Oh Baby!

by Erin Salvatore and IrishShipperholic

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Note: This is another collaboration that I'm doing with my good friend, Katie (IrishShipperholic). It's an AU/AH, and the endgame couples are Delena and Kalijah, but it starts out with Elejah and Datherine. The summary: They're twin sisters and living each other's lives. Katherine and Elena Gilbert's lives - as well as their husbands' lives - are about to change...FOREVER!

Chapter One

An identical set of mocha chocolate brown eyes stared back at Katherine Gilbert Salvatore from across the dining room table at the boardinghouse Katherine lived in with her husband Damon. Katherine let out a sigh and her fraternal/identical twin sister Elena Gilbert Mikaelson did the same. "Do you really think that we can pull this off, Katherine?" Elena asked quietly. "Because you know that this won't be like all the other times we switched identities, right?"

Katherine let out a soft snort of laughter as she shook her head of wavy dark brown hair. "Lena, where is your sense of trust? You want Damon's baby and I am DYING to know what Elijah is like as a lover – personally," Katherine said as she leaned over to reach out for Elena's hands, while Elena mimicked the motion, clasping the slender fingers matching hers – right down to the manicured nails.

"When do we start?" Elena asked as a slow grin began to ease its way onto her face, a matching one moving onto her sister's face.

"Here's what I'm thinking," Katherine said before she began to explain the plan to her sister. Several hours later, Katherine smoothed down the jacket of the dark red dress-and-jacket combination that Elena had loaned to her to use for her plan to seduce Elijah at work. She had learned from Elena that he often ate lunch – alone – in his office and she knew this would be her big chance to seduce him.

Katherine knocked on the door and waited for the British accent to come but she only heard…nothing so she knocked again and this time a voice replied back, "Come in!" She did just that, her hands trembling as she stepped easily into the role of her twin sister.

"I brought you some lunch because I thought you might be hungry," she explained as she moved closer until she was perched on the corner of his desk, leaning over until her lips were brushing his, her breasts nestling against his chest.

Elijah smiled against her lips. "Thank you, Elena." He kissed her again and then pulled back to admire the dress she was wearing. "Is that a new dress? I like it."

Katherine smiled. "It is, actually. It was an impulse buy."

"I think it's beautiful, whether it was an impulse buy or not." He kissed her again before getting up from his chair to go to the door, locking it. "I was kind of hoping you'd visit me, my love, because I feel like being a little naughty." He returned to her, gently taking her off the desk before shoving everything off it and laying her on her back, joining her half a beat later. "Are you feeling naughty too, my naughty wife?"

Katherine smirked. This is too perfect, she thought. He actually thinks I'm Elena. "Are you kidding? It's hard not to feel naughty when I'm married to a sexy man like you."

He hummed as he kissed along her neck, mouth trailing along until it was stopped by the material of her dress' jacket, which he immediately peeled off, throwing it onto the floor in his haste. Then he sat her up and had her face away from him as he slowly lowered the zipper on her dress, pressing his lips to her bare spine and Katherine shivered at his cool lips moving over the skin of her back. "You feel wonderful, love," he murmured as he returned to his full height and let the dress fall away from her upper body, cupping her breasts through the material of her black-and-red satin bra – which had been another loaner from Elena before he reached back to unclasp the hooks of it, letting it fall away so he could touch her skin to skin.

Katherine yelped slightly as she felt his hands on her. He certainly knew how to pleasure a woman, that was for sure. True, Damon was excellent, but Elijah was spectacular. She almost felt bad for this deceit, but only almost, because she was enjoying herself too much to actually feel guilty. In fact, the only thing she felt was pleasure.

With a groan, she said, "I love you, Elijah."

Elijah smiled at her words. "I love you too, Elena."

A smile appeared on Katherine's face as well, not just because she was in heaven, but also because it wouldn't be long before he said her name and not her sister's.

