Keeping the Silence

Disclaimer: I do not own G.I. Joe or any of its characters. I only own Violet.

Chapter 12

I woke up to and empty bed. I frowned looking around my room. My eyes softened when I noticed a single pink rose on top of a note. I smelled the rose smiling at the beautiful aroma before glancing down at the note in my other hand 'I love you' it read. I closed my eyes and thought about last night, happy that I confessed my feelings towards him.

"Did I do something wrong?" I cried. He turned around and shook his head before signing to me, 'No. It would be easier if you did. I want you, but I don't want to hurt you either. I care about you.'

I stood up and walked towards him with tears running down my face. I wrapped my arms around his neck crying tears of joy into his chest. I leaned up and whispered into his ear, "I care about you too. I love you Snake Eyes."

I giggled at the memory before sniffing my rose again. I got up out of bed and headed towards my bathroom. Once I finished my business I looked in the mirror. I gasped at the small bruise along my collarbone. Placing my hand over it, I lost myself to my memory again.

My eyes shot open to notice I was stark naked. I started to feel embarrassed about myself. It's not like I am embarrassed about my body. It's just that it has been forever since I have laid with a man. I was kind of scared.

Snake Eyes frowned when he saw the slight fear in my eyes. 'You're beautiful. I promise to not hurt you. I love you Violet' I couldn't stop the tears in my eyes. Snake Eyes kissed my tears away before placing his lips against mine. He pressed his body against mine as we kissed.

I got dressed into my shorts and tank then placed my hoodie over my head wanting to cover mark. I slipped on my shoes and slowly walked down the hall wondering about mine and Snake Eyes' position. 'What are we now? We never discussed it last night. Should we show our affections or do we pretend like nothing happened?' I started freaking out in my mind and forgot to pay attention to my surroundings. I looked around the Mess Hall and saw Snake Eyes sitting with our friends. He got up and walked towards me. I started to freak out not knowing what to do. 'Oh my God, what should I do? Kiss him? Hug him? Just say hi? What do I do?!'

I didn't get to think for long before his arms wrapped around me and his lips met mine. Gasps could be heard around the room then silence. A voice broke through the silence making me want to hug him to death. "About damn time!" Ripcord shouted causing everyone to laugh. We made it over to our table when Duke held his hand out towards Ripcord, "You owe my 20 bucks" Ripcord looks at him confused, "For what?" Duke shakes his head, "Did you forget the bet? I told you Snake Eyes would be the first to show his emotions before Violet"

I glared at Duke and Ripcord. "Whoa whoa whoa! Let me get this straight. You guys bet to see who would be the first to show PDA between me and Snake Eyes?" They smiled and laughed. I got irked and grabbed both of their heads slamming them together. "Ow! What the Hell Vi?!" they shouted while rubbing their heads.

I smirked at the two while fire blazed in my eyes. They both looked at each other before taking off. Snake Eyes kissed my neck and I turned around before wrapping my arms around his neck kissing him. "I love you" I whispered. I caught Duke and Ripcord peeking through the door. I snapped my head in their direction, "Oh I didn't forget about you two! You're both dead!" I took off chasing after the two scared idiots. I couldn't help the smile that graced my face as I thought about how lucky I am to be gifted with the people in my life today.