"Roxas. Namine."

"We promised them we would be together every day and—"

"And we will be, Sora."

The distance furthered between them, theirs hand to slightly slip from each other's grasp. "Eh!" Sora gasped, frantically lunged down, and grabbed a better hold around Kairi's hand. Feet in the water, she lunged toward him, grabbing ahold of his forearms, he upon the raft, sailing away. And to their raft, she was the anchor.

"Sora!" Riku warned, eyes against the black storm gnashing with a wicked bite upon the horizon. "We have to go!"

A violent wind stirred, table-topping serenity, and into chaos the island went. Trees in the storm's gray spit and casted into silhouettes by explosions of lightning above spun violently, lashing to and fro. The three ducked low, clutching their heads. Kairi to peer from her strands of whipping red hair. Leaves were thrown against the white sand that dissolved away with the wind.

"Sora! I will be okay! We will be together when all of this is over!" The rain spilled against his cheeks, his expression so solemn, so heartbroken. His brows pushed upwards while his mouth quivered. Seperation.

Brave, she pushed a weak smile. "Fight for us! And please! Just hurry home with Riku by you side!"

"I will protect him this time Kairi!" Riku shook from the bow, bellowing a voice, low and shaking like the gloss in his vivid eyes.

She huffed in another breath, careful for her eyes not to spill. Against Sora's gaze, her eyes glossed, he to caress her cheek warmly. "…remember what you said before…"

"…I am always with you too…" She cried.

"I will come back to you! I promise!" Their hands slipped apart, she to frantically shove hers to her mouth, cupping to magnify a voice.

"I know you will!"

And to the water, she broke, as they sailed away in the mighty wind, calling her name.

…I know you will…

…I know you will…

…I know you will…