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New Girl in a New Town

Chapter 1: New Town, New Friends

Jessica gazed out the car window & watched the trees, cars, and random buildings pass them by with a sigh. She'd had a difficult time since her parents divorced earlier that year, & unfortunately, it had been rather close to her 16th birthday at the time of the divorce, which wasn't a nice birthday gift on her part. On top of that, she had to move to Texas a few months later, half the country away from her close friends she'd known for years.

She fingered the pendant on her necklace in the shape of a cross & thought, Lord, I'm pretty sure that this move was Your will, but I admit it's very hard to move away from close friends & family...

Her mom briefly glanced over at her & asked, "Why the long face, Jessica?"

"I miss my friends...," she replied, continuing to stare out the window.

"I'm sure you'll find new friends in our new town! I never got along with your father, so I honestly believe in my heart that it was God's will that we move far away from him," Glenda informed her daughter.

"Yeah, I never really liked him, either. He was almost never home, & when he was, he was always drunk. What a JERK!" Jessica told her.

"I agree, but this a new town, & with it comes new opportunities!" she said gladly.

Travis, Jessica's 10-year-old brother, woke up from his nap that had lasted over half the trip, found a leftover straw, & blew a spitball into Jessica's golden-brown shoulder-length hair out of boredom.

She immediately whipped her head around to see him acting all innocent in the back seat, then glared at him with her hazel eyes & snapped, "Do that ONE more time, & I swear I'm gonna hurt you!" Jessica was a fourth-degree black belt in karate, & she wasn't afraid to use it.

"Now, Jess...!" Glenda began to scold her.

"It's not my fault!" Jessica protested, "HE started it! He shot a spitball in my hair!" She jabbed her thumb towards him for emphasis over her shoulder.

"Travis...!" Glenda sternly scolded him, "Keep that up & you'll lose video game privileges for a month!"

Travis hung his head slightly & muttered, glaring at Jessica, "Yes, Mom..." Then he stuck his tongue out at her, & she just stuck hers out at him in retaliation.

Four hours later after crossing the Texan border, the family of 3 pulled into the driveway of their new home, tired since it was 1 in the morning Central Time, yet happy that God had brought them to their new home safely in Retroville.