Title-Obsessed Pt 2

Summary- The one where Jack gets to tell a story and there is more arguing.

Characters-Jack Frost, Bunnymund, Tooth, North


"For the last time, Jack, we are not watching 'How to Train Your Dragon,'" said North, rubbing his face in frustration. "It's banned, you know that."

"It's my turn to pick!" whined Jack, pouting.

"And that movie is against the rules," growled Bunny, his temper even shorter than usual. "So pick a new movie, tell a story, do a dance, I don't care. Just stop wasting my time."

"Right, because your time is so precious," said Tooth sarcastically.

Jack eyed the two of them with interest. There was something going on for sure, he just needed to figure out what it was.

"Once upon a time," began Jack loudly, demanding attention by the level of his voice. "A bright, sunny day found a pretty girl sitting inside a cold, grey, stone building, listening to an old man with a monotone voice drone on and on about some long forgotten person in some long forgotten land doing some long forgotten deed. Many other people her age sat in the room as well and not one of them was paying the monotone man the slightest bit of attention. How did this young lady end up in such a normal situation? The answer is quiet simple. It is a little something often known as school."

"Not another Frostbite Story," groaned Bunny. "Jack, you tell the strangest stories. I don't think my brain can handle it right now."

"Jack, you tell your story, sweetie," said Tooth kindly, the tone offset by her glare at Bunny. "I would love to hear it."

"Thank you, Tooth," said Jack with a triumphant grin. "As I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted.

"This school, however, is rather different then any that most humans have encountered before. The school day is divided into five different 'classes'-classes being a loose term. These 'classes' are not the educational classes that most often are associated with school. No, see these 'classes' were designed entirely to bore the students who are forced to go there. Quite brilliant really, if you think about it. However, one by one, the students are disappearing. One by one, the kids are lost. And one by one, they win."

"Make it stop!" groaned Bunny.

"Who they are is the mystery," said Jack, pretending he hadn't heard while noting the smack to the back of the head that Bunny's comment earned him from Tooth. "Obviously, they are the ones who run the school but as to what they look like and how many of them there are remains unknown. It is the unknowns that the school thrives on. The exact location of the school is unknown. Where the students come from is unknown. Everything seems to be unknown."

Jack paused, looking expectantly at Bunny for a comment but none came, Bunny having learned his lesson with the previous smacks to the head.

"The girl, who was sitting in the stone room that bright, sunny day, stared aimlessly about with her large, emerald green eyes-like yours Bunny!-, her brown hair in a long braid," said Jack dreamily. "Said girl was, like most of the students, bored out of her mind on this fine day. Her only comfort was her two brothers, Alan and Alex. They sat on either side of her and the three were triplets. Being multiples, the people in charge could not take just one of them for fear of the other two knowing where the kidnapped one was hidden and the people in charge could not take all three for three missing at once was far to noticeable. So it was that, for now at least, the triplets were safe.

"'Aly!' whispered Alex, breaking Aly's thoughts suddenly.

"'What?' asked Aly, glad to be given some distraction.

"'I dare you to stand up and say the alphabet backwards,' said Alex, an evil grin on his face.

"In an attempt to save herself from boredom, Aly stood up and recited the alphabet backwards. The entire class, save the monotone teacher, Mr. Weber, watched Aly as she did so, laughing and relieved to have something to listen to besides the endless droning of their teacher. Once Aly had finished, she sat back in her seat and the room returned to its normal humdrum atmosphere. Mr. Weber had not even looked up from his notes much less stopped talking. Aly was immensely pleased with herself.

"This Aly sounds a lot like you, Frostbite," said Bunny with a smirk, ducking the expected blow from Tooth.

Jack stuck out his tongue.

"Aly Prince and her two brothers, Alex and Alan Prince were the leaders of a small band known as the Pact. The Pact was a group of seven students who dedicated their time and effort into keeping the other students of the school safe. Aly was the Keeper of the Book. The Book was a simple notebook that held all of the information that the Pact had gathered about the school and every other useful tip they came across. Alex was the Head of Secrecy while Alan was the Head of Names. The triplet's friends, twins Jason and Josh Patterson were Keepers Second and Secrecy's Second respectively. Rayne Pyle was the Names Second and Bran Pierce was in charge of meetings. The Pact was made of the most aware students and therefore the ones in the most danger.

"As it was, Aly was actually the one in the most danger of the Pact. She was rather pretty which caused attention to be drawn to her, but she was also the Keeper. They were onto the Pact. Actually, they were onto Aly, which suited her fine. They wanted Aly gone but had to be careful in how they removed her. Being the Keeper, she held all of the information, hints to making the unknown known.