She turned around in his arms to begin to release the buttons of his chambray shirt, watching with slightly wide eyes as his impressive chest came into her view once his shirt was gone. Elijah kissed along her neck once again while she lowered her hands to the waist of his pants, working to loosen the buckle before attacking the button and zipper of his jeans. Once they were taken care of, she slipped her hand inside the waistband of his boxers, stroking his member with her manicured nails and he groaned into the skin of her shoulder. "Elena," he ground out, his voice turning hoarse and slightly strangled.

Katherine giggled. "You like that, do you? Well, I'm just getting warmed up, my love."

With that being said, she pulled down the black and red silk panties from Elena, along with his underwear, straddling him and impaling herself with his throbbing member, rubbing her body against him hard and rough. Elijah then began to thrust just as hard and rough against her, obviously enjoying how aggressive his wife was being.

They don't hear the insistent knocking coming from the door before the speaker on the phone on Elijah's desk, which he reaches over to quickly pick up. "April; is this really important?" he asks his secretary, who tells him that his next appointment was there and waiting rather impatiently. "Tell him to reschedule or I'll call him to do that."

"I'm sorry, sir, but he won't allow me to do that," his secretary told him. Elijah groans as Katherine nibbles on his ear.

"Okay, tell him that I'll be done with my lunch meeting as soon as I can," he said, biting back another groan.

Katherine smirked at him. "I like it when you take charge like that."

Elijah shrugged then thrust up into her again. "I'm a take-charge kind of guy, I guess," he told her with a smirk, lifting her and lowering her back down again. Katherine arched her back and let out a moan as she gyrated her hips against his thrusts.

As Elijah rocked against her, his hands moved up her sides until they were cupping her breasts, thumbs moving over the nipples and turning them into a diamond-hard point. Katherine threw her head back, exposing her neck and Elijah leaned forward, his hands going around her back as he began to fervently suck and nip at the olive skin of her neck.

Katherine's breath caught in her throat. She was definitely enjoying this, and she was sure that Elijah was too.

After the Lunch...

Once Katherine had redressed, she quickly disappeared from her brother-in-law's office without giving him an explanation as to where she was going, knowing Elena was waiting for her downstairs. And once Katherine climbed into the passenger seat of her sister's car, she turned to find Elena smiling at her. "How did it go?" she asked but Katherine only turned to the mirror of the car to fix her appearance.

After fixing herself up, Katherine looked at her sister. "Elena, Elijah is absolutely AMAZING! Don't get me wrong, Damon is great, but Elijah is absolutely FANTASTIC!"

Elena grinned. "Our plan is working then," she said as she started the car before driving away from the curb.

"Yes. Yes, it is," Katherine said with a grin.

Elena smiled. "Now that we know that your magic is working on Elijah, I can concentrate on working mine on Damon."

"Right," Katherine said. "And do you know what your plan will be?"

"Yes. I'm going to surprise him, disguised as you, with a homemade dinner," Elena replied as she pulled the car to a stop at the stoplight that wasn't far from where her husband worked.

Katherine smiled. "That sounds perfect. Nothing gets a man's libido going like a good meal, and Damon is no exception. He's often told me that he loves my cooking just as much as he loves me, which I've taken as a compliment."

"That's good to know," said Elena. "I'll keep that in mind for when I surprise him." She smirked evilly. "Oh, I'm going to have so much fun with this, Katherine. If all goes well, which it will, I'll be pregnant with Damon's baby in no time."

Katherine had an equally evil smirk. "Yep, and Elijah will be mine."

Neither of them realized that their entire conversation was being recorded on a cell phone or that the person recording would hurry back up to the building where Elijah worked, taking it to him personally.

Elijah took the cell phone and listened to the recording. He couldn't believe that the woman he had been with earlier wasn't actually Elena at all, but her twin sister, Katherine. The person who recorded the conversation, Dean Collins, looked at his boss after he had finished listening to the conversation.

"So, what do you plan to do now that you've discovered the truth, Mr. Mikaelson?"

Elijah sighed and ran a hand through his hair. "I know that I should expose her, but I won't. For now, I'll let Elena and Katerina play their little game. Then, when the time is right, I'll play the recording and they'll realize that you don't play a Mikaelson and not expect to be caught."

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