Once Joey had realised that he had allowed himself to believe his ex-girlfriend over the one he loved, he was at a loss of what to do.

Should he go home and grovel as much as he can for Lauren's forgiveness or should go and confront the girl who has possibly jeopardised his relationship yet again.

Spotting the glass on the table he had been sat at with his friends he knew where he was heading. His face becoming red with anger, Joey stormed out of the pub heading towards his destination, glass in hand.

Once Joey had arrived at where he needed to be, he repeatedly thumped the door until someone answered.

Joey had to refrain himself from hitting Lucy when she opened the door which not much clothing on.

"I didn't think it would be long until you came running back to me Joey. We all know how better of you would be with me than you are with her. She's poisoning you, always lying to you" Lucy said as she got closer to him.

"Poison?! Poison Lucy? You think she's poisoning me?!" he scoffed, backing away from her. "The only poison here is you! Why are you still trying to ruin what I have with Lauren? Ey?"

Trying to get closer to him, Lucy looked at him with a confused expression plastered across her face. "What do you mean why am I trying to ruin what you have with her? It's obvious that I'm better for you, I would never lie to you like she does. I'd do anything you ask!"

"Oh really? If you'd never lie to me then tell me what this is!" Joey exclaimed holding the glass he was still clutching from the Vic a little too close to the blonde girls face.

Raising an eyebrow Lucy just looked at him like he was a psycho, "It's a glass Joey, and I would appreciate it if you get it out of my face."

"It's not just any glass though is it ey, this is the only glass that Lauren's been drinking out of all night. The glass you bought her those few drinks in, remember? Those double vodka and oranges?" he said putting more of an emphasis on the double vodka.

Trying to hide her guilt Lucy looked straight passed Joey, "I don't know what you're talking about"

That comment made Joey ever more angrier than he already was, "You somehow led me to believe that Lauren was lying to me, that she was going behind my back to hide things from me when in fact it you and your manipulative self trying to take control of my life! When are you going to realise that I don't want you. You're not her, You're not Lauren."

"You don't mean that" Lucy had quietly mumbled.

Sarcastically laughing Joey gave her a look of pathetic sympathy, "Lauren is all that I want."

Joey left the Beale household before he let himself do more than just make it clear to Lucy that she wasn't wanted in his life, nor Lauren's.

The walk back to number 23 made Joey's guilt rise, he was trying his best to come up with an apology for Lauren but he knew that deep down he shouldn't of had to apologise if he had just listened Lauren, she should be the one that he trusts more than anyone else in his life after all.

When he was inside the house he hung up his coat and took his shoes off, placing them next to Lauren's who must have had some help from Alice getting them off.

As he was about to ascend the stairs he heard a quiet cough, looking behind him to find his younger sister. Sighing he turned around to face her properly, "How is she?"

"Upset. But I guess that's expected of her when her boyfriend believes his ex-girlfriend over his current one. You have got some grovelling to do Joe, she was pretty distraught until she passed out. I didn't know what to do with her so I've just left her on your bed. Goodnight." She said before storming up the stairs.

Alice had been very fond of Lauren from the day she met her, sure it was a big shock when she found out about her and Joey but she suddenly became very protective of her, sort of like a sister, therefore whenever Joey seemed to upset Lauren, Alice always stuck up for her, knowing just how stubborn her brother could get.

Sighing to his self knowing how in the wrong he had been about the whole situation he decided to go get two glasses of cold water from the kitchen along with some painkillers before heading upstairs to his bedroom where he should find a sleeping Lauren.

After quickly using the bathroom he stood outside his slightly open door seeing that Lauren was laid on the bed with her back to him, fully dressed.

Setting the two glasses of water down on the bedside table, Joey took off his jacket, hanging it up on the back of the door then made his way over to Lauren to change her into something more comfortable before he noticed her tear stained face.

Moving the hair out of her face he pressed a kiss to her forehead, "I'm so sorry baby."

Lauren then made it obvious that she wasn't asleep when she turned over so that her back was towards Joey's face, "Go away" she mumbled quietly.

Moving so that he was sat on the bed Joey put his head in his hands, "Lauren I'm sorry. I know that you're telling the truth now, that's all the matters."

Snorting, Lauren began to let small tears fall, "That's all that matters?! You believed your ex-girlfriend over me Joey! Do you have any idea how that makes me feel? Do you not have any trust me whatsoever?"

Once Joey realised that Lauren was crying he tried to get closer to her but got rejected each time he tried to touch her.

"Babe I really am sorry for doubting you but I know the truth now. I went back to the pub and I know that you didn't go near the bar once tonight." Joey sighed when Lauren didn't respond. "I also know that Lucy bought you several double vodka and oranges."

Lauren turned slightly so that she could see Joey but didn't invite him to come closer to her, "Why didn't you just believe me Joey?"

"I jus- I- .. I just get scared when you drink Lauren, I really didn't want to believe that you had had a drink because I know you hate to break the promises you make to me but when I realised just how much of a state you in I suppose I just let myself jump to conclusions before I figured anything out." Pausing slightly he looked up into Lauren's eyes, wiping the hair away from her face once more. "I was so angry with myself when I found out the truth, I went over to Lucy's and confronted her, she tried telling me that you're not worth the hassle and that I should be with her-"

Before Joey could say any more Lauren sat up, cutting him off, "Well maybe you should just be with Lucy! All our relationship seems to be is heartbreak and lies! Why would you wanna be with a wreck like me when you could be with Miss Perfect Blonde hair Blue eyes?!"

"Lauren shut up! Stop talking like that! You're the only one I want and I've told her that plenty of times already. She may not let herself believe that but I need you to believe me when I say that I love you and only you." Joey looked Lauren dead in the eye, gently forcing her to allow him caress her face, "I'm the guy for you Lauren Branning."

"Did you really just quote Lucas Scott?" Lauren scoffed.

Muffling a quiet laugh Joey nodded, "Maybe I did, but it's a pretty great line and I know it makes you week at the knees every time you hear it."

Lauren struggled to keep a small smile from her face knowing how right Joey was, "I'm sorry" she said quietly.

"Me too" Joey replied, running his thumb over the back of her hand.

"I should probably get changed and take my make up off huh?"

"You cried most of it off" he laughed, moving towards his drawers, pulling out a pair of boxer shorts and a top small enough for Lauren, tossing them to her before taking off his jeans and shirt, then climbing into bed.

When Lauren got back from using the bathroom she was in the clothes Joey had given her with her hair tied in a pony tail and no makeup. She climbed into bed, snuggling up to Joey, resting her head on his shoulder so she could look at him.

"I really am sorry for making you cry Lauren, it breaks my heart to see you like that." The dark haired male said, running his hand through his girlfriend's ponytail.

Leaning up Lauren pressed a small kiss to Joey's lips, "I know, I'm sorry for being such a mess that you sometimes have to doubt me. It's all gonna change though I promise. You'll never have to doubt me again, I hate it when you're disappointed in me. Your opinion is the only one I care about."

"I love you"

"I love you too, so much."

With that the young couple shared one last passionate kiss before they fell into a deep slumber, dreaming about what the next few years were to bring them.