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Down along the north woods, six travelers, one being dragged in a wheelbarrow, are following along an old dirt road that seemed to have not been used in decades. Since the recent war, there isn't a single soul who has decided to travel to the wall. No one except the two Stark boys Bran and Rickon, Osha, Hodor and the Reed siblings Jojen and Meera. For the past two weeks, the group have been wandering, camping and searching around the north on their journey to the wall, unaware of the absence of Jon Snow and the rangers and the White Walkers. Meanwhile, Bran has forged a close friendship with Jojen for their connection behind the Greendreams. Bran has been able to understand why he can see through the wolves' eyes and why he sees the three-eyed crow frequently. Meera and Osha have also found a mutual respect for each other being the protectors of the ones who need protection but deserve it. It was unknown how Hodor felt about their journey and Rickon had mixed feelings the entire time. He liked the fact that he was able to run around and explore outside of Winterfell, but he was also depressed for the fact that he terribly missed his mother, Robb, Jon, Sansa and Arya. Nonetheless, everyone had to adapt and learn to carry on surviving this dark time in Westeros.

One thing that constantly bothered Jojen for days now was the continuous person in his dreams. He understood that it must mean something, but he didn't know what. It would begin in the woods, identical to the woods in Bran's dreams, but then he would hear a rustle in the bushes. He would turn but find only the end of a foot running away. He would follow the runner and then find her sitting on the floor. He could tell that the person must be female because she looked very frail and thin, much thinner than any man could ever be. She was wearing tall brown boots, dirty gray pants, a thin blue blouse covered with a thick grey vest, a thick copper belt that women in King's Landing would normally wear, a short brown cape that covered her head and an overly stuffed bag with a strap hung to her shoulder. He would calmly walk behind her, turn to face her, and then he would wake up before he could see her face. Normally he would talk to either Bran or Meera about events happening in his dreams in attempt to interpret them, but he couldn't decide on whether this girl had a significant importance to him. This was the first time he was lost in his dreams.

So as they were walking on a cloudy fall afternoon, they heard a noise. They all went off course of the road and hid behind a tiny slope. Osha put her hand up motioning everyone to bow down and keep quiet. Meera went to the front with Osha and they had their weapons ready to attack in case. Everyone laid down quiet, but Rickon wanted to see as to what they were hiding from. He crawled beside Meera who whispered him to go to Bran and Hodor, but he didn't comply.

Soon enough, they were able to see what made them hide, walking along the trail they were previously on, it was a girl, the girl Jojen was dreaming about. She didn't have the cape on so her features became visible. She couldn't have been more than five and ten (fifteen). She had a modest fair complexion, wavy, shoulder length light brown hair that had a tinge of red, a tiny straight nose and full pink lips that were currently whistling a peaceful tune. Rickon looked up from the slope and saw the girl with delight.

"Rickon, get down!" Osha whispered harshly, afraid that this girl may be a Greyjoy or Lannister spy.

"I know her Osha! She's the girl with the packages! I saw her before." Said Rickon before running off in attempt to greet the girl.

And so as Rickon ran off and caught the attention of the 'girl with the packages', everyone looked up petrified by the sight. Meera wanted to chase Rickon to stop him, but couldn't decide the time to do so, Bran tried looking but couldn't see with Hodor covering him and Jojen saw her physique and knew immediately that it was her. So instinctively, Jojen got up and followed Rickon slowly to meet with the girl.

When Rickon met with the girl, she stopped her whistling and didn't feel threatened for it was just a child and recognised him. She went down to his level and greeted him.

"Hello, Rickon! What are you doing out here all alone? Are you lost? Are you alright?" she asked with worry in her eyes.

"I'm alright and I'm not alone. They're all hiding behind there" he said pointing to the slope and accidentally pointing to Jojen who was walking towards them. He reached the two and took notice of her. He saw many girls and women in his life, but was never affected by them as he was right now. He thought she had a unique beauty that even though many would be considered more beautiful than her, they will never match the way she looks for him. He saw her eyes and noticed that her brown orbs had green in them.

"Hello. I'm Jojen Reed. And what would your name by, my lady?"

"Greta. Greta Waters."

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