Title- That Awkward Moment Pt 2

Summary- The one where Jack discovers how unfair Bunny is towards little Jack Frost.

Characters- Jack Frost, Bunnymund, North, Tooth, Sandy


Adventure was in his nature. Adventures just seemed to find Jack Frost, but that was easy when his entire view of the world was one great adventure. Every single thing was new and exciting, always. So when Jack caught his first sight of the Warren as a toddler, he couldn't keep still. If Jack had thought that Bunny's home was fun when he was regular sized, it was nothing compared to how much fun it looked from his view closer to the ground.

The little eggs wandered up to him, much larger than Jack was used to seeing, and the boy couldn't stop staring at them in fascination. One nudged his little leg, which was finally visible due to a wardrobe change that had left him in a light blue short sleeved shirt and black shorts with an elastic waist band. With smaller than normal hands, Jack scooped up the little egg, blue eyes wide and the thing waddled around his hand on little legs. It tickled and he couldn't help it, Jack began laughing, his whole frame shaking with his giggles, until the egg lost it's balance and tumbled to the ground.

There was a sharp sound of cracking and two thin lines appeared on the eggs shell. They were barely there, nothing that wouldn't be fixed in a few days as the egg grew some more, but to Jack, with his young emotions, it was devastating. He looked up at the other Guardians, having to crane his neck far back to see their faces as they towered over him.

Jack looked down at the egg with the two cracks, then back up at the Guardians, then down at the egg and back up one more time. He waited, chewing on the inside of his cheek nervously, because under normal circumstances, Bunny would yell at him for not being careful with his precious eggs and while teenage sized Jack could laugh that off, toddler Jack had discovered how emotionally unstable he was and was not looking forward to the yelling.

"Jack," began Bunny.

As soon as Bunny began talking, Jack started looking around for a place to hide. Hiding was something he had always been good at and with his current size, he was sure it would be even easier. He knew it was cowardly, he knew he should stay and take the reprimand like a man, but every tiny instinct in his body screamed at him to leave, to get out and go. Going was a good idea.

He hadn't taken more than two steps before Bunny, noting the fight or flight instinct of the child, grabbed him under the arms and swung him up into his hold, turning the young spirit so they were eye to eye.

"And just where were you heading off to?" asked Bunny.

Jack looked down. The ground seemed impossibly far away from his feet and that was infinitely more comforting than anything else could have been to the usually air born winter spirit.

"It was an accident," sighed Bunny, shaking his head fondly. "You didn't mean to drop the little guy. He'll be fine in a few days. No harm done."

Jack met Bunny's eyes, disbelief clearly written all over his little face. Jack wanted to yell at Bunny about how unfair that was that he could get away with cracking an egg on accident when he was tiny but not when he was normal sized. Either way, he never meant to harm the eggs and yet he still got in trouble when he was bigger.

Jack wriggled to be set down, knowing that if he squirmed enough, Bunny would put him down and he could leave. It worked but the moment Jack was on the ground, Sandy was next to him and all previous thoughts of fleeing were abandoned because Sandy was making sand creations that glimmered and if regular sized Jack Frost loved shiny things, it was nothing on the adoration tiny Jack Frost held for them.

The rest of the day was spent with Jack chasing after sand creatures or one of the Guardians chasing after Jack. By the time evening settled in at the Warren, the Big Four had collapsed in a heap under one of the trees.

"Kids are exhausting," said North.

"Sandy, we really need to be getting back to our duties," sighed Tooth with a yawn.

Sandy nodded and the two floated away, promising to return when they got a free moment.

"What should we feed him?" asked North.

"How am I supposed to know?" demanded Bunny. "I don't know what Jack eats normally, how am I supposed to know what he'll want as a child?"

"He's your brother," shrugged North as if that made everything better.

Before Bunny could protest, there was a small splash from the other side of the tree, the side that faced the fresh water river of the Warren. The splash was larger than any eggs, which meant it could only have been one being.

"Jack," yelled North and Bunny at the same time, making it around the tree before either had even registered standing.

Jack was nowhere to be seen, which meant he was somewhere beneath the rippling cool water. In all the time the Guardians had known Jack, they had never seen him touch water without freezing it first. They knew he could, he drank water and other fluids no problem, so the icing of any other water was intentional. None of them had questioned it, chalking it up to Jack just liking things colder than needed on his bare feet. However, since they had never seen Jack actually touch water without freezing it, they didn't know if the boy could swim.

It took the Guardian of Hope and the Guardian of Wonder about seventeen seconds to reach the conclusion that even if regular Jack could swim, that ability had not been passed down to baby Jack because the littlest Guardian had not resurfaced.

"I only know how to dog paddle," whispered North.

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