"Alex did a quick head count, making sure that all 12 students were in the room. Every member of the Pact did this once an hour. Alex always counted during the first hour of the day.

"'Let's see…' mumbled Alex under his breath. 'Mia, John, Reyna, Bran…Dora and Jenna…Josh, Jason, Alan, Aly…me…Wait. Where's Lainy?'

"Indeed, Lainy, a blind girl and Jenna's best friend, was nowhere to be found.

"'Hey Alan!' hissed Alex. 'You seen Lainy?'

"'No,' answered Alan, looking around the cold stone room. 'That's weird…she never goes anywhere without Jenna. Maybe she's sick?'

"'Do you really believe that?' asked Alex skeptically.

"Wait, which one was Alex?" asked North, confused. "Why are they all named with an a?"

"Because they're triplets," said Jack. "Parents like to name multiples with the same letter. They think it's cute, okay?"

"I don't get it but continue," said North, waving his hand.

"Thank you." Said Jack. "'No,' sighed Alan. 'But surely she's not missing. They've never taken anyone in our class before.'

"'She'd be an easy target,' interjected Aly slowly. 'I mean, she's blind, after all.'

"'Mayhap she's in the bathroom?' offered Alan, ever hopeful. 'Aly, go check.'

"Aly sighed heavily but nodded. Before she could stand up however, the big oak door opened and a small, elderly lady with poorly dyed black hair stepped in. the entire class looked up at the lady eagerly, seizing the distraction with gusto.

"'Mr. Weston?' said the elderly lady in a surprisingly deep voice. 'I need to see a Miss Jenna Wright.'

"'Indeed,' said Mr. Weston, unfazed as ever. 'As I was saying-'

"It was apparent that that was all the response that the lady was going to get out of Mr. Weston. She beckoned Jenna out of the room and hobbled away. Jenna, a small, quiet girl with mousy brown hair, stood up, a look of confusion on her naturally pale face. She exited the room, the hard stares of her classmates on her back, propelling her away. The triplets exchanged meaningful glances with Jason and Josh. Reyna and Bran whispered furiously together, worry clearly etched on their young faces. Something was horribly wrong.

"Meanwhile, Lainy had wandered outside on her own, enjoying the fresh air, when suddenly, a grand piano fell out of the sky and crushed her. The end."

Jack looked around expectantly, waiting for the reactions.

"That was," said Tooth slowly. "Well, that was certainly-"

"That was rubbish, mate," said Bunny.

"Don't listen to Bunny," said Tooth. "He's just an absent minded overgrown garden pest. Let's get you some coffee and you can tell me all the stories you want."

"Oi!" yelled Bunny, jumping out of his seat. "Who says you get Frostbite? No, come on, ya show pony, I'll let you paint some eggs."

"No, Jack, come with me, you don't want to paint stupid eggs. We can go fly. You like flying."

"Frostbite, I'll race you. You like racing more."

"Jack doesn't like racing you more than he likes flying with me," snapped Tooth.

Suddenly, Jack was becoming scared. He wasn't used to others fighting in front of him. Normally if there was a fight, Jack was in the thick of it, not the object being fought over. He didn't like the yelling.

"Um, I like hanging out with both of you," said Jack, looking between the two of them.

"Yeah, but you like hanging out with me more," said Tooth. "Right Jack?"

"Leave the kid out of this," snapped Bunny. "Jack, why don't you go annoy Phil or something."

Jack nodded gratefully, happy for the out.

"No, Jack, stay here and answer the question," said Tooth. "Who do you like more, Bunny or me?"

"I don't want to play this game," said Jack quietly, backing towards the door, his staff discarded by the window, out of reach behind the two arguing Guardians.

"That's okay, go play, Frostbite," said Bunny, motioning the boy out. "Leave him alone, Tooth!"

"You're just worried he'll say me instead of you!"

Jack ran out of the room, hands over his ears, not wanting to hear more. He wasn't sure why it was bothering him so much that they were arguing. He just felt like a part of him was getting torn to bits as the two of them fought, and then Tooth wanted him to pick sides and he didn't want to do that and it was overwhelming. He ran down the halls of the Pole, turning corners at random, frost spreading in his wake, until he found an unused, forgotten room, curled up under the window, and cried tears of frustration and confusion, unsure of what was happening but feeling rather like the family he had waited over 300 years for was falling apart and it was his fault for pushing them together.

*Hello. Because I made you wait, I made this one longer than usual! Also, I am dog sitting the cutest puppy ever. Also, I know I was ragging a little bit about multiples with the same letters. I didn't mean it, I think it's cute. I did it because my twin brother and I have gotten a lot of snide comments because his name is Philip and mine is Ariana-not the same letter.

Anywho, hope this finds you well. Always- Ari