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Ari's stomach rumbled as her alarm blared. A lightly tanned hand flew over the bedside and smacked the Off button as a sleepy eyed girl of 14 sat up in her bed. Rubbing the sleep out of her eyes, Ari glared at the blankets that lay scattered and piled at the foot of her bed. Shivering, she got up and made her way down to the kitchen. Knowing all too well what would be inside the refrigerator, she grabbed the metal door handle and yanked. Inside was nothing but a cold 20 bill as usual.

Ari sighed as she went back upstairs to see if she could find a clean outfit to wear to school, seeing as how she hadn't done the laundry lately. It took her 10 minutes to find a clean looking outfit of the usual fire edged shirt and black baggy pants under her bed.

Slowly she changed, showered, and grabbed her school stuff along with a piece of toast that was still in the toaster from yesterday. Shuddering at the thought of what could be on the toast for a moment before she ate it.

It was depressing, knowing that today was no different from the others. She'd been in school for about four weeks, and rumors had been fluttering through the school already. "There goes that gothic girl again, yeesh she always acts like she's miserable." "Yea, why can't she just get a life?" "C'mon, lets go, she's almost within 10 feet of us!"

Ari gritted her teeth, her hands balled themselves into fists as they were shoved into her pockets as she watched the flock of preps scurry off. Despite the fact that she was ok looking and pretty intelligent, she just chose not to be like the others. That meaning everyone.

"All my life I've wanted to be different, have superpowers, be half animal, or maybe be from another world, but noooo, I have to be a stinking worthless human being. I hate myself." she thought to herself angrily as she dragged her feet along the cold concrete steps leading into her yearly prison.

Ari pushed the dilapidated door open and slowly proceeded towards her "desk" in the corner of the room which was the skools way of saying table that was accidentally fused into the wall. Not to mention she was almost in back of the teachers desk from where her table was situated. She walked over to a desk that had a sticker saying "Kumari Jones" on it. She didn't hesitate to rip the front and last words off, so it just said Ari.

"I wonder why he always puts these on my table. . ." she muttered, her overly happy teacher was always leaving pathetic notes and nametags on the kids' desks, did he expect them to forget their names overnight?

More sleepy eyed and tousle-haired kids (or was their hair always like that?) wandered into the classroom to see a very odd looking girl with her head on her desk. As always, she was ignored.

Ari's stomach rumbled once more, so she was seriously considering eating the 20 dollar bill in her pocket when she heard bickering outside in the hall.

"Admit it Zim! Admit it that you're an alien! Someday I'll show the world- Agghhh!" That was followed by the sound of something large being thrown in the trashcan.

Ari sighed as the teacher Mr. Smith came in the room, he used to have a wonderful habit of humiliating Ari daily, until the joke he made about her slitting his tires was made true. His cheery eyes glinted at the class as the first block bell rang.

"Chemistry! I know all of you are dying to play with acid! So get out your beakers and test tubes and get out your chemicals!"

20 minutes into class, a rather large explosion happened as one of the kids threw a small beaker of blackish liquid at Ari's head. She glared as it exploded all over the table, but before she could cast any death glares, the liquid found its way into some of her beakers, causing mass explosion.

The wall had a good sized hole in it as Ari sat up from the rubble. She shook pieces of plast out, glaring at the fake wall. No wonder you could always hear the other teachers lecturing, the walls were only sheetrock with some filling. Mr. Smith glared at her through the hole.

"FINE, you DO that troublemaker, BLOW UP our walls ya little terrorist! In fact, STAY THERE! YOUR OFFICALLY BOOTED OUT OF OUR CLASSROOM! I HOPE YOUR HAPPY-!" And with that, plaster and filling proceeded to fall and cover up the hole before a big poster was slapped over it. Ari sat confusedly in a pile of rubble looking at the other students, some of which were oblivious to everything that had just happened.

Ari dusted herself off and sat in an empty desk in the back, so far you couldn't really tell if that blob was a kid or another desk. Oh wait, no. . .That was a kid. . .He was just blending in with the green desks. . .Wait a minute.

She peered at the kid, he was quite Green.

"Well THAT was unexpected." Ari murmured. Her voice seemed to carry to the freaky snake woman asleep at her desk.

"Oh great another one. State your name and why your existing in my class." snarled the teacher, suddenly right behind Ari.

"Woah. . ." she regained her composure and explained. My names- Kumari-" she cringed "Jones and I blew up the wall and now I'm in this class." She held back the urge to salute to the creepy figure as it hissed.

"Fine whatever." First block seemed to be Let-the Teacher-Sleep-In-Peace-Or-Your-Desk-Will- Spontaneously-Combust time, as that was what happened to the first few kids that spoke. Her eyes wandered around boredly, looking at the odd hairstyles of the class, then wondering about herself faintly. Sure, the two uneven triangle wedges of goldish hair that always managed to elude being brushed and the shoulder length rest of it that once had said to have looked as if it was "cut with zigzag scissors" but whatever. She smirked as her eyes landed on the scythe of Dib.

