Keeping the Silence

Disclaimer: I do not own G.I. Joe or its characters. I only own Violet.

Chapter One

The silence fills the void throughout the dark and empty halls. Dirt and Grime coats the worn out floor boards. Slow footfalls sound around the corner. A small crack is heard as a figure slumps to the floor. Behind the figure, a female silently steps over the unmoving man. Her long blond hair was pulled back into a braid where is rested gently against her lower back. Her knee high-heeled boots silently clicked against the surface. She presses herself against the wall feeling the cool tile along her bare lower back. She reaches down past her short shorts into the pouch strapped to her left thigh and pulls out three throwing knives. Securing them into her right hand, she reaches with her left to the silver necklace that laid across her breasts. She closes her eyes and prays for forgiveness.

Around the corner, loud thuds could be heard as three men carrying heavy arsenal bellowed out in argument. "Why the hell do we need to baby sit a whiny brat in the first place!" the short fat man screams throwing his arms up. The tall lanky one smacked his friend on the back of the head. "What else are we going to do the boss is already pissed off with us. We really don't want to harm the stupid girl, because I sure as hell don't want to die for the president's daughter!" The third guy just watch his friends and rolled his eyes. "Shut the hell up to the both of you. I am going to take a piss." He walks away and turns around the corner. A thud bounced off the hallways where the other two turned around looking for their companion. They pulled their guns up and slowly walked towards where their friend disappeared to. "I don't like this" the tall lanky one mumbled. He looks over to see his other companion fall to the floor with a small knife sticking out of his head.

Gunshots could be heard throughout the warehouse. A dark figure looked around for the source until it became deathly silent. Shouts from below bellow out orders while people ran around in a frenzy. The figure quickly type into his wrist communicator. A sound unheard by the people below softly spoke into the earpiece. "No, no one has lifted a finger yet. It is dead in here. The person that is causing the ruckus is ahead of us. There is nothing around but a trail of bodies. Be careful Snake!" Snake eyes silently crawls though the vent looking for the mission's goal and the unknown assailant.

Violet softly curses as she quickly runs through the halls carefully exterminating the kidnappers. She come to a door and hears muffles sobs. Going through her pouch, she pulls her small tools out and expertly unlocks the door. Quickly she enters the room and her eyes land on a teenaged girl tied to the chair. She rushes to the girl and puts her finger to her lips signaling to the girl to be silent. Slowly pulling the gag from the girl's mouth she moves around to untie the girl.

"Don't!" she cries, "they said if I Get off this chair it will explode!"

Violet stands up and cups the girl's face in her hands, "Do not worry Ashley I will get you home to your dad very soon."

Ashley's eyes widen, "watch out!"

A gun is pressed to the back of Violets head. She puts her hands up and slowly turns around in time to see her assailant's head slide off to roll across her feet.

Snake eyes watching as a woman comforts the target below. He types into his communicator his location and confirming he had the target. He looks down after hearing a shout to watch the woman slowly get up with a gun pressed to her head. Snakes eyes quickly fall through the vents and slices the man's head cleanly off his shoulders before he lands in a crouched position. He slowly gets up and see a gun pointed at him. "Get up slowly" the woman commands and Snake eyes tightly grips his sword as he stood up. Through his visor his eyes met with beautiful purple eyes. Snake eyes signs to the woman but the stops realizing she probably doesn't understand what he is saying. He watches as a soft smile graced her angelic face. He steps back in shock when the woman holsters her gun and signs back to him. –Are you friend or foe- He answers with the sign -friend-.

Violet sighs in relief knowing he is not an enemy. She turns around and works at the bomb located under Ashley's chair. At the corner of her eye she studies the man in front of her keeping an eye out for the others. He was wearing all black that seemed to sculpt his perfect body. Her thoughts seemed to wonder what it would be like to be pressed against those muscles. She wasn't no virgin and she wasn't a slut either. She has had one man in her life but that was almost ten years ago, her high school sweetheart. After school ended he went into the military and she never spoke to him again. The last she heard was he was engaged to someone else. She sighs in frustration. Technology wasn't her thing and she didn't know why she tries. Violet looked up to see the man walk over and stab the device with his sword. "Smart ass" she mumbles.

Snake eyes smiled through his mask and shrugged his shoulders like it wasn't a big deal. He motioned to the woman to hurry up and all three slowly worked their way out the building. Snake eyes raised his hand to signal them to stop. He watch the woman push the girl behind a crate then pulled a small rod that was strapped around her waist resting across her lower back. She quietly crept up to him as they slid against the wall waiting. Soon guns were pointed at their heads and snake eyes gripped the hilt of his sword before he could bring it out the woman steps in front with the small rod stretched out in front of her sideways.

Violet press the button and her rod grew out on both sides into an 8ft pole. She spun the pole as the terrorists started firing. She deflected the shots away and with a burst of speed she pulled an all-out attack. After a few short breaths she looked around to see bodies litter the area. She smiled at the ninja pulling his sword out of one of them. A crack was heard and the next thing Violet know was warm pressure of strong arms wrapped around her. Her eyes opened with shock to see a piece of the ceiling on the floor where she once stood at. She looked up to see her savior on top of her protecting her from the fall and debris. She smiles as he starts to get up. "You know… I don't usually lay with a man on the first date"

Snake eyes stared into those laughing violet eyes and his shoulders shook from laughter. He watched her retract her weapon and place it on her back. Her purple midriff halter top sported some blood across her chest. He replaced his sword back it is sheath and waited for the two girls. Ashley wrapped her arms around the woman's arm and they walked out the front doors into the bright sunshine.