HeaveN and HelL

A little twist in the series

Of the perpetually sexy heists of the Marchioness of Malice and the constant pleading foolishness of the Viscount of Virtue.


He could not believe how easily his guards had acquiesced to the release of their ever-so elusive—not to mention their best—criminal. It infuriated him just how anything—everything—he'd done in his power to stop her was futile in fazing her: How much he wanted to wipe that annoying smirk off her face was insuperable, as hate this much must absolutely under no circumstances be tolerated. He ought to have sought assistance and guidance from those of greater sanctity, although every time

"Lookin' cute there."

Every. Time.

Good noon. Or morning, or evening, when the direness to pray in a holier temple drove him insane enough to sneak out in the night despite knowing the risks of exposing himself to greater threats.

"You busy today?"

As a matter of fact—

"I'll take you someplace great! I swear, you'd have the time of your life."

No thank you. Politeness was the way to go. There would be some sturdy control in his voice.

"Aw, is little Len-Len having a hard time?"

He'd give in to the massage more often than not, but only because he knew he needed it, the pressure of her warm hands on his back to ease his nerves…

And then one thing would lead to another, and it's almost always a moment of passion she would squeeze out of his reluctance that slips into desire he wasn't sure he'd approve himself to feel in his most judicious and rational state, and before he'd realise it, he'd have fallen into another one of her notorious—though that didn't stop her from trying an entirely new and different trick to let others be duped into the same thing again—deceits. He'd be so welled up by the web of emotions she'd spin around him that it'd twist him into a neat knot.

He'd just have enough of his senses collected before they get too far—and thank goodness he does most of the time, and only blamed his irresponsibility for being tricked by her until it was too late.

"I just wanna have some fun, Lenny~"

I'm sorry, I can't. Now, if you'll excuse me—

"I'm not letting you go that easy."


It would be one of his valuables that she'd nick from one moment at the time or from their previous encounters, which she considered as delicious opportunity. She'd bribe him of it, playing with it for a while—occasionally throwing in more suggestive gestures that just make him crazy—until he'd affirm their deal. What she'd want? What else: Money, the release of her comrades in crime, and, rarely albeit unfortunately a frequency Len couldn't make himself forget, hot sensual sweat-inducing—

"What's the matter?" Rin loafed on the bed, her body facing him. She was provocatively lying there in a 'ready' pose. Much like a Victoria's Secret model in one of those magazines he was forbidden to read yet leaf through every time he'd arrest a wrongdoer.

He'd elicit a long and musical moan from her in different ways he learned too immoral yet tempting to do, and his spine would tingle from the eroticism. However, now her voice was full of obsessed heat that made him perspire and came out more dazed than what she might have thought to have. Perhaps this would be a new branch in her scheme: It worked not less than it usually did.

Her soft nimble fingers coiled around his thigh, and he, having done this too many times to not get used to the dominating lecherousness, just sighed. "Rin…We can't do this."

"Can't do what?" She absently tugged at his pants, sitting up. He felt like shouting in frustration. Was she even listening?

"We can't keep this u—hugh." He grabbed at the sheets, biting his lower lip. Get a grip of yourself! (Rin's already doing that, but…)

"What don't you want me to do?" Rin whispered into his lips, and he just sucked in her hot breath, tasting the tinge of orange. His breathing came in heavy, leaden pants.

It was just too hard—difficult—to say it while she was giving him that look, where her eyes were oddly glistening with wetness that clouded her hunger, the sarcastic almost unseeing-to-her-every-move eyebrows relaxed, raised only slightly, a seemingly crooked smile that was supposed to be out of solemn and firm sincerity looking incongruous in a face more devoted to smirks that show her impishness and love for intrinsic naughtiness. He could see her tongue licking her lips to moisten them, not helping but lean in if just a bit, inducement slinking around him before he knew it.

Len was the one who kissed first: Indulgence was slowly taking guilt's place. He couldn't help feeling the least remorseful though, so he pulled away in the little while they made time for oxygen.

"You're only tricking me again." He had to say it.

The look she gave him was painful. "What makes you say that?"

"Because you're a helluva hot devil—look at me, for a change. We mustn't be together. I've caught you with other men." He looked away and moved to the edge of the bed. "It isn't me or them you want—it's for the fun of it."

When she didn't answer, he stared at his fingers and said, "You can't love me."

He stood up, and then was dragged backward by powerful force.

"Too late for that, Pretty Boy." She pinned him on the bed again. "You're too sexy to just let go."

That's how Len knew that she'd keep breaking out of prison just to bug him once more, and he'd just fall for her tricks until he'd care for her enough to love her as she him.

The door was flung open.


"Put your hands, tentacles or claws in the air!"

"This is the Order! We're here under the law of the kingdom given direct commands by the very Viscount. Kindly—oh my God."

The Adorable Angels were proud to have caught the Marchioness of Malice in her latest assault, yet saddened to realise that their First in Command was a victim of it, puzzled to how the tables had been turned, scandalised to know how the two wound up.

It was safe to say that the Viscount of Virtue had to be thrown in jail, however, for his misdeeds. Rules were rules, as they say.

Strangely they ended up in the same cell anyway.

The rest will be left to your imagination.

As promised :D It's a sexy fluff, and I TRIED to sexily make it sound sexy; fluffily fluffy enough to make it a fluff. In this one, Rin's the devil, and Len's the angel in Heaven and Hell, obviously. In my perspective, the "devil" is always the one who shoots the gun first (PLEASEDON'THATEME!) So anyway, hope you enjoy! :3 COCKBLOCK AGAIN! Thanks for supporting Heaven and Hell! XD