She watched him for a bit, he kept glaring at Zim, once in a while scribbling madly on a piece of paper and flinging it across the room. Ari's eyes followed it and now looked at Zim.

"Zim. . .Zim and Dib. . ."The only way she could remember their names was because the teacher has barked something at the both of them around 5 times now. Suddenly Ari remembered something that had been bugging her. She was in the class with the crazy kid and the so-called alien. A grin spread faster than a weed across Ari's face.

"If I do this right this could be my chance. . .to finally become Inhuman. . ." she paused and smiled, snickering away until the lunch bell rang.

While sitting in her favored empty table, Ari's eyes wandered the cafeteria, it wasn't hard to find what she was after. The tell-tale jet- black scythe stuck up and she knew where Dib was. She dodged her way past the other kids, as when your at her level of ignoring kids tend to not see you as well, your more like a shapeless blob than a person.

"Dib?" she asked, it was a bit of a question with a hint of a command to it. He turned his head; maybe he was shocked at having other people actually converse with him.

"Uhm. . .yea?" he replied, turning towards Ari. She sat down and fidgeted.

"Do you know if Zim is really an alien or not? I just wanted to know so I could.er, be prepared." she said, her smile concealing what her brain wasn't saying. "Damnit Ari! That was so friggin stupid! I mean, please, 'So I could be prepared?!' That is so lame!" Her brain screamed in an annoying echo-y high-pitched voice.

"Are you kidding!? Of course he's an alien! He's got no nose, no ears, and he's got green skin!"

From across the cafeteria came a faraway voice, "IT'S A SKIN CONDITION!"

"Oh.k. Just checking.you know. I gotta go an um, be prepared some more.ummmm.yeah." (Ari's brain was pretty much tweaking out now with her horrible responses.)

As she turned to leave, she felt a hand on her shoulder. Ready to spaz out because she hadn't had much contact with human life before, she whipped around and pulled out a dagger strapped to her ankle which was concealed in those baggy pants of hers.

"Eeep." said Dib as he quickly retracted his hand.

"Sorry about that, not much contact with other people gets you a little weird I guess."said Ari as she shrugged and placed the weapon back where she got it.

"I could tell." said Dib quietly. "Anyway, I was just going to ask you if you um, might want to go and uh, spy on Zim's house or something? Its always better with company." he said as he blushed a bit.

Not being used to affection before since her mother was a scientist in some lab place 24/7 while her dad disappeared years ago, Ari didn't know what to say.

"Um.maybe later, k? I'll uh.um.gotta go!" and with that she ran off.

Gaz, who just now seems to get in the story, raised an eyebrow. "Who was that?" she said, it wasn't really as if she cared, but she felt inclined to at least pretend that she knew what was going on with her brother.

"Her name is Ari..." he said, and with that he went back to eating his bologna.

Zim sat at his own table alone as usual when a blonde haired stinkbeast flew past him and ran out the doors. "Stupid humans, always in a rush," he thought to himself as he dissected with his fork (what appeared to be) a turkey leg.

Another two hours of Miss Bitters ranting on about how doomed the world was until the bell rang. Slowly students disappeared and filtered out of the classrooms, some going through the windows or falling through bad floorboards into the underground classrooms. Ari took her time packing up her heavily doodled on notebook of furres and dragons until she and zim were nearly the last people in the classroom. Zim walked out of the schoolyard, unaware (or so Ari hoped) that he was being followed.

Everything went well, after many twists and turns and walking through dark alleys, even when a scary looking lobotomy dog nearly sent both of them running, Ari managed to tail Zim all the way to his house. She hid in the bushes as she watched him walk up the sidewalk.

"Something is very, very wrong about those gnomes.why don't I have gnomes???" Ari thought to herself as the robotic gnomes turned to identify their master. A small robot tackled Zim as he opened the door, and then the both of them ran into the house. Ari's plan might work after all.

Night had come as the shadowy figure darted through the dark alleys and around shady corners as she tried hard to remember her directions, realizing she was not the best cartographer as she had made up things like, "go around corner" and "avoid small children". It took her a good hour to retrace her steps and find the right house.

The full moon's light glinted as Ari unsheathed what appeared to be a Light Sword, it was an easy wielding sword, and Ari had trained with it for years. (When you're that lonely, you realize if you had friends they'd have ditched you because of your weirdness)

Just out of curiosity, Ari picked up a rock and threw it at one of the gnomes. In midair there was a flash of light, a laser no doubt, and the rock was nothing but dust.

"Shit." said Ari as she thought about how she could get over to the doorway still partially alive. "If I destroy them, an alarm could go off, and if I don't, they could set off an alarm anyway. Damn, damn, damn, damn. "

Ari sheathed her sword deciding that she would have to be shifty to get past them. "If I'm not seen by them, they won't know I'm here, therefore no alarms can go off. Good job brain, you worthless organ you! Hehehehehe!" she pondered to herself, her tongue sticking out with happiness at her plan.

