Wisdom and Folly

Chapter Two: Entitled Teasing

House frowned absently as he watched his ducklings file out of his office. They were off on his orders to find the treatment his new idiotic patient required and since House didn't do tests the team knew they better be back as soon as possible. He was tired, and his leg was aching like a bitch. As he was slowly running his spare hand down to soothe the strained muscle his glass door opened again, revealing the clean-cut form of his lover who was smirking absently with a look of triumph.

House cringed, whenever Wilson wore that expression he knew some lecture was about to occur. He hoped it wouldn't deprive him of sex again, sometimes Wilson could be hormonal like a pregnant lady.

"The ambivalent yet malicious puppet master is at it again." Wilson remarked, striding forward before lounging with his back against the wall of House's office, near his desk.

House snorted as he crossed his arms and leaned back, his gruff tone almost a whine, "What did I do this time?"

"Oh, your usual erratic behavior. This time I'm referring to Cuddy's wedding gift."

"How is giving someone a purple sparkly vibrator being nice?"

"Because of the card you put with the gift. And the fact you even thought to buy something in the first place; you don't do gifts. Here I thought I'd have to get her a fruit basket."

"I get the feeling our relationship is much fruitier." House quipped.

"Deflecting, I see." Wilson smirked, pulling from his pocket a white card with elegant gold script stating congratulations on the cover. He deftly flipped the card open.

"I'm glad that you're happy even if it is with a moron. Good luck on not getting a divorce." Wilson read aloud, well aware House already knew what the card said since the message was rendered in his almost indecipherable handwriting.

House swirled his chair around stubbornly as he growled petulantly, "Good to know that Cuddy's a rat. I'll never get her anything again. Is that what she called you to her office for earlier?"

"Well, there was that," Wilson affirmed. "And something about a new lawsuit regarding your last patient? She wanted my assessment on that before she leaves for her honeymoon. And to make sure I'd watch over you and not let you do anything too drastic with your new patient."

"Great to know I require a babysitter." House seethed, his back still turned.

Wilson smiled affectionally down at his lover, unaffected by the glower he knew House was wearing, "You've never really given her a reason not to worry."

"What about that oath I took before becoming a Doctor? Does that count?"

"Ah-huh, and how about that patient you had last week?"

"The monkey-fucker? He doesn't count."

"Accusing someone of bestiality in front of his wife and seven-year-old can count as causing harm to others."

House finally twirled his chair back towards Wilson, "Doesn't count as an accusation if it's the truth."

"So the privacy of patients is null to you." Wilson reasoned.

"What's the real reason you burst in here like a banshee?"

"Suddenly I need a reason to bug you? And rub your rare example of niceness in your face?"

"Rubbing it in won't make it any less rare." House stated, his hand going back to massage his abused leg.

Wilson noticed immediately, as he always did. He didn't comment on it though, knowing that doing so would only put House in an even worse mood. Instead he replaced the card in the pocket of his white coat and retrieved an orange bottle instead, propping it down on House's desk silently.

House glanced up and their eyes met, each conveying a wide-range of messages. It was Wilson's way of saying that he would be here for House, through the good and the bad. It was House's way of saying thank you.

House suddenly sighed, "Almost done for the day?"

"Yes, just need to finish my last rounds."

"Chinese tonight?"

"Sounds good." Wilson affirmed, turning to exit the office.

As the younger oncologist was about to open the door, a thought struck House. "Why do you have the card?"

Wilson paused at the door, knowing what he meant. "I filched it from her office. Cuddy already read the card. She knows you care. But I'm not about to let her bring that out to hold against you next time you're in trouble. She'd use that card to embarrass you."

House blinked, surprised.

Wilson snorted and his voice carried as the door swung shut, "I'm not about to let anyone else tease you. That's my entitlement."