No one noticed the teenage girl with a sword scurry up the side of Zim's neighbors' house. She edged along the rooftop before leaping silently onto the roof across from her. Praying the gnomes hadn't seen her; she unsheathed her sword for balance and made her way down to his front door.


"I'll get it!" screamed Gir as he leapt into his disguise. Nacho cheese was dripping down the ear of it and cupcake stains were everywhere. Oblivious to these, he opened the door to face a random girl.

"HI!" he said with an excessive amount of happiness.

"Hi. Is Zim here?"

"Ummmm, lemme check.MASTER!? ARE YOU HERE? MASTER??? A KANGAROO IS HERE!!!" with that he ran to the trashcan and jumped down it with Ari standing on the steps.

Ari slowly edged into Zim's house, and nonchalantly stood there looking around. His house was a lot more interesting than other peoples. (Believe me, she does a lot of stalking) Ari liked the green monkey picture, it was funny. It also made her think of cake. Mmm, I like cake.

Gir appeared once more, except this time he came up from the floor. Ari guessed there was a lot of secret entrances and doors in Zim's house for some reason.

"My lord will see you when the cupcakes are ready!" Gir said insanely as he put on an apron and chefs hat.

Ari sighed. Zim emerged from the kitchen (out of the trashcan perhaps?) with an odd look on his face. Dib had broken into his house it was almost a normal thing now. Except instead of finding Dib, a random girl was standing in his living room.

"What the-? YOUR NOT DIB! WHO ARE YOU!?" he screamed as he put his weapon down in surprise.

"My name is-"

"WHO ARE YOU?! TELL ME OR FACE MY WRATH!" exclaimed Zim once more.

Ari smiled; maybe he wasn't as smart as she'd hoped. "I'm Ari and I come asking a question."

"A question? WHO SENT YOU!?" Zim once more exploded, his armed hand slowly rising.

"Put down the gun or I'll be forced to shish-ka-bob you." Ari said drawing her sword. "No one has sent me, I come of my own will to ask a simple question, now are you going to make this a pleasant experience or a painful one?" Ari said, her temper rising with the green kid.

Zim put the gun down and Ari sheathed her sword once more. (Will she ever use it???) "Then talk now stinkbeast." Zim said with disgust.

"This is going to sound stupid I know, but I was just wondering if you're an alien." Ari said, her eyes wandering.

"Of course not! Pffft, me, an alien? Your crazier than Dib. Really, ME, I'm just a normal human wormbaby-"

"Really. . .Do you know who Einstein was? Or what Hitler did? Or maybe how Soap Opera's originated? And how fast a train can travel, Or what an Echidna is? And of course the meaning of life?"

". . . . . . ." He looked pretty confused then looked away arrogantly. "I don't have time for your pathetic knowledge quizzes! Besides, all humans know those things anyway, why shouldn't I?"

"Oh well then.I guess you wouldn't need any ideas, or more importantly, plans, for world domination if your not an alien."said Ari with a hint of fake sadness in her voice.

"Wait, what!?"

"Yeah, its sad really when your so alone you design and create possible ways to take over the hideous world." said Ari, this time with real sadness mixing with fake, although she quickly covered it up.

"Tell me more about these plans, not that I'm interested in them or anything." Zim said. "Maybe I can use this humans plans, then I will destroy them all and finally conquer this horrible planet once and for all!"

"Nope, sorry Zim, since your not an alien, I guess I'll have to go burn them.or hand them over to the FBI."said Ari coyly. The conversation was going almost as well as she had planned it. She headed for the door.

Zim quickly locked it and stepped in front of her. "Listen to me human, I'm exactly like you are, I'm not an alien of any sorts.but tell me your plans just for the fun of it, ok?"

"Wow, his excuses are almost as bad as yours!" thought Ari's brain to herself. "Listen Zim, I've seen proof of it, and I know for a fact you're an alien, and I just wanted to come over here to convince you to let me join you, I have the money, and enough knowledge to know you need help doing this. And I can get Dib out of the way if you know what I mean." said Ari with a bit of an evil smile.

Zim looked torn between something as he stood silent for a few minutes. He had never told anyone he was an alien, and never would, he trusts no one! But this human, she might have the answer to conquering the planet, she had been her longer and certainly would know more about the planet than he did, all of its defenses and everything.but to join him?

"Come back tomorrow, and bring your plans." he said grimly. "I haven't said anything yet, and you have no proof of anything, so don't try it."

"Oh but Zim, I would do nothing of the sort!" said Ari as she unsheathed her sword and pointed the tip to Zim's neck. "I am no double-crosser." She said as she nicked his neck with the tip of her blade and disappeared into the foggy night air.

"We'll see human." said Zim with a twisted smile as he put a hand up to his neck to gaze at the drop of deep greenish blood that lay on his finger. "We'll see."